A.S Roma Take over: The Vison of Dan and Ryan Friedkin Part III #894

New Ownership as a Plan 

Dan and Ryan Friedkin give first joint interview: "We vow to work  tirelessly". - RomaPress.net

There’s a different narrative attached to this new take over. One of the issues with James Pallotta was he didn’t really have to plan going into the situation. He went into this blindly and thought he could learn on the job; it certainly didn’t work out that way. There is a lot of animosity towards James Pallotta primarily because of all the things I’ve already highlighted, but the biggest issue I had was a lack of a plan where he was going with his team. You need to have some structure if you’re going to run a football club and try to win trophies with a team that hasn’t won in quite a while. Even though Roma consistently was in the top three a regularly getting into the Champions League, the team was getting progressively worse through each season. Mostly because James latte did not have a plan in place. The team did well, and he did make some nice signings that really did work out, but he also made a bunch of Clunkers, from hiring Monchi and selling Mohamed Salah for 38 million and so on. The team was already relatively strong going before he purchased the club. At this point, it is just words, but the Franklin group does seem to have a plan in the way they’re going about doing this. There’s a lot to take away from their first press conference with as Roma. One of the things that stuck out to me was that Dan specifically explained that they’re going to work and then talk. When he was asked about a sporting director and potential signings, just generally interested people, he made it clear that they would work first before they talk about what this team could do. Both in and Ryan agree this team could be a sleeping giant and potentially become one of the world’s biggest clubs over a specific area of time. They’re working on the core of the team and trying to figure out the best way of running this football club. This is totally different. The Franklin group was in negotiations with the club for months, and then COVID-19 happens, and they still remained interested meaning they had several opportunities to back out of the deal; the fact they stuck with this is more profound than the price getting lowered. They have a terrific plan in place and how they’re going to do this. As I mentioned, they taking Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo zaniolo off the market. They are also refusing to sell edin Dzeko until they can land a replacement. The Franklin group doesn’t want to get rid of edin Dzeko, who is linked to Juventus, but it’s more than that they want to make sure they have replacement signed before they’re allowing to negotiate. They’re not against that given that Dzeko is still really strong player; he’s on his career’s last legs and wants a chance to win something. Roma could end up winning the Europa League or the Coppa Italia, but the champions league and The League titles probably off the table; it wouldn’t be if he went to join Juventus. They are willing to accommodate the Bosnian captain. They also understand what this team needs, meaning they know what Roma’s strengths and weaknesses are. They are attempting to sign a center back, left-back, midfielder, and a striker that can be the club’s future going forward. as well as a goalkeeper, they have identified every position in need. They have backed Paulo Fonseca and are on board with his ideas. They plan to hire a sporting director at some point but are taking their time with that decision; they want to make sure Roma are in the best position to be successful in this market. They are bringing a sense of optimism and a plan into this equation, which gives Roma a terrific chance in due time to win trophies again. The words are just words at the end of the day, but everything is being evaluated; the Friedkin group is looking at all avenues to build this Roma in the best position for the future. They are attached to the city and want to win for the fans of Roma being integrated into Italian football. A plan is in place whether or not this can be executed. We will see what they’re going about it all the right way once everyone’s on the same page, and they have solidified the board of directors Dan and Ryan will work with Paulo Fonseca to try to create the best possible team that in years time If you’re going to take control of a club you need a plan and they certainly have that.

Ryan Friedkin Will Be at Roma Day to Day 

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The Takeover is something Roma has wanted for a long time now that it happened, it’s time to get to work and change the culture of Roma, at least trying to make it into more of a winning culture. The most intriguing part of this entire development is Ryan Friedkin. The son of Roma’s new president and owner. Technically speaking, they are both the club owners, what is the business, and has taken Ryan along with this. However, the football responsibilities will be placed on Ryan while Dan will oversee the entire club, and where it is going, Ryan will be in charge of the football side of things. Dan will contribute in a large portion splitting his time between Rome and Texas, where some other businesses are operating. He will still be in the city quite a bit and will be largely involved but still will need to check in on his other businesses to make sure that everything is going smoothly with his company and the representative in charge of the states. Ryan Franklin is moving to Rome. He will be in the city at the club on a day by day sequence. He will be attending all the games be working closely with Paulo Fonseca and some of the other directors. He is already stated he is interested and bringing Francesco Totti back into the club in some aspect. The Roma icon stated he would never go to another game until new ownership. I’m not sure if that means giving him the sporting director job or just someone is involved as a consultant, but this club loves Francesco Totti, and it is the love of his life as well so bring him back will give the energy back into the city. Being stationed in Rome is incredibly important, especially for a new owner who will have a lot of high-profile decisions to make. It will be his responsibility to find the right sporting director while also trying to bring in the right talent to take Roma forward. The fact that Ryan will be in the city helps the team be a part of being influential and the club trying to recapture what they once had. This gives touch a vote of confidence to the speculation and the pessimism about this whole situation. He’s going to be there in charge of a lot of football decisions to help take this New Roma into the future. Dan will also be involved, but Ryan will be at Roma daily, being a part of the culture change. This is exactly what Roma made someone who was involved in the club at every game. That’s the easiest way to capture Roma’s hearts. Ryan being in the city, enhances the situation.

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