Lazaro nets Twice as Roma Run Riot in Verona #1320

Score: Roma 5 Verona 1FT

The Roma ladies were coming off a very defining Victory last weekend as they knocked sassuolo after perch, who was at the time at the top of the league. A rugged performance that got their League form back on track is a victory against a team of that caliber only did tremendous things for their confidence that was on full display when Roma traveled to Hellas Verona on Sunday. During the last campaign, Hellas Verona stunned Roma, who went into that game as a heavy favorite. Verona struggled the previous year and continues to work this year, but there was always an opportunity for an upset. Roma went into the game full of confidence, and it showed throughout the match. It turned out to be the most dominant performance of their season thus far, as Roma was absolutely ruthless throughout the 90 minutes. Pamela Lazaro returned to the starting lineup and took full advantage of it, providing Roma an opening goal in the opening 10 minutes. They put incredible pressure on Verona, and they couldn’t handle it. Manuela Giuliano gave Roma a second goal just a little past the half-hour mark. Roma then was awarded a penalty Andressa Alves converted as Roma opened up a 3-0 lead in the first half. In the second half, they relentlessly continue to make their dominance felt. Anna Serturini converted a curler, then Pamela Lazaro finished her brace with a chip from outside the box to open up a 5-0 lead Verona did get a goal back, but it was merely a consolation as Roma only built on their performance from last weekend as they run wild in Verona in a 5-1 victory the Roma ladies all of a sudden have picked up the steam and only are three points out of the top three following a fantastic performance on the weekend.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Verona in what was one-sided from the very beginning. Roma displayed their dominance, immediately moving the ball smoothly, having control along with a significant advantage in possession. For the majority of the game, it was Roma that was pushing the tempo with a vast advantage in multiple areas. 71% possession Verona barely had the ball, or whatsoever Roma continued to dictate, and even the early parts of the game, it was just a sense it was going to be one of those days. In the eighth minute, Roma opened up the scoring as Bernadetta Glionna sent a low cross coming from the wing; getting on the end of it was Pamela Lazaro, who returns to the starting line and comes through with a bang. Through the air, the Spanish attacker connects with a back heel giving the goalkeeper no chance as her strike was buried into the back of the net as Roma took a 1-0 lead. Excellent execution on the delivery and on the conversion; it’s precisely what Roma needed to kick-start the game; they were already dominating, but this just took their confidence to another level now the fact that they have all this possession. They’re playing with the lead; it just became a psychological advantage. Verona was playing checkers Roma was playing chess. However, Verona did get a chance, but Camelia Caesar quickly dealt with it. Not long after the fact, Roma nearly scored again, and as we were approaching the 20 minutes mark, the ladies put together a pair of chances. A great through ball was sent into the box to find Anna Serturini fired an initial shot as it was deflected she then fired upon the follow-up as a goalkeeper made save. Even though she didn’t score, you can see the dangers she can provide when she has space and time to operate, especially on a counter-attack. Roma can be deadly especially with how well Anna Serturini gets forward. A minute later, Lazaro tried to connect with her header ultimately cleared out only to fall to Roma Andressa Alves came through send a group and cross into the box Lazaro got her head on the end of it again, hitting the crossbar Linari was right on the follow-up. Still, before she could get there, it was cleared out dangerously close there. Roma continued showing their dominant play after a while you could send another one was coming in the 26th minute that’s exactly what happened a through ball set up Roma counter-attack Manuela Guliano by herself follows through on the strike the goalkeeper runs out the box attempting to make be save deflects off her hand into the back of the net as Roma took a 2-0 lead. Beautifully executed once again, a couple of minutes later, Verona had a rare chance on the break inside the box, but Caesar was there to make the save once again. A minute later, Manuela Guliano fires a strike from inside the Box; it hits the defender’s hand while her hand is in motion as Roma is awarded a penalty. Andressa Alves stepped up, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way as Roma ran out to a 3-0 lead. Roma continued to apply the pressure as the first half came to an end in what was a dominating display after 45 minutes.

The Roma women started hot, and once they scored that first goal, they were in complete cruise control. Verona has barely any of the ball, and it was just Roma continually dictating. In the second half, Roma just kept going with the intention of bringing the hammer down. Just minutes into the second half, Pamela Lazaro sent a through ball into the box to find Bernadetta Glionna just inside the Box, but her strike just went a little wide despite the big lead; the attacker put her hands on her face in frustration. Roma was at it again when they came forward, with Elena Linari sending a ball over the top to Pamela Lazaro striking at the near post, but the goalkeeper made the inopportune save. It certainly was coming, and a few minutes later, Roma was able to add another. A deep pass behind the halfway line from Andressa Alves was picked up by Anna just outside the box on a break the versatile attacker cut inside before hitting a curler into the back of the net, and what was an outrageous strike as Roma took a 4-0 lead. It was more of the same as Roma just continued to do what they’ve done all game. Manuela Giuliano had a chance for a fifth goal but was saved despite a brilliant opportunity to extend the lead even further. Then in the 75th, Roma would get their 5th Manuela Guliano put through Pamela Lazaro, who got her brace with a stunner chipping the goalkeeper from outside the box as the ball landed in the back of the net as Roma got themselves another it would be a 5-0 lead. 2 minutes later on a rare chance from Verona they converted a header to get a consolation goal. Still, it was all but over as Roma spread 5 in Verona being led by Pamela Lazaro, brace Manuela Guliano, Anna Serturini, Andressa Alves all getting on the scoresheet as it appears Roma are back and rolling.

Roma won their second match in a row after the morale boost they got last week, and they put it to work as they could rip apart Verona away from home and dominate fashion. Verona is near the bottom of the league, but it was an important victory for confidence and morale, not to mention the margin of Victory is actually essential here. This was a narrow victory, or they struggled to put together a dominating performance. It would have been reasons to be concerned. Pamela Lazaro the star of the show Sunday afternoon. She was a regular starter last season and was one of the top scorers in the league, but this season with the additions of Bernadetta glionna and veteran Striker Valeria pirone, he’s not getting as many starts as last season however, on Sunday, she proved her worth with two absolute world-class goals back heel strike coming from a cross and chipping the goalkeeper from outside the box a genuinely masterful performance showing that she is still a valuable asset to this Roma team that continues to make up ground at the top of the league. Next week they take on Fiorentina, which should be an incredible challenge, but the important thing was they built on the performance from a week ago. They get the momentum back after a hot start to the season where they won three games in a row the next couple games to follow that we’re a little bit shaky they vent to be top of the league at the time and now with a compelling Victory away from home it should only do great things for their everyone did their part as Roma hang five on Verona as it should only do wonders for their confidence following a dominating display.

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