Max Kumbulla’s late Strike caps off controversial 3-3 Thriller at San Siro #940

Score: A.S Roma 3 A.C Milan 3FT


Following a win against young boys in the Europa League Roma set out on the road in Milan to take on top of the table AC Milan. It’s only been a few matches this season but so far they have looked like the team to beat. Roma AC Milan finished one place apart last season with Roma with the four point advantage however they split the season series. On a Monday night in the Giuseppe meazza AC Milan had yet to drop a point this season we ended up seeing an absolute Thriller. It was going to be the two best defenses in the league going against each other as well of the matchup of edin dzeko versus  Ibrahimovic for the first time two of the most in-form aging Strikers. Ibrahimovic in the opening minutes of the game had his moment supplying a touch that gave AC Milan a 1-0 lead. However Roma did not have to wait too long as Edin Dzeko scored on the other end after the opening 15 minutes it was 1-1. They Battle it out for the rest of the first half AC Milan hitting the post and a few Roma chances within the first half however in the second half drama would unleash. Minutes into the second half Salemakers converts in front of goal to give Milan a 2-1 lead. It onyl intesified Roma had an opportunity to get back in the game in what was a shambolic penalty decision never a penalty but Jordan veretout stepped up and converted as the scorers leveled not long after on the other end we would see a another shambolic Ibrahimovic converted from the spot as AC Milan took a 3-2 lead. Then later on a giveaway clearance from Ibrahimovic put the ball right on the money for Kumbulla as Roma drew level again. In these final couple of minutes Antonio mirante made a world-class save on his line and then a late header by romagnoli misfired as Roma and AC Milan play out a controversial 3-3 Thriller at the San Siro in what was one of the games of the season.


Paulo Fonseca made a lot of changes from their victory in Switzerland against young boys. The majority of the regular starters for Roma would return in a typical Roma lineup. The giallorossi stick with their usual 3-4-2-1 formation. In goal for Roma as always would be Antonio Mirante. Roma three centre-backs would remain the same despite a slight scare as Gianluca Mancini received a positive covid test last week but has received two negative tests in a row making him fit for the game in which he otherwise would not have been. Gianluca Mancini would be on the right side Max Kumbulla would be centrally and on the left side would be the in-form Rodger Ibanez. The left wing-back would be at Leo spinazzola then on the opposite side would be Rick karsdorp as Roma’s right wing-back. The defensive Midfield pair would remain the same with Lorenzo Pellegrini and Jordan veretout. In the attacking Midfield on the left wing would be hendrik mkhitaryan then on the other side on the right wing would be Pedro Rodriguez. Then up front as the main Striker would be the Bosnian edin dzeko.


After preparations and predictions, the max was just about to get underway in Milan at the San Siro. AC Milan wasted no time whatsoever in the second minute on the first shot of the game. Zlatan Ibrahimovic rose to the challenge yet again after receiving a perfectly hit ball from Rafael leao Roma missed the clearance. Ibrahimovic took one touch as the ball rolled into the back of the net as AC Milan took a 1-0 lead inside two minutes. It was an early lapse from Roma, but they did not feel discouraged. They were very much into the game and weren’t going to let an early goal distract them or affect the way they played the rest of the game. Roma did not have to wait all that long to see themselves get on level terms. In the 14th minute, Roma benefits from Gigi donnarumma not being there as edin Dzeko was unmarked; a beautifully hit corner from Pellegrini reached the head of edin Dzeko as the striker converted in front of goal to level the scores. It would be edin Dzeko the third goal this season and his 109th goal in his Roma career as he just needs two more goals to move into third on their all-time scoring list. Both teams scored on their first shot of the game as the aging Stars’ early strike ability took the pressure off slightly. It was a very open game it was basically back at square one, allowing either team to grab that momentum. A little while after the equalizer Hakan received the ball; the Turkish International ripped a strike from right outside the box, but Antonio Mirante made a wonderful save. AC Milan came back minutes later as Romagnoli attempted a header on goal, but Mirante was there again and made the diving save. Even though AC Milan we’re winning the possession battle, they were slightly outplayed by Roma because of their positional sense not allowing very many high quality passing as they crowded the Midfield. Rodger Ibanez and Lorenzo Pellegrini both had good looks at goal, both striking from a distance. The goalkeeper made the save still they were supplying a dangerous look as Milan had made a mistake before the firing on their goal was the approach. Even if it wasn’t a high look based on how Milan considered the first goal, it was clear they had another mistake in them, and they try to exploit that. Near the end of the first half, Milan even hit the post looking to try to grab that superiority as they were inches away from taking the lead yet again. The first half ended with Antonio Mirante making another save on Haken. After the opening 45 minutes, it was a 1-1 draw and raining Milan.



Dzeko’s levels the game after Zlatan’s opener 


It was certainly a back-and-forth first half. AC Milan gets in front of the early Roma response, and then it was an exchange of blows. No superiority at all in this game, at least this far in the first half. Roma did look like they were starting to have control, especially in the Midfield the way they were trying to dictate the game, but they’re still was a long way to go. in the 46th minute, AC Milan got back right in front of mediately. A perfectly orchestrated ball from Rafael leao set up Alexis salemakers right in front of the goal as he slaps the ball into the back of the net to give AC Milan a 2-1 lead. Once again, Milan’s early strike ability puts them in control. However, Roma was still in this game because of how well they responded the first time; the question was going to be whether they could get themselves back into it. Roma tried to respond rapidly. henrikh Mkhitaryan tries to strike from the box’s side to get Roma back into it, but his attempt was saved. Then a minute later, edin Dzeko came close on a counter-attack, but his touch went wide. Even though AC Milan had the lead, it was still a back-and-forth battle between two teams looking for that moment. Roma goes to the bench as Rick karsdorp made way for Bruno Peres. Attempts were coming from both sides with Gianluca Mancini and Mkhitaryan, trying to put more pressure on AC Milan. Then in the 71st minute, a crucial part of the game controversy unloaded. As Roma were given a dubious penalty. In what was an alleged foul on Pedro, but there was minimal contact if any, and in fact, it looked like it was a foul on Roma, not Milan. Egregious penalty as AC Milan were furious as they should have been. However, that’s not Roma’s fault. Jordan veretout stepped up perfectly, executing the penalty into the bottom corner as Roma leveled the scores again. Drama only intensified; both teams had their chances to put the game away throughout the entire game; there never was a sense of superiority. Roma had advantages in some aspects, and AC Milan had advantages in others. It really was true of the Battle of warriors with two teams trying to make a statement. However, the controversy would implode once again. Gianluca Mancini was called for a penalty in his attempted clearance on Hakan calhanoglu. The Turkish International fell to the ground, but there was no contact between each other in what looked like a make a penalty for making a mistake on the one earlier in the game. Another egregious penalty decision. In the 79th minute, Ibrahimovic stepped up very the ball into the back of the net to give AC Milan a 3-2 to lead. The referee was losing control of the game, but Milan got the goal they felt would win it. However, just five minutes later in the 84th minute, coming from a corner, Ibrahimovic put his team in harm’s way with the ball coming across; the Swedish giants attempted one of his acrobatically kicks to clear the ball out only to put the ball right in front of Max kumbula as the Albanian followed through giving Milan no chance to save it blasting a ball in the back of the net as they equalize once again. Despite the circumstances of the match, Roma went behind three different times, and we’re on the verge of getting the point. Gonzalo Villar entered the game as well as Bryan cristante a little earlier to try to see this game out. AC Milan had a chance to take the lead once and for all, but the Brilliance of Antonia Mirante got in the way of that. They shot struck right at the Roma goal; the 37-year-old made a jaw-dropping save, pushing his hands out to deny AC Milan a winner. Then in the final minute of the game in stoppage time, coming off a corner, Romagnoli with mutually unmarked in the box; the former Roma Academy graduate came through the air with the header with a chance to win the game, but his header goes wide as Roma end up going to the San Siro and getting the point in an absolute Thriller. The refereeing decisions we’re horrendous, but we were treated to an absolute show on Monday night as Roma go to the San Siro and leave with a point in what was a really productive performance. Roma justifying to everyone despite the circumstances, there are a lot better than you think. Roma takes the point and some momentum as the Serie A season just grabbed even more intensity.


Kumbulla touch earns Roma point in 3-3 thriller at San Siro 


It was an absolutely incredible Thriller at the San Siro between AC Milan and Roma. Roma continues to be much better than most people expect. Despite the circumstances, it actually was a very productive performance for the Romans. Going into this game, AC Milan had picked up maximum points. Roma is the first team to take points off AC Milan. We saw edin Dzeko and Ibrahimovic both find the back of the net. A late equalizer from Roma’s record signing and on top of all that incredible penalty controversy not just on one end but both ends. However, Roma played really well with all that being said; they were a little bit unfortunate conceding the early goal against Ibrah. But overall, collectively, they look really strong, comfortable, and really dominated the Midfield. Lorenzo Pellegrini with my man of the match tonight; he showed that incredible ability picking out a pass for teammates and being a creator we all know he is capable of becoming. He has world-class in passing ability and showed it throughout the game. Really was dynamic in the Midfield and, together with Jordan veretout, really show those qualities as a Midfield. It wasn’t just that Roma didn’t ruin their chances going to goes either despite the refereeing decisions. The performance was justified with the result. Again another tremendous performance from the entire backline with Max Kumbulla, Gianluca Mancini, and Rodger Ibanez frustrating Milan attackers when it got into the area. The only time they scored was when they caught them by surprise. The Roma defense suffocated them. they were coming off a victory in the Europa League, and they got the point against AC Milan, who came into the game at the top of the table. Roma should feel good about the way they perform it wasn’t pretty necessarily. Still, they continued to play as a unit edin Dzeko scores for the second game in a row. Roma suddenly looks to be a much better place than they were at the beginning of the season they go to the San Siro and get the point in one of the most climatic games of the season.



MAN OF THE MATCH: Lorenzo Pellegrini

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