Serie A Team of the Season Part IIIII #1184

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Roma 

Juventus eyeing summer approach for Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan was one of the most creative players in the league this season. There were times this year in which it looks like he was the best player in the league. In his first half of the season, he would have won the mid-season MVP; that’s how good he was; he was better than Ronaldo, he was better than Lukaku he was in a level by himself during the first half of the season. In the second half of the Season, he couldn’t keep the pressure on and allowed Lukaku to get the MVP from him, but that’s not necessarily saying that his second half of the Season wasn’t spectacular; it was. The problem was Roma’s form as a team crumbled down the stretch until the very end of the season. However, individually henrikh Mkhitaryan had one of the most unpredictable Serie A Seasons. No one saw this coming last year; he was a good player to bring Off the Bench and score some goals this year; he became one of the best players in the league. If you just look at the league as a whole this season, he was undoubtedly one of the best players, and I don’t think that’s even Up For Debate. in terms of goal contributions from a midfielder, he was one of the best in Europe this season ranking in the top 15. Considering he was a quote-unquote premier league flop, no one saw this coming; it was an extraordinary season from The Armenian; he scored 13 goals with 10 assists. Including a hat-trick against Genoa and a couple of braces this season for my creativity stand, for he was almost in a league by himself. Number two in creation, number two and key passes number 5 in key passes inside the box and number 5 in key passes outside the box. He also came up with big and some big moments throughout the season and was a critical player in regards to Roma’s season. It has not been an excellent campaign for them, at least during the second half of the season, but Henrik Mkhitaryan has been one of the bright spots as he is just extended his stay in the capital as he will be a part of Jose Mourinho’s Roma. This season simply put, he was one of the best players in the league at any position if you were to rank players this season, he would be in the top five; that’s how good he was this season. Hopefully, coming into next season, he can keep it going because he’s been such a fascinating player to watch this season even though he did not make the starting line-up. He nearly did; keeping him off the team of the season would have been egregious. The Armenian deserves his flowers for the season that he had.

Serge milinkovic-savic, Lazio 

Midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic would be happy to stay at Lazio

Lazio is another team that really underperformed this season, especially with everything else going on; they went from the team to push Juventus to the brink last season to a team not even in the Champions League; it’s been incredibly disappointing, and that includes Ciro immobile who was underwhelming this season despite putting up numbers. The one bright spot to this Lazio team was the warrior in the middle, Serge milinkovic-savic. He is one of the best midfielders in the league and has been for several seasons, so him getting on this list should not come as any surprise. He has provided Lazio in critical moments with either goals or assists or just having that dog in him to be that player to really make a difference for a team that was struggling throughout the season. Seven goals and 10 assists this season, he was incredibly productive throughout the campaign and deserved a lot of praises for his performances. He finished the season top in a lot of different categories. Top five in assist top 10 in key passes, top 10 in chance creation, top 5 and aerial duels, and so on and so forth he had had another great season even though his team severely struggled this campaign it doesn’t matter where they finished because third milinkovic-savic is one of the best midfielders in the league it’s just common knowledge in every team of the season it’s not whether or not he makes the team it’s whether or not he starts or makes the bench I was not going to leave him out even with my Roma Legion he is one of the very best Midfielder in Italian football this was a no-brainer he could have even made the starting XI. Still, I just think he didn’t have as good as a season as the two midfielders that I went with, but he’s always a part of this team other than an outlier year when he dropped off but mostly he’s a consistent midfielder that’s in this conversation every year.

Juan Musso, Udinesse 

Inter Willing To Spend Around €20M On Udinese's Juan Musso

The final spot on my bench goes to udinese goalkeeper Juan Musso. He may not have as many clean sheets as some of the tops of Italian football this season, but you have to take everything into account and perspective. Musso does not play for a team or has a defense that is capable of holding things up for him. They have been much better defensively than expected this season, but the reason they were able to not really deal with relegation was not Rodrigo de Paul which is what a lot of people think seem to think it had to do with the goalkeeper. Juan Musso came up big in so many different moments he found that match and made some saves that really made a huge difference. The defense is capable, but Juan Musso helps with the number of saves that he could pull off in a crucial part. This team was never going to challenge for anything; it was about not having to deal with a relegation battle, and his individual Brilliance has a lot to do with that. He only had eight clean sheets but had 98 saves which is the same amount as Donnarumma. Udinese is not a particularly strong team for a team like this; the goalkeeping performance matters significantly; he performed at a really high level, and because of this, udinese didn’t have to deal with the threat of relegation; they were not a great team this season. Still, his performances were enough for his team not to have to worry about that. Honestly could have been the starter in my team of the season but still makes the bench as his plaudits are well deserved. Will he be with udinese next season? but regardless he’s a player that could be getting into these team of the season list far more often once he has a better team. But this season I could not ignore his performance.

Hey everyone,

Just in time for the Euro 2021 (2020), I’ve just discovered a really cool web-site.

It is based on an interactive map and it shows players, schedule, and results in a clear and beautiful way.

The coolest part is the Talent Flow section which shows how the players move back and forth from their countries to the club teams.

This will be a very fun and useful site during the Euro which starts in less than a week!

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