I Prefer not to Speak: Jose Mourinho’s Return to Italy Part II #1143

I Prefer not to Speak: Jose Mourinho’s Return to Italy Part II

A Perfect Match

Jose Mourinho is a massive name, but he just isn’t what he once was, but that’s the beautiful thing about this job he doesn’t need to be the special one. He is still an elite manager; at least there are glimpses of that. When Jose Mourinho was the special one conquering Europe with these great teams that he has been a part of he came in with the expectation of winning trophies almost immediately. Inter Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Manchester United are some of the biggest clubs in the world. When you sign up for those jobs, you know Jose Mourinho was expected to win multiple trophies in those jobs. Winning titles is essential, especially with clubs of that magnitude. Even at Tottenham, there was some expectation that he would win something; winning the Premier League was never something that they were going to expect, but silverware is something that they were going to require at some point. Remember, they had just made a Champions League final the year before; this wasn’t a grooming job that would give Jose Mourinho the luxury essentially every managerial job he has had since Porto expected winning almost to the point where they required immediate success. Now, this is when Jose Mourinho was considered by Europe as the special one and was feared for that reason. Jose Mourinho taking a Bayern Munich, PSG, Dortmund, Manchester City teams of that magnitude wouldn’t be a good fit, and I’m not sure he would have very much success there. He’s still an elite manager, but at this point, I don’t think he’s the type of manager that can handle that type of job, at least right here right now maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just the vibe that I’ve gotten from what he has done over the last couple years. At Roma, he will not have that expectation to win trophies immediately. Roma, compared to the other big clubs in Italy, there’s a big separation Roma doesn’t have anywhere near the quality of those teams. They have some young talent and some good pieces, but they are significantly in transition right now; simply put, that cannot compete with them, and that’s a huge tragedy right now, but it’s factual nonetheless. Given the Roma situation, this isn’t about winning trophies or even contending for them; at this point, this is about progressing Roma forward. It’s about improving Roma and trying to close down on the aim to make the Champions League. The expectation is not going to win out of the gate because that’s unrealistic considering the teams in the League that already significantly better than them. That’s what makes this job significantly different and unique to Jose Mourinho. He’s going to be giving them time to build this team to go on to the next level challenge for the Champions League, and eventually, Jose Mourinho will look to win a trophy for this great club. However, at the moment, that is entirely unrealistic, it’s about progressing this team first and foremost and influencing the young talent that they have. This is why Jose Mourinho and Roma is a match. Jose Mourinho will have the chance to improve this team to grow into a side that could become a danger in Europe and the League. Roma isn’t there yet; they need someone to guide them there and Jose Mourinho, the man for the job. Logically this suits him much more than a big team, and he has overachieved with underdogs in the past; this is just another opportunity for Jose Mourinho to show that he still has what it takes. This job is done for him because the expectations on both ends of this will be a process and a project. Jose Mourinho can right the ship and down the line win trophies for Roma. The short-term goal is to improve the team and get themselves back in the Champions, but he’s not going to be expected to do what time are the more prominent clubs he has worked for would have required him. Roma is still a very high-profile job with high expectations of what the AIM is different, so Jose Mourinho and Roma are a perfect match.

The Concerns

There’s a lot to love about the tire and its impact on the team as far as the individual goes forward, and obviously, he brings the winning mentality to a club like Roma that doesn’t have that. However, I do have some serious concerns about Jose Mourinho is well. I think the good outweighs the bad extensively, but we cannot ignore some of the negative connotations that he may bring. While his personality has a winning DNA and mentality, it can be problematic. There will be the wow factor in Italian football next season because Jose is there. He is a big draw; he is box office; it will be exciting and fascinating for the League in all its storylines. However, his personality at times can be pretty toxic; despite his success, he had ugly departures from Chelsea and Manchester United; he has done things that have rubbed people the wrong way. He cannot lose the locker room at times. If he doesn’t, he will be a success at Roma, and I don’t think he will, but you never know with the unpredictability and personality of Jose Mari. He has been criticized for playing defensive football in the past, something they did not appreciate in England. So at times, his football can be Dreadful. I don’t mind defensive of football in the slightest as long as you have the talent to play as within the squad; that shouldn’t be a problem. But there are times when his football is absolutely Dreadful; this from a visual standpoint may not feel entertaining, but he has one with this system a large amount of time. Nonetheless, his Dreadful football is slightly concerned in the general sense. Even though many people appreciate Jose Mourinho and his personality, he has obvious flaws. Sometimes to a fault, he can become a rockstar in the pressroom; his classic answers I have nothing to say, and I prefer not to speak sometimes that means nothing but other times it can be done to the detriment of this team. His aggressive personality may be a risk; there’s certainly risk involved in it considering the impact of his Behavior and slight obnoxiousness at times. It is true what I’ve said before he isn’t what he wants was; he still isn’t Elite manager, but he’s not at that world-class status anymore. So there’s always going to be an element of concern about that. I want to be very optimistic, especially with a new manager coming in, but there is the slightest possibility bet you can’t do it to the level that Roma expect, and it just turns out to be a very troubling situation based on what I laid out I think Mourinho has a very high chance of success, but when you hire a character like Jose Mourinho there was always an element of risk. There’s not necessarily a high level of concern, but it is something to be worried about his antics, his style of football, and whether or not he’s still a guy has it in him I believe that to be the case, but like I said energetic, charismatic personality but also aggressive there’s always a risk in every job this one fits I believe that to be the case and the impact he can have on this squad could be a tremendous but his departures from Chelsea and man united the way he was exiled out is something that we all need to be concerned about.

Mourinho’s Inter Milan 2008–2010

(Source: Tactical Pad Saiguhan Elancheran)

Mourinho once touted the Italian League as the “Tactical League” and he was at his zenith when he managed Inter in terms of tactical battles. He pulled off some tactical master strokes throughout the campaign. The tactics of the Mourinho era at Inter revolved around the defensive discipline and quick, fast counter attacking. He set up his side in a structure which complemented his tactical philosophy. The basic setup of a 4–2–3–1 was visible in most of the games in the season.

The side’s base was constructed by a back four which was physically strong and tactically adept. Lucio and Walter Samuel formed the central two while the club captain and legend Javier Zanetti was positioned at left back. In the right, Maicon provided the width as he often joined the attacking players and became the outlet in that flank. In the centre the double pivot of Stankovic/Motta and Cambiasso was employed. Two forwards Eto’o and Pandev were deployed wide and Sneijder at 10 completed the attacking trio behind the striker Diego Milito.

One of the key tactics in Mourinho’s master plan in attack was the transition between formations and the speed with which these transitions were carried out. The side defends deep and once the ball is won back the side quickly takes shape in a 4–2–3–1. And this is done with great speed and the 4–2–3–1 transitions to a 4–3–3. The two wide players in Pandev and Eto’o are quite important to the side in these set of moves as their movements decide the shape of the team. Eto’o is given more of an inverted winger’s role and he cuts inside to join upfront with Milito. In the case of Pandev this doesn’t occur as he is deployed to stay wide to prove the width in the left.

On the other hand, in the right wing Maicon bombs up forward to provide the width. This is the reason why Pandev stays wide. As Zanetti is not attackingly sound when compared to Maicon Pandev is deployed upfront. While Maicon runs upward Cambassio, deployed in the right half of the pivot, moves into the space vacated by him to provide the defensive support. These supporting movements in order to maintain structure were typical of Mourinho as he is always one to focus on retaining the structure” – Saiguhan Elancheran

Mourinho’s Chelsea Teams 

Mourhino’s Porto 

Final Comments 

In closing, I’d say this hire came out of the left-field; there were not a lot of Rumors’ backing this up to other than a few rumors from several weeks ago, so I think shocked is the word when I heard the news. Jose Mourinho has been the manager of top clubs practically the last decade. Roma, a team like this that’s not in Europe could be beneath him; that is what I originally thought about the job; maybe Roma are just doing this for a PR move and trying to drag a big name, and perhaps this is a mistake because of money and just The Branding aspect. We can’t pretend these are possibilities, but the more you think about it, the more sense this job makes for both Jose Mourinho and Roma. Roman needs an infusion of expertise, someone that brings a big draw to Serie A, someone with winning intangibles, a winning attitude, and winning in DNA all things Roma is in lack of at the moment Jose Mourinho turned to Porto into a Champions League winner if he can do that he can bring this Roma team back to the Champions League and if there’s one man that can end the trophy drought it’s Jose Mourinho. With that being said prefer not to speak; I have nothing else to say.

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