Mohammed bin Salman Sheikh at St. James Park #1323

A new Financial superpower appears to be emerging as the Premier League may very well never be the same again. We have seen Chelsea been taken over by Roman Abramovich Manchester City been taken over by Sheikh Mansour not to mention the influence Nasser Al-Khelaifi has had at PSG. The financial institution being poured into those football clubs has changed their fortunes forever Manchester City and Chelsea are two of the superpowers in the Premier League have continually collected trophies to become some of the best teams in the world. However the Takeover that has taken Place at Newcastle has the potential to change the landscape of the Premier League forever football is truly becoming a business and about the financial status the new ownership Newcastle United could change everything and Newcastle United team that has been derailed by the ineptitude of Mike Ashley and having to deal with brutal experience for a club with much passion and energy had to be supporters come out and back the team year-in and year-out as they have had to witness Dreadful football with constantly having to worry about survival they haven’t won a trophy in nearly a hundred years and under Mike Ashley it has been an atrocious experience there are some significant positive moments prior to his arrival with Alan Shearer going to his Boyhood Club coming close to winning the title the fans of the Tone have significantly been wanting change at the football club and now we’re going into a time in which Newcastle United what’s have the potential to challenge for the Premier League and Champions League in the next couple of seasons. That is how significant this Takeover truly is. The Saudi Arabian fund put themselves to be one of the elites in England and Europe. Although there have been questionable morals around the deal to get done, specifically their majority owner Mohammed bin Salman, it’s all been done, and Newcastle has the possibility to do something that none of their fans could have never imagined. They purchased the club for 300 million as the Arabian investment fund RB Sports & Media Reuben Brothers and Amanda Stokely of PCP Capital Partners with Yasir Al-Rumayyan as Chairmen. However, we live in a different world now the money they will have available to revamp the Squad in Rapid succession there’s mutually nothing that can be done to stop it. Manchester City and Chelsea takeovers made a big deal and the landscape of English football, but the amount of money that those two clubs don’t even come close to what Newcastle United can put down on the table now. Newcastle United now has more money than PSG, Manchester City, and Chelsea. The Arabian investment fund is worth 434 billion they will have 200 million in January alone to spend; this Takeover will not only change England football, but it will change how business is done the transfer fees will Skyrocket we’re in the era now where to get a great player you need to spend at least 40 to 50 million by the time this project is five years in the impact on the market will be so saturated that 70 million or higher will be the minimum just find a player that can provide excellency to your football club. Beyond, there’s a potential of an impact money-driven Premier League stacked European football as well. There’s a lot of issues morally in consideration but I could not be more happy for Newcastle United fans and now fans that they thought they would never ever get to experience something like winning a trophy in their lifetime will now live in a reality when New Castle United will have the capacity not only two get top players every season but to challenge for trophies and titles there’s a lot of arrangements on the horizon and It might take a little bit of time but with the financial situation of the have before not too long Newcastle United could become one of the biggest clubs in the world as I say this Newcastle United sit in 19th place without a victory I’m assuming that the players currently employed and at the club will be inspired to jack up their transfer price because a lot of them won’t be at the club in 12 months time what the first and foremost survival is the priority there’s a lot of decisions to be made by the new owners but the Premier League’s simply will never be the same again. This is probably going to be a very long project because there’s a lot to get into in a lot to break down I hold my hands of a saying that I known on my various platforms for my insight and intelligence surrounding primarily Italian football; one of my close friends who is a Chelsea fan has often referred to me as an “Italian expert” but also have respect from German Football circles in my coverage of the Bundesliga with the big European picture with the champions league and Beyond I rate my knowledge about the Premier League but I can’t sit up here and say that I know better and a lot of Premier League fans that are watching week in and week out I will I’m going to break this down on how I evaluated as go into detail just be wary that this particular project is being written someone who primarily area of expertise is Italian football this is a very massive project so because of the size of the story that is why I mentioning it but buckle up because we got a lot to get into.

Newcastle United are in a position now where they can become the next considerable superpower, not only an English football what in European football if they spend their money wisely and know what they’re doing by the time we reach the 2024 season, Newcastle United could be winning the Champions League and the Premier League You never know? All the momentum is riding with the situation, and it’s going to be so intriguing to see how the events unfold. However, Newcastle United will have to tackle a serious problem; the Geordies find themselves in 19th place in the Premier League without a victory. All this money that’s going to be pumped in is amazing for those fans especially considering what Newcastle can become, but the path to the top will be significantly delayed if they don’t get together and get themselves out of the bottom. It’s a consensus that the squad is going to be blown up in the summer Allan Saint-Maximin, Joe Willock, Paul Dummett, and maybe Callum Wilson could be back, but certainly, almost everyone else will be gone. For Newcastle United to get the best reaction from their clubs, most of the players are aware that their time at Newcastle United is near the end; however, the best possible thing they can do is play their absolute best football survive the season so they can learn a move to perhaps another Premier League team a top championship team or maybe even abroad Newcastle United is about to become a superpower they will only take the very back especially considering the money that will be allowed. From a management point of view, Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte level choices are the level of manager they will be able to get long term Newcastle from management aims for the absolute best that they can get with Ralf Rangnick as a target for Sporting Director. However, all these hypotheticals come down to the point where we are now how were they going to get out of this mess with enough time to spare. Steve Bruce, he’s an incredibly average manager; they went from Rafa Benitez to Steve Bruce; he is an aspiring not charismatic and doesn’t have the personality traits to lead he might be able to do well with a championship team but with a Premier League Giant Steve Bruce isn’t going to cut it meaning there’s a lot of risks generated in him still being there thats why they sacked him shortly after this and replaced him with Eddie Howe. They understand the risks they took when they pulled off this deal to build Newcastle United to a dominant place they need to stay in the Premier League otherwise, like I said it would stunt their progress. The bottom line is they need to survive this season; it is the most important thing about this entire take over; they have a job on their hands January transfer window will help them immensely there’s a lot of contrasting you can make for what the future may look like. The future of Newcastle United can be whatever they want; all they have to do is make it through this season, and then the riches will allow them to become something unimaginable.

The January transfer window will become very important in securing Newcastle United survival internet season, where all big money will come in. Well, they don’t have the capacity at this very moment to secure a big-money statement signing; they certainly can start building their squad as soon as the window opens. Typically deals are more complicated in January because it’s a shorter window. It’s in the middle of the season. Still, things can be done to set this club up for the summer months, where the club will start to look in shape into the superpower they can potentially become with the level of investment Newcastle United will have available to them. According to reports, Newcastle United have 200 million available to spend when the transfer window hits, which may not give them the luxury to go for a player that will cost upwards of a 100 Million, but there are ways in which they can improve the squad before the big changes that will likely be made when they have more time and money to negotiate a deal that will start seeing the impact of the new ownership. The signings they make in January could set the pace for what this team will look like in 12 months; we can almost assume the squad will be blown up from the studs with only a few players remaining in the plans of the new ownership. However, as I just mentioned, surviving relegation would be the most important thing; once they do that, they can start building their financial Powerhouse in English football. There will be a lot of pressure on putting together a very productive January transfer window. The real question is, how are they going to spend the 200 million available what is the best course of action to do so? They have the finances now, but they still have to use the money wisely. Newcastle United is 19th in the Premier League; they need to bring in the right deals that get them in the next season and formulate a picture of how they can build this team and turn it into a superpower. I have five signings in mind that would be a sensible move for a team that is about to change Newcastle United forever; believe it or not, we’ll probably have to start small as far as the players that they’re able to get only for the club to build on it in the summer. My first suggestion is Ousmane Dembele Barcelona is a billion dollars in debt if they have Financial issues and need to sell off some of their players to put them in a position where they can spend and try to build up to Barcelona after losing Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez Barcelona they’re going through a transitional time which means they could be interested in selling off some of their assets. Ousmane Dembele was unbelievable with Borussia Dortmund; it hasn’t gone that well since having dealt with many injuries, and some serious low moments with Barcelona; however, he’s still really young and highly talented. If he can stay healthy, Newcastle United would be a great coup as potentially one of the first signings. Even though Barcelona paid around 100 million to sign him a few years ago, they’re in such a financial crisis that his price will be deflated in addition to the fact that he is highly injury-prone Newcastle United could potentially get this deal done for around 35 million he would add a level of explosive play to a Newcastle United Team that is heavily relied on one player. Ousmane Dembele can make a real difference; he has incredible pace and is a gifted player that might need a change of scenery to see the form he showed in the Bundesliga. Another option is Mauro icardi, while we know that he comes with baggage but seeing his loudmouth wife and agent split from him it makes the him much more compelling . He is one of the most clinical strikers of the last decade in Italian football, and with PSG, he has proven still to have the ability; however, the problem with what is going on in Paris is the fact that the team is loaded at his position with Kylian mbappe Neymar and Lionel Messi it is going to be very difficult for Mauro Icardi to break into that putting him up top at Newcastle United could be exactly what they need. When he gets that into space Inside the Box, there’s usually only one conclusion. Suppose he can go to Newcastle United and recap the form he showed in Italy. In that case, he could become incredibly valuable and a huge asset for Newcastle United and the Premier League. There is a possibility, but they could get this deal done on a loan deal with an option to buy; however, if they were to buy him outright, I don’t think he said cost any more than 25 million his price has been heavily deflated since he has left into my lot. Still, Newcastle United might be the move to get his career back on track. James Tarkowski could be a decent signing as well; even though he played for Burnley and may not be a high-profile name, he has the capabilities of being an important part of the Newcastle Defense among my Premier League Circle everyone seems to think of them quite high as far as the price I’m not sure because he’s English you’re looking probably about 50 Million that’s probably not his value, but that’s just the way the world works and apparently. To this list, I would also add Jesse Lingard; we saw what he’s been able to do at West Ham United, and it seemed like this I feel like he would thrive, and I imagine it would only cost like 15–20 million. A few other options I would suggest are Razvan Marin from Caglalri, the best player in Eastern Europe allthough he could do better; Florian Neuhaus from Gladbach; Christopher Baumgartner with Hoffenheim are all good options. However, the one that could be the most influential would be costly, so they would have to manage it but still could potentially get the deal done in January is Raheem Sterling he would cost an awful lot. Still, Newcastle United might have the money to get him, even though that feels like a summer move. With some of these, they can start to build this Newcastle United Financial superpower; as far as the summer, they can go big for like Harry Kane or someone of that ilk, but these are some of the moves that, to me, would make sense for the January spending spree. They will certainly add pieces without question, and even if they get only one or two of these, it would certainly be enough to confirm their spot next season as they lean in and start to build this super Super Power In Newcastle.

The amount of investment that is going to come through and this deal changes the lives of Newcastle fans, so now they have a chance to see their club win something. The club is very excited about what the future could hold for a team that has been desperate for change for so long. The money is fascinating; they will be able to secure some big-time signings. However, even though this deal comes with a lot of benefits financially as the team could build into a superpower in European football, that goes without saying but to a certain extent, I feel like it’s also a sense of relief and reason to celebrate regardless of how much Financial in advancement they will come to all these things a positive outlook on the future. There’s a lot of things to be excited about and celebrate from Newcastle United’s point of view; however, first and foremost, the most important thing that came from all this is the departure of Mike Ashley. One of the most toxic owners in English football has finally left the club to get rid of the poison injected in Newcastle for so long. I cannot entirely speak for Newcastle United and their fans and their families; they know more about the situation than I do, but I certainly can sympathize with what they’ve had to endure over the last decade. Newcastle United went from Alan Shearer joining Newcastle United on a world record fee and nearly winning the title to a decade of misery. During his time at the club, he operated it as a businessman and not as someone that genuinely cared about the club and wanted to see it succeed; it’s about his big-money machine continually making money Newcastle United was his products and his business associate with it had nothing to do with Club success whether they won or lost he filled his pocket and continually did so during some harsh times on the club. From a result standpoint, outside of a fluky season in which Newcastle United finished in the top five, they were a definition of mediocre, finishing below the top 10 and a lot of time just escaping. During the time in which he owned the club they were relegated twice very rarely did the fans of Newcastle United have something to smile about. He continually higher incapable managers such as a Steve Bruce and Steve McClaren John Carver Alan pardew so many more during his time Newcastle United went through so many different manager hardly any of them lasting more than a year. He struck gold with Rafa Benitez as the former Champions league-winning manager took them into back into the Premier League and was able to keep them there to seasons one of which they finished in the top 10 with a championship Squad that is incredibly average from top to bottom only for Mike Ashley to push him out after not being able to agree with a different artistic Vision Mike actually stepped out of the way and let Rafa Benitez do his job but he continued to watch Newcastle United crumble. He also did things that rubbed everyone the wrong way life changing the stadium name St James Park into the sport direct Arena St James Park has been a name and a stadium associated with Newcastle United forever he had no interest in the fans for the football club regardless of results he continued to make money Newcastle United deserve a owner that cares about and wants to build a winning team so of course the money is exciting but the release of Mike Ashley not being there anymore is the one thing that gives them the most satisfaction truly a reason it to celebrate the financial things are great but first and foremost they got Mike Ashley out.

The impact of the new ownership and the funds that will be available could potentially allow Newcastle United to build one of the best teams in Europe in a record amount of time. We could live in a world where Newcastle United could be winning trophies and contending for the Premier League; that’s how Rapid this change could make. As I laid out, they will have 200 million of available funds in January and will have even more cash available in the summer. Right now, Newcastle United doesn’t have a lot of great players; it’s mostly a championship-level Squad, but with a good transfer window in January, they can get themselves an embarrassment of riches. This summer, the level of players that they could potentially recruit and get is endless; they cannot offer Champions League football but can offer the opportunity to be a part of the next big super team in English football. They are no player who will be out of their reach. Chelsea and Manchester City, within a couple of years, became European Giants. Newcastle United can do the same. However, this is a completely different situation than what we saw with Chelsea and Manchester City; because of this, the Premier League will never be the same again. It could have an incredible effect on leagues outside of England, not to mention its impact on the Transfer Market as the sport is becoming even more money crazy. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich overtook Chelsea in 2003. At the time of his arrival, Chelsea had just finished second place. However, from a trophy standpoint, we’re still heavily considered a small Club with Arsenal being the big team in London, a nearly full trophy cabinet, and with more pedigree surrounding. Chelsea had not won the league since 1955 and even though they had some trophies to show for it, the investment that Roman Abramovich made into the club took Chelsea for my team that was doing quite well and had won some trophies to a European superpower. Jose Mourinho was appointed manager Chelsea won the Premier League in his first full season being the owner of the club. Fast forward 18 years, Chelsea has won the Champions League twice; the Premier League four different occasions, as well as a numerous of FA Cup League cups and even the Europa League twice Chelsea with the Russian money, became one of the best teams in Europe Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Antonio Conte all were a big part of that unlike Mike Ashley Roman Abramovich made football and decisions that only increased clear history in football. Still, the influence of the money that they got made them into one of the best teams in Europe fairly quickly however, it’s important to mention they had a somewhat of an established Squad already, but it just took them to another level. Manchester City was taken over by Abu Dhabi money. When the Takeover took place, they had even less history than Chelsea. Manchester City was recently in the second division and below not that long before that. The money came in, and it was a gradual process it did not happen overnight; it took them three years to really become a factor in the title race, and it took four years for them to win the Premier League finally; they also made some intelligent business decisions on the football side of things with Sergio Aguero Yaya Toure David Silva, but It ultimately built up and the money that came in Robert Mancini, Pellegrini and now with Pep Guardiola joining Manchester City 5 years ago as they have become the most dominant team in English football with four Premier League titles in The Last 5 Years at the current time they have been a better team than Manchester United seems like a long time. They have also spent almost a billion dollars every two seasons. The money they have available has drastically improved and changed Manchester city beforehand and what they are now. Under Roman Abramovich, Chelsea has a net worth of 6 million. The Abu Dhabi money and Manchester City are worth a little over 10 billion. Both of these situations ultimately are very different then what we will see with Newcastle United. If you took every League owner, put all their ships in front of the table, and counted it up, Newcastle United would still have more money and the rest of the league combined. The Saudi Investment fund is worth 434 billion. Before this deal, the big Financial powerhouses were Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich. Newcastle United now is the richest club in football. They went from being a team that is hiring Steve Bruce and signing Joelinton to having all the money and the resources and European football. Newcastle United will now live in a new era; they absolutely deserve the investment and the ultimate Glory that Newcastle United will end up benefiting from because of this deal. No player is out of the reach of Newcastle United now Harry Kane erling haaland Mohamed Salah Federico Chiesa Marco Verratti, Nicolo Barella, and so many other incredibly high-profile players could see Newcastle United as a destination the money that they have now and the players that will start to get will make them into one of the best clubs in football. Given how much money that they have, they will probably be able to accelerate this more quickly; the Manchester City Newcastle United as it stands is a mess but with a productive January transfer window in a big-spending summer by next season, they could qualify for the Champions League this changes the Premier League forever because of all of it.

It is a broken system, and it will have a larger effect on what the future will hold not only for Newcastle United, not only for the Premier League but for Europe. It has become a money race for billionaires. Leicester City has been pushing for Champions League last couple of years, not to mention them winning the Premier League at 5001 odds; Aston Villa with a capable team to push the top of the table what we have seen from the unpredictability of a club in England attempting to do the improbable pushing for the Champions League or Europa League for clubs you would not expect to do so. Newcastle United has 434 billion Manchester City and Chelsea, both among the richest clubs in European football and so on. This kills any unpredictability; it will drastically change the transfer market. Everyone was adamant against the Super League, and It ultimately fell through, but with deals like this, we will see a super league in English football. This would drastically affect the rest of the league negatively. Arsenal is a massive club, and Spurs have made a Champions League final both of these teams have the ambition to push and get back into the Champions League. Still, Newcastle United has put them in a situation we’re just making the Champions League; once this thing takes off, it will be a pipe dream all because of the money they have available to them. Again I want to be clear I am happy for Newcastle United and the fans that they have; they will see their team win trophies at an incredibly high level; most of the fan base probably didn’t think they would ever see their team win anything and now it’s almost inevitable the days of Alan Shearer and Newcastle United beating Barcelona at St James Park beating Juventus and some high-profile and incredible European nights we will get to see those again from Newcastle United, but for football as a whole and English football specifically this could have a damaging effect. We will never see any unpredictable thing ever again in the Premier League. Leicester City won the FA Cup last year they won’t have an opportunity to experience anything like that again. Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea Liverpool, and now Newcastle outside of those, no one has a chance West Ham made the Europa League Leicester City win the FA Cup Final and the league wolves in Europe Aston Villa becoming a team that potentially could be in that conversation. With Newcastle United and the new ownership coming in, we will just be living in a different face of English football; the game has become so much on business and money players like Francesco Totti playing for the Love of his City now everything will become about money the price of transfers will Skyrocket and continue to be unreasonable. English clubs that don’t have the best financial situation will suffer. The Premier League essentially seems to be turning into a Super League. The financial advantage that Newcastle United now has just seemed erratic and could drive down the competition; no Club in football should have over 400 billion if Newcastle gets a takeover, but it’s in the same bracket with Manchester City and Chelsea the balance of power would be less dominant. Newcastle deserves this, but this is not a good thing for football, especially English football. Italian football, German football, and Spanish football may be affected by it to a certain extent, but in those leagues, at least we’ll still be the possibility of an Underdog Story or something unpredictable. A Watford team that just got promoted had more money to spend than some of the top teams and some countries. I hope that Italy, Spain, and Germany will be unaffected by the money laundering Premier League, but football is a hole that will be much different. In the transfer market, it typically costs 50 or 60 million to get a world-class player unless it’s a very sneaky deal 30 at the very least as things evolve at St James Park that number will Skyrocket the top-tier players that are being sold for in the ballpark of 100–200 million will now likely be 300 million and more to try to sign a mbappe or an erling haaland the problem with this is the big money teams will get all the players now that’s already kind of the case. Still, you can see teams that aren’t in that Financial grade spend big money on players and can flourish; there have been many relatively cheap deals in European football that have become Superstars without having to pay a fortune. Even Virgil Van Dijk for 75 million now seems like bargain deals like that will not exist anymore because every player of that level will become increasingly expensive. In the next decade, we could see a player go for 500 million; the transfer market has already been deflated, but with an investment like this and the amount of money that the Newcastle owner has will have a large effect on how football is controlled from a business sense. While I’m happy for Newcastle United fans, this does come at a cost; the system and where the game is going is broken. Newcastle United will win the Premier League within five years, and I think we could see Newcastle United win a trophy in the next two seasons. Newcastle United won the lottery; literally, they got rid of Mike Ashley, and now they have more money than anyone; they are the richest club in the world, and it won’t be very long until they are truly the best team in the world this may damage so many things. Still, Newcastle United fans now will live in Dreamland for decades to come to the 2026 Champions League winners or Premier League winners Newcastle United? That just might be the reality.

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