Serie A Team of the Season Part IIII #1183

Dusan Vlahovic, Fiorentina 

Liverpool FC Hold Talks With Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic's Agent over  summer Anfield move | Serie A - LFC Transfer Room – Liverpool's No. 1  Source for Transfer News & Speculation

Dusan vladovic was the League’s best young player this season and, under other circumstances, probably would have made the team of the season. However, there’s definitely room for him on the bench. The Serbian is only 21 years old, which makes what he did this season so impressive. Twenty-one years old, 21 goals. Really showing the capabilities of becoming an absolute animal in this league. He played for a Fiorentina team that do not have the materials to put him in the best position to succeed. Despite what is around him in a better team, he would have won the Golden Boot significantly if he had any kind of service supplying him with anything; he would score so many more goals than he did. The possibility of attending on a different Club next season is likely, which will be very interesting of what happens. He ranked in the top 10 in a lot of various categories this season. Top 5 and goals top 5 and shots on target top five in expected goals top-five and tackles and opponents half top 10 in area balls top three and aerial duels top-five and goals by a foot and top five in shots on target. He has been the definition of a breakout star this season, and that is only going to get better as time progresses. Not quite as good as Ronaldo and Lukaku, so he finds a nice spot on the bench for my team of the season.

Duvan Zapata, Atalanta 

Atalanta Striker Duvan Zapata: "Inter Struggled Against Us, Stefan De Vrij  A Tough Opponent"

There is some crazy myth that Atalanta’s best player is Luis Muriel despite the numbers he has put up and how good as he has been. Don’t worry; he’s on this list as well, but I think there’s some delusion that people believe that he is better than duvan Zapata that is quite frankly ridiculous. Zapata is one of the most underrated players in Italian football and has been over the last three to four seasons. He has 66 goals and 19 assists in 3 years with Atalanta; he has picked up injuries in two of the three years he has been in Bergamo. This season he has been quiet because the attention has not been on him. However, he has had one of the most impressive seasons of any player at that position. Please make no mistake without duvan Zapata; they do not make the Champions League; he is so crucial to Atalanta that even they don’t know it. He has come up big in the hugest moments of the season. Making the Champions League quarter-finals was at stake. Had he not been put on the bench in the second leg against Real Madrid were injured in the first leg against Real Madrid, Atalanta would have made the quarter-finals. In the league, he has been phenomenal, as always ranking highly in both goals and assists; he scored 15 goals in league with 10 assists, one of the most underrated are yet most impressive campaigns of the season. Ranking number 3 in big chances, number three and key passes inside the box and number 5 assists on open Play. You can say what you want about any other player in this league, but the consistency, whether he’s fit or not, of duvan Zapata, is undeniable. It’s been another fantastic season that everyone seems to be ignoring. He belongs in this team of the season among my bench players; he’s the first I thought about as he slides in on the bench after a fantastic campaign.

Luis Muriel, Atalanta 

Atalanta Striker Luis Muriel Combines Skillset Of Inter Pair Romelu Lukaku  & Lautaro Martinez, Italian Media Highlight

Next to duvan Zapata would be his Colombian teammate Luis Muriel. While he doesn’t have the same amount of impact as duvan Zapata and did not score all that often against the big teams, his season was purely particular. An Incredibly creative free-kick against Real Madrid shows the type of player that he was this season. They did end up losing that game, but it was still something special. In the League this season, he has been one of the best-attacking players in the league and is coming off his very best season in Italian football. He scored a surprisingly high number of goals this season, not that he’s not capable because he had 18 last year, a lot coming from the bench, but with the injury of duvan, he took a more starring role this season. He scored 22 goals this season along with eight assists in a campaign that no one saw coming. He was outstanding this season; he’s not the most critical player on Atalanta, as I’ve mentioned, but that doesn’t lessen what he is. I said this for a long time he’s a spark plug guy you bring Off the Bench to score some goals he’s not someone you want to be your starting Striker regularly. Still, with this Atalanta team has worked for what he is, he is one of the best of what he is; there are not very many spark plug guys that scored the number of goals that he scored this season, indeed a phenomenal amount. He finished in the top three in goals and top 10 in big chances, top 10 in assists inside the boxand top 2 in goals by foot. The numbers and the eye test justify a place in the team of the season even if it is on the bench.

Hey everyone,

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