Stalemate in Bucharest as Romania’s World cup Dream starts to slip #1321

Romania used to be one of the most respected football nations throughout Europe as far as Eastern European powerhouse Romania positioned themselves as a consistent Dark Horse, especially in the 1990s. The craftiness of this Innovative Style all Romania team is something that was appreciated by many throughout Europe, led by Hagi, the son of the nation one of the greatest footballers ever to grace the game. They were a team not necessarily challenging for World Cup or European championships but a national side that had a significant intrigued about what could be accomplished by the Romanian side. The days of Hagi three consecutive tournaments making The Knockout rounds, one of which makes it all the way to the quarterfinals and nearly beating Sweden in the to make the World Cup Semi-Final in 1990 it was something special and significant on that beautiful run they knocked out Argentina who even though Diego Maradona had got suspended for the rest of the tournament because of drugs it was still a firm Argentina side with the likes of Gabriel Batistuta one of my heroes as a kid and so many other dangerous players like Herman Crespo and Javier Zanetti they were a team that was experienced and had glory on South America and world stage they won the World Cup in 1986. They were a team that was still incredibly dangerous even without Diego Maradona. That Romania side captured the globe in that tournament Hagi goal against Colombia the best at the world cup that year a very strong Columbia team went into the tournament as one of the favorites in 1994 even though they crashed and burned that lead to the death and murder of Andre Escobar following an own goal against the United States, however, they were the #3 team in the world. The great Pele picked them to win the tournament for Romania to beat them handily, and to see Hagi score a goal of that caliber had the world shook, proving that Romania was legit. A little before my time, but that was the peak of Romanian football; the Carpathians were such a gripping team to watch. Times have changed since things have become increasingly more difficult. They went out in The Knockout rounds in 1990, falling to Croatia, losing on penalties in 1998 to Ireland, and the very memorable 1994 World Cup in the United States. Even in those days, there was still a very vibrant team that could become a threat even against the biggest giants after that era you look at the 2000 Euros led by Adrian Mutu, who even though he was a bad boy and had the particular element about him he was an absolute baller and was showing Romania that they had to star again. His attitude and his lifestyle prevented him from becoming what he was capable of, although he had his moments, especially at Fiorentina and his first season at Chelsea, drugs and women were his downfalls playing a major distraction in his life, but at his best, he was something. Yet still, even during that era scored the same amount of goals as Hagi Romania’s greatest ever player. Even though there was some controversial nature of how Romania lost in the quarter-finals of Euro 2000 incredible promises a nation they went through a group that featured Germany and England and still found themselves in the quarterfinals of the European championship. They met their match in Italy as I watched Francesco Totti. My childhood hero put my nation to the fire knocking out Romania in a significant moment in Romanian culture and what the future would be. However, it seems to deteriorate slowly. Romania had Talent but wasn’t what it was; the players weren’t good enough. At However, they did manage to Euro 2016 in what was a massive accomplishment for the nation who had not seen any Tournament of any kind since Euro 2000; they nearly got a point against France, the eventual runners up but Dimitri Payet crushed their dreams then against Switzerland they got a point, and then a loss to Albania and everything went up in flames.

Romania qualifying journey

They struggled in qualifying and did not put it together for the 2018 World Cup; they were eliminated by Iceland in Euro 2020 qualifying in the Playoff round; they were just there but ended up not being anything significant the amount that put into the entire scenario Romania did everything they could they went through some bad decisions as far as management and other ideas, but they still felt like they were right there or but hope was evaporated. The glory and Hope for this generation was the young team that went to the final of the under-19 European championships beating an England team featuring Mason Mout, Tammy Abraham, and others on the way to a Semi-Final in 2019; a lot of those players that played on those teams are now the first team is playing for the national side it’s not a perfect science there’s still plenty of work to be done. Still, we’ve seen drastic improvements as far as what they were capable of becoming when all things settle. Razvan Marin Romania’s current best player that was right there playing with Ajax, Standard Lige and now playing in Italy with Cagliari; even though his team is not very good, he has been one of the most outstanding players in the Serie A, a player that is going to get a big move in due time most likely to a bigger Club in Italy. It was a genuinely erratic start qualifying, seeming like North Macedonia and Armenia both were ahead of them in the group; the potential right there, but it just kind of fell apart. However, a late spark energized things, and Romania were sitting at second of a group before a vital match against Iceland. They had gone in front against Germany after 9 minutes thanks to a beautiful solo goal from Hagi, a goal his dad would be proud of but couldn’t hold them off; however, they were sitting wonderfully in their position like at that point they had collected up until that point was going to be determined, but qualification was in their hands when they took on Iceland. They had their opportunities to make Iceland pay for knocking them out contention for Euro 2020 qualifying as Hungary beat Iceland to be the ones coming out of the playoff

World Cup dream not dead But Damaged

Romaina beat Iceland in the reverse fixture 2-0 at home in Bucharest they felt so great about the prospect of finishing the job however despite many chances created and Hagi hitting the crossbar in the last couple minutes of the game despite a brilliant game plan that seem to be working they could not close the deal lack of finishing and some blown chances from Dennis Alibec put Romaina in a challenging. Now all we can do is hope. The state of Romaina is now in Iceland hands now there’s a glimmer of hope as we need to rely on Iceland to finish the job the same team that prevented them from getting to the European championships now we have to rely on their ability to finish it off and help them out. They will have to go to North Macedonia to get a victory or a point anything less than that is not good enough and they will be bounced from contention there still reason to be optimistic they play Lichtenstein who they will light up. Everything will come down to against North Macedonia all this work that they put together collapse because of their horrible start had they picked up more points earlier right now Romania could of had it. Iceland can help them out they should feel good about their ability to finish this off but when it’s not in your hands it’s out of your control is hope lost or is it exactly the type of hope that Romanian need to put themselves in position to qualify all we can do is stand up with the nation support the team and just hold on and Hope that Iceland does Romania favor at the moment that is our only way for qualifying and making the Playoff round is hope is hope lost or is a sense of hope going to keep them alive.

Romania need help from Iceland 🇮🇸

Thursday night seemed like a missed opportunity for Romania. With two matches remaining in qualifying, Romania had an opportunity to position themselves very well, ending the group on a high note giving themselves a winnable chance to qualify for the World Cup everything and I mean everything was going to come down to whether or not they could take maximum points against Iceland. They had beaten them in the reverse fixture in Iceland; all the momentum was with Romania. Even though fans were not allowed due to covid restrictions at home, they were expected to handle themselves. They were coming into the situation with a tough loss against Germany in which Hagi put Romania in front in 9 minutes. Still, a second-half Resurgence from Serge gnabry killed any possibility of points against Germany. However, they were able to rebound from that an important Victory against Armenia, setting up a perfect finish for the group. With Armenia and North Macedonia having to play each other and Germany having to play Lichtenstein, it was a very manageable Romania finishing second in the group; they would have a very optimistic chance against whoever they would play in the playoff. However, if they finished third, the dream is over. They have not qualified for the tournament since 1998, which is the closest they have been to qualifying over that stretch. The difficult matches were all over; all they had to do was handle Iceland, and second place was more or less assured. Iceland has significantly struggled in the group I had little to no chance of qualifying for the tournament anyway. Playing in Bucharest with a huge advantage, it was all there for them, but it started to slip. Romania for together an encouraging and optimistic performance you could sense it in the game’s early goings. Romania had a significant advantage in possession; they were very Innovative and creative in how they approached the game. Razvan Marin exceptional passing putting his teammates in dangerous positions in tight spaces while Hagi did more or less proving to be a very dynamic part of the Midfield Romania came a dangerously close on the corner kick when a header was accidentally cleared out by one of the Romanian players marking the corner the ball was in Iceland’s half most of the game. There was very little that could be done. Iceland had one excellent chance, but outside of that in the first half Romania had all the qualities; the problem was their finishing product in front of goal just was not good enough. Dennis alibec has an awe-inspiring goalscoring record in the Romanian League, but against Iceland, he could not finish the provided chances. Whether it was a hesitation when Romania or a dangerous space is inside the Box, whether it was the lack of a Finishing Touch on a counter-attack or anything else. While I’m not going to put the entire performance on his back, Razvan Marin and Hagi did try to facilitate for the attack with Nicolae Stanciu as well being very influential in moving the ball into the attacking areas; it was a real frustration from Romania because they dominated the game so convincingly. In the second half, Romania’s coach made the right adjustments keep continued to push his team into those areas effective it was an onslaught. Iceland did Defender reasonably well, but for the most part, it was Romania shooting themselves in the foot; there was so much pressure riding on that performance, and it was right there for them throughout that game I don’t know if it was bad luck I don’t know if it was just poor execution maybe a bit of both but their performance just continued to rise in the second half they continue to be dangerous. They didn’t get anything from it Iceland converted six shots none of them are on target. Meanwhile Romania was complete control throughout the 90 minutes for ruthless but their attacking options did not step up to the plate Ianis Hagi hits the post in the 87th minute that could have been the game their failure to convert earlier really cost of them I have no issues with their performance whatsoever they were fantastic they just did not have the Killer Instinct in front of goal despite the Midfield continuing to supply those balls in those spaces is no longer in their hands in a game they should have handled very easily at home in Bucharest Romania now need rely on Iceland put in a performance against North Macedonia it was a big opportunity missed they didn’t get help either because North Macedonia ran all over Armenia they did all the right things they were at home with a great game plan play very well from start to finish but just really couldn’t get that goal they needed Ianis hitting the post was as demoralizing as anything if Romania doesn’t qualify for the World Cup and doesn’t get an opportunity to play in the playoff it’s going to come and do that moment Romania nearly sealed themselves for qualification but ultimately it was the difficulty of converting in front of goal and missing those chances considering how many they created that really could hunt them we just have to hope and pray that Iceland help us out because we certainly did not do ourselves a favor.

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