Roma vs Udinesse Talking Points #919

Last night Roma picked up its first three points of the Season against Udinese. A horrid game that Roma made more difficult on themselves, then it should have been; however, none the less they got the result. Rome was coming off a 2-2 draw against Juventus ahead of this matchup. Despite certain circumstances that occurred during that game, Roma outplayed The League champions for 90 minutes; it gave them the momentum and confidence that they needed. They took the trip to Darcy Arena to take on a udinese team that hadn’t picked up any points all season and have yet to score a goal. Roma should have made light work of a team that’s going to struggle to keep themselves above water. The first half was a collection of wasted chances on both ends. Roma struggled to have their superiority in the game and even lost possession far too frequently. However, in that first half, Roma had some golden chances that surely should have put them up. Edin Dzeko once again messed up on a perfect ball inside the box that he just blasts Over the Bar. It really seems like he doesn’t have that killer instinct anymore. Roma had a couple of other changes in which they were inches away. Then on the other end, Udinese got on the counter-attack every once in a while but was frustrated by Rodger Ibanez, who is really proving to be one of the best in the league this season. The Hosts did have some opportunities to cut into the box and even had some really ambitious cracks at goal. However, Antonio Mirante had a spectacular Match, composing himself in front of the goal. It was goalless after the first 45 minutes. In the second half, it only took 10 minutes for Roma to get the lead that they deserved. Pedro Rodriguez picked off the ball off just outside the box before striking from outside the area code, getting a slight touch on the crossbar before going into the back of the net to score his first goal in his new colors. Roma would take a 1-0 lead following Pedro’s screamer. There was more of a sense of focus in the second half, and even though Roma probably should have scored more frequently ,it seemed to be enough. It wasn’t a routine Victory like it was expected to be. However, Roma did an outstanding job in the backline led by Rodger Ibanez Antonio Mirante with excellent in goal. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Jordan veretout dictated the game in the Midfield, not to mention the attacking explosiveness of Mkhitaryan and Pedro with his strike. Roma still wasted too many chances and but the Thunderbolt from Pedro is enough as Roma hold on taking all the points in a 1-0 victory by the lads from the capital.

Wasted Chances from both ends

Roma would have easily won this game had it been for better finishing in front of goal. It has been a problem with this team for several years; they create the most chances in the league but have difficulty putting them away. But last night, it wasn’t just about Roma; it was about Udinese as well. There is a significant difference here because while Roma is a strong team with many talented players in the side issues like finishing in front of goal turns into underachievement as for udinesse is the difference between relegation and safety. The problem with them is they don’t create that many chances, but when they do it somehow someway the happened to waste them. There were so many wasted chances last night from many different areas. Roma could take the chance that they needed to get them the point while udinese squandered an opportunity to earn points. Have they picked up a result at all, it would not have been deserved, but if they can’t finish their chances that they get which is minimal already, they’re going to be relegated. The Player that had the best shot on goal is a defensive midfielder that’s a problem for Udinese trying to stay in the league. They look like a hapless team that can’t finish when they create their chances. The finishing from both these teams was atrocious. This could have been a six-goal thriller they had one goal on a absolute Sensational strike by Pedro Rodriguez both these teams left goals on the table there’s no getting away from that Roma can improve on this because of the players they have in this team and they’ve just signed a new Striker. Udinese meanwhile, it’s not that simple; they have minimal creation and have not been able to upgrade it any position they’re headed for a relegation fight this match is proof of that. This is bad for both teams, but at least it’s manageable for Roma the highlight of this game was an Avalanche a wasted chances from both sides.

Edin Dzeko needs to leave

I hate that we have to have this conversation again, but there’s no avoiding it. Like I’ve stated on numerous occasions edin Dzeko is one of my favorite players ever to put on the shirt. He’s one of the best center forwards in club history. He is a bonafide Legend; he will walk into the Roma Hall of Fame, and he will always be appreciated and loved for the time edin Dzeko spent at the Stadio Olimpico. He has been so valuable to Roma over his time here he deserves the praise and respect and will always have a home at the Stadio Olimpico. This is why I want to know about to say here is very conflicting because how much I’ve appreciated the player he is and has been in Rome. Last season edin Dzeko with one of the most underrated players in the league. 19 goals and 13 assists were fundamental as he showed that consistency that had lacked the year before. Edin Dzeko right now is a problem. The issue is it’s hard not to start him because of all the other things he does well. Great link-up play exceptional passer sees the field very well, creates a lot of chances, and commands his role. The issue is his horrific finishing in front of goal. I already discussed what happened last week in the Juventus game; once again, he had a golden opportunity to put Roma in front in the first half and use too much power on a perfect Cross by Rodger Ibanez that set up the Bosnian perfectly he just could not finish off the attack. Juan Musso was not going to save; it had the Bosnian and used the correct amount of power on the shot. He has not been good enough; he’s done great things in all these matches, but this season it’s finishing is at its lowest point that it has been. If he doesn’t find his way in front of the goal soon, he is going to be setting Roma back. I’m afraid it might be time to let him go after the season. He’s had quite a career here, but his finishing has been so poor unless a change drastically continues to be a considerable problem things like this can be the little details between Champions League and Europa League. Roma has brought in Bojan mayoral from Real Madrid. He has young athletic, and quick. I think it’s time to bench edin Dzeko at least for the next game just to see what this kid can do. The Spaniard has signed on a two-year loan with an option to buy at 15 million. He has so much potential and really could be a sensational signing for Roma, perhaps taking over the reins from edin Dzeko at the end of the season. I’m not saying that Roma needs to get rid of him now, but Roma has to start looking that way because of how it has gone for him this season. He is 34 years old while Roma’s new signing is 23; if he doesn’t improve his finishing, he’s going to end up on the bench, and he is just mentally not in a good place right now. the hope is he can get out of this slump, but for the time being, Roma needs to look at potentially starting mayoral at least for the game against Benevento. Maybe even changing the formation slightly and playing those two together because whatever it is, I’m not sure it’s a formation or whether he needs another Striker to work with him, but this isn’t working. Roma has the opportunity to try to find a solution to this problem, but something needs to change because Roma can’t go on like this. Had Roma lost that game yesterday or even dropped points, edin Dzeko would be responsible for that. This is probably the last season still play for the club; he should score enough goals this season that will bring him to third on the all-time scoring list as he deserves to have positive memories of his time here but sooner rather than later they’re going to have to move on the formation changes could be helpful at least in the short-term. Still, eventually Roma is going to have to look elsewhere despite how great he has been.

Rogers Ibanez has been the best CB in the league

Rodger Ibanez has been the best center back in the League this season through three games. He has been sensational, a real maniac. Strikers are finding it very difficult to deal with him. He is one of the best young defenders in the league, only 22 years old he joined Roma last January from Atalanta on a loan deal that has now been made permanent. Ibanez came into The Fray during a late stretch last season, and ever since then, he has been a genuinely vital piece to Roma’s back three. He frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo. Many people don’t realize that even though the Portuguese star scored his two goals. He struggled to create or do much of anything. Cristiano Ronaldo had two moments in that game; that’s it outside of that most of his evening; he was overwhelmed by Roma Center back. He can make mistakes and a case we will make an error but collectively, over the first three games, he has been close to flawless. He is incredibly athletic, good on his feet, and intelligent player that more often than not makes the right play. He’s canceled out Potential counter-attacks from both Juventus and Udinese over the 2 games he is becoming a massive problem to deal with. He touches the ball more than any player, and the game last night he spread it out and stopped so many high-quality chances just showing his incredible skill set and ability. He is a player capable of being one of the best defenders in Europe. He has thrived under Paulo Fonseca and only continues to do so. I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning because edin Dzeko ruined the chance, but he hit a perfect ball into the Bosnian and was explosive and all facets of the game defensively, and going forward, he’s starting to show that ability not to mention. His passing, his positioning, and his incredible intelligence within the game. Roma does need another Center back to compliment that, but Roma’s backline is as good as any at this moment with Gianluca Mancini Max kumbulla and Rodger Ibanez; it would be difficult to find a more potent collection of young center backs. He causes a strain on Strikers, and he has displayed that constantly this season. Last night he touched the ball more than any other player, had a high number of tackles one duels as well as high passing efficiency. He dictated the game from the back, and even if Roma is not performing well, they will always have a chance in every game because of the way the defense can achieve together. He is slowly becoming one of the League’s best Defenders; he continues to fly under the radar as cheap as an animal a maniac with a high worker and high energy if you add all what he can do defensively that’s a matchup problem for everyone Cristiano Ronaldo did nothing when they were matched up that tells you everything you need to know. An athlete and a player of that level and that athletic shape struggled with little Rodger Ibanez he did get goals in that game. Still, when they were face to face, Rodger Ibanez pocketed him just like he did to Kevin lasagna last night he is a nightmare for anyone to deal with his energy work ethic and overall ability makes him such a problem the scary thing is he’s only going to get better.

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