Performers of the week #1037


Bundesliga: Joshua Kimmich vs Schalke 

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Joshua kimmich continues to be the best midfielder not only in German football but in European football. We always appreciate what Kevin De bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Manuel Locatelli have done this season. When you think of the most dynamic and effective midfielders this season, those were the first to come to my mind. We have to show those players respect because they have outstanding seasons. However, Joshua kimmich is clear of all of them. Joshua kimmich is a right-back that transitioned into defensive Midfield. He has impeccable attacking abilities that makes him such a weapon. What makes them such an outstanding player is what he can do defensively. When it comes to, he is immensely gifted, defensively fantastic work rate, and can take the ball off anyone. Joshua kimmich is a top-three player in the world. I think everyone understands how good he is, but no one gives him the credit he actually deserves, so because of that, he flies a little bit under the radar. What separates him from everyone else is he puts up attacking Midfield numbers in a defensive midfield position. This season he would be my vote for the Ballon D;or if you think of the impact that he has on his Bayern Munich team and the stats he’s putting up this season, it is frankly a bit of a joke. Bayern Munich is now starting to create separation between themselves and those around them. They played at the bottom of the table Schalke and what was expected to be a very one-sided game, which it was; however that does not lessen the performance. Schalke historically has been an enormous team in the Bundesliga, but this season has gone as bad as possible; they let Weston mckennie go to Juventus as a player. That was the entire reason they were not relegated last season. However, Joshua kimmich showed up and did the types of things a player of his quality does. Stats have not defined Joshua kimmich, but regardless, he operated on a different type of level against Schalke. Joshua kimmich is so much better than everyone else because he has the numbers ability and certainly passes the eye test. Regardless of his position, he can win anything because of the type of statistics he can put up from his work. I love Bruno Fernandes and kdb, but Joshua kimmich puts up similar numbers in a much more defensive-oriented position. Against Schalke he was Flawless may be the single best performance we’ve seen in any League this season; he justified again why he is a top-three player. He can do all the things regularly, and that’s not the only thing he is the pulse of Bayern Munich. From a leadership perspective, he is so infectious to how this Bayern can operate. Joshua kimmich against Schalke provided a hat-trick of assists. None of which was a mediocre variety; all three came with Incredible difficulty. On Bayern Munich’s first goal, he hooked a beautiful cross into the box to find Thomas Muller had to supply the finish. Then he followed that up with a bomb from the defensive area into the box to find a Robert Lewandowski who controlled it took a touch and finished then he kept that all off with a beautifully hit free-kick that found Thomas Muller again for his second. It’s not that he’s brilliant because he is, but he made it look easy; nothing he did in the game seemed like it was difficult in any way for Joshua kimmich; he has the potential to be one of the best at his position in football history still in his twenties he is operating on a too high level given his age bracket. That’s not even to mention the passing in this game; he completed 86.5% of his pass 77 accurate passes, supplying a multitude of scoring chances with 8 key passes was accurate on six of nine crosses, adding 3 assist in 119 touches he was just on a level and all due respect to Joe Felix and Lorenzo Pellegrini but not a player in European football this week at a more dominating performance than Joshua kimmich. Let me reiterate this Joshua kimmich is a defensive midfielder. Typically speaking, defensive midfielders do not put up a goal and assist statistics. A lot of their stats come from passing percentage tackling rate interceptions. Joshua kimmich has four goals and 12 assists in 18 games this season. I will say this again Joshua kimmich would get my vote for the Ballon d’Or; this performance against Schalke just highlights everything that is already known about the incredibly versatile and dynamic Bayern Munich midfielder.


La Liga: Joao Felix vs Valencia 

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Joao Felix is one of the biggest talents in European football. The Atletico Madrid Superstar is the future of the Portuguese national team. It is one of the biggest reasons Portugal is one of the favorites heading into the Euros this summer. Cristiano Ronaldo has dominated this national team for the last decade; however, Joao Felix is their best player. Portugal will win this tournament if the youngster is their number one option. As great as Cristiano Ronaldo has been at this point Joao Felix gives them the biggest chance to win that tournament. While that is still months away, his performance this week shows exactly why he is the future. he is one of the three biggest talents in European football, one of the generational players that will wreak havoc for the next decade. Joe Felix erling Haaland Killian mbappe are three of the best players on the planet, all under the age of 22, really showing in displaying how good these kids are. I’ve been very consistent with my evaluation; if I have to take one, I go with the Athletico Madrid playmaker. In a big game this weekend in La Liga, he shows exactly what is needed in a defining player. We all know the story he blew up with SL Benfica before earning 124 million deal with Athletico Madrid. The amount paid was heavily criticized as he was looked at to be the are to Antoine Griezmann, who had recently Departed. even though he has all the talent in the world, it took him a little bit of time to figure everything out; ever since the Champions League match against RB Leipzig in the quarterfinals, he has been as consistent as anyone in La Liga. if you’re looking for a player that will blow you away with stats, he’s probably not the one you look at. Erling Haaland and Killian mbappe both will provide much more impressive statistics. However, Joe Felix, it’s just another level of brilliance. A true genius, a ballerina on the ball, he might be the biggest talent out there. Not because the stats just because beyond parallel skill and ability that the twenty-one-year-old possesses. Mbappe provides Pace athleticism and Flash; erling Haaland is a goal scoring machine; while those are incredible attributes, Joao Felix has everything dribbling ability, intelligence mentality, player efficiency; he’s got everything. This highlighting what kind of skills he possesses. His Athletico Madrid side is top of La Liga; the big reason why is his relationship and connectivity between himself and Luis Suarez. Valencia tested them in a really tough game. It is one thing if Felix performs against a relegation team but to do it against Valencia is nothing to sneeze at. Valencia may not be having their greatest season right now, but they have so much talent in their team to make a huge difference. So much so Valencia took the lead in this game. However, Athletico Madrid came back Joao Felix ended up scoring and supplying a second to lead Atletico Madrid to a come-from-behind victory hooking up with Luis Suarez, who is on fire this season. it was a truly breathtaking display from the playmaker. Felix may not have an exuberant amount of goals, but what he has done in the Midfield not only in this game but in the last several games has proven his worth. Incredible dribbling and awareness got him into dangerous positions almost consistently. He was the catalyst of the attack, the quarterback of this team. After going down, Felix came up with the goods. on a corner kick, the Portuguese International position himself so well made a beautiful run cutting past his defender. His Pace, athleticism, and movement gave him an edge, and he came at the far post with an acrobatic sliding shot that got Athletico Madrid back into the game. then on their second goal, he made a beautiful run up the wing, staying on the side while still having a huge advantage against the backline and anyone who attempted to mark him. A beautiful pass got him exactly in position with Luis Suarez sweeping behind. He drove the ball near the box well, keeping the defender at arm’s length at the last second made a beautiful pass that Luis Suarez took into the box before scoring their second goal. He was very influential all game long. especially with his short passing putting his teammates in the right place at the right time practically the entire game. His great self-awareness allowed Athletico Madrid to get into dangerous spaces almost consistently. He was absolutely breathtaking, just on another level, not only this game but also this season. he got his goal in the important system, but his movement on and off the ball made him such a difficult thing to control in this game, so swift, intelligent, and incredibly hard to stop. his movement on and off the ball may be the best in Europe; he’s able to use his quickness making the right runs to get into the most dangerous situations; his performance against Valencia was nothing short a majestic. Joao Felix has nine goals and five assists this season; it may not be the best numbers on the planet, but for an attacking midfielder, it’s been an incredibly productive campaign; even from that perspective, he is already equal to the number of goals he has last season and could be looking at a season in which he scores 15+ goals and 10+ assists because he’s not blowing up with insane statistic he is slightly being ignored but has proved in a big game as he has most of the season he just operates on a different level Then practically anyone at his position. Against Valencia, it was nearly flawless Atletico Madrid will win La Liga this season, and he will be a big reason why this performance was just icing on the cake of what we have seen all season from




Serie A: Lorenzo Pellegrini vs Speiza 

No description available.

Lorenzo Pellegrini has been given the armband before Saturday’s game. With everything that’s happening with edin Dzeko, Roma is clearly going to move forward with a new captain. Lorenzo Pellegrini is Roman born and an academy graduate a true romanista; it was only going to be a matter of time before he was given that recognition from the club. It was what I would like to call a captain’s contribution. Lorenzo Pellegrini took the armband and showed everyone why he was giving it. From a leadership perspective and performance. He has that passion and desire to make Roma into a winner again. he put together one of the best performances we saw in European football this week. It’s hard to capture how important this was to Roma. Tactically speaking, Paulo Fonseca had a brilliant game. However, if Roma drop points here, there was at least talk about the potential that he would be let go from his responsibilities, as unfair as that might have been. Lorenzo Pellegrini came through not only in the game’s biggest moment but in a really crucial moment. Over the last couple of years, he has mostly been occupied in the defensive Midfield because of his ability to push forward and defend it seemed like a match made in heaven at that position. However, as I have said in the past this season, he has thrived in the attacking Midfield underneath the striker. This is his highest-scoring season in Roma colors essentially because he is playing in a more attacking centric role. This allows Lorenzo Pellegrini to score goals, become more of an offensive threat, and provide his creativity and world-class passing ability. Lorenzo Pellegrini is a player that has been knocking on the door of the world class tag for several years. He’s not there yet, but at this rate, if you continue to play the way he has, there’s no denying he will be there. Lorenzo Pellegrini dug deep inside Beyond his incredible display and did something truly remarkable. He may not be the Roma player of the season based on how the Miki is playing, but he’s not far off. Roma was without three of the regular starters, and we’re quite short-handed as a leader Lorenzo Pellegrini needed to find a way to overpower all that and win a game against a team that just lost to in the cup, and that is in good form. Regardless of where they are in the table right now Speiza are playing some of their best football seasons. You can see that as they came back from being down by two goals. Lorenzo Pellegrini made a perfect run to open the scoring, getting into a dangerous space staying on sides with bojar mayoral alongside him, supplying a perfect pass that events that ended up with Roma’s first goal. He passed at a high-level he contributed in many ways, was a real leader on the pitch, and gave his team to the league even when it looked grim. He’s become such a different player in the attacking Midfield, and it has truly benefited Roma and the most concise way he’s able to score at a high level than in past Seasons he’s able to use his passing ability in that position and also tends to drop back and supplies those tackles that have made him a dynamic defensive midfielder in the past. Ultimately he’s in the perfect position to see him and his team get the best success. However, his biggest Captain moments came at the very end Speiza equalized in the 90th minute; they were two minutes of stoppage. Then like a true captain, he came through, putting an end to what turned out to be an absolute Thriller. A cross from Leo spinazzola chested and delivered from Bruno ended with Lorenzo Pellegrini sending a strike into the roof of the net. As Lorenzo Pellegrini scored the winning goal in the 92nd minute. He exploded with energy taking his shirt off as he celebrated with his team. Paulo Fonseca gave him the responsibility to lead his troops, and he did exactly that. As far as performance goes, he was tremendous not only the goal and the assist but everything else he did his controlled his delivery is distribution and his dominating component in that position it was such a creative yet efficient performance from him but most of all, given the captain’s armband he showed exactly why he’s earned it. Edin Dzeko is, by all accounts, arguably Roma’s best ever striker. He has demonstrated leadership ability at times but has never been a strong or vocal leader. If there is any player on this team worthy of wearing the armband, it’s Lorenzo Pellegrini. Not only because of his qualities but also because of leadership, he embodied what a Roma captain should do; he gave his team encouragement and played a truly world-class game of football. The most impressive part of this was more profound than his performed he kept his team motivated and driven to get the points. Roma needed a performance after somewhat of a slump. Lorenzo Pellegrini was given the armband, and he delivered that performance that Roma was going to require to provide them with the energy and confidence that they had lost.

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