A.S Roma 2019-2020 Season Awards #885

Player Of the Season: Jordan Veretout 

Ag. Veretout: "I guarantee you Jordan remains with Roma, it's a 99.99%  chance". - RomaPress.net

Roma’s player of the season is undoubtedly a tricky one. There’s no easy answer to this question. Edin Dzeko made incredible progress with a 19 goal 14 assists this season. He only continued to capture Roma history with 106 goals in his Roma career; he is only five goals away from being the third-highest scorer in club history. On top of that he was truly tremendous in his leadership at some point this season his link-up play with the other players and really helped the progression of the young talent that Roma has surrounding them. He also scored in some big games that would justify being the player of the season. Then you have Diawara, someone that has been injured far too often. Still, when he was healthy, he was probably one of the best defensive midfielders in the entire league; that’s how good he can be at his best certainly if you would asked me Midway through the season he probably would have been my Top Choice. However, as great of Seasons, I decided to go in a different direction as they had. Edin Dzeko has been my player the season two of the last three years. He has certainly earned it this season, and so has Diawara someone incredibly important but maybe slightly controversial I’m giving Roma’s player the season to Jordan Veretout. The Frenchman has almost been Flawless this season. When you talk about a player who gives you everything in every match and displays consistency as frequently as he does, it’s hard to overlook. He may not be the most talented the most Flashy, and he does not play a sexy position that provides a lot of goals I’m giving him this award because of everything else he’s doing. He is the best defensive midfielder in the league it would be hard to find another player at his position that is consistently Supplying quality performance as frequently as he does. Since his Aston Villa days, he has come a long way; he ended up with Florentina the last two seasons, and Roma ended up snapping him up. He has scored some great goals and has been very Poise from the penalty spot as he has been the penalty taker, but all things considered, he has not had a bad game very often. The one constant thing about this Roma team is him playing at a high level he has done this every game he’s played this year I don’t remember him making one mistake, and I realized that it is not a position that is fascinating he does all the Dirty Work that makes this team tick. He’s not just Roma player of the season in my eyes he was one of the 18 best players in the league he may not be the most talented, but he makes a big impact in every game he plays in and even though Edin Dzeko & Lorenzo Pellegrini and others were fantastic to watch Jordan Veretout is the most deserving of this award because of his consistency and excellence he is my surprise pick for Roma’s player of the season

Most Improved: Justin Kluivert 

Happy birthday Justin Kluivert!

The most improved player this year for Roma wasn’t that close at all. Even though Lorenzo Pellegrini took a big step for even more so, he was a borderline star before the season, so I think it’s unfair to award him again. He is turned into one of the best midfielders in the league when he’s at his best with sub line world-class vision and passing ability. So quite frankly, it would have been unjustified to call him improved again even though he did make some adjustments making him a much more refined player. Justin kluivert was Roma’s most improved player. Last season he came into the season with a lot of hype surrounding him. Completing his move from Ajax to Roma, it was an adjustment to him; he didn’t quite grasp Italian football, and even though he had moments last season, it was a somewhat discouraging debut season for Justin kluivert. This season is a different story; he was incredibly explosive out of the wing position and doubled the number of goals they scored last season; he not only scored on his season debut, but he continued that momentum through the majority of the season. He also was one of the teams that best players during the Europa League campaign Justin kluivert ended up scoring of the vital goal that got them into the round of 16. unfortunately for Justin the change of formation that Roma made late in the season he ended up spending an awful lot of time on the bench and a lot of time didn’t even enter the game. However, that does not minimize the big jump he is made in his second season of Italian football he is a tremendous player that Roma should try to hold onto if they can find a way to fit him within the team. Paulo Fonseca helps him progress massively as he was a completely different player during his second season despite the lack of playing time at the end of the year he was really exciting and a tremendous Talent this season as we saw him make a big adjustment and become much more complete as a player his decision making needs to improve but he has elevated himself in so many ways this season, and it’s only going to get better as the years go on.

Young Player of the Year: Nicolo Zaniolo

Italian Journalist Fabrizio Biasin: "Inter Would Welcome Roma's Nicolo  Zaniolo Back With Open Arms"

Roma has a team that is littered what Young talented players, which is why a large part of deciding the year’s young player was tough. We saw Nicolo zaniolo continue to make incredible strides showing his incredible potential and ability. He is the best Prospect to come out of Italy can a long time, and he only improved on the season he had last year if he doesn’t get injured the goals that he puts up a probably doubled. However, then you have Justin kluivert, who took a considerable jump from year 1 to year 2. Last year the Dutch youngster scored just two goals in all competitions he came in with a lot of praise and expectation and just failed to deliver although he did get better as the season progressed. This season he took a huge step doubling the number of goals he scored last year having a fair amount of goals in the league. In the Europa League, he also scored the most important goal in the round of 32 battle against Belgian sided Gent putting Roma into the round of 16. Roma even had more young players, but those are the two that stood out to me the most. Justin kluivert, even at times, seemed to have yet this season. The injury to Nicolo zaniolo that would have kept him out for the rest of the season in any other year. He was able to come back after the restart and show some world-class ability. I’d be candid Justin kluivert probably would have won this if Nicolo zaniolo was unable to return. In the restarting, Justin kluivert didn’t play all that much and didn’t really fit into Roma’s formation at the end of the season. It’s unclear whether or not Justin kluivert will be back this week; he was tremendous; there’s no denying that, but the way Nicolo zaniolo tore it up during the last couple of games really pushed the youngster back into the front. He had 8 goals and three assists while Justin kluivert scored 7 goals it wasn’t an easy decision but the way Nicolo zaniolo came on late really settled it for me as the young player of the year once again goes to Nicolo zaniolo by the skin of his teeth as it was as close As It Gets But ultimately the young Italian reclaims the award I gave him last year.

Signing of the Season: Chris Smalling 

Chris Smalling: How I built a new life at AS Roma - Business Insider

Roma signing of the season is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be to determine. Chris Smalling on a loan deal for Manchester became one of the best center backs in Italian football. Henrikh Mkhitaryan came from Arsenal on another loan deal as he became one of Roma’s most vocal points. Then we have Gianluca Mancini joining Roma for just 13 million on his way to becoming one of the best center backs in the league and a case to be made for Jordan veretout and Diawara. There’s a lot of decent options this season as Roma did some absolutely fantastic business during the summer transfer window. All of these players are worthy candidates having all shown their value within the team throughout the season. However, Roma’s best signing this season from my point of view was Chris Smalling. There was not much excitement when the deal was announced at the end of the transfer window. He had been at Manchester United for such a long time, winning countless trophies despite this over the last couple of seasons. It didn’t look like he had that much left in the tank; he was still a decent player but not a signing that was going to change life defensively for Roma, which was such a huge issue the season before. Chris Smalling’s Italian Adventure could not have gone any better. It was a dry one year loan as Roma did not want to be trapped if it did not go very well. However, he has been one of the essential parts of this Roma team this season. Even though the team failed to qualify for the Champions League, they improved in practically every area. One of the most challenging things about this team last season as they struggled so much defensively so the idea was signing Chris Smalling on loan would be a low-risk high-reward situation. The team had recently lost Kostas manolas, a player who had been crucial to Roma’s defense over the last couple of seasons. Manchester United had signed Harry Maguire for 80 million, really putting Chris Smalling Man United Future in doubt. He came to Italy, and he became one of the best defenders in the entire league as Roma improved massively in that area. Not only that, but he was also one of the best 30 players in the whole league and ended up on most people’s team of the season. He was exceptional defensively a season that included a lot of heroics from goal-line clearances scoring important goals and being that solid figure in the backline not only that he created an exceptional partnership with Gianluca Mancini as the two of them became the best center-back pairing an Italian football last season. it wasn’t just what he was able to do on the pitch; he also provided leadership for some of the team’s younger players. He really helped Gianluca Mancini turn into one of the best defenders in the league Chris Smalling had a lot of experience of winning trophies at the top level it was infectious on the team, and he really fell in love with the city and the club so much so that he was heartbroken when he had to return to Manchester United. Ever since he returned he has been pushing for a move to return to the team on a permanent deal Manchester United and Roma have been negotiating for weeks it looked like he was going to fall through the cracks. Still, Roma’s new ownership gives them some hope of securing a 17 million transfer for the English Defender. It is a deal that looks like it could be completing in a matter of weeks regard even though there were other players equally worthy for this award given the amount of money it cost Roma and the impact he had in his first season in Italy Chris Smalling Justified being named the best signing for just three million dollars he turned into one of the best defenders in the entire league which showed how important he actually was.

Manger Season Rating: Paulo Fonseca 8/10

Paulo Fonseca's future 'not in doubt', says Roma president

Roma brought in a new manager ahead of the new season going into Ukraine to poach Shakhtar Donetsk manager Paulo Fonseca. Despite being in Ukraine, he grew a growing reputation for the way his teams played and how they performed in European competitions. He won the league title every single season he was there and on top of that had a European journey in each of those seasons. The year prior, it was a disastrous campaign having gone through Eusebio di Francesco and Claudio Ranieri in what was a sixth-place finish. Roma needed a manager that was going to take the team into the future; it appears Roma has found their man. We saw the rebirth of attacking football at the Stadio Olimpico. He certainly helped the progression of many young players, and edin Dzeko was a completely different player this season under Paulo Fonseca. He got playing to his absolute best score 19 goals and 14 assists in all competitions this season. His tenure in Roma so far the statistically may not have been the best, but Roma improved in a multitude of areas and showed certain qualities. There was a lot to like about the Portuguese manager aside from the fact he brought attacking football he learned and showed he knows how to adjust his team under the circumstances and was enriched with the Roma culture and what the romanista stands for the way he would fight for his team in certain situations and just became the manager that Roma needed. He wasn’t free of criticism though he came in with a reputation of doing well in Europe that just was not the case for Roma this season they got second place in their Europa League group that they should have won handily and they went out in the round of 16 to eventual Champion Sevilla I don’t think you can hold that against them necessarily, but they should have done a much better throughout. They’re also losing streaks at truly unfortunate times that could have potentially ruined their chances at Champions League football. If they had gotten, it would not have been something they deserve but nonetheless squandered some opportunities. However, All Things Considered, he has been excellent he finished the season unbeaten in their last eight games with seven of those games being victories he had an 8 out of 10 season.

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