Bundesliga Team of the Season Part V #1172

Striker: Wout Weghorst, Wolfsburg  

Wolfsburg miss chance to go top | The Examiner | Launceston, TAS

Wolfsburg has made the Champions League for the first time in four years; a big reason is their Striker up top. You didn’t think I was going to leave out wout Weghorst, did you? Obviously that was rhetorical; the Wolfsburg Striker has been exactly what they have needed this season and nearly could have overtaken erling Haaland in the starting XI had Dortmund not made the Champions League. That may sound insane, but considering the season he has had and the team he has done it with, it has been truly remarkable, and his value in the team could not be more precise. Andre Silva, erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski, and others are unbelievable; there’s no doubt about it; however, of all the strikers that have performed at a high level this season, the Wolfsburg man has proven to be the most valuable. Not the best but the most valuable. Erling Haaland, it’s surrounded by Jadon Sancho Marco Reus, Julian Brandt Giovanna Rana, and others; Robert Lewandowski has a Leon goretzka Joshua kimmich Leroy Sane Serge gnabry Thomas Muller and so on; Andre Silva has Filip Kostic and Dashi Kamada. I’m not taking away anything any of those players have done, but of all the strikers wout Weghorst has been working with the least amount of quality behind him. Wolfsburg is a great team that plays well together, defending very well and playing as a compacted team, but he does not have the resources that some of the other Strikers in this league do. He just continues to break records and climb up the charts in Wolfsburg history. He put together the best season in the Bundesliga since edin Dzeko at the striker position. wout Weghorst scored 20 goals supplying 7 assists in the league this season; he has been one of the surprises. Significantly jumping up from the 12 goals he had last season. The beautiful thing about the Dutch Striker is it’s more about other things than just the numbers. Obviously, he has the 20 goals that he scored, but it’s all the other things that he does extremely well. His hold-up plays his ball distribution and just his overall imposing figure in a Wolfsburg team searching for someone to take over that role. He finished the season top 10 in every practical category. He ranked #3 in goals, #4 in big Chances with 54, #4 for in shots on target with forty-seven, #8 in aerial duels with 126, number one in the league in tackles in the opposing half with 69, and to wrap that all off had 98 tackles throughout this season. On top of all this, he managed to get Wolfsburg to the Champions League once again. Weghorst is he can do things and take responsibilities that are necessary for a Strikers job description. He converts a lot of tackles that end up being influential with the team pushing the ball, for not to mention he can score in any way from anywhere regardless of the situation and has been moving this Team into Champions League Football season. He is a big reason why they ultimately did it; there was not a way I was going to go into this situation and this team of the season and not have him at least on the bench, and honestly, there’s even a strong argument he could have made the starting XI. Wolfsburg is a strong team, but the talent does not surround him that the other Strikers in the league are, and he still had an outstanding campaign with a Wolfsburg scene that shocked Everybody by making the Champions League; maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it still was a masterful campaign for wout Weghorst.

Goalkeeper: Peter Gulacsi , RB Leipzig

Inter Make Huge Contract Offer To RB Leipzig Goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi,  German Media Claim

The backup goalkeeper for this team is Péter Gulácsi. He has earned himself 14 clean sheets, which is number one in the league and has made some big saves and significant moments. RB Leipzig finished second place in the Bundesliga this season; it is their highest ever finish in club history. There are many contributing parts to that being the case, but the goalkeeper and the way he has performed throughout this season is a big reason they were able to do that. He may be 31 years old, but the Hungarian keeper has kept the goal relatively unscathed throughout the campaign, showing he still has a lot left despite his age. It really was a coin flip that he could have even been the starting goalkeeper in this team but could not end this team of the season without including him; he has done a tremendous job this season, and several years prior, he continues to be a symbol of consistency for RB Leipzig at Sea comes off another terrific season.

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