Why Andrea Belotti isn’t the Answer for Roma’s Striker Needs #1218

Three years after breakout campaign, Belotti is an expensive gamble | FW

Roma is coming off a seventh-place finish Serie A despite making the Europa League Semi-final; certain things need to be changed ahead of the upcoming season to give this New Look Roma the best chance to push for Champions League football following the appointment of Jose Mourinho. Roma has already started this Mercato with some great business signing goalkeeper from Wolverhampton Rui Patricio and closing on a deal involving Uruguayan left-back Mattias Vina; the agreement has been reached on personal terms, but they’re still trying to agree on a specific way of payment the deal is done through this won’t collapse because everything has been put across the line it is expected to conclude in the next week. In addition to two signings here, Roma continues to negotiate with Arsenal for a Granit Xhaka who is offered to take a pay cut to join Jose Mourinho in the Capital; it should conclude in the next week or two at the most as the clubs seem to be figuring. Roma is also interested in Damsgaard, Luis Diaz, Marcus Thurman, and a few other Wingers; however, it does appear the next order of business is a striker. Romo does have bojar mayoral and edin Dzeko on the roster, but it does seem like a big need for Roma to really contend with the rest of the big clubs for Champions League football next season. The name that has consistently been brought up over the last 12 months is Torino Striker Andrea Belotti. The majority of the romanista are in agreement that the Torino captain is the answer to that question. We could not be on opposite sides of this discussion; while many of my Roma family are dying to get their hands on him, I have severe hesitation and making a move.

Inconsistency Problems 

And now a striker: Milan offer €45 mil + Niang and Paletta for Belotti,  possible meeting with BVB for Auba in China | Rossoneri Blog - AC Milan News
Andrea Belotti certainly is incredibly talented and scored some of the best goals we have seen in Italian football over the last couple of years. He is one of the top scorers in club history and only continues to see his numbers add up over time. While he may have the capability, Roma’s striker needs Andrea Belotti has a significant problem. But I don’t think many people are paying attention to even though he has scored 94 goals in six seasons that he is looked at as a legitimate Serie A Striker that with the right tools and circumstances around him, could become something special I understand what they’re saying Andrea Belotti has been surrounded by subpar Talent almost the entire time he has been at the Torino so realistically speaking, of course, he will become a better player when he is surrounded by more Talent but despite all that there’s a level of concern here. I will sum this up very simply Andrea Belotti is a lot of things his physical. He has the capabilities of scoring some truly incredible goals. He has power and finishing ability. There’s a lot of things to like from his game, but what he doesn’t have his consistency. Some look at him is a lot better than he is. Now, if Roma gets him, I will support it and back him, but the truth is there are red flags here. Roma hasn’t been in the Champions League in 3 years; the last thing they need is an inconsistent Striker that cannot perform when he is needed the most. As great as Andrea Belotti has been, he has only surpassed 20 goals a season twice in the six years. What Roma need is a striker that either has a massive ceiling or a player that can give Roma 20 goals a season; you can go back to the fact that he’s not surrounded by a lot only twice he has scored over 20 goals furthermore of the six years he has been in Torino now three of the years he scored under 14 goals simply not good enough. Andrea Belotti at his best is incredible, but Roma do not have the time to take a risk on a player that is hot and cold; what Roma need is a consistent player to perform at a high level and give Roma that consistency at the striker position while Andrea Belotti has a lot of the attributes consistency is something he has always struggled with one game he can look like R9 Ronaldo and the next he can look like a Mario Balotelli Roma need a player that can perform week in and week out and I just don’t think Belotti fits the bill lack of consistency is a huge red flag not to mention what it would cost to get the deal done Roma should not pay 23-30 million for an inconsistent player.

Much Better Options 

Bundesliga | Wout Weghorst: Is the Wolfsburg hitman the most underrated  centre-forward in Europe?

Negotiations with Torino will be Difficult becuase of Cario because regardless if you think there’s a good or bad idea, the deal itself will be a little complicated. Andrea Belotti could become Fantastic Four Roma if they were to do this deal. The hesitation applies to the consistency issues, but with Jose Mourinho, maybe that could be fixed; the biggest problem I have with this is Roma will have to pay at least 25 to 30 million that’s a lot of investment on a striker that that is going to be asked to be consistent and operate it at a high level the entire season it’s a very difficult situation that he’s going to be put in I’m not a 100% sure he would be able to handle it. However, the big bullet point here isn’t any of that Andrea Belotti will be expensive; however fact of the matter is if you evaluate the other options, one thing is clear there’s a lot better out there than Andrea Belotti as much as you want to sneeze at it or whatever that is entirely factual Andrea Belotti and a fantastic player that specific teams are probably pursuing but considering Roma’s situation and the other options that could potentially go after he’s not in the top of that list, in fact, he’s probably Roma’s fourth or fifth choice if you’re looking at this logically speaking Andrea Belotti is an incredible player, but the other options frankly are either better already or better for Roma or have a much higher ceiling. Let’s take a look at the alternatives. Hoffenheim’s Andrej Kramaric a player in the same age range and price range as Andrea Belotti. score 20 goals last season, fourth in the Bundesliga; he’s a big powerful striker that has all the characteristics of a player capable of scoring 20 a season at least for the next couple of years he has hit higher marks more consistently he is 30 years old and probably would cost 30 million, but it’s a much better use of the money than Andrea Belotti according to metrics he was expected to score 14 goals last season he ended up with 20 in the league and 25 in all competitions. Meanwhile, Belotti expected goals were more than he actually scored. Going younger, you could look at Stuttgart Sasa Kalajdzic, who had a brilliant season in the Bundesliga with 16 goals a spectacular debut season. He has a much higher ceiling and better attributes, especially his size at six foot seven. At the same time, very athletic and agile it makes him a much better proposition for this Roma team; even though he’s Young, his upside is tremendous; several big clubs will be after him. Still, his price range is in the same ballpark as the two. I’m going with the Bundesliga star because not only is he already a better player with a higher ceiling he also is only going to get better; it’s unclear, but with his size, he could become one of the best in the world and is only 23 years old possibly slightly more expensive but a much justifiable transfer decision been paying the 30 million for Andrea Belotti. a teammate of Sasha Silas Wamangituka only 21 years old almost identical statistics as Andrea Belotti with significantly better quality not to mention he’s much more athletic and much quicker at this point he’s probably not better than Andrea Belotti, but Silas Wamangituka just from the standpoint of progression would be a much better addition there will be some pressure he may struggle within Rome but consistency with him over the last two seasons has not been a problem would you can’t really say about Andrea Belotti. Then you look at the best option for Roma at the Wolfsburg with Wout Weghorst. 20 goals and eight assists last season for Wolfsburg as he helped them qualify for the Champions League much more imposing has a lot of power with decent athleticism and speed since he has been as Wolfsburg he has been gunning for edin Dzeko’s records bringing him to Rome would be a fantastic decision this might be a little bit more expensive. Still, he’s like a more athletic edin Dzeko with better finishing ability; they are the same age, and wout Weghorst is a significantly better player, not to mention the price tag is relatively the same Wolfsburg will be very hesitant to let him go but a considerably better option. Then you have Moise Kean at PSG would probably be expensive because of the age, and he would bring some maturity issues who Roma but has some incredible qualities. Andrej Kramaric, Sasa Kalajdzic, Silas Wamangituka, wout Weghorst are all better options. I would favor Andrea Belotti over Moise Kean, but considering the top five options, there’s a lot better. The players that I came up with may not necessarily be linked with a move to Roma but are similar in stature and profile. Four of the five players that I brought up here would be significantly better options than Andrea Belotti. If you can get a better player or younger play with a higher ceiling in the same price range, why on Earth would Roma Fork out 30 million for Andrea Belotti dealing with the team that does not do well with Roma on negotiations.

Are We Certain Belotti is better then Mayoral? I’m Not 

Report: Roma Won't Exercise Purchase Option on Borja Mayoral This Summer -  Chiesa Di Totti

It is abundantly clear that Roma does need a striker, but I don’t think it’s all that obvious Andrea Belotti is an upgrade over Mayoral. Andrea Belotti is definitely a better player at this stage than edin Dzeko. I think that’s completely fair, and if you’re looking to take one over the other, Andrea Belotti is definitely a more refined player than edin Dzeko, although all the history edin Dzeko has made in the Capital under Andrea Belotti would be a significant upgrade. However, there is a question of whether or not he’s better than Bojar Mayoral; the Spanish International is here on loan for one more season with a buy option at 20 million. The whole purpose of signing a striker is to give them a killer that can be their primary goal scorer. Now Roma has other players that will score a good amount of goals next season but having a striker up top that can give Romo between 15 and 20 goals is precisely what is needed. Bojar Mayora is coming off a career year where he scored 17 goals and was the club’s leading scorer last season; his performances in the league and in the Europa League showed his worth, not to mention he didn’t get regular game time until about Midway through the season there’s no debate that last season he was a better player. The logic is understandable; you think Andrea Belotti will become a much more critical player with better players around him. Jose Mourinho can take him to a certain level, but bojar mayoral is coming off a 17 Goal season in a disastrous campaign. If you consider that, under Jose Mourinho, he could become a monster in the Roma attack. With edin Dzeko and Andrea Belotti, one is significantly better than the other between Mayoral and Andrea Belotti; it’s not as clear. Roma can’t seriously be considering spending 25 million to 30 million on a player that’s not even better than the one they have; the entire purpose of Roma spending big money on a striker is to get an upgrade at the position. Honestly, I’m not sure Andrea Belotti is an upgrade over bojar mayoral if Roma does get this deal done. He does come to the Stadio Olimpico, I will support him; I’m not saying that we should veto sign him ultimately. Still, we can’t sit up here and act like there isn’t an element of risk attached to making a deal like this personally. I think Roma has to look at other options at one point. I did one Andrea Belotti. Still, I don’t feel that way anymore. I would much rather have somebody else; there are many better options out there, Roma signing Andrea Belotti for the price that he will cost; I’m just not sure it’s worth the risk. If they make the deal, I won’t criticize it, but I will have a certain level of concern; enclosing it comes down to this; there are just better options, and I honestly don’t think Andrea Belotti he’s the one for Roma. If Roma pays 25 to 30 million on a striker, it should be Andrej Kramaric or wout Weghorst; otherwise, Roma should keep bojar mayoral and build up the rest of the team. I am not enthused with Andrea Belotti to Roma whatsoever.

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