Roma Season Preview Part II #903

How Pedro's trophy cabinet compares to modern greats and his treble-winning  Barcelona teammates | Squawka

One of the biggest capacities of what Pedro Rodriguez can bring to a young Roma team is leadershipEven though he probably will not be a regular starter, I think he will be influential and lead this team from the very beginning. Roma has players with experience performing at the top level, but they do seem to lack a leader. Gianluca Mancini has all the leadership qualities you would require, but he’s only 24 years old Roma lack an experienced player with great leadership abilities. Edin Dzeko’s future at the club is hanging in the balance as it is, but on top of that, even though edin Dzeko still at his age is one of the best strikers in the league, he is not the leader that Roma needs right now. He might wear the armband, but that does not quantify him as being a great leader. Edin Dzeko can be a leader and certain moments, and I believe he helps the young players on the team progress, but the Romans need something a little bit more than that. Pedro has played with some of the most prominent players in the world. Leo Messi, Andreas Iniesta, Eden Hazard, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, and so many more what’s Spain, Chelsea, and Barcelona, including under some great managers like Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte Van Buskirk. He has learned leadership qualities during many title runs and has that experience that will certainly help some of the young players around him. This team is full of young talent, and quite frankly, they need a leader. Even if he’s not playing week-in and week-out, even a leader Off the Bench and on the training ground will largely help Roma cope with this new season. Pedro will provide quality for the team for one of the most enticing things that he brings is a sense of leadership that Roma may not have at this moment.

Departures: Cengin Under,Diego Perotti, Fedrico Fazio, Edin Dzeko

Leicester City closing in on a deal for Cengiz Under

Roma has made a lot of important additions so far in the transfer window. They have been minimum signings but important for the present-day but also for the future going forward. Pedro Rodriguez coming from Chelsea on a free transfer a player at that brings experience and winning intangibles. One of the best young defenders in Serie A Max Kumbulla from Hellas Verona, one of the transfer window seals, and Milik from Napoli, may have had injury problems in the past; it seems to be prototypical Striker for Paulo Fonseca’s Roma. All really outstanding signings however, there have been some real key departures. Starting with one of the best center forwards to ever play for Roma. Club Legend edin Dzeko. He is off to Juventus for one last chance to try to win something. Edin Dzeko truly was one of the best ever players in the history of the club. He finishes his time in Rome in five years with 106 goals the Golden Boot in 2016 in what was a 39 goal season, which was one of the best individual Seasons Roma has ever had. On top of that, Roma’s all-time leading European goalscorer played a big role in the club coming back against Barcelona on their way to the Champions League semi-final in that competition edin Dzeko scored in every stage of the competition. It’s always sad to see a club Legend go edin Dzeko has been one of my favorite players for a long time. I wanted him to come here back in 2009; I never thought it actually happened. He spent over 200 games over a 100 goals in over 50 assists. Many great players have put on that Jersey and perform for Roma, but he is one of my all-time favorites in addition to being one of the greatest players ever to put on the shirt. This departure is an emotional experience as we feel the pain and agony that is Road and here. Ultimately is the club’s right decision, but it’s always sad to see a club Legend leave, closing the door on his way out. We will always remember the moments he has given us and how great he has been for Roma; we failed him; he didn’t fail us. It is heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to win anything in Rome it’s something he truly deserved, and with better management decisions, he very well could he has given Roma’s fans Everlasting memories from the number 9. He’s played for other clubs, but he will always be remembered for his time in yellow and red. No one will ever truly be able to fill his shoes; we will never forget the Bosnian bomber. Obviously, that’s the big one as it causes emotional experiences for the fans and all the support we’ve given him, but a few others need to be mentioned. Alexandro Florenzi, Roma Academy graduate and former Roma Captain, left to PSG and loan with an option to buy. He has another player that a lot of Roma fans have fond memories of; he has been here for such a long time he’s one of us, but at the same time, he doesn’t fit the project here, and it’s probably for the best, but he will always have a place here. The transfer itself doesn’t change much as Roma have already figure out what they’re going to do at that position. Roma also lost Alex Kolarov that went to Inter Milan was never a player that was really embraced all that often from the fans we appreciate the free kicks that he scored and the goal against in the derby, but he was getting old, so this is one that Roma won’t miss all that much. Potentially Federico Fazio will be off to Caglalri; he once was one of the best defenders in the league, as crazy as that may sound. He really found a home in Rome even though he lost his starting position and no longer has the impact he once had for two to three years; he was absolutely unreal in Serie A. I will miss him because, at his best defensively, he was tremendous. In Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi final matches, and Argentine by the name of Diego Perotti scored the winning goal in both games. Both occurred very late in the game that gave Roma the victory. I wouldn’t say he’s a club Legend, but he was a very good player for the club and came through in big moments. Being attached to the farewell of Roma’s two best-ever players. He could not stay healthy, but One season he was at full health was unbelievable; a fantastic player with bad luck when it comes to injuries, he is heading to Fenerbache. Then finally, the big headliner is Turkish star Cengiz leaving for 25 million going to Leicester City. There’s been a huge misconception that this was somehow an error by Roma; this could not be further from the truth. He is still a talent that has the potential to be something special. However, this is nothing like Mohamed Salah, who seemed like he would be a superstar and then became one. He still has a bright future ahead of them, but the Turkish star was not one of Roma’s has more prized possessions. He was injured and inconsistent way too often. Carles Perez outperformed to him last season, and he came in January. His first season, from January until the end, was truly Sensational; we thought we had something, but ever since that first season, he did not provide Roma much of anything. I still think he’s a talented player, and Leicester City are going to have a treat. Still, Roma did not make a mistake on top of that. He does not fit the way Roma plays and isn’t one of Roma’s top choices at his position anymore; it was the right decision for the club and for under who is looking for a new adventure in England. Roma did add many good pieces, but they also lost a player that has meant so much to this club in edin Dzeko. players who’ve given Roma moments in Federico Fazio and Diego Perotti and a young talent that never really developed in under and their free-kick specialist. This means that Lorenzo Pellegrini will be Roma’s new captain with the departure of edin Dzeko. It is a responsibility I believe he will Thrive under already developed thing himself as one of the best passers in European football. It’s a lot of pressure but not something he’s not capable of excelling at, considering he is Roman born and understands this club. it’s the start of a new era, and I wish nothing but the best to the players who have Departed.

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