Anna Serturini’s Wonder Strike Leads Roma to their 3rd win on the bounce flushing Fiorentina #1322 (LATE)

Score: A.S Roma Women 1 Fiorentina Women 0FT

Following back-to-back wins, the Roma women are rolling as they look to increase it even further after brushing aside Hellas Verona with a 5-1 Victory last Saturday. Roma’s start to the season has been a little bit up and down three straight victories to start the campaign, then dropped three of the next four, and now it looks like they’re heating up at precisely the right time with two victories on the back. Spagna has seemed to find his niche with this Roma team as the ladies continue to try to climb up the table. Still very early in the season, a Champions League spot may be up for grabs with six points separating second-place and Roma, who sits in fourth, it’s going to be challenging to achieve that. Still, if Roma continues to ride their momentum, it’s something that could be entirely possible. Arriving in Rome would be Fiorentina. The teams just finished one point apart last season; this was an opportunity for Roma to show their superiority, and that’s exactly what we saw in Rome on Saturday. Fiorentina has had a less-than-stellar start with just nine points from eight games, indeed not good enough and certainly not up to the standards for an expectation of the club. It was a performance of pure domination and control. Fiorentina has the players to be doing much better than they have this season. Had the majority of the ball in what was an awe-inspiring performance from Roma, while Fiorentina put together one of their worst performances of the season without a shot on target to show for it, and their passing accuracy was brutal. Fiorentina should be somewhat relieved that it wasn’t worse because it very well could have been. Roma was high-flying in the first half, but although they came close on a few different occasions, there was yet a breakthrough in what was a goalless first half. In the second half, it did not take very long whatsoever as we saw a moment of beauty from one of the League’s best players, Anna Serturini, send a missile into the top corner out of the air to give Roma a 1-0 lead less than 10 minutes into the second half. The Roma ladies just rode out the situation and honestly could have scored a couple more goals as they brushed aside Fiorentina with just a 1-0 victory; if it wasn’t for the Fiorentina keeper, this could have been a massacre as Roma won their third game in a row as they continue to stay hot with Anna’s Wonder strike being the difference. Over their last five games, Roma has the third-most points in the league pressure will only heat up as Roma will continue to chase down the top three as Fiorentina suffers their sixth loss of the season.

After preparation and predictions, the match got underway in Rome as the Roman ladies looked to keep their hot streak going on the verge of their third straight win. Against a tough Fiorentina side that even though they’re not playing well this season, they have players that can make a difference. Straight from kick-off, Roma was after it, immediately putting tremendous pressure on the Fiorentina defense out of the gate. Great ball movement and control the actions of total dictation with so much possession as they got into dangerous areas pretty regularly. Things started very early and only escalated as the match proceeded. In the opening few minutes, Manuela Giuliano hit a deep cross from the halfway line inside to Valeria Pirone; the veteran attacker put her foot through it, keeping the Fiorentina defense on their toes a very threatening shot but glided over despite the goalkeeper having to react to it. A few minutes later, Andressa Alves hit a very deep free-kick from about 10 m outside the Box; however, the Brazilian certainly has range. She displayed it her deep strike ended up being a direct attempt on goal, with the goalkeeper having to extend to make the save. Roma continued to dominate, with Fiorentina barely providing much at all; not only did they not look up for it going forward, but they made countless ill-advised passes that were intercepted constantly. Just at the 20-minute mark Andressa Alves from the free-kick again, this time come a little closer her cross comes into the box to find Valeria Pirone she got the touch but couldn’t tuck it in the back of the net as it went high. Just a few short minutes past the half-hour mark Roma had a collection of chances. While an attempted pass coming from Fiorentina it was picked off by a Bernadetta Glionna, she rolled the ball into Andressa Alves; she then threads it to Anna Serturini who proceeds to switch the field with a cross it is collected by Manuela Giuliano, who then sends it back into the box as Bernadetta Glionna who attempts an overhead kick getting a touch Fiorentina tried to clear it out. Still, Anna intercepted again before rifling a strike from outside the box being saved by the goalkeeper. Roma road out the rest of the half without a breakthrough, but it just did not happen as of yet; after the first half, it was a goalless draw.

It was a very one-sided first half. Roma had in quite broken through yet, but it certainly was on the horizon. Fiorentina’s passing was erratic and did not provide much in the attacking sense either they may not have conceded as of yet. Still, there was nothing that they were doing particularly that made you think that they were going to hold off a Roma team that was running riot in the first half. Eventually, their mistake-ridden football would catch up with them. 6 minutes into the second half of that moment arrived for Roma. In the 52nd minute, a cross that was hit in the Box was pushed out by the Fiorentina goalkeeper The Landing in the space of Anna Serturini, who made a run into the box; she Struck it out of the air into the roof of the net scoring in her second consecutive game with an absolute bomb hit with power and precision leaving the goalkeeper no chance as Roma took a 1-0 lead.

Roma got their reassurance with the goal as they continued to break down Fiorentina; when you have a sizable advantage in possession, it gives you all the resources required to break down the opposition in most of the games that Roma have played in which they have dominated the opposition had a few chances on Saturday Fiorentina did not provide a thing Camelia Caesar took the game off because she was not pressured not once in the game. Roma nearly opened up the lead as Bernadetta Glionna set up Manuela Giuliano, who fired a powerful shot from outside the box but saw her strike hit off the post. It was all smooth sailing for Roma. They continued to be opportunities to increase the lead late when they were on the verge of that. Once again, Lucia Di Guglielmo laid it off as Glionna connected on strike from a distance as she hit the Left Post with eight minutes remaining. That wasn’t it. Roma was ruthless in the final minutes Greggi made a beautiful run from just outside the box feeding it to Pamela Lazaro. Struck from Deep before the goalkeeper dealt with it as the pair of substitutes linked up for a hazardous attempt on goal. In stoppage-time, Lazaro sent a beautiful pass into the box to find Glionna from close range in on goal, but the goalkeeper did a tremendous job positioning ourselves to make them safe. Then in the final attempt of the game, Glionna put a beautiful ball into the box for Lazaro the Spaniard connected through the air, but her header was a bit high, inches away from a second goal for Roma. The Roma ladies picked up another massive three points with a clean sheet in a dominating performance as Roma continue to climb the table.

The Roma women continue to pick up points that were their third Victory on the bounce; they seem to be a real team this season. I think it’s an entirely fair to say that Roma will not win the league, but Champions League qualification what might be a long shot is achievable if they continue to play like this. In their last three games, they have been in total control and have been up for whatever was put in front of them. The team and system seem to work regardless of formation or lineups; there has been a significant amount of adjustment into the squad. Spagna has a lot of attacking options and certainly has done a excellent job of putting them in a position to all be effective. Against Fiorentina, there was never any doubt Fiorentina only had 30% possession, did not register a shot on goal, and were collapsed and suffocated by the Roma defense; their passing was horrific as Roma took advantage of a lot of opportunities based on them returning possession Roma was fortunate not to have scored more, but despite the situation, they were in the driver’s seat throughout the 90 minutes. There was nothing that could have been done to stop them. Fiorentina has been in big trouble over the last couple of years; they were one of the most talented teams in the league last season; they finished in fourth place this season. They have nine points and have lost six games already it has gone from bad to worse. Roma could handle them without much difficulty, so much passing fluidity and creativity into the box. Anna was with a great goal and another memorable performance everyone pitched in and did their part; they continued to look like a threat this season their momentum is driving them this season. It seems they have found that consistency. They started hot, got a little cold, and now they’re hot again; hopefully, this isn’t an up-and-down season, and they can just take the energy have they have been exhumed and continue to pick up a big point there’s a lot of very challenging teams in this league. Still, they are currently six points from Champions League places, and with a lot of season left, there is certainly a possibility of Roma achieving that; that is probably the season goal, but for the time being, they need to just keep their eye on the ball and continue to play great football as they have them the fixtures are going to become more challenging you stay focus and continue to play the way they have yet another victory for the aroma women.

Serie A Top Scorers 2021/2022 Season

1. Valentina Giacinti

2. Sofia Cantore

3. Daniela Sabatino

3. Karin Lundin

5. Anna Serturini

League Table

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