Serie A League Review Part 1 #1185

A.C Milan back in Champions League 

AC Milan Are Showing Signs Of Getting Back To The Top -

AC Milan had one of the strangest seasons they’ve had in a long time. They had not made the Champions League since 2011 when Leo Messi famously knocked them out in Barcelona after having a 2-0 lead in the first leg of That Champions League. Ever since then, it has been a collection of bad decisions for investment and just utter chaos over the last nine years. They made the Europa League a couple of times but never really were convincing enough to make the Champions League; this is the one thing AC Milan had been fighting for such a long time, and they just wanted to be back in that competition they came close a couple of times but never could pull it off. This year they finally did, but it didn’t happen without a fair share of stress and potential implosion; it came down to the final day of the season, and they nearly didn’t pull it off. in fact, you could argue they were lucky to do so. AC Milan started the season firing on all cylinders; they beat Inter Milan in the first derby of the season and were top at Christmas. They were flying was rosin Ibrahimovic as the leader of the team and a bunch of other pieces that were overachieving their status. It looks like it was going to happen for them. At one point, they were 12 points clear from 5th place, meaning there was a consensus that the Champions League what’s going to happen regardless; at one point, the debate was whether or not they win the title. Once AC Milan started to lose games, they started to underperform the following games and didn’t have the winning intangibles and mental strength; even though they still made the Champions League, those two things still do not exist in the AC Milan team. They lost Inter Milan in humiliating fashion, and Antonio Conte’s side ran away with the title. However, Milan still had a massive Gap on everybody else, and they fell out and fell out, and ultimately at one point, this season was in fifth place; it took them to the last game of the season to pull it off. They got two penalties in the game against Atalanta and it ended up confirming their Champions League Dreams for the next season. It will be the first time in competition since 2011. It’s a fantastic moment for AC Milan they should celebrate however it is abundantly clear they have a lot of work to do if they’re going to get out of the group stage they’re going to have to do something pretty special the recruitment in the transfer market and upgrading the team is a huge ask. It is possible that they don’t get out of the group on this first opportunity in the Champions League; however, I expect them to make it again next season, but this entire season was based on the fact that they need to make the Champions League that was the most important thing and they accomplished that.

Juventus Mess of a Season; Ends in Glory as Pirlo is Screwed 

Juventus win Coppa Italia as Federico Chiesa scores late to give Cristiano  Ronaldo and Gigi Buffon yet another trophy – TodayHeadline

Juventus is the most successful team in Italy and had dominated the league over the last nine years. It ended this Season as Inter Milan got their hands on the title. There were undoubtedly High moments this season, but it wasn’t a campaign that will be particularly memorable. Juventus made some big errors ahead of the season, both before the season and after the season. Maurizio sarri was The Mastermind behind a Juventus winning the title the previous season; it went down to the wire, and he was able to get his team that Glory. Then they got rid of him only to replace him with a club Legend Andrea Pilro who had no experience and had not coached a game yet. Considering the available options at the time, it was a ridiculous decision, and the young manager struggled significantly throughout the campaign. I criticized and much of the season for not really having that manager’s touch as of yet. He made some important substitutions. Off the Bench, his team selection at times was outstanding, but as far as the Tactical part of the game, he had yet to master it in the end; that’s what it came down to it. They went out in the Champions League to Porto did not stay in the title race for all that long, and it took Napoli losing to Hellas Verona on the last day of the season to confirm that they would return to the Champions League. Collectively as a team, Juventus struggle. Cristiano Ronaldo put big numbers but never was that world-class player that they needed at times; we saw the progression of Federico Chiesa, the continued backline superiority of delete and Weston mckennie thriving in his first season, but as a whole, it was a very disappointing campaign Juventus don’t win the title weren’t really in the title race and barely made the Champions League, however, Pilro won two trophies with the club the Supercopa and the Coppa Italia. Only two beasts at the end of the season; as much as I criticize the deal initially, he was screwed considering the team that he had; he did as good of a job as he possibly could have. He wasn’t great, but it was his first year coaching; a year from now, he will be a much better coach than he was this season; they got rid of him only to bring back the max Allegri, which makes no sense. This is something they’ve already gone through; bring him back does not solve any of their problems; the problems are still there Pilro should look for Revenge because after winning two trophies with a very average team to get rid of him in a matter that they did was completely and utterly classless. Juventus are a mess right now, and we don’t know what the future holds but considering the expectation that was surrounding him before Pilro did a decent job, he wasn’t ready for the job, yet the club set him up to fail, I hope a couple of years from now we’ll be dancing on that grave because of how they treated him. I criticized this move as much as anybody else but considering he won two trophies and still made the Champions League with an average Squad shows that he still has a lot more to prove. He’ll only get better with time, but Juve won’t know that because they pulled the plug just so they could bring back somebody that they’ve already had in what I described as a pointless decision.

Antonio Conte Ends Juventus Rein of Terror for Inter then Leaves 

Serie A Giant Inter Announce Shock Departure Of Antonio Conte Days After  Winning Their First Title In 11 Years

The reign of terror of Juventus ended the Season as Antonio Conte comes into Inter Milan, changes everything within two years wins the league, and then leaves hosting that trophy over his head. Inter Milan, we were incredibly underwhelming last season. There is a huge disappointment that did not stay in the title race for that long. There was never a decision to be made about his future, but Antonio Conte seemingly fixed all the previously fixed problems. Inter Milan win the league title for the first time since 2010, when Jose Mourinho did it. He built this team from the ground up over the last two seasons. Even though the European forum was embarrassing, finishing third in the group during his first season, he ultimately went to the Europa League final and lost and then finishing bottom of the group this campaign. They would have gone through have they been able to beat Shakhtar Donetsk just once. They went out of Europe, and then seemingly the heat pressed Inter Milan into the fire in which they dominated the league. Romelu Lukaku under Antonio Conte became a different type of animal, the best player in the league, and had dominant performances throughout the season. Along with one of the best midfielders in the league and Nicolo Barella attacking option with Martinez, the defensive front of Stefan de vrij Milan skriniar and Bastoni. So on and so forth, their team was stacked from top to bottom and really didn’t have any resistance to the title. The Importance of Inter Milan at beating AC Milan in a massive Derby during the second half of the season and beating Juventus turned out to be incredibly crucial parts of the season. After a loss to Sampdoria and a draw against Roma Inter Milan, cruise control almost won every game the rest of the way. Inter Milan we’re the team to take out Juventus this Season it wasn’t all that surprised and having the best team at all with Antonio Conte directing them and giving them the right mindset to succeed; however, during the Juventus dominance, Inter Milan for most of those years was not one of the teams that anyone thought was going to take them down. However, Antonio Conte comes in gets all the players that he needs, ultimately leading to winning the Scudetto. Inter Milan became champions of Italy on the back of Antonio Conte making some tough decisions with his team as far as signings and departures. In the end, it was Antonio Conte that made this all possible for Inter Milan; he came in, he won the title, and he left. Will Simone Inzaghi be able to repeat the success? It’s hard to say Inter Milan still has the best team in the league, but that is a significant downgrade even though it’s not a bad appointment Inter Milan just feels different under Antonio Conte as he gives Inter Milan their first Scudetto since 2010. Inter Milan went from the hunters to the Hunted Antiono Conte because Inter lifts the Scudetto.

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