Bundesliga Players of the week #827


Alassane Pléa vs Union Berlin 

Bundesliga | Alassane Plea: Five things on the Borussia ...

At various points, this season Gladbach had been in the title race. They only truly fell out of it at the very end right before the break.  Gladbach had not played all that well over the last two games getting a draw against relegation-threatened Werner and losing to Bayern Leverkusen prior to that. Even though the title race was gone this team is still in the race for Champions League football. This week they needed a performance to get their momentum back. Kind of the way Christoph Baumgartner got Hoffenheim back on the right track last week. Gladbach would have a similar effect thanks to Alassane Pléa. The forward had his Footprints all over the final result as Gladbach picked up three points against Union Berlin. He was involved in three of the four goals scored being incredibly influential in various areas. He has been one of their best players this season and even though he doesn’t have the best statistical season he has been incredibly impactful. Not only being productive in his own right but being valuable to the teammates around him. We have seen Marcus Thurman really come into his own this season as the young star is making that jump. Alassane Pléa has been very helpful in that respect he has someone taken him under his wing and the two of them have been an incredibly effective partnership together. we saw that coming to fruition on multiple occasions in their Victory against Union Berlin. It was really hard to pick between the two to be included and my performers of the week. Both we’re worthy of the selection but I’d already made decisions on Robert Lewandowski and Jadon Sancho prior to watching this game. It only left one spot available and it was really hard to separate the two of them because they both contributed so well this week. It was deeper than the stats in terms of the impact each of a made on the match Alexander plea was so efficient and so impactful on the way they played and dominated a union Berlin team that fought them until the end. Alexander Plea supplied two dimes into Marcus Thurman supplying both of his goals for the youngster. Meanwhile, he scored a let go of the end that really solidified the way he performed on Sunday afternoon. Alexander Plea is not a player that gets the recognition you would think for a player of his quality. He flies under the radar and has for many years he has had such a productive season in a multitude of areas. Without him gladbach never been in the same position and it would have left Marcus Thurman Out by himself rather than getting help from the Bundesliga Factor. Alexander Plea has 10 goals and 10 assists this season he has contributed so much to what has been and continues to be a season in which they massively overachieved the expectations. They lost two of their most important players to Bayern Munich and Dortmund respectively he is coming in and taking out a leadership role with this group especially in the attack and has been the best player this season. He may not be getting the credit he deserves on a regular basis but he showed really specific and creativity in the victory over the weekend Gladbach haven’t earshot of Champions League football next season and even though they might not have the Firepower of Leverkusen who are chasing the same ambition Alexandar Plead and Marcus Thurman together specifically gives them a great opportunity to get back into the Champions League. Alexander plea Had a standout performance when he needed it the most with one goal and to assist as he got his side back in winning ways.



Jaden Sancho vs Paddlebon

Jadon Sancho will leave Borussia Dortmund, says executive ...
Dortmund ended up coming up short in the biggest moment last weekend. A victory would have gotten them back in the Bundesliga race unfortunately things didn’t go their way. They were given a layup of a match against paddlebon but that does not lessen the performance of Jadon Sancho. She was absolutely breathtaking in what was a very routine 6-1 victory. Even with all this, he has just been truly a sensation this season. As I’ve stated in the past I believe Kai havertz is the best youngster in the Bundesliga with the highest ceiling of potential. However, Jadon Sancho may be the better player right now and he is having a sensational campaign in Germany. He scored a hat-trick making everything look absolutely simple. He was in utter control provided in the Midfield was ruthless on the counter-attack on was an overall spectacular performance by the Englishmen. He has what it takes to be the best player in the world. There aren’t many players in the Bundesliga or any other league who have been as productive in the goal-scoring department and in providing then Jadon Sancho. He has 18 goals and 17 assists this season he is a world-class player that every team in Europe want to get their hands on. Jadon Sancho has been one of the best things that have happened to the Bundesliga over the last couple seasons. This is only his second season and Germany and he’s been one of the best players in the league since he arrived. He joined the Dortmund Academy from Manchester City and quite simply has just hit the ground running. He deserves his chance who plays in the biggest clubs in Europe but Dortmund might be the best thing for him. If they’re adding depth next season with Jadon Sancho and Company they very well could win the league. Even if this happened against a really bad team she was sensational scoring a hat-trick is never easy regardless of who you’re playing against. It’s hard to have a more Flawless performance that one Jadon Sancho showed us this weekend. It came too little too late but it just justifies the unbelievable quality that he has Dorman needs to do whatever they can to keep them because as this weekend’s performance shows it will be hard to replace a talent like that.


Robert Lewandoski vs Dussuldorf 

Bundesliga | Robert Lewandowski: 10 things on the Bayern Munich ...
Robert Lewandowski is the best striker in World football and it’s not even a little close. Most of the world has come to that conclusion but if you haven’t last weekend was another reason why he’s the world’s best. Robert Lewandowski helped Bayern Munich more or less wrap up the Bundesliga title last weekend as they outclassed Dortmund. Bayern Munich has won four consecutive games in a row since returning to action. They have been the giants in the Bundesliga even in a season they have not done particularly well they still find a way to get hot at the right time while the others struggle in the biggest moments. Since making a change at manager Bayern Munich has been on cruise control for the league title. Flick has taken Bayern Munich up a level and could actually be one of the best managers in the world already given what he has done with his Bayern Munich team that seemed off early in the season. Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich rolled over Dusseldorf an easy fashion with a 5-0 victory. Robert Lewandowski scored twice on the outing. He was set up on the opening goal putting the ball in the back of the net and on the second goal he slid a good strike underneath the keeper to secure all three points. At this point, there is no one catching Robert Lewandowski and this team. While he may not have had his best game he was Sensational in all aspects. Prime Robert Lewandowski is a problem and unfortunately for Dusseldorf, they got a clear glimpse of how dangerous he can be. For me he was one of the best performers of the week with two goals as he breaks even more records. The Polish International becomes one of the first players ever to score against every Bundesliga team he has faced this season. He has 29 goals in the league and 42 in all competitions. It’s crazy as it sounds he’s become somewhat of an under radar player in the grand scheme of things. When we discuss or talk about the Ballon D;or his name never comes up maybe it’s because he hasn’t won the Champions League but none the less he has been as good as any player in the world and that includes Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. As it stands he’s not a better player than Leo Messi but he’s putting up cartoonish numbers and is probably not far behind them in terms of the world best players. Currently, he’s a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo he’s not quite eclipsed The Goat in that respect but it’s showing off the progress he’s made of the last few seasons. In for the last 5 seasons, he has scored 40 goals and more and his pick up a Bundesliga title every year since he’s been at Bayern Munich. This will be the eighth year in a row Bayern Munich has won the league title. Robert Lewandowski has just been special to season and will only continue to do so as he is in the thick of his prime easily the best striker in the world another to go performance the shows his value he is breaking every record imaginable at least it seems that way he makes it look absolutely easy this weekend was just another day at the office you wouldn’t expect anything less from the best striker in the world I imagine we will see even more of this as the Bundesliga wines down

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