Roma vs Torino Match Day 14 Preview #1332

Roma is coming off back-to-back victories, a dramatic finish at Genoa over the weekend, and they took care of business in the conference league as they are starting to gain confidence again. Roma will stay at home as they welcome Torino to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome in what is expected to be a very intense yet another important matchup for Roma. Roma is in a stretch where every match is an absolute must-win until Inter. Roma was dominating against Genoa, but due to some of the circumstances, they had to win it late. There’s no doubt that the visitors come into Roma in an optimistic mood, potentially hoping to secure the points. Torino is not a particularly strong team, but they are in good form at the moment. Three wins in their last five games could potentially give Roma a challenge. Roma will go into this as a favorite. However, anything can happen as it should be a very thrilling Clash Ivan juric against Jose Mourinho; it should be something to see; we’ll see what happens when they lock horns on Sunday night at the Stadio Olimpico.

Torino nearly got relegated last season as they escaped at the very end of the campaign. The contents of the squad are not that impressive whatsoever; their personnel is average at best. Even though they still have Andrea Belotti, who is a good player but doesn’t have the capability of overtaking a game by himself and occasionally can go in and out of games. They have some decent players, and as a team, they can play together at times; however, the success they have is not down to the team because the team itself, under other circumstances, very well could be in a relegation battle themselves. Ivan juric, the man that brought Hellas Verona from the depths of hell into the top 10 in Italian football in back-to-back years he is one of the most underrated coaches in Europe and has a lot of quality when it comes to things like this. He’s totally changed the complexion of this team; despite not having a lot of quality in the squad, he has made the best of it. Torino, all of a sudden, is back to what they were a few years ago when they were a consistent top-10 team in Italy. They are in good form, with three victories in the last five. Going into the Stadio Olimpico is somewhat of a threat, but they do have what it takes to make some noise; it has been a very overachieving season, and they’re looking to keep that going against Roma. Despite the majority of the squad being average, they do have some players that can make a difference; they managed to bring in Dennis Pratt from Leicester City and Josip brekalo from Wolfsburg; these are the two-player that will be vital for what will happen on Sunday. Andrea Belotti is one of the most overrated players in the league; he does not provide nearly enough, and he’s not consistent; however, when he is given service, he can finish it; this is why Dennis Pratt and Josip brekalo will be the dictators all of this to attack. They play a very similar formation operating out of the 3421; one of the big Keys is to take advantage of the possession they have because it’s reasonable to assume that Roma will dominate in that area, and then the usual things prevent an early start from Roma because if Roma starts early. They’re in a competent mode; they can break him down very quickly, significantly since they changed the formation which caters to counter-attacking football Torino must do everything they can to limit that situation Torino could do some damage against Roma they don’t need to sit back and defend the entire game they can attack Roma. Still, they should do it carefully; they have what it takes to give Roma a real battle whether or not they can win the game. I have my doubts, but they can make things very uncomfortable on Roma I suspect they will.

Roma was a team lacking in confidence before last weekend. They then win late against Genoa in a game they dominated. Then they handled business in the conference league with Nicolo zaniolo and Tammy Abraham scoring, which is very important. Changing the formation last weekend made all of the difference; it opened up what they can do in the attacking sense as we saw Roma get on the counter-attack a couple of times. It is a much more effective system for this particular set of players. I suspect Roma will keep the formation that was successful on Sunday. There are a couple of questions to be asked about how they’re going to set up inside that formation. We could see Chris Smalling join the back three; it is a distinct possibility; otherwise, Rome will probably go with the three they used on Sunday. On Sunday, Roma played with two wing-backs Rick karsdorp and Stephan El Shaarawy. I reckon that Mkhitaryan we remain as the central attacking midfielder; the question is for me, does Nicolo zaniolo return to the lineup, and where do you play him? It will be a two Striker system, so there are things to figure out how Roma will shoot out of this, but Mourinho will have a plan. From a tactical perspective, regarding the game plan, it is not as easy as you would think. It can be very cut-and-dry because Andrea Belotti typically does not perform well against Roma. Isolating him, it’s something that Roma will attempt to do, and I think that is something that they’re capable of. I don’t think it will give them too many difficulties considering some of his inconsistency issues. Rodger Ibanez and Gianluca Mancini alone can take him out of the game; if you remove him from The Game Plan, it can make things more difficult because the midfielders can’t link up with him. However, the big concern here is Josip brekalo; he’s a very attacking-minded player that has explosion capabilities; even if Roma can remove the threat at Striker, he can score goals and is a playmaker in any situation where Andre Bellotti isn’t effective he can go up more often and then behind you have Dennis Pratt that can orchestrate chances for him neutralizing Andrea Belotti is not going to be enough the importance Jordan veretout or Bryan cristante could be vital again I don’t know what collection of midfielders will play on Sunday. Still, the one with the most defensive-minded abilities needs to track him wherever he goes this is going to be a very tough matchup. However with all that being said if Lorenzo Pellegrini gets in his bag along with mkhitaryan Central Midfield feeding Tammy Abraham and the attack they will score goals starting quickly like most weeks could be very important Torino do have some of the materials to make this difficult if they go down early it will be more difficult for them to claw back Roma are significantly better team they’re much more talented and they have higher skilled players but Ivan juric will have an effective game plan for this game with that being said though Roma have difference-makers like Lorenzo Pellegrini he had been one of the best midfielders in Europe this season against Torino it is a perfect game for him to show them who’s boss this Roma on the other hand could just run through them because of the lopsidedness in some areas I would I suspect this will be a tight one but Roma will win this game right now they’re an extremely high spirits and even if to Torino does have some things that might work they’re in a confident mood they’re playing well and in the new formation they’ve been pretty spectacular so because of all these things together Roma gets the job done and hold on for a 2-1 victory.

Prediction 2–1 Roma

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