Euro Team of the Tournament Part Two #1214

Midfield: Paul Pogba, France

Jose Mourinho aims subtle dig at Paul Pogba after France's Euro 2020  collapse | Metro News

France crashed out extremely prematurely; they went out in the round of 16 after surrendering a 3-1 lead against Switzerland, ultimately losing in penalties. France was expected to win the tournament, and so many people pick them to hold the crown. It was incredibly disappointing; however, individually speaking, Paul Pogba was one of the best midfielders this summer. While France had a barrage of players that underperformed, Paul Pogba did no such thing. He was the quarterback of the midfield orchestrator sturgeon of the France Midfield. Paul Pogba operated at a world-class level all summer. Even though France only made it to the round of 16, Paul Pogba continued to reassert himself in big situations and came through for France in the most critical moments. His hold-up play was excellent, controlling the game from the Midfield that fed into the France attack. Facilitating opportunities for his team while also scoring a goal for himself. In the Switzerland game, Paul Pogba had the game on the ropes or France when he hit a nuclear missile into the top Corner, one of the goals of the tournament. Even though France failed so miserably, Paul Pogba continues to put together fantastic form coming off a very productive season at Manchester United. Pogba continues to show why he’s one of the best midfielders in the world. France may have been a disaster Paul Pogba was at his best.

Midfield: Jorginho, Italy

Jorginho the hero as Italy reach Euro 2020 final

Jorginho is the best player on the Italian national team. He continues to prove it every time he plays for either Chelsea or Italy; however, misconceptions surround Jorginho because he does not play in Italy but plays in England. Even though it makes no sense why we would look at a premier league Italian player differently, he has never gotten the respect he deserves, especially on a stage like this. However, in this tournament, we saw him get celebrated authentically. Coming off a Champions League win with Chelsea and a Euro title with Italy, he has had some summer. That’s just talking about accolades; his performance has been at an incredible level. Jorginho may not have the most attractive way of playing, but the way he dictated the Midfield in so many different games for Italy during this tournament made him quite simply one of the best. Putting together a number of key passes in each of the games that he is played. Jorginho controlled the game by withholding the ball and crew for areas and found ways to be effective as he fed into the attack with his intelligence and passing ability. A big reason why Italy dominated the second half against England in the Euro 2020 final was because of how much possession Italy had that is primarily attributed to Marco Verratti and Jorginho; the two of them playing next to each other seem to work flawlessly as they were able to dictate the game from the Midfield will having control of the outcome. When you dominate the middle of the park the way Jorginho did in this tournament, it makes Italy very difficult to beat because of his total control involved possession if it allows Italy to have the advantage every time they touch the ball the domination of possession that they saw in the final against England really saw Italy take the game to the British even though it did end up going to penalties England or severely outplayed for the majority of the game attributed mainly to the fact that Georgina was such a dominating figure in the Midfield. Honestly, Jorginho had a real shot at winning the tournament; everything he did, from ball control from spacing from distribution and from this dominance on the ball, led to Italy playing such a dominant role in this tournament. He constantly put the team in the best position to win, and when things weren’t going well, the way he controlled the game allowed Italy to get back into it; he scored a vital penalty against Spain that ended up winning the shootout for Italy even though he missed his penalty against England I’m not going to hold it against him Italy still became European champions winning the Midfield battle almost every game was a big reason why Italy looked like the best team from the very first kick of the ball to the last Jorginho was a huge part of that and had a world-class tournament he showed why is Italy’s best player and hopefully more people will start to see that now.

Midfield: Mikkel Damsgaard, Denmark  

Ronaldo-esque' Damsgaard has become Denmark's Euro 2020 breakout star |

Denmark was not expected to make the semi-final of Euro 2020; everyone was taken off guard by it; they put together a fantastic summer of football the way they played together, the way they executed, the way they found those little spaces to be highly effective they nearly could have made the final that’s how high of a level they played at. Kasper Schmeichel played a sensational role in this being possible with his performances in a goal; you could look at the various ways that this team ended up in a semi-final, but the one name that is the most associated with this run is damsgaard. The young twenty-one-year-old midfielder playing for Sampdoria was quite honestly probably the player of the tournament. damsgaard was not expected to be an important piece to the puzzle for Denmark; he came into this expecting to be a guy that can give Denmark energy off the Bench; against the odds, he became the creator and the orchestrator for the Danes. When Denmark lost Christian Eriksen in the first game, Damsgaard was thrown to the wolves and expected to play the Christian Eriksen role in the Denmark team. It is a big role to fill, especially considering Christian Eriksen is their best player and would have been largely influential in the team. Suddenly, a young 21-year-old was expected to handle the pressure adding the primary creator for the Danes. In the group stage, he was spectacular Denmark needed to beat Russia during the final group and beat them easily damsgaard was just magical in the Midfield and played a significant role in Denmark getting to The Knockout rounds. In The Knockout stage, he was flawless so significantly that he had utter control of the way Denmark was playing. in the game against Wales, they could not get the ball off of him; he made great runs with great spacing allowing Kasper dolberg to be Unleashed. he constantly found ways to put either himself or his teammates into Denny’s positions; the Denmark team was tough to defend because the way he pulled strings in the middle. He was spectacular against the Czech Republic playing another starring role. Still, his finest performance was in the loss to England, scoring one of the goals of the tournament a ridiculous free-kick. Even though Denmark or unable to make the final, the Danes were in Dreamland against England at least temporarily speaking damsgaard was a matchup nightmare for everyone; he only scored two goals in the tournament, but the way he controlled and dictated the way Denmark played was such a fascinating thing to watch he was genuinely phenomenal from start to finish he was the fuel to the fire of Denmark’s Underdog Story being surrounded by so many other good players made their run to the semi-final even more impressive there are a lot of people in the Denmark team that deserve credit, but Damsgaard not only enhanced himself as a huge talent in Italian football but was the biggest reason Denmark were able to thrive even without Christian Eriksen having to fill those shoes without any warning and coming in there and dominating just shows how spectacular he was he wasn’t just the most impressive midfielder, but to me, he was the player of the tournament. There’s only so much I can say to try to capture the kind of campaign he had during the Euros; having watched him operate at the highest level with the pressure on and to see him dominate just gives me more space about this Denmark team for the years to come. The kid is only 21 years old, and he’s only going to get better with time; this Denmark team by the next World Cup May be able to shock the world again; the influence and impact damsgaard had at the Euros is truly absolute numbers don’t mean everything his performance seemed to be skating above everyone else if he were on Spain Germany Italy or anybody else he would have been given more recognition this is a player to watch for years to come his tournament was just spectacular.

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