Roma vs Napoli Talking Points #974

Last night Roma saw their 21-game unbeaten run come to an end. It was what felt like a match of Destiny from Napoli. Napoli icon Diego Maradona passed away this week; this was their first real game since his death. It was always going to be difficult for Roma to really stand a chance to get the points against a Napoli team fueled by emotional energy. It turned out to be incredibly one-sided. Roma did not play very well from a positional standpoint; they struggled; they didn’t press enough, and in the end, Napoli kicks them in the mouth. However, Napoli probably would have been dominant against any team in the world last night; they were on a mission; they wanted to Tribute Diego Maradona with a dominating display, and that’s what they did. Certain circumstances affected the scoreline, and in all honesty, Napoli really didn’t pull away until the very end; the game wasn’t called evenly at all; however, Napoli deserved the win. In the first half, Napoli took the lead through a Lorenzo insigne, a free-kick. There was offside in the build-up before that occurred, but while Hendrick Mkhitaryan was called outside in an on-site situation that could have given Roma the lead, so there was some underlying controversy in the different parts of the match. At the end of the first half, the game was cooked not because of the scoreline; it was only 1-0 at the time, but both Gianluca Mancini and Jordan veretout came off injured. Meaning Roma had limited defensive options, Juan Jesus had to start in a back 3. The second half was only going to go one way after that. Roma’s form in this game didn’t improve; it was a bad performance all around. Fabian Ruiz gave Napoli a second as they ran out to a 2-0 lead. Napoli did on. Scoring two more goals in the final 15-20 minutes, ultimately winning 4-0. However, just because Roma lost his game doesn’t mean they are not a quality team that will challenge for the league title of the season. The truth is the injuries and the offside call really went against Roma; under different circumstances, the score would have been less lopsided. Napoli would never lose that game; it was a horrible performance, but Roma will bounce back. Napoli tributes Diego Maradona in their victory.

Injuries and Favoritism  

There is no denying that Napoli was on a mission last night. In all likelihood, regardless of the situation, they would have found a way to get the three points. The margin of victory could have been very different and underlying circumstances. Napoli just lost their icon Diego Maradona; it was an emotional night for them, and they were fueled by emotional energy, not quality on the pitch. Under other circumstances, if this had not happened over this week, that performance will not have occurred; maybe they still would have won the game but not to that extent. Napoli deserved the victory without question, and it was beautiful to see them tribute Diego. Certain situations impacted the way this game was played. From the first kick of the ball, Napoli was favored, not inferior in actuality; they were getting favoritism by the referee. I understand that Diego Maradona had passed, and a lot of people wanted to see Napoli win, but that doesn’t give them a pass to not call the game down the middle. If you are a referee, you have to be objective and have no favorites; this match before the stuff kicked off was not being officiated evenly. Napoli is openly getting away with offsides, fouls on Roma players, and even goals. However, before Napoli got their breakthrough, Mkhitaryan was played onside by the Napoli defense. If you want to say it’s a 50-50 chance, that’s fine. Not only was it on the side, but the linesman also didn’t let the play develop. Let me rephrase this The Armenian was on a breakaway if the correct call been made, there’s about a 90% chance he would have scored. Secondly, Napoli ended up scoring from a free-kick but what people won’t tell you is in the build-up to the play, Napoli was played offsides before the foul was committed that led to their first goal. If this game is called correctly, Roma has a 1-0 lead going into the second half, and Napoli doesn’t score from that free-kick. as I stated, I still think that we would have won this game. But it largely affects the margin of victory. So that’s the first point I want to make; secondly, the injuries. Roma came into this game without a completely healthy back line Max kumbulla and Chris Smalling was both out for different reasons. Meaning Roma’s back through yesterday was Gianluca Mancini Rodger Ibanez and Bryan cristante, a midfielder who has transitioned to Center back. Roma’s alternative options would be Juan Jesus. With that being said, what is the worst thing that can happen? Either Rodger Ibanez or Gianluca Mancini getting injured and Roma being stuck with Jesus. That’s exactly what happened. Gianluca Mancini could not continue and had to come off before the second half. On top of that, Jordan veretout also was injured and had to leave the game. That position is more replaceable in a match he is one of Roma, the best players if not the best consistently, but Gonzalo Villar is capable and has shown promise I don’t want to say that Jordan is replaceable, but mid-game, it is easier to deal with that position because of the options that Roma have in the Midfield Roma have very limited options offensively which is why when Gianluca Mancini got injured they were done for. You know the rest of the story. Napoli ended up going three more to in the last 10 minutes of the game, but a large reason they won the game by the margins that they did was Roma’s injuries, and the offside called against Roma, and the offside ignored on Napoli’s first goal. Roma was awful, and they would have lost regardless, but the margin is misleading based on what occurred.

Napoli wins for Maradona but doesn’t Change the narrative of either team


Napoli was outstanding last night, and Roma quite honestly didn’t show up even a little bit. Again circumstances vastly impacted the margin of victory, but those things remain the same. However, the narratives surrounding the result of this match are inaccurate. Rome’s worst performance of the season has been close to flawless since their loss to Sevilla in the Europa League round of 16 last campaign. Last night was the first loss in their last 21 games. Look, the truth is Roma did not perform well last night, not even a little bit. They barely had any possession, they were completely dominated, and even though certain circumstances could have made the result look different, they just weren’t good enough. In fact, I don’t know anyone that would have done well last night, but Roma just didn’t have it in them. they didn’t dare to attack Napoli, and even though Roman had two very significant injuries in the game, it doesn’t change that they were clearly not good enough. It was such a frustrating game to watch because Roma’s never seem to be in it. Napoli had dictated total control of the ball, which is a big reason why Roma faltered as much as they did. Napoli was incredible. Maybe their best performance this season absolutely outclassed in the lads from the capital. However, perceptions haven’t the Napoli of these two teams has not changed because of this match. I hear many Napoli fans this morning talking about them at the favorites to win the title and talk about how Roma actually is not very good. This is so wrong in a prisoner of the moment situation. Roma’s performance last night really just means they played badly; they weren’t up for it they didn’t have the mentality to go after in that game. That doesn’t suddenly make Roma a bad team, and just because Napoli scores against Roma doesn’t mean all of a sudden they’re a great team. Napoli had momentum and emotional energy driving them. They were outstanding, and Roma was just plain not good enough. Roma has gone 21 games without a loss; they had been one of the best teams in the League this season all of a sudden because they lost the game and embarrassing fashion; you cannot change the storyline and the complexion of what this team has; this is a Champions League team this Roma team will be playing in the changes next year and will continue to be a part of the title race this season. Napoli, who has underperformed the season, gets a big victory that doesn’t all of a sudden make them the favorites for the league title; they’re also a team that is going to make noise in the Champions League and the title race, we didn’t learn anything about either team Roma it’s still a team at their best that can beat anyone, and Napoli is still a team that is capable of getting these big victories one way, or another doesn’t make Roma bad team it was a bad day at the office they’re still one of the best teams in the league regardless of how you want to put it now please court for just because they did that doesn’t make them overwhelming favorites you can’t judge an entire case basis of a season based on one great performance or one bad performance these narratives are just inaccurate you can’t make the argument for either both are teams with Incredible qualities that will be making noise in European football. Napoli lost three games this season; this is Romans first loss they’ve suffered on the pitch One bad performance doesn’t Define Roma and who they are as a team and what they’re capable of this season; they can still very well win a trophy and be a threat in the Champions League. Napoli can do the same whether they won this game a lost this game it doesn’t prove anything on this particular day; Napoli got the better of Roma. Napoli had to suffer the loss of Diego Maradona, their biggest icon; it was an emotional moment not just for the world of football but specifically for Napoli; even though Maradona had his best season in Barcelona, he had its greatest success in Napoli, winning them to League titles a majestic character that we all will deeply miss. They’d put this performance down to an emotional aspect; they wanted to win this game for him. They did that it could not have been more beautifully scripted, for Napoli Maradona is somewhere smiling after their performance. Just remember a loss doesn’t Define a season and doesn’t tell the whole story; this game was about Diego Maradona it wasn’t going to be denied last night; they weren’t going to take no for an answer; the margin of victory was more than it probably should have been this wasn’t about Roma not being a good team.Winning this for Diego Maradona, and they did that, should be the primary focus; this doesn’t then make Napoli the best team in the League; this was for Diego Maradona. Honestly, it is disrespectful to try to make or create a storyline outside of the passing of Diego Maradona. We didn’t learn anything about either of these teams what we thought about the teams’ qualities; we think exactly the same as we did before. This match was about remembering and tribute Diego Maradona Roma may have gotten the short end of the stick here, but it’s one game. This was about remembering a legend, and that’s the important thing, not any other storylines people want to create.

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