Bundesliga Preview Part 3 #1231

4. Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg miss chance to go top | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

Wolfsburg made the Champions League last year for the first time in six years. It has been a long road back to Europe’s elite competition. Oliver Glasner Led them to Europe, took a not-expected team, and even pushed Champions League football into Champions League. Departed and became the manager at Frankfurt. Wolfsburg ran an extensive search before finally deciding on Mark Van Bommel as the former PSV boss, and Bundesliga Legend gets his hand on a very talented and deep Wolfsburg side that should not have too much difficulty getting into the Champions League again. Wolfsburg did not spend a lot but spent wisely beefing up their defense to add another attacker. Wolfsburg is extremely solid all the way through. One of the best goalkeepers last year, koan Casteels the best defense in the Bundesliga coming back John Brooks Maxine LaCroix that stayed at the club despite interest, and Mbabu they are as solid as any in the Bundesliga, they’re going to look to build on that even further. Really good in the Midfield, especially outside with Baku and Josip brekalo; then upfront, the most underrated Striker in Europe wout Weghorst he continues to chase history and break records at Wolfsburg a goal-scoring machine that can fly and deliver. Not to mention Wolfsburg have depth with Maximilian Philip and a Lukas Nmecha; the truth is Wolfsburg is strong across the board; they’re just not as talented as Dortmund, RB Leipzig, and Bayern Munich. However, in every game they played against those guys last season, they gave them trouble a lot; this team has been together for a couple of years, and the bond and chemistry is just going to get stronger; it’s going to be a test under the new coach, but as long as he can get through to this team Wolfsburg shouldn’t have too much difficulty qualifying for the Champions League again they do not have very many significant weaknesses. Still, they are a great team top to bottom; arguably, if Wolfsburg starts hot and keeps it going, they could even finish higher than fourth, but it will be difficult with the additions that RB Leipzig and Dortmund made. Still, I think there’s a significant gap between Wolfsburg and the Europa League team the this is not a team to be taken lightly this upcoming season.

3. RB Leipzig 


This Bundesliga season, we could potentially see one of the tightest title races in many years. The top three could essentially end in any order. RB Leipzig, Dortmund, and Bayern Munich all have possibilities of winning the title. Bayern Munich, it’s obvious they have the deepest team and are one of the best teams in the world. Dortmund has the scoring machine in erling haaland. Despite losing Jadon Sancho, we’re able to sign the Norwegian Star a perfect match that only adds to an already loaded team. Then you look at RB Leipzig that fixed one of the direst needs; the one thing that is always held them back has now been solved. This is why this is extremely difficult to try to at least attempt to rank these three because there is a case to be made for all three of them to win the Bundesliga title. Last year, RB Leipzig had their best ever season under Julian nagelsmann, finishing second in the league but always came up short in the biggest games that could have turned the tide in the title race. Even though they come up short, it was a tremendously successful campaign. An incredibly strong Squad defensively, they were top-notch superb in the Midfield, and even though they had quality upfront, they lacked the Killer that they can rely on week in and week out. For most this season, their leading scorer was their left-back, really proving their need for the upcoming season. Julian nagelsmann joined Bayern Munich as RB Leipzig appointed RB Salzburg manager American Jesse Marsch that has done extremely well in Europe. There are some question marks of whether or not he can deliver the title in his first season especially considering the two center-backs that RB Leipzig lost; however, Willie Oban, Benjamin Hendric Lukas Klostermann, and others, so there is enough quality there to prove their point. They could hold on to Marcel sanitizer, but the biggest adjustment this season was the move they made for Frankfurt striker Andre Silva. The Portuguese International netted 29 times last season, the highest Bundesliga goal total from a Frankfurt Striker since 1977; he nearly Led them to their first Champions League since 1960; even though they came up short, he was one of the best players in the league, only Robert Levandowski scored last season. He was as consistent as any attacking player in Europe; he scored 29 goals and didn’t play any European football; he could have scored 40 had Frankfurt been in a European competition. Leipzig wasted no time and secured the services of the Portuguese Striker paying roughly 35 million they solve their biggest growing problem with the lack of a goal threat. I’ve said for the last couple of years that all they needed was a striker that can deliver week in and week out and they could win the title. It might even be a little harsh to put them in third, but honestly, I think the point differential in the top three is going to be extremely tight; all three of these teams left will be in the title race RB Leipzig have a really great team top to bottom and now have an attacker that can do the job for them I have them securing a top-three finish. Still, Dortmund and Bayern probably have a little better of a collective team, but this Leipzig team isn’t going away, and if they won the title, it wouldn’t surprise me.

2. Dortmund 

Chelsea transfer target Erling Haaland hints he's staying at Dortmund as he  reveals excitement at Donyell Malen signing

Dortmund is coming off a very inconsistent season. They didn’t start strong, and they suffered throughout the season but got it together late in the season, making the Champions League by going on a huge run to finish in third ultimately. Dortmund is looking to improve with erling haaland at the club, at least for another season. Dortmund ended up winning the German Cup last season as it will only help them gain confidence and the desire to go on win the title this season. There are new changes around at the club though Marco Rose, who led Gladbach over the last couple of years, has become the new boss at Dortmund. He is a fantastic manager who has gotten the best out of the talent around him most years. Would this Dortmund team he will have more talent than he’s ever had before. This team looks like it’s ready to win the title. Marco Reus captaining the side to the Bundesliga title would make his career complete as he’s one of the most respected players in German Football, not to mention he’s coming off an outstanding season despite collective disappointment in not sticking around in the title race. This team has great Midfield and young players such as Jude Bellingham, Giovanni Reyna, the young 16-year-old, and Youssoufa Moukoko. Thomas Delaney, Axel Witsel, Hazard, and so many others. Very strong defensively lead by Thomas Hummels and signed a new goalkeeper with a very bright future at the club. The one thing they did lose was Jadon Sancho, and the transfer window is still open, so they will continue to use the 94 million they got from that deal. However, even though there was a connection between the two, Jadon Sancho on erling haaland just clicked; however, the club wasted no time in getting his replacement opting for PSV Donyell Malen. From a strategic and tactical point of view fits erling haaland in a better way. A complete Striker, fast, athletic, capable goal scorer with a vision and passing ability will only help the Norwegian Superstar. There really isn’t a lot of gaps in this team; they are loaded everywhere. This looks like a team that can win the league. I would go even a step further if it weren’t for the past history of coming up short, I would probably pick them to win the Bundesliga because of the past history with them having the right teams but coming up short in the most significant moments, I don’t think they get it done. This season I won’t, but if they can push Bayern to the brink to win a trophy or two, I think erling haaland could extend his stay for one more season. I could see them winning the title not this season but next season. The history isn’t going to change anything, but with Marco Rose at the first time coaching at Dortmund, I think it will take him just one year to get it right, but I think they will win the title by next season. As good as Julian nagelsmann is, he’s always come up short, and now that he’s with Bayern, it’s going to be more challenging to do so. However, he still has an inconsistency about him coming up small in big games. I don’t totally trust him to win the title with Bayern Munich. Still, because of the Squad that Bayern has, they probably win this league one more time, but I am certain someone will knock them off this season. Dortmund might win this season, and I genuinely believe that Bayern may have a little too much for this campaign, but if Dortmund or champions by the end of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised because the team doesn’t have everything required and is good enough. If they had kept Jadon Sancho and signed Donyell Malen anyways, they would have won the league its really difficult to separate, especially between those two, because I think it’s a coin flip.

1. Bayern 

Bayern Munich's Oliver Kahn not ready to replace Robert Lewandowski, Thomas  Müller, and Manuel Neuer - Bavarian Football Works

Bayern Munich has dominated German football for almost a decade. However, there have been opportunities for others to win the league; they just haven’t been able to do it. Eventually, this will end, and someone else will win the title; however, I think they will likely be knocked off in 2022, not 2021. Last season they were dominant, but there were cracks in the foundation; they lost to some teams and were not expected to lose two. The individual brilliance of Robert Lewandowski it’s primarily the reason they were able to win the league. He scored 41 goals in the league, breaking a 49-year record set by Gerd Muller. It was a season of history for Robert Lewandowski, and from the start to the finish of last season, he was the best player in the world. It’s going to be more difficult this season Julian nagelsmann first season in Bayern he will have all the pressure; the question is can he live up to it? He’s a fantastic coach, No Doubt, but this is a different kind of pressure, and he’s ever dealt with in his career. There are significant question marks of whether or not they can be the throne because both are like the stick, and Dortmund has a chance here. However, I do think they win the league this season, but I see a path for them to get knocked off the following year. As far as the Squad, they are unparallel. Bayern Munich has three of the top five players in the world. With Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller, and Joshua kimmich, they also have several other players that are either in the top 10 or 20 with Serge gnabry Leroy Sane and Leon Goretzka and the youngster Jamal Muisala among other players they have depth and quality players from Back to Front the most antagonizing thing about this team outside of their goal-scoring machine is the defensive Midfield pair of Joshua kimmich and Leon goretzka there is not a better pair of midfielders in any team in Europe. I don’t think that’s even Up For Debate. Defensively they lost Jerome Boateng and David Alaba; that is their main concern. However, can they defend enough to win the title with Lucas Hernandez still, Benjamin Pavard Niklas Süle, Alphonso Davies as an attacking-minded left-back, and Dayot Upamecano arriving from RB Leipzig they should be much improved defensively. Still, it’s not a certainty that that won’t be a slight problem next season. Back to front, they have the best team and player, Julian nagelsmann, a fantastic coach. Still, I think there are some uncertainties about him with the pressure is going to take. Still, this season I think they hold it off for just one more year and win the title again, but as I said, Dortmund and RB Leipzig both have the teams and the capabilities of winning the title, but I think Bayern Munich reign supreme one more year before they get knocked off.

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