Why Roma Needs to Sign Kevin Lasagna #910

Udinese, è tornato Kevin Lasagna: mai così bene dall'aprile 2018

It has been a disaster so far this season after likely having to take a forfeit in their 0-0 draw against Hellas Verona. After Diawara was accidentally submitted as an under-23 player rather than the first-team squad list. The midfielder played all 90 minutes of that match, which was against the rules even though it was a common mistake, Roma had been handed a forfeit. They will likely appeal the decision, and in all likelihood, it will be reversed given the fact that Roma had four empty spots on their squad list, but a horrific performance in their opening match of the Season highlights some of the things that still need to be sorted out. The pandemic has made some transfers rather tricky, given the financial situations of some of these clubs. Roma had to wait until the Takeover took over as Dan and Ryan Friedkin overtook Roma this summer. This postponed a lot of their transfer business and because of this, Roma, for the most part, are underprepared for the season, getting Paulo Fonseca very little to work with, which will make it difficult for him to hold on to his job. They did manage to sign Pedro Rodriguez on a free from Chelsea, and Max kumbulla from Hellas Verona, an very unlikely transfer taking The Talented Albanian away from Lazio and Inter Milan in negotiations to sign him. One of the most underrated Signings of the window. However, it has been a disaster, and were looking at chaos right now. Napoli Striker Milik, what supposedly expected to come to Roma & edin Dzeko, would head to Juventus. Because of Milik unwilling to go to Roma despite eventually agreeing on a contract, it blew up as he refused to pay off Napoli fines before he made a move. His move to Roma is now dead, as well as edin Dzeko transfer to Juventus as the defending champions signed Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid, eventually killing the deal. Because of the transfer situation, Roma did not play edin Dzeko in their game against Verona, and despite some early promise in the first half, they looked absolutely awful without a natural Striker as the club had to play Mkhitaryan in that position. edin Dzeko is now staying at Roma this season and expected to appear in the game against Juventus. However, he is the club’s only Striker, and it’s quite clearly not good enough. In addition to needing to close a deal on Chris Smalling and potentially adding a new goalkeeper and a piece in the Midfield, the most dire need from my perspective is a backup Striker. Roma will have one of the worst seasons in a decade if they do not handle this quickly. Roma also needs a center-back equally bad, but when I look at the backup Striker position, and you look at how the team played without one, Roma are one edin Dzeko injury away from looking like that, and that’s not good enough. Roma needs to act rapidly before the transfer window closes; they have much work to do and not a lot of time to do it. Roma must do everything they can to complete a deal for Kevin lasagna from Udinese.

Athletic Ability and Clinical Finishing

Udinese, Lasagna recuperato per il match contro il Genoa

Kevin lasagna is a very desirable player at this position. His statistical production may not be the most impressive thing about what makes him so valuable. He has certain qualities that can help any team, but as a backup Striker position, this is probably the best on the market as far as Italian football. There might be players out there who are capable of scoring more goals than Kevin lasagna, but all it’s his intangibles, and his impressive skill set truly sets him apart from other players, specifically trying to fill the role of a backup Striker. The Udinese captain is exactly what Roma needs to play a backup role to edin Dzeko and even have an opportunity to start in the Europa League and Serie A matches. The thing that makes him such an intriguing option at this position is his extreme athletic ability. Edin Dzeko is strong big, and physically incredibly dangerous through the air and just an imposing figure. Kevin lasagna is very different; he is one of the most athletic center forward in Italian football. He might not be as imposing or as physical in size in a 5 foot 11 frame, but he has the speed and athleticism of a Winger. The remarkable thing about Kevin lasagna isn’t just the fact that he is incredibly athletic; he can also play on the wing and upfront of the striker, meaning Roma could use him in so many different ways as an alternative option to a striker. Even plausible that he can play with edin Dzeko. The athleticism that he possessed really shows rare qualities he has over many of the strikers in this league. He’s not imposing; he still has a physical strength along with his incredible speed. One of the most intriguing things about him isn’t just that he’s strong and quick he does very well combining those skills together, especially in counter-attacking situations. He is lethal in one-on-one situations, something that edin Dzeko struggles with. He can maintain his full speed while producing velocity on a strike, making him such a weapon specifically on a counter-attack. He fits perfectly with counter-attacking football and would thrive in a Paulo Fonseca attack; his job security the season may be up for debate, but nonetheless, he fits into this type of attack. Roma has some really explosive and quick Wingers with the likes of Carles Perez, Justin kluivert, and Mkhitaryan & Pedro. Playing with a striker like Kevin lasagna will allow Roma to convert on a multitude of opportunities. The lack of a Finishing Touch in front of the goal has been Roma’s biggest issue, not only against Verona the last couple of years. As great as edin Dzeko has been, and he has been great, he has missed too many big changes in those type of situations. Not to mention this team has Lorenzo Pellegrini, one of the best passers in the league. He has the touch that would go really well with Kevin lasagna’s athletic gifts, makes them incredibly dangerous in open field situations that end up into counter-attacking football. Defenders always seem to have difficulties keeping Pace with him because of how quick he is on the counter. He always seems to find Space and put himself in the right position with service; he can be and Incredibly valuable signing for a Roma team that is lacking a lot of the qualities that he has. He has scored 32 goals in 109 appearances for udinese last season; he was a team highest scoring player with 12 goals 10 of which came in League Play. Of the 10 goals, he scored eight of them came in one-on-one counter-attacking situations. While the other two came from headers. That’s the great thing about Kevin lasagna. His greatest attribute is his one-on-one finishing in the clinical ability to convert in front of goal, something that Roma desperately needs that goes along with his athleticism and high Pace play but also has the height to get on top of some of those headers coming from the outside. He recorded an impressive 0.33 goals per 90 minutes. Udinese doesn’t have the weapons that Roma has on the outside, and the Midfield with better players around him. Kevin lasagna is capable of a 15 goal season. The beautiful thing about Kevin lasagna is in a role of a backup Striker, an eighth goal season would be more than enough while having the capacity and capability to be a game a regular starter for Roma, I really believed under more talented players around him, he’s capable of having similar production. With edin Dzeko getting older and Kevin lasagna, it doesn’t only fix one of them has biggest problems but is more than good enough to take over at the starting Striker at Roma. Kevin lasagna has so many unique qualities that make him suck and intriguing player that I feel many of the bigger teams in Italy are frankly missing out on. Roma sign and Kevin lasagna would be a massive deal; it would give from a very lethal surplus of options around the talents at Roma he can take his game up a level.

Affordable Price Tag

Udinese, Lasagna:

Roma doesn’t have a lot of time, and they don’t want to get dragged into long overhauling negotiations. The truth of the matter is they need a backup Striker, and Kevin lasagna not only can be a backup Striker that can give them a large number of goals, but on top of that, he has the potential to be somebody that Roma can rely on as a starting striker in the future. Roma will probably, when the time comes, address other striking options at, but Kevin lasagna is a capable goal scorer that if he makes a move to Roma, will be surrounded by better players, and he has Udinese. This backup Striker thing is crucial I actually think that this is even a more critical need then Center back. Roma should be targeting Center back as well and trying to get a deal done there, but the backup striker is a number one priority for Roma at this moment. You saw the way Roma look against Verona without a striker; that’s going to be a severe problem if edin Dzeko gets injured. Roma needed a player of high-quality like Kevin lasagna that will fit the system, and we’ll take the role that Roma can offer him. Kevin lasagna would much rather be a backup Striker and an occasional starter at Roma, then starting every game at Udinese and trying to escape by their teeth with very little creativity around him. This is a high-priority and Roman need to treat it as such. Will they sign Kevin lasagna the answer is probably not, but they absolutely should be going after. I’ve already highlighted some of the big-time things he can do on the pitch being incredibly athletic and have the Killer Instinct in front of goal that Roma needs. All that is important, but Roma doesn’t want to bankrupt themselves trying to pull this deal off. which is why going after Kevin lasagna from a financial point of view just makes the most sense. Going after Moise Kean or Giovanni Simeone players like that will cost much more. Moise Kean would obviously be the dream Choice here given the fact that he is just 21 years old and would be a perfect replacement for edin Dzeko long-term. However, Moise Kean is going to cost at the very minimum 20 million, but more likely than not, they’d at least have to put down 25 million to get the deal done. Roma could potentially close a deal for Kevin lasagna for 15 million or less the Roma could probably get it done for 10 million. He was sold from Capri to udinese for 4.5 million. Given his age and his statistics, it could be a straightforward negotiation. The question is whether Rome will do it, my guess is probably not. From just the financial point of view, it will be a great deal mostly because Roma would not have to pay all that much. According to transfermarkt, he’s valued at 8.8 million, so indeed an agreement between 10 and 15 million is more than doable. Not to mention the fact that he fits this team and is precisely what Roma need along with a reasonable price for a player that can be very valuable to them.


Calcio: Roma nervosa, Udinese vittoriosa di forza in trasferta con Lasagna  e Nestorovski nella 29a giornata di Serie A 2020 – OA Sport

Kevin lasagna does have some weaknesses within his game, but the interesting thing about that is it wouldn’t affect anything in the type of football that Roma play. Kevin lasagna does not have outstanding hold-up play and has a low percentage in terms of passing efficiency. Obviously, we would love to see Kevin lasagna improve in those areas, and I’m sure he will continue to work on those things; however in this Roma team, those qualities are not as necessary to have in a Roma Striker. one exciting point here is edin Dzeko is what you would be referred to as a complete Striker. He is a more than just a goalscorer besides the holdup, he has great vision and exceptional passing. This is one thing that makes edin Dzeko such an essential player for Roma over the last couple of seasons; it’s all the things he does, not just the numbers. Kevin lasagna game isn’t about numbers either it’s about athleticism and ability to finish in front of goal. The way Roma plays they don’t need to have a player withhold up play and passing ability. Kevin lasagna defines a clinical finisher with most of his goals coming in counter-attacking or one-on-one situations. He occasionally gets it through the air and other means, but his Udinese career, most of his goals are coming from finishing in front of goal, something he does exceptionally well with, which is why his weaknesses will not be as highlighted or as important in this team given the fact that this is a team that creates lots of opportunities to score goals. Putting Kevin lasagna in a group that is mostly influenced by chance creation and doesn’t have a killer in front of goal is why he fits so well. He doesn’t have to pass or do Hold Up play as long as he converts in front of the goal, which historically, since being in Italy, he has done at a high level that is all that would be required from him. However, he’ll want to improve another areas, but the priority for him will be converting in front of goal, something he will have no problem with. although he doesn’t do those things, he is still very versatile Beyond his athleticism. He does not always put himself in the same spot on the pitch throughout the 90 minutes. His mentality is to Roam and to find those particular spaces. He is an exceptional player without the ball, as well as with it. Kevin lasagna often keeps a high position existing near the deepest Defender because his athletic ability and Pace can manipulate Defenders to dictate the play; what usually ends with Kevin lasagna being in a foot race with the Defenders can’t keep up with him. He sits near the most profound Defenders as he’s able to cause areas of space underneath the defensive line with the attacking players that Roma have in the Midfield they can exploit that allowing the striker to get through in an Unstoppable position more often than not, leading to a goal. A player like Kevin lasagna can manipulate Defenders because playing him a certain way can be mostly detrimental to a team defending him close up is a recipe for disaster again; most Defenders will be overwhelmed with the athleticism of the striker. Lasagna contributes and can maintain the distance between the attacking and Midfield line also as I mentioned, Roma has much better players, which is why his positioning can cause him to be incredibly explosive. He is exactly where Roma needs right now, and signing him could avoid a potential disaster in the capital. Roma needs other things, but Kevin lasagna at a reasonable price a player that can fit the style of football who is extremely athletic and quick as well as a superb in position; all these things add up to a perfect signing for Roma. He is the ideal backup Striker for this team, and given the age of edin Dzeko it would allow Kevin lasagna to start many games and even potentially become a regular starter by next season. Everything points to him being the perfect signing for Roma to pull off at the end of the transfer window. Will Roma sign Kevin lasagna? Probably not, but it’s clear here precisely why they should.

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