Pedro’s Screamer Settles Roma victory #918

Score: A.S Roma 1 Udinese 0FT


Following a very impressive 2-2 draw against Juventus, Roma went on the road to search for their first victory of the season. They made the trip to the Darcia Arena to take on Udinese, a team in desperate need of points that are starting to look like a relegation side. Zero points and 0 goals so far this year. They split the season series last season as Roma beat them at home, and the Udinese beat Roma at the Stadio Olimpico. The international break is following this matchup. Roma needed to take a sense of confidence and momentum in this opening stretch of the season. Roma made this more difficult than it should have been. In the opening half of the match, there was no superiority. Roma had their chances Udinese have theirs, but it was just consistent wasteful finishing front of goal edin Dzeko missed an absolute shocker once again while Roma was within inches of goal. In the second half, Roma flipped a switch and looked in much more control of the game looks more focused and got their chance to get them across the line. Pedro Rodriguez hit a Thunderstruck from right outside the box into the back of the net. An outrageous hit that put them in front with a 1-0 lead. Antonio Mirante was brilliant, and the defense showed up to play, doing a job on Udinese as Roma collected all three points. It wasn’t an inspirational victory it looked ugly at times, and Roma should have made light work of a team of that quality none-the-less, Pedro strike allows Roma to take all three points with a 1-0 victory it will give them momentum when they return from the international break. The Romans collect the points at the Darcia Arena.


Paulo Fonseca, as usual, went with a 3421 formation. In fact, the Portuguese tactician didn’t make any changes to the lineup as it is the same Roma team that picked up a point against Juventus last weekend. In goal between the sticks would be an Antonio Mirante as the 36-year-old has official taking over as Roma’s number one. Despite his age, he has tons of experience and has looked excellent so far this season. Roma’s three center backs would be the usual suspects Gianluca Mancini would be patrolling centrally, Max kumbulla would be on the left, and then Rodger Ibanez would be on the opposite side on the right. In at left wing-back would be Leo spinazzola, then on the opposite side as the right wing-back would be Davie Santon. The defensive Midfield would stay the same with Lorenzo Pellegrini alongside Jordan veretout. In the attacking position would be on the left-wing henrikh Mkhitaryan, then beside him on the right-wing will be Pedro Rodriguez. Then upfront as the main Striker would be edin Dzeko. The Bosnian squandered a chance for Roma to pick up three points last weekend; he’s the one Roma should be looking for to have a comeback performance. On the bench, Roma will have Justin kluivert, Diawara Carles Perez, and others. Roma has signed Bojan mayoral from Real Madrid, but the Striker will not be on the bench today as he’ll be watching on from the stands.


After preparations and predictions, the match with just about to get underway at the Darcy Arena on Saturday night in Udinese. Roma, we’re searching for their first win; meanwhile, Udinese has yet to register points this season. Roma had a really good result against Juventus out playing the last weekend. The match got underway. Roma had early momentum; they drove the ball into the danger area on several of occasions. Even had a slight advantage in possession as well. However, the match didn’t seem to have any superiority from either team. Roma would have their moments, and so would Udinese. Even though Udinese have one of League’s worst attacking units. They have players within this team capable of scoring goals. Following a Lorenzo Pellegrini free-kick that missed the mark, udinese tried getting on the break as okaka cut into the box to try to strike his side into the lead. Antonio Mirante had no issues as he caught it without difficulty. Roma tries to recapture the momentum as the Romans went forward with great consistency the majority of the first half. Spinazolla cut down the wing delivering a perfect cross into the box that met the head a Pedro. The Spaniard connected with power, but unfortunately, the placement was a little off, going right at the goalkeeper as Juan Musso collected. The hosts try to respond through Kevin lasagna but once again, and Mirante makes the save. They came forward a lot more times than you would think; the match was much more even than you would expect. Roma’s backline did a tremendous job on them, though specifically Rodger Ibanez, who is having a spectacular season so far. A few minutes later, Rodger Ibanez hit a wonderful through ball into edin Dzeko once again, great control by edin Dzeko but another horrific finish in what should have been the opening goal as he wasted another one on one putting too much power on the show as the ball coasted over the goal. Not long after, Roma had another terrific chance as a ball coming across right in front of the goal at the feet of Santon, but terrific defense cleared the ball out. As the match went on a continue to be a battle Mkhitaryan, try to strike a curler after beautiful ball communication between Roma, the Armenian hit it well, but Juan Musso still managed to make this a save. Late on a break, Kevin lasagna had a perfect opportunity, but Antonia Mirante was there to save it; this was followed by Pereyra, who tried to chip it into the top corner but was cleared Away by Gianluca Mancini. A late strike by Jordan veretout was blocked after The midfielder Struck from outside the box, officially ending the first half A goalless 0-0 draw after 45 minutes headlining missed chances from both ends.


Roma and Udinese certainly had their chances, but the finishing touch was off for both of them. Roma had a good half, but there was cause for concern as it seemed Roma lost possession of the ball too easily in that first half. Some opportunities that could have seen them take the lead Roma did a great job creating the chances with a little better finishing. Roma had to feel they can get the points to pick up their first win of the Season. Udinese attacked the Roma goal and had opportunities to push themselves in front multiple times in the first half thanks to the defense and Antonia Mirante Roma. In the second half, Roma had a little more control and felt their superiority. Slowly but surely. About 10 minutes into the second half Roma found that moment. In the 55th minute, Pedro welcomed to himself to Italian football from well outside the box; the Spanish hit a malicious strike hit the crossbar before going into the back of the net as Roma take a 1-0 lead. An absolute screamer from Pedro as the Winger picked off the ball before rifling his strike into the back of the net. Roma continues to have a little bit of momentum; at least it was pushing in that direction. Pellegrini hit a near-perfect pass but didn’t have enough on the Run as the Roma attack just missing the connection. Had someone got on the end of it it would have gone in the back of the net. Pellegrini created another opportunity not long after as his superb cross net the head of edin Dzeko, who misfired. The Bosnian had another very difficult game it is even possible he could be benched against Benevento again, struggling with his finishing yet again. Even though he’s a club Legend, he has to do much better he didn’t have the bounce-back performance we were all hoping. Roma’s focus and concentration really stuck out, but Udinese still have their chances okaka misfired and what looks like a perfect chance in front of the goal. Udinese did create a lot; they just couldn’t finish. Roma go to the bench as Carles Perez came on for Mkhitaryan; he had a very productive evening with a lot of creation of chances but still searching for his first goal in of the Season; he will get that before not too long right after Molina struck a beautiful hit that nearly went in the top corner but was heroically saved by Mirante who had an absolutely superb performance tonight. Shortly after, they got an attack again, and the veteran goalkeeper made a double save on Kevin lasagna and Rodrigo de Paul. Roma brought on Bryan cristante and Justin kluivert. Udinese pressed during those closing moments of the match, but Antonio Mirante was able to handle the situation as Roma in the second-half improved massively being able to see this thing out the Romans hold on to secure a 1-0 victory getting their first win of the Season Udinese still winless but performed admirably just wasn’t enough as Roma takes all the points thanks to a Pedro screamer that settles the victory.


Roma picks up their first victory of the season as they take all three points in their 1-0 win over Udinese. Roma got the results; that’s the important thing; the performance however, was slightly uninspiring. Udinese is one of the worst teams in Italian football, and Roma should have made this look much easier than they did. Even though they have players like having lasagna and Rodrigo de Paul, the quality between the two teams, there’s no comparison Roma are better from back to front. It should have been easier than a Pedro Rodriguez strikes 10 minutes into the second half. It was an ugly game in which it was a little bit more back and forth than anyone really expected. Unfortunately, edin Dzeko had another performance to forget missing a clear goal-scoring opportunity in the first half, but collectively, Roma created a lot of chances. Finishing continues to be the issue for this team, and hopefully, the signing of mayoral will make a difference who we probably should see make his debut after the International break. The finishing hasn’t been good enough. Pedro Mkhitaryan and Lorenzo Pellegrini have all done a phenomenal job getting Roma Into the Danger area just need to do a little bit better with finishing. If Roma converts some more of their chances, they would have walked this one. There was never a point of the games in which Roma was in danger of losing, but it could have been a little bit better than it was. Roma has to work on these things before the games get just a little bit more complicated. However, Pedro’s second-half strike shows the difference, and Roma, once they were in front, had more control, were more focused, and fixed all the issues they have in the second half. Roma, in addition to that got excellent contributions from Antonia Mirante and gold, and the backline continued to play at a high level. The lineup worked once again guess who brought up like a more dominant performance. Jordan Veretout dictated the game, and Lorenzo Pellegrini in the Midfield showed qualities, as well as the team as a collective, especially in the second half finishing, was there only real issue the man of the match tonight goes to Rodger Ibanez Udinese came on the break every once in a while, and Rodger Ibanez played like a maniac once again eliminating high-quality strikes. He has been the best defender in the league through 3 weeks, and he shows his quality once again. Paulo Fonseca will be happy with the results but not necessarily their performance; this will only push them further after earning the points.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Roger Ibanez


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