Dramatic opener as Weghorst Led Wolfsburg blank newly-promoted VfL Bochum #1235

Score: Wolfsburg 1 Bochum 0FT


Wolfsburg got their season underway at home against newly-promoted VfL Bochum. The Champions League side showed their dominance early as drama ensued in the opening minutes. Wolfsburg hit the bar in the first minute of the game as they proceeded to find those early opportunities. However, after three minutes, a penalty and a sending-off were happening all at once. A handball Inside the Box by VfL Bochum ended with the Defender seeing red and the penalty for Wolfsburg. Wout Weghorst was denied from the spot; despite being a well-struck penalty, the goalkeeper just felt where the ball is going. However, it ended up being just a blimp in the road as Wolfsburg would continue to dominate show its superiority. The world came close on a couple of opportunities following the match penalty, and eventually, they found that moment and converted on it. Wout Weghorst was denied from the spot early in the game but made up for it with a stunning strike from just inside the box, finding the bottom corner and giving Wolfsburg a 1-0 lead as the Dutchman scores his first of many goals this season. A few more chances late in the first half, but they took that lead into the second half. It was truly more of the same. Wolfsburg had many opportunities, just unable to capitalize them despite most of their shots being on target. The goalkeeping performance of the VfL Bochum goalkeeper with the big difference in the game. Probably would have to rip them limb from limb had it not been such excellent goalkeeping. Despite that, Wolfsburg continues to apply pressure and make them uncomfortable. Had control of possession, they have the majority of the ball, and they didn’t let the opposition even get a sliver of momentum at any point. VfL Bochum had one chance late in the second half with a one-on-one Konan Casteels, whom you truly had nothing to do all game, made a fantastic save in the game’s most critical moment. However, defensively, yet again Wolfsburg were fantastic; they closed out any attacking opportunities from the opposition, and the Wolfsburg defensive Midfield swallowed the attack; you can undoubtedly say that Wolfsburg probably should have scored more goals, but in the end, they job done with a clean sheet as they open up the Bundesliga campaign with three points at home.


Wolfsburg kicks off their season with the first game of the Mark Van Bommel era. Wolfsburg will come out of the 4-2-3-1 formation not all that different from last season, as it is a very similar setup. A lot of the regulars from last season remain in the starting XI. In goal would be the Belgian Konan Castells. At left-back would be Jerome Roussillon, beside him would be the center-back partnership of John Brooks and Maxine Lacroix, but then at right-back would be the very versatile mbabu. We would see the defensive Midfield pairing of Maximilian Arnold and Xavier schlager. On the left-wing, we would see Renato Steffen on the opposite side; on the right-wing would be Baku. Maximilian Philipp would be sitting just beneath the striker in the false 9, who returns to Wolfsburg permanently after his loan last season. Then upfront as a central Striker, one of the most feared goal-scorers in the Bundesliga, the Dutch big man wout Weghorst.


After preparation been predicting the math is about to get underway at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg. That’s right; the Bundesliga is officially back. It would be Champions League side Wolfsburg against newly-promoted VfL Bochum. A match that had drama in the early going. Wolfsburg dominated from the very start of this game and never seemed to let go of the Stranglehold. In the opening, 60 seconds wout Weghorst came very close but inside the box but used too much power on his shots. Even though he did not score, you could see Wolfsburg putting on the pressure very early. Just seconds later, Baku did a powerful shot from close range, stinging the crossbar as Wolfsburg nearly Take the Lead. A minute later, there was an alleged handball in the box after the VfL Bochum Defender extended his arm. The referee took a look at the video review, pointed to the spot, and handed a red card to the Defender as the newly-promoted side was reduced to 10 men. Fortunately, the goalkeeper denied wout Weghorst from the spot, but they were in trouble. Wolfsburg was in control of significant advantages in The Possession battle and had the majority of the chances. Even though they were not able to capitalize, it was indeed coming. The visitors one able to do all that much from the attacking standpoint, and that was going to be a problem because they had barely any of the ball. The big Dutchman just continues to put together a dominant performance early. Maximilian Philipp picked out a cross for wout Weghorst following through despite the goalkeeper making a great day. Wolfsburg continues to push the envelope. Jerome Roussillon tried a cheeky strike from the side of the box but was dealt with by the goalkeeper. You could tell that a goal was on its way; it just had that type of feel. The moment arrived in the 22nd minute a beautiful cross into the box controls and laid off by John Brooks; wout Weghorst controlled from inside the box surrounded by Defender but still having enough space to curl a beautifully hit strike into the bottom despite being at a tough angle to execute Wolfsburg would take a 1-0 lead. Thanks to a goal from one of the most prolific goal scorers in the league, the Dutchman makes up for his penalty with a beautiful goal. Near the end of the first half, it was more of the same. Renato Steffen Missfired from outside the box but was reasonably close. With six minutes remaining in the first half, VfL Bochum finally registered a shot on goal, coming off a set-piece situation but didn’t test the goalkeeper. The truth is Conan Castillo didn’t have much to do. With just minutes left in the first, Maximilian Arnold came dangerously close to the outside the box as the first half ended with Wolfsburg in front with a 1-0 lead thanks to wout Weghorst.


Weghorst picks up where he left off last season with fantastic goal in the first half as he continues to chase #3 of the all time scoring list


It took a little while for Wolfsburg to get going after the red card in the missed penalty. However, they had total control of the game, dominating possession and really not allowing any serious chances from the opposition Koan Casteels was the last with nothing to do for most of the first half. As good as the goalkeeping was playing for the visitors, they weren’t able to do anything out, which would be a severe problem in the second half, especially if Wolfsburg gets that inch of space to double the lead. A minute into the second half, Wolfsburg 4 inches away from a second goal. A cross coming from the wing from Baku perfectly placed inside the box for wout Weghorst the elevated up and follow through on the header a fantastic chance for Wolfsburg but once again, the keeper made the save to keep things as is. A few minutes later, Wolfsburg, we’re at it again, Kevin mbabu and Baku connecting on another cross into the box, another opportunity through the air. From a physical standpoint in terms of size, they only had one player that you would describe as imposing; they continue to attack using that approach with more physical players in the lineup that we will see in the next couple of weeks, especially with a new signing and Gearhart this will be much more effective, but it’s nice to see Wolfsburg use that approach as well as cutting through the middle. They continued to dominate through the way they attack them; they had no answer, especially with the wolf defense seeming to have a Stranglehold on the visitors who really struggle throughout the game. Wout Weghorst once again looked dangerous through the air, but another save from the goalkeeper continue to frustrate Wolfsburg, who dominated the game and still couldn’t find that second goal, but Wolfsburg continued to fight Xaver schlager Misses from outside the box as they put the pressure on consistently. VfL Bochum finally found enough space to get a crack on goal Elvis just a few minutes later, couldn’t crack it from outside the box going a little bit wide. Wolfsburg just tried to control the game and see it out. It looked like they were not going to be in a position when they could be threatened. Wolfsburg made their first change as Renato Steffen was replaced by Omar. With 15 minutes to go that wout Weghorst made a beautiful run inside the box at the pass was retrieved to him right in the right spot the Dutchman get a vicious strike low into the corner with a lot of power, but the goalkeeper once again made the save. 2 minutes later believe it or not the VfL Bochum had a one-on-one but a world-class save coming from Casteels with the difference as he makes the save with the bottom of his foot and it was struck directly at him. In the closing moments, Elvis missed again; the visitors did not have one shot on target the entire game. Then in stoppage time, Baku and Omar both failed to increase the lead as Wolfsburg held on as they get the clean sheet and the three points as they open up the campaign with a victory at the Volkswagen Arena.


The Mark Van Bommel era begins with three points at home as they start their Bundesliga campaign off the right way. It was a theatrical game with the early red card and Miss penalty, but even after that, Exchange Wolfsburg only continued to push forward and get that goal. Wout Weghorst shows he still has that form that he displayed last season when he scored 20 goals. Even though he missed the penalty, he found the space inside the box to get Wolfsburg their only goal of the game. One of the biggest takeaways with a goalkeeping performance from the visitors he kept Wolfsburg at arm’s length and kept his team in the game the majority of the 90 minutes. Wolfsburg had those opportunities throughout the second half; they just couldn’t break through after the opening goal. Defensively, they locked them out in the Midfield; they strangled them; the attack was promising even though it only contributed to one goal. Considering how deep this Wolfsburg team is, maybe you would have thought is that they would start this season with more of a bang. Still, Wolfsburg get the job done here was very impressive, and probably could have scored more. Still, they get the clean sheet, which is really important defensively; they look sharp even attacking-wise and looked pretty remarkable considering the result. Wolfsburg didn’t have to do too much, and they play the game exactly the way they should have, getting a massive three points to start the campaign. Wout Weghorst is my man of the match tonight. Even though I like how a couple of others performed, such as a Baku and Maxine LaCroix, the Dutch Striker was fantastic. He may have only scored one goal and didn’t miss a penalty, but he put the defense under the rest constantly, and even though the goalkeeper had a game of his life, the Wolfsburg scoring machine forced him into making saves he was really overwhelmed nearly every strike he took was on target. Just what Wolfsburg needed from their star man hoping to just build on this next weekend. Next Saturday, they will take on Hertha Berlin as they hope to keep it going after a promising start to this new Bundesliga campaign.


MAN OF THE MATCH: Wout Weghorst 


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