Journey to 1,000 Part 2 #1001

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I highly expected that she would break up with me. I let her control me in ways I shouldn’t have on the first day of school. Her senior year, he dumped me because she saw him. Her ex-boyfriend Nate is someone I hated at a time but later in life understood that she was the conniving person; it wasn’t Nate, and it wasn’t me; it was no reason for me to show any anger towards someone that didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t care if she ever sees this. This is my story. She continually treating me poorly on July 28th, 2014, the day before my birthday, and two days before my sisters, my stepdad passed away. It was the single most challenging thing I have ever had to endure in my entire life. I was making music at a time. I used to rap, but after my stepdad passed away, I couldn’t do it anymore. It was inevitable, but the one thing I regret is not getting to say a proper goodbye the last time I saw him. When I first met Marc, he thought it was imperative for me to see the movie Free Willy and the ET. I remember so many joyous moments but playing basketball outside family vacations and so on the worst of all is my sister was losing her dad. Maddy was not very kind to me for the years following that, and I just had to try not to be affected by the way I was hurting inside; eventually, Maddy got over it, and me and her have grown closer she’s a teenager, so not as close as I would maybe have like but things got resolved. I completely changed my entire life after you passed away. I cut off my ex after learning and listening to a speech called the guy in the guru, where Eric Thomas talks about being successful as bad as you want to breathe. I cut off my ex-girlfriend with a phrase, “I’m sorry your services are no longer required” thinking back at it,was a quite humorous statement but based on how she treated me, I felt it was justified. That wasn’t the end of that; there was a lot of stuff that went down before the entire thing collapsed. She told me that my life is broken, and I would never amount to anything when I told her I wanted to be a writer. She tried to reach out to me recently; she wanted to be friends. I eventually shut it down because I can never get the image out of my head off her telling me that my life is broken; I became everything she said I couldn’t.

Step Dad’s Death & a Change in Direction

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I never really truly got over Mark’s death. I felt like I never really got to let him know how much he meant to me. He is my hero, and I think about him every day I owe my career to him. After Mark’s passing, I also lost a friend and an uncle in the next couple of years. People that meant a great deal to me. I couldn’t do the music thing anymore; it had to be over. I ran out of ideas. After moping around for about a year, then in 2015, my life changed. I decided to be a writer without any training any success in the subject whatsoever it was something Marc suggested years earlier; all I didn’t know is I knew about football, and maybe that would be enough. I did a few articles, but it was very inconsistent. Until the summer of 2016, before the European championships, I wrote a preview of the entire tournament predicting the groups and how it would play out I correctly picked that Portgual was going to beat France in the final 1-0. Then my career began, I became a writer. I started doing a Roma blog series that started one way and ended up somewhere else. I was genuinely awful. I didn’t know what the f*** I was doing, but all I know is I needed to figure it out. I couldn’t live without doing something I was going to think about all the people that I’ve lost and then some all the people that hurt me and then some. If I didn’t have something, I would have become nothing. My biggest fears in my life were by the time I turned 25, I wasn’t happy with the person I see in the mirror. Pride of that, I met so many amazing people through a Facebook group about football people that have made friends from overseas who understand the love I have for football. Each of them is equally significant. My friend Danielle someone who I wrote my 500 articles about she and I kind of learned a lot from each other, and we became great both writers now both podcasters. I essentially helped save her life from a way of mediocrity. Will she ever be the writer? I am probably not, but she still has it in her to be great. Even if she doesn’t realize it yet, she has it in her to be all time. Another person I met was Ryan, one of my best mates, one of my favorite people on earth. We also do a podcast together and talk on the phone weekly about football; we’re hoping to meet when this pandemic is over, but he has been someone really important. Early in my career, I was trying blog stuff, and nothing seemed to be going the way I wanted. And tell Roma loss to Napoli I sat up my computer for six hours and realized I was starting to get good. This was late in my first blog season. Every season since I’ve gotten better and better and better, I am historically significant with my words at least i will be one day. That might be a delusional way of thought, but it’s certainly is something that I’ve earned through the work I’ve sacrificed. I don’t necessarily need to go into my blogging specifics, but I’ve added content and improved every year. It’s not that quantity over quality, but I just wanted to continue to grow as a writer. However, some bad stuff was always going to be there. One year during a Thanksgiving with my family, I was completely ignored and was treated like I didn’t exist; it was hurtful most of it resolved, but there are still members of my family I genuinely despise. I don’t think they’re bad people, but it’s just the makeup of what they do that becomes almost repulsive to me. I was learning about Gary V and an entrepreneur who helped me redirect my mindset in the right way. After doing a couple of years of the Roma Blog series, I created an Instagram account used for business, and in the space, I met so many amazing people. Calcio Fan blogs, better known as Joseph. Roma English my Roma brother Markus, 6ixside Calcio guys, The Calcio guys, and so many others. Unfortunately, my initial account was deleted, but I made the best of it before that happened this year.

Kayla Anderson Maya Hansen and The Conclusion

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I even branched outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to do a story on a girls soccer player in Minnesota. I worked with one of the most talented young women I have ever seen play the game of football. Nearly a generational Talent truly. Her name is Maya Hansen; she played at Burnsville, and we work together, and I did a story my first exclusive I will always be thankful for her giving me that opportunity to work with her. Unfortunately she only worked with me; briefly, she started ignoring my emails after I finished my work, I sent her a copy through Messenger and email, but she never replied or responded it really hurt. I have serious doubts that she even read it. For the life of me, I don’t understand why she is treated me that way. I did everything I could to make her feel as comfortable as possible; I wanted her to be a part of the whole process, but she just let me down. Even afterward, when I went to see her play in college never replied anything; in fact, the experience was not a positive one. I don’t know what I did to deserve that type of treatment. Still, it didn’t discourage me last year. I worked with an amazing woman last year Kayla Anderson; she’s one of the greatest Strikers in Minnesota high school soccer choose kind gave me amazing resources; it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. I was my genuine self. Before working with Kayla Anderson, I did a controversial piece on equal pay, explaining both points of view and why the US women don’t deserve equal pay. Following a project, I got a 183 negative messages on Instagram; the messages I was receiving, or disgusting people were talking about me as if I knew who I was and what I stood for, which makes me believe the people who emailed me didn’t read the article they read the title and made assumptions. I had to keep some of my opinions about that wrapped up when I was working with these girls, but it was an enjoyable experience for both Kayla and me because of the pandemic; the book I did about her has not come out yet. but in due time, it will get there. I continued to grow and got better each year with my writing. I have done so many projects on so many different things, Beyond Roma games and things about the club. From Grande Torino to the history of AC Milan and others as such an important moment. 1000 was a milestone I never thought I was going to hit. When I hit 500, I invited friends over we had a party; it was a great night; the sad part is the friends that came no longer keep in touch with me, and I struggle with those friendships on the verge of crumbling. It feels like just yesterday when the entire perspective is different throughout this. I’ve also met continue to me amazing people along the way. I’m not going to name everyone because there are too many to name, but I met a couple of Liverpool fans who became really close with. Cheyenne Smith one of my closest friends outside of the United States; she’s the kind caring person that knows so much about football one of my favorite guests that we had in the podcast there’s a reason I keep asking her back; we have good conversations she’s incredibly intelligent and one of the nicest most respectful and kind people you will ever meet. Jack Bryant someone that reminds me of myself section intelligent football mind for being so young. Wade one of the funniest dudes on the planet. I always love and enjoy the conversation we have about Liverpool and Roma and the history of football. As well as crazy Chelsea fan Glenn Thompson, Liverpool fan Nathan Juventus fan Nico I even made friends with some Lazio fans, something I never thought would happen as well as Lewis and James Bowen, two friends of mine who are in the journalism place that look up to me and how I do things which is one of the proudest moments of my life. it’s crazy the number of people I met on this journey, and I’m leaving people out because it would take too much time to list everyone who has meant something to me. When the pandemic hit Ryan myself Danielle and started a podcast called the Canonns snakes and the Olimpico, we have done almost 50 episodes together. We’ve had countless guests on and have good conversations, and I started to see a spike and involvement. I even started another podcast what James Bowen, someone I mentioned earlier we sit down every weekend, just talk about whatever comes to us regarding football. It’s been one of the coolest teaching moments of my life just because James looks up to me as a journalist. We always like to bounce our ideas off one another.. there are so many people I’ve met that have impacted where I am now. Obviously, there are friends who no longer wanted to be my friend anymore, with tragedy, toxic relationships, and everything you can think of. but in the end, it’s all been worth it if I can do this, anybody can. I had no journalism training, nothing at all; no, I just picked up my computer and started. I’m not a perfect science; there are still things I need to improve on, but I’m becoming a great writer I may never get recognized for that, but I’ll never stop writing and getting my ideology about football across to my readers. There are so many people I could name and thank that have contributed to my journey; it would never be enough how much I appreciated the support. There is a lack of support from my family, but that doesn’t make it any less memorable or important I made friends across every continent, every contact, and collaborations throughout the social media age. I benefited from it as many of my biggest friends come from places across the globe 1000 articles seem so far-fetched when I started, yet here I am.

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