Saka Pours Gas on Newcastle’s Fire #1335 Late

The Premier League kicked off on Saturday afternoon with an important clash between Arsenal and Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium in London. After being unbeaten for two months, Arsenal tasted defeat in humiliating fashion against one of the Premier League favorites, Liverpool. Meanwhile, Newcastle United, which has recently become the richest club in world football, still is without a win this season as surviving the campaign seems like it will be more complex than recently anticipated. It is a very important result for both teams as Arsenal doesn’t want to get demoralized from a poor result last week, and Newcastle United just needs any source of points that they can get. It wasn’t an overly dominating performance from Arsenal as they really lacked a little bit of energy and conviction during the first half several good chances for Arsenal. Still, they couldn’t find a breakthrough despite Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang missing a golden opportunity for the Gunners to take the lead at the end of the first half after the first half; it was goalless as it took a little bit of time before Arsenal made their claim in the game. However, in the second half, it opened up for Arsenal as The Surge was led by Saka really putting pressure on Newcastle United very early in the second half a couple of chances that came close until he also nearly broke through making a run inside the bar before picking out the bottom corner to give Arsenal a 1–0 lead. Mikkel Arteta went to the bench to bring on Martinelli, and they got themselves a second as young Brazil hit a strikeout of the air in what was a superb finish to double the Arsenal lead; there was a slight push from Newcastle United in the end, but it was too little too late as a very productive second half as we see Arsenal secure the points has Newcastle United remain winless this season after a miserable showing and London against Arsenal as the Gunners get back on track as they collect the points at the Emirates Stadium.

Following preparations and predictions the match got underway at the Emirates Stadium in London as Arsenal look to rebound from their performance last week Against bottom-of-the-table Newcastle, who are without a win. Newcastle United had some early energy and inspiration in the game’s opening couple of minutes trying to put some pressure on Arsenal. Still, the early portions of the game are what you would expect. Arsenal did not come out with the aggressiveness that they probably should have. However, they still had significant advantages in possession and looked like the more dangerous team. It wasn’t as if they were dominating Newcastle United, but they certainly looked like the superior side during different first-half stretches. We didn’t see any significant action in the first 15 minutes as the game kicked off with its first chance. Lokonga sent a beautiful ball from just outside the box into Saka Arsenal youngster did end up getting his foot on the end of it, but he pushed it just wide. A couple of minutes later, coming off a set-piece, Martin Odegaard ripped a strike from outside the box the Newcastle United goalkeeper dealt with it before Tomiyasu attempted to put through the rebound but ended up missing. Arsenal did seem like they were lacking at Killer Instinct in front of goal at many points during the first half. This season, Newcastle United are without a win in the Premier League; this is a match Arsenal should be handling much more precisely. Near the half-hour mark, Newcastle United started opening up and getting some opportunities. Just before the half-hour, Mark Fabian Schar saw his header miss. Jonjo Shelvey moments later forced Aaron Ramsdale into action; a beautiful hit from outside the box was dealt with as Aaron Ramsdale made an acrobatic save; a minute later, jonjo Shelvey struck from outside the box again but once again to Ramsdell was there to deal with it. Arsenal tries to respond with Tomiyasu coming close from a strike of his own from deep. With around 5 minutes remaining in the first half, it looked like Arsenal would capitalize. Saka made a beautiful run down the wing just outside the box, sending a cross into Emile Smith Rowe, who followed through with a great header; the Newcastle United goalkeeper managed to make the save following to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a perfect opportunity in what looked like a tap in however Arsenal captain completely botched the opportunity hitting the post despite having a partially open net a devastating reaction as both Saka and smith-rowe grab their face in disbelief. Arsenal did push at the end of the first half and had a late chance Tomiyasu sent a cross Emile Smith Rowe ripped a strike from just inside the box the goalkeeper made the safe before Tavares hit it over in the closing moments of the first half tomiyasu struck from deep but misfired after 45 minutes it was a goalless draw, but it shouldn’t have been as Pierre-Emerick aubameyang misses a golden opportunity to put them in front something that could have come back to haunt them you never know

It was a productive first half from Arsenal but not necessarily overly impressive as a whole, certainly an opportunity for things to turn around as they could have scored on a few different occasions in the first half. Arsenal came out much more aggressively in the second half looking to put their stamp of authority on the game. Just five minutes into the second half, Saka made his presence felt with a significant run before firing a shot on goal from the side of the box it was dealt with, but he kept the pressure on. A minute later, Arsenal’s youngster once again at trying to create something pushing the ball forward from just outside the box he threads a cross into the box as he searches for Tomiyasu, the Japanese midfielder made a run into the box but could not reach the cross coming from the outside. 3 minutes later, Saka was there again with a strike from the deep end, once again the Newcastle United goalkeeper dealing with it. However, he would get his goal a minute later in the 55th minute. Saka controlled the ball on the outside Quick Pass to Emile Smith Rowe, who then sent the ball back into Saka; he collected the ball before heading a perfectly-timed shot into the bottom corner as Arsenal took a 1–0 lead. Arsenal finally found a way in front; it is still not a dominating display, but against the bottom of the league, they at least had a chance to wrap it up with another goal. Shortly after, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang struck the ball out of the air into the goalkeeper’s hands in what a waste of an attempt. However, Arsenal would put the final nail in the coffin Martinelli comes off the bench, and it gives Arsenal the second goal in the 66th minute, striking out of the air from inside the box after retrieving a cross from Tomiyasu a stunning strike as Arsenal took a 2–0 lead as the substitute helps Arsenal pull away. About five minutes later, Newcastle United will get a rare chance, but a strike from the side of the box did not test Aaron Ramsdale as the strike was off Target and didn’t reach the goal, just sliding short. Arsenal continue to hold off Newcastle United definitely were the better team and looked much more collected in the second half on a counter-attack with about 10 minutes remaining Martinelli came forward before laying it off to Alexander Lacazette a good look from the Frenchman, but he struck the side netting as they failed to increase their lead further. Arsenal just handled the last 10 minutes with a little bit of a push from Newcastle United at the very end; a late save from Aaron Ramsdale pushing over a strike and dealing with the corner would be enough at the final whistle blew with Arsenal holding on to a 2–0 victory.

Arsenal had an extremely rough start to the season without a victory in their first three games its been had a rough go of it; it looked like they’re going to struggle to make Europe at all yet again. However, once the schedule went back in their favor, they started to pick up an important point and climb the table. They look that much improved, and other than a game against Crystal Palace, they were winning pretty consistently across the board; they were playing with a lot of momentum and confidence over these last two months; however, their unbeaten streak came to an end last weekend against Liverpool at Anfield in humiliating fashion as well. Putting a lot of pressure on them to get the points in this game. Luckily for them, they were going up against the bottom of the table. Newcastle United did not have a win on the season; they needed a result to re-energize the team; that’s exactly what they got on Saturday afternoon in London. It wasn’t necessarily an overwhelmingly dominant performance they ended up getting the job done, but it wasn’t a performance in which they should have been blown away by. Arsenal hats and chance in the first half but never really could convert despite a couple of close calls it wasn’t until early in the second half they really started playing with the level of creativity and enthusiasm that’s all they Breakaway Saka really energized the charge as he scored early in the second half before Martinelli came off the bench to get Arsenal another one Newcastle United did not have a lot of opportunities in this game and for the most part and Ramsdell was not tested all that much. Arsenal did what they needed to do; they got the important points to rebound from their loss against Liverpool as they continued to climb the table as they Thrived for European football. Meanwhile, Newcastle, despite being the richest club in the world football and a bright future that certainly will follow this they are in deep trouble without a victory this season; they will get investment in January, but they have a long way to go if they’re going to survive this season it seems like they’re fighting a losing battle ultimately not doing enough against Arsenal that found their moments in this game as we struggle at Newcastle United continues the man-of-the-match for me is Saka Arsenal didn’t really pull away until he got things started for Arsenal he made the difference or early in the second half and Arsenal handle themselves from there in what was a thoroughly enjoyable game Arsenal weren’t at their best, but they did well enough to get the points and ultimately in the grand scheme of things that’s what matters Above All Else.

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