Tammy Abraham Stays HOT as Roma Shutout Torino at the Olimpico #1333

Score: A.S Roma 1 Torino 0FT

Following a dramatic late victory at the Luigi Ferraris, last weekend in a 2-0 victory against Genoa and easy work in the conference, League Roma would remain home as they would welcome Ivan Juric and Torino to the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday evening in the Eternal City. Although Torino has not scored in their last three away matches, they are in pretty good form. They would pose a significant threat to Roma as the Giallorossi looking to secure maximum points over their next two games before the big clash with Inter Milan. It turned out to be a significant challenge for Roma as Lorenzo Pellegrini, Roma’s greatest playmaker, had to leave due to injury in the opening 15 minutes putting all the momentum and confidence into a Torino side that seemed up for it pushing putting pressure on Roma looking for the opening goal they dictated many stretches of the first half as Roma were struggling to adapt to Lorenzo Pellegrini’s absence. However, Roma found their moments as Henrikh Mkhitaryan picked out a pass for Tammy Abraham. The Englishman converted from inside the box to give Roma a 1-0 lead despite the circumstances. They took the lead into the second half as the game only intensified. Torino had a possession advantage having the ball in Roma’s danger area constantly in the second half. Roma’s goalkeeper rui Patricio and their defensive line made a significant impact as they held off Torino that got after it. Roma had some chances as well to double their lead at different stretches of the game, but it was Torino that pushed the tempo in the later stages; however, it was a defensive masterclass from Roma as they held off an onslaught from Torino to secure a crucial 1-0 victory without Lorenzo Pellegrini it’s unclear what the timetable is for his return. Still, Tammy Abraham scores for the third time in his last four games as Roma earn the points in a tough battle at the Stadio Olimpico. They travel to bologna in three days to build on this performance; it is all smiles at the Stadio Olimpico.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on a cold Sunday evening against Torino. Roma started the match in typical fashion with much of the ball and creating some early chances. Just minutes into the game, Rodger Ibanez struck from the side of the box, coming off a set piece but misfiring. A few minutes later, Roma’s creator Lorenzo Pellegrini tried something special from near Midfield, launching a ball into the box attempting to find Mkhitaryan The Armenian was unable to get to it. However, although it was a great display of vision from Lorenzo Pellegrini, Torino found their first chance of the game as Josip brekalo facilitated Dennis Pratt. Still, the Dutch midfielder was denied by rui Patricio. Unfortunately, following the attempt on goal Lorenzo Pellegrini had to leave due to injury; it is unclear how severe it will be what the Stadio Olimpico held their breath had he was taken off. Mourinho brought on Carles Perez to replace him. The entire temperature and mood of the game changed dramatically. Roma, without their top playmaker, was going to be somewhat of a struggle. Ivan Juric attempts to take advantage of this as Torino was it much more aggressive as they regained huge benefits in possession. They have the majority of the ball and were in the danger area pretty regularly. Fortunately, the defense was up for it. An attempted strike from Deep from Tommaso pobega was deflected from the defense getting in the way of the strike; a minute later, he found some space inside the box but did not have the right touch coasting over without threatening Rui Patricio. Torino had the momentum and was pushing the tempo; however, every once in a while, Roma would move forward. In the 32nd minute, despite how the game was going, Roma would have a moment on the counter-attack Henrikh Mkhitaryan cut into the danger area right outside the box before threading a perfectly executed ball inside to Tammy Abraham the English attacker dropped it to his right foot after making a move to separate himself and then sent the ball into the back of the net as Roma took the 1-0 lead. It would be his third goal in his last four games, scoring his eighth goal of the season in all competitions. Opportunistic on the counter-attack beautiful execution and vision from Mkhitaryan, not to mention a superb finish from Roma’s new number nine. Just minutes later, El Shaarawy was put through Inside the Box; before being taken down, a penalty was given initially Tammy Abraham picked up the ball hoping to add another goal. However, a video review took over 5 minutes to determine after all that it was not called a penalty. It was a clear penalty, and Tammy Abraham was onside but nonetheless, it was not given in what felt like a complete waste of time. As we approached the end of the first half, Carles Perez made it a beautiful run into the box with a goal attempt, taking a slight deflection on the Finish but was very close to another goal. In the final moment of the first half coming off the corner kick Tammy Abraham beautiful, we executed the header. Still, Milinkovic-savic, the tallest goalkeeper in Italy, was able to push it over in what could have been a goal if not for the height of the Torino shot-stopper. At the end of the first half, Roma put together a late surge as they held onto a narrow 1-0 lead following a Tammy Abraham strike.

Tammy scores for thrid time in last four games as Roma lead at the Break

It was a fascinating first half of the play. Roma dictated the first half until Lorenzo Pellegrini had to leave the game. Then Torino put Roma under pressure ending with a rare attack from Roma Tammy Abraham getting that goal and then a controversial penalty not given at the end. The pressure of Torino only escalated as they have the ball the majority of the time in the second half. A minute into the second half, Bremer misfires from a corner going wide. Followed by a collection of chances, all dealt with by great defensive play from the backline. Following that, Roma pushed forward and then got themselves a set-piece. Gianluca Mancini’s headed pass to Nicolo Zaniolo saw the young Italian strike with the right amount of power and accuracy, just nearly skimming over the top of the goal. The youngster needs to get inform, and quickly; he has not scored in the league in 2 years due to his injury concerns. In general, he needs to improve his decision-making, but that was a good strike on goal there to put the pressure a little bit back on a Torino. Shortly after, Mkhitaryan fired High. Less than a minute later Josip Brekalo pushed his luck from outside the bar a really well hit strike, but Rui Patricio once again was able to handle it. For all of the players on Torino, the Wolfsburg loanee was making the most impact on the game from Torino; he was very dangerous to deal with throughout. Wilfred Singo Miss fired from long range; then minutes later Josip Brekalo did the same hooking to the left. Roma thrust forward once again as they got on the counter-attack Stephan El Shaarawy with great confidence, stuck his foot in striking, but his shot fired just over the right side of the goal. In hindsight, he probably should have looked for Tammy Abraham or Mkhitaryan, but he is in his right to strike from there considering he was in range, and we’ve seen him score from those distances before. Roma were holding on to it as we got into the better end of the game. Andrea Belotti and Singo both ended up leaving their injury; it doesn’t change the result, but it made things more difficult for Torino to get back into it. With seven minutes remaining, Nicolo Zaniolo followed through off a through ball from Stephan El Shaarawy but could not hit the target despite a reasonable effort. Roma brought on Matias Vina for Stephan El Shaarawy and Max kumbulla for substitute Carles Perez. A couple of late free-kicks and a chance from Simone ZaZa as the final whistle blows with Roma securing a 1-0 victory following a lone goal from Tammy Abraham. An incredibly tough outing against Torino with a superb defensive display as Roma are able to adapt enough without Lorenzo Pellegrini and secure the points. Jose Mourinho, in his post-match interview, mentions that he prefers a victory like this over a 5-0 win as he admires his team’s courage and concentration in the victory at the Stadio Olimpico as Roma will leave town happy when they head out on the road for Wednesday night’s clash in Bologna.

Solid in defense once again as Roma get another shutout

It was another vital victory for Roma as they seem to be back on track. It wasn’t easy at times, but it was a performance of resiliency and adaptability. Mourinho again sets up out of the back three but makes some adjustments as Nicolo zaniolo returns to the lineup after a good performance in the conference league on Thursday night. Roma started the game as they always do with Lorenzo Pellegrini being the Creator supplying a couple of early chances for Roma; however, Pellegrini eventually had to leave the game, forcing Roma to adapt to unavoidable circumstances. Without Roma’s most creative player, they struggled in the first half to recreate it. It is complicated to handle because of how critical Lorenzo Pellegrini is to this from a team; he’s one of the best midfielders in Europe. Without his creativity, Roma doesn’t operate at the same level. They had to deal with Torino attacking them constantly. Still, They found a way to deal with it with awe-inspiring defending and great performance from rui Patricio something that we’ve learned to expect from him but nonetheless his performance was more important it would have been otherwise. It was a lot of dealing with what Torino was going to do them, but eventually, they found a moment Tammy scores, and Roma held on to a slim lead. Minutes later, a clear penalty was given but then taken away in a controversial decision as Roma could have doubled their lead and more or less secured the points. Roma held on to the lead until the very end despite the numerous attacking opportunities that Torino was throwing at them. Roma did pretty well in their own right going forward; it just was less of it they less of the wall in the second half; they didn’t get too many chances on goal Nicolo zaniolo and Tammy Abraham came close on a few chances as well as Carles Perez that performed well when he came on for Lorenzo Pellegrini. However from this game, defensively was superb; the backline was excellent everyone chipped in. Chris Smalling returned to the starting lineup and looked very strong; if he can stay healthy the rest of the season, it will be very helpful for Roma as he has been out far too long since that fantastic breakout season with the club when he came on loan from Manchester United three years ago. Roma’s defensive pressure neutralized Andrea Belotti but still had some issues with Josip Brekalo getting dangerous spaces pretty regularly as well as Torino youngster Singo; it was a tough, intense battle Roma were able to hold them off despite the circumstances in what was a very strong performance. Roma didn’t get into the attacking areas quite enough, but they did lose their most creative player in the first 15 minutes; they handled the game quite well, considering the circumstances. The availability of Lorenzo Pellegrini will be something that we will find out soon; if they’re going to thrive without him, they’re going to have to find another way potentially playing through and Mkhitaryan, but we’ll have to worry about that when the time comes when we know more. The man of the match tonight is Tammy Abraham as he scored the lone goal he has now scored in three of his last four games has eight goals on the season in all competitions; that is the biggest takeaway from this game, the fact that he’s starting to find the back of the net a little bit more regularly once he gets more comfortable with the league he’s going to be an absolute threat for Italian football he starting to gain in confidence the way he is playing Nicolo Zaniolo needs to start scoring as well now. Still, it’s good that Tammy Abraham it’s beginning to gain confidence and achieve more goals; this will be essential to Roma the rest of the season. Roma has a short week as they played bologna in a couple of days. Then they have Inter Milan at the Olimpico next Saturday, which will undoubtedly be a testing affair. Roma gets the job done here against a great coach and a very solid Torino team.

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