Azzurri survive Brutal Test to make the Quarterfinals #1198


When Italy won the World Cup in 2006 they reached the Pinnacle a sporting achievement. I remember that day very well I was in Berlin not far away from where the World Cup final was taking place between France and Italy I remember being so and thrilled and excited when Italy won on penalties it was an amazing moment the Azzurri and Italians throughout the world. however since then it has been disaster after disaster missing the World Cup in 2018 going out in the group stage in a very weak group shortly after their World Cup Triumph. that moment in 2006 in the moment of qualification for this tournament saw the stars align for moments like this. a round of 16 battle against Austria with a possibility I’m closing down and continuing their run perhaps all the way to the final. all of this work came down to moments like this one big favorites Italy against an Oscar inside that was playing in their first knockout game in Euro history. a young ambitious team that were playing with house money because no one believed they could prevail. on the other side you got an Italian team with the most indestructible Midfield in the tournament and enough quality back to front to make things as difficult as possible on the opposition had not conceded a goal going into the game. everything that was put in the process they wanted it to be about moments like these we have the opportunity to win massive games with your eyes on the final just like every other team in this competition.


in the match tonight they were tested in a way they have not been in this competition so far. in the group stage they won every single game and did not concede a goal. one of the most talented teams in this competition but there was serious doubts whether or not this Italian side had what it takes to win or were they a year away. it wasn’t a very glorious occasion for the Italian the austrians came to play. this was the first ever shot in The Knockout rounds Italy are huge favorites going into this but Austria cannot be underestimated because of what they can bring. they were tactical mistakes from Austria side of things and most notably from Roberto Mancini but this wasn’t a game that was going to be simple for the Italian. the mentality of the Italian players are strong even though the fans delusions a celebrate in each match as if they’d won the tournament but that had not seemed to bother Italy in the past the thought was that a legal play tough Austria would make things difficult but ultimately Italy would pull away. this is as ugly of a game that Italy have played in this tournament. it was a struggle throughout Italy didn’t have their identity within it and even though it was a very close strike from Ciro immobile that could have been one of the best goals of the tournament so far it was not a lot of positive things to say from Spirit the good thing about these types of situations if you learn a lot about your team in moments of Crisis what are the players can handle the type of pressure that was building throughout this game. Italy’s attacking installation was horrific even though the creating of the chances from the Midfield as well as the wing-back with Leo spinazzola playing a starring role yet again things were not going very well. Italy created so many opportunities but we’re incredibly wasteful in front of goal. Austria had very limited chances both in the first and the second half but they found those spaces to make Italy uncomfortable well Italy created so many chances and were so wasteful in front of goal Italy could have knocked them out in the first half but the Austrian game plan worked and Italy folded into their arm. Italy has some of the best attacking players in this tournament with Lorenzo insigne Ciro immobile Berardi Federico chiesa and so many others they could not finish to save their life and it was quite toxic to see them Foster in front of goal so consistently this was a type of game in which these chances missed really could come back and haunt them only to see Austria get one chance and nail it. scoreless throughout 90 minutes it was a woeful performance really pathetic in the second half. an extra time Italy finally converted in front of goal first with Federico chiesa who scored in the Earl’s just like his father did back in the day and then Mateo Pizano scoring his second goal of the tournament who has turned out to be an under radar type of player that has really been more important to Italy then anyone really expect it. limited game time from him but considering the situation he rose to the occasion. Austria did pull one back as Sasha took five Italian players with him on a corner finding just an inch of space but more than enough for a hitman to squeeze his header in between the post despite how many italian players were around it. Italy ended up finishing the job making the quarter-finals which is such a beautiful and amazing moment for an Italian team that did not make the World Cup this is exactly the type of energy they needed and even though it was a horrible performance the fact that they were able to win an ugly game like this against an Austria side that really tested them shows but they have the qualities to continue to push forward and even if they go out in the quarterfinals this has been an incredibly productive and impressive performance at the arrow Italy may not be ready now but a year from now they will be more ready than ever with a high possibility I’ve actually winning the World Cup a year from now the team will be more mature and ready to take on that challenge.

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