Serie A Preview Part 5: Contenders #1227

3. Atalanta

Zapata y Muriel convocados para duelo ante Inter de Milán - Mediotiempo

Atalanta has been the most incredible story in Italian football of modern time. I talked about this quite a bit; what they were able to do over the last couple of years it’s absolutely amazing. I thought after that first great season they would fall apart. However, they only continue to make history have they made the Champions League in three consecutive seasons. Gianpaolo Gasparini is attributed mainly to the success of Atalanta but also partly the reason they have fallen short a lot of departures that they have dealt with what’s his doing. Papu Gomez leaving does not happen if it’s not for Gasparini. Duvan Zapata probably should have left based on Gasparini’s treatment in the Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid. However, Atalanta, it’s still loaded practically everywhere. They have quality piercing through this team from every direction. Their constant criticism has been their inability to defend summer based on the tactics of Gasparini. Still, it’s also the risk you run when you play that type of football, one of the most entertaining teams to watch in European football. Unfortunately, Atalanta looks like they’re going to lose Christian Romero, who is Keen to join Spurs talks are advancing. An agreement has been reached; very minimal details remain before the deal is done. This takes away one of their biggest strengths from last season. He was one of the best defenders in the league, and now they’re going to have to try and survive without them. However, they’re more than made up for that with the signing of Juan Musso, goalkeeper from udinese who constantly has kept his side in games despite the lack of quality he was playing with at times. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the league, and Atlanta pull off the deal; now they have a goalkeeper that will more than make up for the loss of their center-back. At the moment, they still have Robin gosens, who was expected to lead the club two years ago and looks like he’s going to stay yet again; this gives Atlanta a huge advantage because of how good he is you would have thought someone would have come in take him away from Bergamo. It’s no secret that without Christian Romero, they’re going to have more trouble defensively than last season, but at least they have the security of some of the signings they made. In the Midfield, they still have De Roon Mario pasalic and many other options capable of doing a job there. However, what it really comes down to is one critical factor. Duvan Zapata remains at the club; if the Columbian can stay healthy the entire season, he will again rip the league apart. The last time he was fully healthy, he was the best player in the league. Luis Muriel is also still there, coming off a 25 goal season, and Josip ilicic, who may not have had a lot of goals last season but wasn’t right mentally with a refocused attacker with massive height and size, this should be a goal-scoring tandem for the league to fear. You never know what you’re going to get with Gasparini; he can be brilliant at times but also can be delusional and have a total lack of awareness; however, the team is still loaded, and even though they’re not as good as they were at the beginning of this run as long as they’re attacking players are still there they’re going to win games. They’re going to make the Champions League. If Christian Romero stays at Atlanta. I would have picked them potentially to finish second. I’m not totally sure about that, but you certainly can argue for a second-place finish. Still, giving everything I’ve just explained, Atalanta is definitely a Champions League team. I think at this point because their attacking options are so much better than AC Milan, I see them finishing third.

2. Juventus

Federico Chiesa | Skills and Goals | Highlights - YouTube

Juventus fell short of the title for the first time in a decade this last season. Under Andrea Pirlo, they didn’t quite thrive in the way they expected to. Even though Cristiano Ronaldo scored an incredible amount of goals, he declined a little bit more last season; what came apparent last season was that Cristiano Ronaldo, we’ll put up the numbers, but he’s not actually putting together that many great games. Cristiano Ronaldo’s games are defined by moments rather than him dominating because there wasn’t that much of that last season. The Kingpin of this Juventus team is Federico Chiesa the biggest talent in Italian football. He is rapidly approaching world-class status, and I think he will be the player of the season this campaign. Federico Chiesa is the best player on Juventus, and it’s only going to get better in this upcoming season. There’s a lot to like from this team; the Midfield was ridiculous last season and not in a good way; they had so many issues, and it seemed like most of the midfielder’s outside of Weston mckennie who proved yet again that he is the best American player in Europe. It’s not close; he was positively their best midfielder and looks like a real bargain. Outside of him, they didn’t have the qualities to really take them up a level. The hope is Juventus secure Manuel Locatelli which would change the narrative entirely about this team. Max Allegri is back in charge; only one thing benefiting from this is Paulo Dybala that was unlocked by Max Allegri during their time together the first time. However, this is not a good hire for Juventus. Max Allegri has not watched the game in two years, and it does seem like sometimes he’s just there to pick up a check. During his time away, he admitted that he had not watched the game in quite some time. This is certainly not the direction Juventus need to go into but hopefully Paulo dybala that struggled with health issues all of last season will be back to his best again because at his best Paulo dybala is ridiculous not to mention they have arguably the best defender in the world the goalkeeping issue is a problem as Sczesny has done more harm than good the last couple years Juventus should have looked to find a replacement I just do not trust the manager but this Juventus team is very good and will push Inter this season yet again this is a fantastic side that certainly is good enough to win the league there are some things that we don’t know the future of Cristiano Ronaldo still seems to be up in the air but as long as he is there and you have Paulo dybala and Federico chiesa and others helping him this is a team that can win the league however I have Juventus as runners-up I think it basically comes down to one factor Inter Milan still are the best team in this league and with a team they have it’s hard to look past them from retaining the scudetto but maybe a sneaky transfer move at the end of the window can change that but as it stands I just don’t think Juventus can reclaim the title quite yet.

1. Inter Milan


As much as I hate to say this, Inter Milan will win back-to-back scudetto. A lot of crazy stuff has gone on with Inter Milan over the last couple of months, but to me, it’s not enough to change or derail them from winning another scudetto. Inter Milan lost Antonio Conte as he left after the season only to replace him with Simone Inzaghi; as good of a coach as he is, I cannot think of a more considerable downgrade. Antonio Conte is one of the best coaches in the world, and Simone Inzaghi it’s a very good coach that’s done pretty well with Lazio, but there have been dark times and moments during his time there. He’s only made the Champions League one time; that’s the problem. The club is also in financial crisis, and we’re forced to sell wingback Hakimi as he departed for PSG after just one season with Inter. They haven’t quite found a replacement, but their team is so deep that they’ll find ways to deal with the situation. Inter Milan is closing in on Nandez, who very well could be an inter-player by the start of the season. They also nabbed Hakan Çalhanoğlu from AC Milan on a free. He may be inconsistent at times; however, he has phenomenal and can contribute in multiple ways when he is on the form. He comes into a team with Nicolo Barela, The Talented Hot Head, Marcelo Brozovic gagliardini, and so many options in so many areas. Defensively they’re just outstanding with Alexandro Bastoni Milan, skriniar Stefan de vrij with depth are too, and Samir handanovic in goal; they are loaded everywhere. Then you look into the attack with romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, and there might even be a chance the Christian Eriksen returns to the football picks this season; essentially, Inter Milan just sign one wingback, they’re going to win this thing again. As much as I think Juventus and even Atlanta, to a certain extent, have a chance to win it, Inter Milan at this point is just significantly the best team in Italy. Even though they’ve lost in pieces and have a new coach, they are simply too good not to win Inter Milan to win the scudetto again. Still, this next summer Roma Lazio Napoli Inter Milan AC Milan will all load up and take the crown off their head Inter Milan will not win three in a row, but I do think they went back to back will be the Champions once again.

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