Serie A Preview Part IIII 6-4 #899

6. A.C Milan

Ibrahimovic sets new Serie A record as AC Milan striker reaches double  figures

AC Milan has taken great strides into returning to Champions League football. I do not believe it happened this season, primarily because of Lazio and Roma’s qualities ahead of them. However, you see exactly what they’re building, and even though I have them finishing in the same spot as last season, they’re going to get a lot better, and maybe the point total will go up. They’re just not at that place where they’re better than the two teams I just mentioned. But it’s hard to determine this point because they could easily jump over either of them. More so Lazio than Roma because I think Roma has a better setup collectively that it will be hard for me to imagine that Milan would finish in front of them, however, in this part of the table, they will be fighting for Champions League football I don’t think they’ll get it, but they have the pieces. Hijacking Sandro tonali from Inter is a big deal; they have a different dimension to the Midfield now that they’ve done that. In addition to that, they have signed Diaz from Real Madrid; he is a low-risk high-reward he has not played first-team football all that often, but he has talents, no question about it. They brought back the leadership and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and will have Anton Rebic and Rafael leao. How they use Leao I will determine where they finish. He is as talented as a striker they have the other options; Leao must get an increased role or put they won’t make the Champions League; he is that talented, and he’s being wasted on the bench unless he starts playing more regularly; this is the whole thing with AC Milan they have to manage this situation correctly with the three-strikers they have. Ibrahimovic was excellent last year, but Leao must be starting games or else he’s going to leave and become a star somewhere else and even to further that point if he’s not a player that’s a regular starter or at least getting solid minutes regularly AC Milan won’t be good and make the Champions League next season. There’s still a lot of stuff we don’t know defensively. I just don’t think they’re that good Theo Hernandez I hope worked on his defensive structure because if he plays as poor defensively as he did last season, they will be in trouble. We know how much a weapon he is going forward, but if he doesn’t improve the other part of his game, it doesn’t mean anything. They have a stable manager and Stefano Pioli; he was a strange Higher by Paolo Maldini. Still, he has done a tremendous job if Maldini sacks him because things start poorly; they’re going to be doomed from the start; he has to give him enough time if things don’t jump on the right foot. The potential of bringing Bakayoko would bring a different type of energy, but on top of all that, their Midfield just is not strong enough to compete with what Roma has, especially defensively in that area. They’re going to be really competitive; it’s going to be a battle, but Lazio has the advantage because of their coaching and the fact that their squad has been together for an extended period of time while AC Milan kind of through this thing together recently. Then on top of all that, they have Donnarumma, one of the best goalkeepers in the league top to bottom is an exceptional team and got a whole lot better; the question is it enough to surpass Lazio and Roma, and the honest answer is I don’t think so not yet, but they’re well on their way.


5. Lazio

Lazio Secures a New Sponsorship Deal | The Laziali

Lazio was one of the most improved teams going into last season. They went from 7th to 4th in actuality, but in reality, they were the second-best team in the league last season, and if it wasn’t for the pandemic, it’s highly possible they would have won the league title. There will be a slight drop off after them a month and killed their season; they fell apart and ended up in fourth place when they should have been exchanging blows with Juventus the second half of the season. I think it’s relatively close to AC Milan, but I trust Inzaghi and what he has Brewing there in Rome a little more. They have the best striker in the league and Ciro immobile, who scored 36 goals last season; even though a lot came from the penalty spot, he showed so much creativity and did everything for this team as he was orchestrating the fight. On top of that their Midfield is absolutely outrageous with Luis Alberto milinkovic savic as well as others. Even though AC Milan has Franck Kessie and Sandro tonali, and maybe if they can sign a Timothy bakayoko, those two components of the Lazio team are just better then whatever Milan can spit out position. Along with having the best striker in the league, they have an excellent defense with Lazari Francesco acerbi, and they’re on the verge of Landing Mohamed Fares. Kumbula seems impossible at this point, but if they sign him as well, it would only more solidify what they want to do. They have the best goalkeeper in the league. I don’t care if you say donnarumma or not. I believe Thomas strakosha is the best we have going in Italian football. They’re bringing Vedat Muriqiura from turkey yet still have Correa as another option going forward along with their Superstar. They don’t have the young Talent that Roma has so, unfortunately, this season for them they will finish behind their neighbors again, but still, this is a great team with a lot of attacking options; back to front is very strong but there will be a drop back because there always is after a great season. But against Milan at they are just position in a much better place. They will miss the Champions League a largely because they will have multiple competitions at the have to handle; they will want to do well in the Champions League and the league, and I don’t think that’s possible, but still, they have a better team than AC Milan so they should finish just outside the Champions League football.


4. A.S Roma

Football: AS Roma players agree to forgo four months' pay, Football News &  Top Stories - The Straits Times

Romahas one of the biggest storylines ahead of this new season. Dan and Ryan Friedkin had taken over control at Roma as they get the new ownership. Francesco Totti is likely to be back at the club; there’s going to be positive energy about Roma that they have lacked. On the pitch, however, they should be significantly better than last season. They’re getting better it is more or less the same team, but I’m just talking about the progression of all the talent they have in some of the signings they have made. They haven’t made a lot of noise in the transfer market as of yet. Their priority is still getting Chris Smalling to Rome on a permanent deal. That should be concluded by the end of this week before the start of the new season. On top of that, they are still chasing Milik from Napoli striking option to edin Dzeko. Edin Dzeko was rumored to leave the club this summer, but he has changed his mind and is recommitting to Roma. He is five goals away from becoming the third-highest scoring player in club history. On top of that, they have added Pedro from Chelsea, who may not be a player who’s going to play regularly, but he will come off the bench, and in a big game, he will show up; he has leadership intangibles and is a proven winner. The club will also hold onto Justin kluivert, who added to an option of explosive players with Carles Perez Mkhitaryan and Lorenzo Pellegrini, one of the best passers in Italian football. There will be no Nicolo zaniolo this year, but it doesn’t matter this team is strong enough to get through. And have a significant advantage over Milan and Lazio. They will be battling all season but Roma has the best team and arguably the best manager. Paulo Fonseca is one of the most underrated Italian football; he understands and knows how hard it is to adapt to situations. This will be a second season in Italian football, and at the end of last season, he was starting to get it; his Roma team finished the season with seven wins in their last eight games; they can keep that momentum with the team have going forward. The defensive Midfield May, in fact, be their strongest Dimension with the combining Duo of Jordan veretout and Diawara they are the best 1-2 punch in the entire league the best defensive Midfield pairing. They also have a Gonzalo Villar who seems only to have developed and improved through each game he has played since coming to the club in January. Gonzalo Villar and Carlos Perez are like new signings along with Rodger Ibanez. Defensively Roma made great strides last season they’re still some question marks in regards to what the wingback setup is going to be after selling Alex Kolarov; the young 18-year-old Riccardo Calafiori will play a role this season, not to mention they will have a good backline with Rodger Ibanez Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini it’s hard to get any better than that. There’s still a question mark regarding the goalkeeper as Lopez just didn’t do well enough, but if he’s able to improve on the mistakes he made last season, this team will be as strong as ever if Roma can land Izzo and Milik. With edin Dzeko still capable of scoring goals and supplying for teammates along with that if they’re able to sign Milik this team could be instantly dangerous and capable of being in a title run a year from now. I wouldn’t say it’s Champions League are but given the strength of the other teams around them, but they have all the tools necessary to get back into the Champions League this season. I got Roma penciled in for a 4th place finished

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