European Storylines of the Week #1330

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Sacked

Time has run out for Ole Gunnar solskjaer at Manchester United. Something that has been coming for several weeks has been discussed at different points along the way. It was a decision that needed to be made. Manchester United season may not be able to be saved, and there are other issues regarding Manchester United. Still, Manchester United tactical ISSUES expectations were extremely high coming into the season, and his tactical ineptitude has been one of the reasons things have not clicked in Manchester. This goes back to the Europa League final when Dean Henderson was on the bench before a penalty shootout. He could not acknowledge that he has a significantly higher save percentage in those situations than David de Gea. Villarreal were the deserving winners of the Europa League as they claimed the trophy; whether he would stay or go has been constantly questioned over the last 18 months. What would often happen with the situation is right with Manchester United being in a horrible situation. We’re about to get rid of the manager; he could dig deep and get a performance to save his situation. In the Champions League against PSG beating Manchester City in the derby beating Spurs earlier this year, he was always there to rescue them when it seemed needed with pressurizing the surface regarding his job and whether or not he was the right man to take them forward. However, Ole Gunnar solskjaer deserves some credit; the former Manchester United Legend comes into a situation at a time they needed some sort of inspiration after the departure of Jose Mourinho even though he had won three trophies with Manchester United, the environment that he left was not in a good place. They needed a man to come in there and try to instill belief back into the team. He had failed with Cardiff, but Manchester fans that I already love him he found a way to give Manchester United the energy they needed to get themselves out of a bad stretch for the club; he was critical at that very moment, but when things settled the pressure on his job escalated. In his tenure, Ole Gunnar solskjaer managed to keep Manchester United in the Champions League periodically but came up short in the most important moments. He got to so many semi-finals but could not deliver the FA Cup, The League Cup, and the Europa League; he made semi-finals pretty regularly but never can fight his way through to make a final until last season when he made the Europa League final. He leaves Manchester United with no trophies in that time with a club with an incredibly high standard; this is unacceptable. He will always be loved, and he came in and rescued the situation that needed to be rescued however things started repeatedly going in the wrong direction. This upcoming season he brought in Jadon Sancho from Dortmund, who had 30-goal involvement in the last three years never gave him a chance to prove himself truly. In man United’s first game following his sacking, he scores coincidence? I think not Donny Van De Beek was an exceptional player from Ajax; he was brought in and has spent most of his time sitting on the bench; he scored in his final game but never was given a chance or an opportunity to truly prove himself it was somewhat distasteful the treatment of him in Manchester United. He brought back Cristiano Ronaldo, who is not what he once was but is a natural-born goalscorer who can regularly find the back of the net. This team also has Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba, and Edinson Cavani, a young Mason Greenwood Raphael Varane. This season they have lost 5–0 to Liverpool at Old Trafford, they have lost to a struggling Leicester City, couldn’t beat Everton dominated against Manchester City couldn’t beat Young Boys and if it weren’t for some Cristiano Ronaldo heroics, they would not have qualified for the round of 16. It just hasn’t been good enough, and a decision needs to be made. They missed out on Antonio Conte and now going forward for next season. Their options will be limited now that Zinedine Zidane doesn’t seem to be interested in the job. On top of all of this, Gary Neville has become part of the problem. As well as Roy Keane Rio Ferdinand, and others but mainly Gary Neville. He is everything that’s wrong with Manchester United; he does more harm than good. He would not criticize him under any circumstances because they are friends. Gary Neville’s journalistic quality is now a question; he’s lost some credibility because he would not operate and critique the problems that existed at Manchester United; he refused to speak the truth because of his relationship with him. Manchester United underachieved dramatically, considering the team that was brought in Manchester United does have issues with Scott mctominay and Fred as the holding midfielder is a massive need. Ole continually plays them together, even though that is the weakest part of their entire team. You cannot blame everything on the manager but it’s clear that he ran out of ideas and after this last weekend getting ripped apart buy Watford a team that just was promoted to the Premier League with the last straw and he was eventually shown the door in my personal opinion I think this took too long by the time they made the decision Manchester United was already out of Premier League contention and now they’re so hope is on Champions League football Ole Gunnar solskjaer deserve some credit for the way he rescued them in the beginning but in any other situation he would have been sacked long time ago the Manchester United faithful gave him more time because he’s a club Legend they need to change that mentality it has been so long since Manchester United were a elite team that I don’t even remember it anymore the owners are the biggest problem Mauricio pochettino is probably the most plausible long term replacement even though he’s yet to win anyting he’s definitely something that can stabilize the situation and help Manchester United start winning trophies again it’s been far too long but there’s still a lot of work to do there are Miles off Chelsea Manchester City and Liverpool they need to try to change that we’ll see what happens but the sacking was absolutely the right decision I just fear it came a bit too late in the end. By writing this, Ralf Rangnick was appointed as an interim boss; I will speak on this later.

Can Zapata over take Gomez as the Atalanta GOAT?

One of the fascinating stories in Italian football over the last several years is Atalanta. Atalanta was a team that went back and forth between Serie B and Serie A; it never really was a side that put fear into anyone at least; that is what the club’s reputation had been in the last decade. It has drastically changed over the last couple of years. Atalanta was irrelevant; they were nothing; you didn’t look at that team thinking anything special about them. Now they are a regular threat in Champions League football one of the most exciting teams in all of Europe history that they’ve made in the last three years has been nothing short of tremendous there is a real team to be feared the performances against Manchester United proved that even though neither results went their way it is a club that has earned the respect of Europe. A lot of this happened and took place because of Gianpaolo Gasparini coming into Bergamo, changing the philosophy and style of football. Suddenly, they became one of the most attacking-minded teams in World football, one of the most dangerous teams in the attacking sense in all of Europe. This didn’t happen overnight it was a gradual process, but they reached Elite status in Italian football. Papu Gomez was one of the most important players in the history of the club. He is Iconic to that club and what they’ve been able to achieve over the stretch. He no longer is in Atalanta, but he is by all accounts the greatest player in club history. He came into the team coming from Ukraine is not really a serious name comes into this team and is immediately thrown into the fire of trying to project the type of football that Gasparini with attempting to play with an attacking mentality. He even arrived before that and was starting to make a name for himself in Italian football. He became captain and a leader of men. Incredible leadership abilities that during his time there could challenge any Captain anywhere in the world keep projected his message he gave the right attitude to the players around him, and in due course, Atalanta had some historic season in which they have finished in the top 4 consistently. He is the greatest ever player, and by the time he deserves a statue as the club’s greatest ever player in those eight years, he was a world-class player and one of the best attacking midfielders in the world, considering what he was able to influence. The impact he was able to have on this team will never be forgotten, and it will always be remembered. However, even though this conversation has not started yet, I’m going to start it now. I acknowledge that on this day in November of 2021, Papu Gomez is their best player in club history; however, for how much longer that is the case, I think it is unclear. His greatness was so relatable, and he became an icon for the club in the city; however, he’s not the only one. As times are starting to progress, his claim as their best player ever has gone under threat, even if I’m the only one saying it. Duvan Zapata arrived as a journeyman four years ago; ever since his arrival, he has been one of the best strikers in Italian football and is a big reason why Atalanta have been able to do what they have done at the club. He scored 28 goals in his first season, including scoring against every team in the big six; he was robbed of the League’s player of the season when he lost to Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not have a better campaign than he did. The next season he went through some injuries still scored 19 goals on their way to a champions league quarter-final, and they qualified for the competition again. Last season another nineteen goals despite some injuries again, and now this season, he’s already reached double figures on the season. At this moment, he is the best player in the League. He continues to deliver on the big stage in the Champions League games against Manchester United young boys, and Villarreal the Columbian has been and continues to be the biggest Difference Maker Atalanta. Even when he’s not scoring, making a massive impact. It could be that one day soon, he will be the club’s greatest ever player. You can already kind of make an argument now. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s only inevitable that if he continues to play the way he has and commands the way he does in this team that he will, in the end, be their greatest ever player. When this is all over Papu Gomez, and Duvan Zapata should get a statue together because as great as Gasparini is, the biggest influence on this golden age of Atalanta has been those two men. Duvan Zapata is the definition of a big game player; he has scored 75 goals for the club and has a better game-to-go ratio than the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. He is second in club history; the top scorer of all time has 112 goals; if he continues to play like he will surpass that. He is the biggest influence, the most impactful, and their best player; he even has the right attitude mentality and Leadership all the things that Papu Gomez always had it’s not happening yet, but a conversation will soon begin whether or not he was the greatest player in the history club considering everything he has received and done with Papu Gomez and without him inevitably could make him the greatest ever play he had made the Champions League with Atalanta and got them to another Coppa Italia final his quality did not deteriorate when Papu Gomez left for Spain he continues to deliver constantly and honestly he’s one of the best strikers in the world they’re both great for the club. I’m not pitting one against the other, but by the time it’s all said and done, if he remains in the Duvan Zapata could very well be Atalanta’s goat.

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