Match Review: Manuela Giugliano Stars as Roma Score Twice In Second half to top Bari In Rome #889

Score: A.S Roma Ladies 2 Bari Ladies 0FT


The Roma women kicked off their campaign to the new season last weekend in what was a rather uninspiring performance. Even though they managed to get a point against a relatively strong team, it was a game that Roma indeed set themselves short. They did manage to secure a 1-1 draw as we saw new signing Paloma Lázaro score on her debut, but it certainly wasn’t enough. Even though Roma had control for a good portion of that match, they wasted too many chances in front of and dropped a massive two points to start the road. On Thursday afternoon Roma we’re searching for their first win of the season in their home opener. As Elizabeth Bavagnoli side welcomed Bari to Roma for the second match of the season. In Roma’s first match, they really struggled to convert in front of the goal, and even though they had control, they were sloppy and a little bit disorganized throughout the match. This largely contributed to why they were unable to close the deal, which was the biggest problem from the match last week. Roma came into this game with a much better mentality, and they looked much more in control. They had complete control possession; they pushed forward and looked dangerous throughout the match. Annamaria Serturini, the team’s best player, hit play vicious strike, forcing an early save from the goalkeeper as Roma secure their dominance in the early stages. On top of that, it was a very physical game with many tackles coming in and just proving the physicality of the game. Just passed the 20th minute, one of Roma’s young stars Agnese Bonfantini, had a big opportunity for the Roma ladies. Lindsey Thomas set her up before striking from inside the, but the Bari keeper was able to deal with it. Bari had a couple of chances every once in a while, but none that really challenged the Camilla Caesar as the Romanian keeper kept things at arm’s length. Roma continues to drive that momentum near the half-hour mark, nearly scoring. However, poor decision-making from Andressa Alves prevented Roma from taking the lead as the Brazilian tried to do it by herself instead of laying it off to Agnese Bonfantini. This is an aspect of the game. Roma really needs to work the decision-making, especially in front of the goal, which was part of their issues last week. Bari wasn’t that much into the game, but a little later, they had a rare counter-attack, but a Well-hit strike on the break glided over the crossbar. After would be the end of the first half in what was a scoreless draw thus far. Roma was in complete control, having most of the chances, but the girls have to do a little bit better and convert the chances they create. Paloma Lázaro enters the game in the second half, who tried to give the team an infusion of energy. Early in the second half, Bari is bailed out with a fortunate block as Annamaria Serturini sees her strike off the Volley sent over the bar. It was all Roma, and it felt it was only going to be a matter of time before they converted and got themselves in front. Bari did a good job defending but didn’t provide nearly anything going forward, which gave Roma all the momentum to breakthrough. A few minutes later, Lindsey Thomas setup Lazaro on the break but her curler intended for the corner grazes just inches wide. There was just a feeling that the goal was going to come; they were out playing Bari significantly, unlike last week, Roma needed to finish the job in this match they had full control. Four minutes late Annamaria Serturini who was just having a terrific game, beat her Defender before striking from outside the area code; her strike from 25 yards hit the bar in what would have been a fallacious strike. 2 minutes later, Roma would have their moment as Lazaro was brought down inside the Box, the referee did not hesitate to point to the spot. Andressa Alves stepped up, converting from the spot to give Roma a deserving 1-0 lead. It would be the Brazilians first goal of the season. The goal scorer would come out as Adrinre Hegerberg came on for the final 20 minutes. Even though Annamaria Serturini and Agnese Bonfantini highlighted the match. Manuela Giugliano is pulling all the strings in the Midfield as she continues to prove to be one of the best midfielders in the entire league. She may not have gotten the praise that she deserved; it is game she was absolutely Sensational, really orchestrating a lot of Roma’s doing well. Lazaro can close again with 10 minutes to go, putting her foot through Andrine Hegerberg free-kick missing by mere inches. Roma was desperately trying to put the game away after losing out on three points last time out; they were determined not to let that happen again. Agnese Bonfantini showed her unbelievable promise coming really close on two separate occasions, another productive display from her. Alyce Corilli replaces Annamaria Serturini to make her Serie A debut. Shortly after the change, the moment occurred Andrine Hegerberg, on the break, picked out a perfect ball into the Box as Lazaro slid as the ball rolled into the bottom corner the score for her second game in a row as Roma took a 2-0 lead with not much time left putting the game away as Roma pick up the three-point in a dominating performance. Manuela Giugliano was my woman of the match. Annamaria Serturini, Agnese Bonfantini, and Lazaro, we’re all excellent, but Roma’s number 10 pulled all the strings in the Midfield being The Mastermind, help Roma dominate the game and eventually get the victory that they deserved. Roma wins their first match of the season, taking up all three points against Bari.

Manuela Giugliano Link-up play with the Roma Attack


Roma was in complete control the entire duration of the match. Bari did have a couple of chances every once in a while, but it was one-way traffic for the most part. Camilla Caesar had a mutually nothing to do as the Romanian goalkeeper get a clean sheet without breaking a sweat. A big reason why they were so successful was the link a Play Between the Dynamo in the Midfield and Roma’s attacking options they have going forward. It still has been a while since they both played together, so it’s going to take some time where they feel fluid between one another. However, even with that, we see the Promise with this attack largely being orchestrated in the central Midfield. Roma has some really excellent attacking options with Paloma Lázaro, a young Rising Star in Agnese Bonfantini that has the potential to be one of the best strikers for the Italian national on top of that; you have Annamaria Serturini, the team’s best and one of the best players with Incredible dribbling ability intelligent what many would describe as be a complete player. The options they have up there are pretty remarkable. However, the mistress in the Midfield is Manuela Giugliano; she wears the iconic number 10 shirt for This Woman’s team; she consistently pulled strings dictates the game, attacking and defensively. She’s a tiny but quick and athletic player that can do so many things well. The thing that makes this team so good it’s her link-up play with her Strikers. She controls the game displaying her Poise and ball Vision passing and intelligence; she is someone that can infiltrate a game for Roma. Already showing Superstar potential individually, all these girls are great; it’s how they connect together which makes them so dangerous this is only the beginning of what we could potentially see Manuela Giugliano is all over the covering so much ground and seems to be the primary creator for this Roma attack when these girls get clicking and are on the same page they’re going to be incredibly hard to stop the performance today is another example of that.

Paloma Lazaro Scores Again


Roma came into this season looking for another goal scorer that can help them push it to the next level. Paloma Lázaro joins Roma from Florentina, as I mentioned last week. She has been so far precisely what has been required. Last week in their draw, she started the game, giving Roma their only goal they scored that night. Then tonight, she starts the game on the bench, and her result was the same. She came on in a second-half got into an attacking position making the difference that was needed. Coming close on many opportunities scoring a crucial goal that put the game away and winning a penalty, she had her hands in both goals. The Spanish Striker scored in the closing moments of the to all but wrapped up all three points. Andrine Hegerberg’s superb passing largely influenced her, but nonetheless, she gets into those positions and displays the clinical finishing ability. She steps up and delivers again. That is two goals and two games. Roma has to love what they’ve seen from her so far. It’s only the beginning of the season, and this Roma attack also featuresAnnamaria Serturini, Agnese Bonfantini, who are capable goal-scorers; however, giving Roma another option like Lazaro has been precisely what they’ve needed this season so far she has delivered once again she is certainly off to a roaring start in these colors.

Andrine Hegerberg Impact Off the Bench


In Roma’s 2-0 victory against Bari on Thursday afternoon in Rome, the game was defined by late adjustments in an excellent second half. In the first half of this game, they created many chances but kind of lacks that Killer Instinct that could have put the game away much sooner, so there are plenty of things that they still need to work on. However, the game was defined by the Tactical adjustments that the manager made. Roma had a 1-0 lead in their 1-1 draw last week in a match Roma absolutely should have found a way to win, given all the chances they had created. After Roma had taken the lead, the manager made a reassurance policy bringing on the Norwegian midfielder Andrine Hegerberg. This tactical change helped dictate the final 20 minutes of the game. Even though Bari was not creating a lot of opportunities, it still was clear that Roma needed to be on top of it, given the fact that all it takes is one chance to change a game and get a result that’s maybe not justified. Andrine Hegerberg was breathtaking for the final 20 minutes of the match. She played an exceptional role in the attacking Midfield, pushing forward and dropping back and operating on the wings. She set up Agnese Bonfantini with a couple of chances and did a fantastic job with a ball distribution display exceptional passing. She also nearly connected with Lazaro on a shot that was inches from the back of the net. However, most importantly, she provided the brilliance late in the game that provided the touch that allowed Roma to put the game on ice with an accurate through ball inside the Box to find Lazaro, who picked up the second goal. Andrine Hegerberg is one of the most skillful midfielders in a team but has shown over the last two game games she showed her value as a super sub. She came in the game for just 20 minutes. She influenced the outcome largely responsible for Roma being able to finish the job. She was very influential a short amount of time that shows how important she can be, especially in big matches. Down the stretch against bigger teams, they will rely on her. It was tactical awareness displayed by the manager to bring her in. Andrine Hegerberg was influential in Roma picking up the points.

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