Svanberg’s Stike enough as Roma fails to find a Hero late as Defeat suffered at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara #1338

Score: A.S Roma 0 Bologna 1FT

Roma came into the match against Bologna in good form and as a unified Squad pulling through a challenging result on the weekend against Torino. Bologna was going to be a challenge but considering Roma was in High spirits; they were reasons to feel optimistic I’m getting the results away from home. However, without Lorenzo Pellegrini, it turned out to be an even more significant challenge than anticipated. Bologna had their chances in the first half, and eventually, they broke through with a Wonder strike from Mattias Svanberg, beating Rui Patricio to give Bologna a 1–0 lead. In the second half, Roma tried to break through; they had a lot of opportunities but didn’t quite stick. Sensational play from the Łukasz Skorupski makes things incredibly difficult, not to mention the defense came to play in a tangible way. Roma got on the attack and came within inches on several occasions late in the second half. Roma needed a hero, and without Lorenzo Pellegrini, they could not find one. Roma is shut out for only the third this season as a game that felt like a must-win slipped. Roma will return home in three days to host one of Italy’s best sides as Inter Milan comes to town as Roma will once again be without Lorenzo Pellegrini; the value of Roma’s playmaker came across vividly in their own narrow defeat to Bologna.

After preparations and prediction, the match got underway in Bologna on a Wednesday night for a midweek fixture in Italian football. Roma looked dangerous in the early part of the game, getting on a counter-attack but to no avail, as Jordan Veretout rips a strike from outside the box well-hit but was a little off. Bologna tries to respond a few minutes later as Musa Barrow pushes a strike from Deep, with Rui Patricio having no problem in dealing with it. It was a little back and forth, but it did seem that Roma had the better game plan if they were going to be able to execute from it; that’s another question. Near the 20-minute mark, Rick Karsdorp gets a beautiful ball from the left side into Tammy Abraham; the English forward follows through, but his header goes a bit wide; he grabs his hair in frustration. In what could have been the opening goal. A quick reply from Bologna as Skov Olson was quickly dealt with by rui Patricio, making the save again. Rome did seem to be the team with the momentum, but the 35th minute one of the best youngsters in Italian football made his mark Matthias Svanberg connected on a well-hit strike from outside the box, finding the bottom corner. You could argue maybe Patricio hesitated a little and didn’t make his jump quick enough, but it was splendidly taken, just barely getting out from rui Patricio’s fingertips as Bologna took a 1–0 lead. With just minutes left in the first half-Roman nearly drew the game level coming off a corner kick; Tammy Abraham manages to make a touch that was surely going to cross the line; however, Łukasz Skorupski made one of the saves of the season, extending his arms back getting just an enough on it to push the ball away an outstanding save from the former Roma goalkeeper as he robs Tammy Abraham from scoring an important goal. At the very end of the half, Nicolo zaniolo strikes a needless shot from a distance, not threatening the goalkeeper whatsoever; after 45 minutes, Bologna held on to a 1–0 lead thanks to a stunning strike from Mathias Svanberg.

Although Roma was behind, there was no reason to believe they couldn’t get themselves back into it before the goal scored by Svanberg Roma did look like the better team. We were pushing forward, calling on the counter-attack occasionally, and nearly scoring at the end of the first half; there’s still a lot of work to be done, but Roma has chances of getting back into the game were still on the table for them. Meanwhile, Bologna was in an excellent position at home. Jose Mourinho made a change as Perez came in at half-time for Diawara. Not long after things got worse, Stephan El Shaarawy picked up an injury and had to be sacrificed. Shomurodov would come in to replace him. Roma was still aggressive, trying to get after it against a stingy defense that performed exceptionally on the night. Mkhitaryan has played well yet again in the new formation; he tried to give Roma a bit of inspiration; the bologna defense blocked a well-hit strike from outside the box in a significant position as the goalkeeper was on his back before the Armenian making connection without the deflection from the defense Roma would have gotten The Equalizer they were looking for. Roma would make yet another change as Bryan Cristante enters the game for Jordan Veretout. Bryan Cristante was recovering from covid and has not been able to participate in the same way this week; however, Jose Mourinho takes the Gamble, considering Romo is already behind. Henrikh Mkhitaryan once again comes forward and tries to pull one from Deep in what was a well-hit strike, but the goalkeeper managed to make the save. 2 minutes later, it was Henrikh Mkhitaryan again, being denied from close. Moments later, Roma came forward a third time, once again trying to strike from outside the box, but somehow he still hadn’t found his goal. Time seemed like it was running out. Mathias Vina came in for Gianluca Mancini as Roma made another change. With 12 minutes remaining, Tammy Abraham tried to be assertive as he took a strike from Deep dangerously close to getting the equalizer Roma were needed; however, it didn’t quite have enough on it. It was abundantly clear that Roman needed a hero; they needed Lorenzo Pellegrini. Even though Roma needed a hero, it never arrived with; four minutes to the end, Tammy Abraham, from close range, was denied from The Keeper, another high-quality opportunity being swallowed by Łukasz Skorupski. In the final seconds of stoppage time, a beautifully placed cross from Vina attempting to find Nicolo zaniolo, who made the run, could not get on the end of it; he tried to claim penalty, but it was really on him for not making his move quicker. The full-time whistle blows with Bologna securing a 1–0 victory, putting Roma in an uncomfortable situation having to host Inter Milan in 3 days.

It was a rough outing for Roma against Bologna away from home. Considering how the schedule is set up, this certainly felt like a must-win game. It wasn’t that Roma had a miserable performance; all things considered, they played very well throughout the contest; they did concede a great goal coming from the bologna youngster, but sometimes that’s going to happen. Roma pushed and looked dangerous a large part of the time. They simply did not do enough in front of the goal. They had the opportunities to break through in hindsight. They probably did not create enough high-quality chances. They came dangerously close with the Tammy Abraham chance in the first half with the header that just goes wide, and the fingertip saves from Bologna. They were the much better team in the second half, and they just needed to find a way through. However, that never happened last time was winding down it came down to Roman needing a hero, and even though Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Tammy Abraham did their best, they lacked the Creator in the Midfield to save them as the absence of Lorenzo Pellegrini was felt through the entire team in the defeat even the game was there for them. In three days’ time, they have to host Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico, one of the most in-form teams in the league. They’re going to have to try to somehow deal with them without Lorenzo Pellegrini in the lineup things just has gotten much more difficult on themselves; they have to prepare for that game in 3 days even if they had a week to prepare it is a significant change with so little time. Without Lorenzo Pellegrini without the points tonight, things have gotten much more complicated as Roma will attempt to do The Impossible on Saturday night following the defeat here in Bologna.

Jose Mourinho Defends Players following loss in Bologna

“We have a game on Saturday and we will have to come up with a team for that one now,” “At least I took off Gianluca Mancini when I did, otherwise probably he would have got a yellow card too and missed the game with Inter. “Congratulations to Bologna, to Sinisa, to the players — they fought hard and got the three points and well done to my players too, because once again they gave it their all even though they seemed to be up against everything and anything; injuries before the game, injuries during the game, ‘hidden’ injuries to players who played the full 90 minutes. Then there were a few incidents … but my players kept fighting. “I am always proud of these boys. Because even if we have lost, I don’t have a bitter taste about it. I stand behind them.”

Photos: Roma English on Twitter

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