Serie A Season Preview: Survival and Mid-Table Part 2 #1224

17. Empoli 

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Empoli handled the second division without much difficulty last Season as they finished top of the table with automatic promotion. Even though they only won the lead by Five Points, they had promotion more or less secure. Pretty much all seasons, it just seemed like it was inevitable; that way, we’ll be coming back to Serie A before not too long. They were most recently at the top of Italian football in the 2018-2019 season after a two-year absence. They are back and ready to fight for survival in this upcoming campaign. Empoli is a classic Italian yo-yo Club; they constantly go up and down between Serie A and Serie B. During their last Serie A campaign, they finished 18th that Season. Still, they had their moments showcasing a Bennacer and Francesco Caputo, both of which learned moves to bigger clubs following their relegation. They will have to fight for survival this upcoming season and will be among the teams at the bottom of the table, but I don’t think they will be relegated this season. Unlike the other two newly promoted teams, Empoli has a goal scorer that can give them enough to survive the Season. Leonardo Manusco was one of the highest-scoring players in the second division last season with 18 goals and has been among the top scorers in Serie B in the previous four seasons; he’s finally ready to show what he can do at the top level. He will be primarily relied on to be their goal-scoring output this Season. In addition to that, they have a couple of young players in the ranks who could come out and have a breakout season; they didn’t do that much in the transfer market, but I think the way the team is constructed will be just enough to handle Italian football this Season. It will be complicated for them throughout this campaign, but I see them surviving by the skin of their teeth. We should expect a challenging season ahead, but their goal-scoring options give them a little bit more of an edge over some of the other teams that will be looking to fight off the drop.

16. Torino 

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Torino has an incredibly average team; that is why they nearly were relegated last season. They have a few decent players, Daniele Baselli, Cristian ansaldi Ricardo Rodriguez, Antonio Sanabria Armando Izzo, and others. I would say the core of the team is too good to be relegated the; last Season, they were dragged down into a relegation fight that they probably shouldn’t have been in. Torino had bad coaching directing them last Season that could have contributed partly to the reasoning behind it. They poached Ivan juric, who had previously lead Hellas Verona, to overachieve in Season for the last couple of years. This job, quite honestly, is beneath him; he could have done a lot better. At this point, it’s hard to say whether or not Andrea Belotti will be a part of the team. Either way, I think they have too much to get relegated, and was a really brilliant coach in charge it gives them an Edge in the fight for survival. Don’t get me wrong, Torino will be threatened by the relegation Zone throughout the season, but by The Season’s end with Andre Bellotti or not, I think they’ll still be standing. No significant departures or arrivals may change before the start of the season, but I see them finding their way just outside the relegation zone.

15. Hellas Verona 

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Eusebio di Francesco takes over at Hellas Verona. I’ve seen that he has finished in the top 10 the last two seasons; this has been one of the feel-good stories of Italian football as of late. It was arguably the best promotion team two years ago when they finished ninth despite not having the materials on paper to have a productive season. Last year, they secured a top-10 finish. This is still a team with enough Firepower throughout the squad to handle another season in Italian football; however, if you are expecting this team to finish in the top 10 again, you are sorely mistaken. Eusebio di Francesco outside of the Champions League run with Roma, underachieved in the Italian capital. Then took over at Sampdoria, losing his first four games, then last year was in charge of Caglalri, a team that did not win for two months until he left as they started winning and ended up beating survival. Hellas Verona, it’s quite a talented team with a lot of good pieces inside of it because of the pieces that they have their too good even to be threatened by relegation, and I think for the majority of the season, they won’t. Still, Eusebio di Francesco being in charge, has underachievement written all over it. Nikola Kalinic Kevin Lasagna will handle the goalscoring responsibilities wild Mateo Zaccagni and Anton Barak are the crucial parts of the Midfield; it’s an excellent team, but I just don’t see this team progressing further after losing some pieces at the end of last season and not bringing in any significant arrivals I don’t see them as a team that’s capable of finishing in the top 10. Unlike the last two years, I think Eusebio di Francesco we’ll make it through the season without being sacked, but his team is not going to do what Ivan juric did the last two years. I don’t think he’s capable of handling a team like this; they will underachieve.

14. Bologna 

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Bologna finished 12th last Season despite a horrible start to the last campaign. At first glance, they are too good to be relegated, but among the teams trying to fight for mid-table, they look very average across the board. Now they’ve done some really nice things, and the summer mostly bringing in Marko Arnautovic, who is a competent goal scorer and could be the perfect partner for the team’s best player Musa Barrow; they have some decent components, but a lot of it is very average I just don’t think they have the qualities to do what they have done the last two seasons. Mihailovich is the most overrated coach in Italian football; he doesn’t provide anything special he’s been very average his entire time in Italy. He’s had a couple of good years where he’s had momentum, and it has driven him to where he wants to go. However, considering the squad isn’t that strong outside of a few players, I think they’re going to struggle early, but this time I don’t see them making some Grande momentous shift towards the middle of the table; this is not a team that I believe will be needing to worry about relegation, but I feel like they’ll still be in that bottom part of the table mostly because they don’t have the qualities to push for the top 10 to 12. If you look at the other teams in their area, they’re just not as strong. There’s no way they’ll be relegated, and I think they can have a pretty decent season, but they’re not pushing for the top half of the table.

13. Genoa 

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Genoa was another team that quietly overachieved expectations last Season. Over the previous 3 years, they look like a team destined for relegation; they didn’t seem to have the players the coach for the team necessary to survive. However, they always seem to pick up the points at the right time, ultimately avoiding relegation. However, every year I’ve watched this team, they look like a team that should be relegated; that’s how a season started. However, after a bad start of the season, things started to turn around. They got hot; we’re in good form and continued to drive moments all the way to the commit, finishing 11th last Season. It was a really outstanding second half of the season, especially how poor they looked to start the year. I think there’s enough quality there, and they proved at the end of last season that they have what it takes to push at least mid-table. Even though they shouldn’t have to worry about the drop, I’m not sure they’re going to do as well. They have enough good players to push the top 10; they have a good team. Still, they just lost their most dangerous attacking player to Roma, and Nicolas Rovella loan is likely to end as he will join Juventus Genoa has some nice young players and have a team that could push for the top 10. Still, at this moment, I put just a little bit more faith in udinese and Caglalri than I do in Genoa. Still, unlike previous years this season, I don’t see them as a team that will have to worry about their safety at all this season; strong team, a good team just not good enough for the top 10, at least this Season. Hence, I have them here sitting comfortably in 13th as I think they’re going to be a significant points separation from the bottom of the table, but I don’t see them repeating their success last Season.

12. Udinese

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Udinese ended up losing their best player Rodrigo de Paul who departed Italy to join Diego Simeone and Atletico Madrid; this is going to be the biggest adjustment they’re going to have to make this Season. Last Season they finished 14th in Serie A; without Rodrigo de Paul, I think it’s plausible that they could do better. All of this is just pure speculation because we don’t know what’s going to happen, but Rodrigo de Paul was a phenomenal player, their best player by far, but he was incredibly selfish at times and often choked in big games. When you look at the core of this team, they have a lot of quality inside it, so I actually believe they’re going to do better than last season. This team started poorly; if the udinese and avoid a poor start, they certainly can improve on last season. They did also lose their starting goalkeeper Juan Musso to Atlanta; that’s another thing they will have to deal with. However, if they can find someone suitable, they could potentially go a step further this Season Stefano okaka, Larson, Samir, Sebastian de Maio Fernando Llorente, and Rodrigo Pererya; this team has some ballers may be flying a little under the radar, but there are a lot of good players in this udinese team. With Rodrigo de Paul gone udinese, we’ll play more like a team rather than relying on one player. So, in conclusion, I think they finish two spots above where they finished last season.

11. Cagliari 

Răzvan Marin, the man of the match in the 3-0 victory of Cagliari in the  last friendly – sclate

Right outside the top 10 might be a little ambitious for this Cagliari team that only escaped the drop by the skin of their teeth. However, after Difrancesco was sacked, they played much better together, and now that the team is completely healthy from Back to Front, we could really see an opportunity for this team to make the top 10. I don’t think they’re quite as good as Sampdoria, so I have them just outside the top 10 in 11th for this upcoming Season. This team has quality everywhere. A little bit of an underachieving for the last Season this year could potentially overachieve with the squad that they have in place, certainly capable enough to push the top half of the table. Cragno remains at the club he is one of the best young goalkeepers in the league; it only goes in their favor. Then from an attacking point of view, Leonardo Pavoletti coming back completely healthy the last time he was healthy; he was one of the top scorers in the league. In addition to that, you have a scoring machine in Joao Pedro; he scored 16 goals last season. Also, Giovanni Simeone and Alberto Cerri as alternative attacking options. In the Midfield, at least for the time being, you have a Nandez Inter Milan is drastically trying to get the move done, but if it falls through or they don’t get the transfer in for whatever reason, it just makes the Midfield that much more imposing. However, arguably a more critical component to the Midfield Razvan Marin, the best midfielder in Eastern Europe the Romanian joined on a permanent deal for 10 million, but the most incredible thing about this as no one else to try to sign him admittedly the defensive midfielder deserves to be on a top 6 team and the club managed to hold on to him at least for another season. They are decent in defense with Diego Godin; but that is their most concerning thing about their team, but outside of that, they have a great attack a very good Midfield, and a coach that’s not going to drown them like last Season. Their current manager, since taking over late last season, has won 40% of their games he previously coached spal and kept them in the league for two seasons this Cagliari may be an outside shot to finish in the top 10; the team is certainly good enough if they stay healthy they got a big ceeling

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