Edin Dzeko scores on his Return to the Olimpco as Inter blitz wounded Roma #1340

Following a very difficult defeat against Bologna on Thursday. Roma face one of their biggest tests of the Season. Title favorites Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. As we already discussed, Roma is wounded, with four crucial starters missing action ahead of this critical match-up. Meanwhile, Inter Milan are unbeaten in their last 10 and have come into this in terrific form. However, the attention of the match surrounded Jose Mourinho and edin Dzeko. It would be the return and reunion of Roma Legend edin Dzeko. The Bosnian played for Roma for six years, putting on the shirt 260 times scoring on 119 occasions; he is their third all-time top scorer in club history and has arguably been the best player Roma have had in the last decade; there is still emotion and admiration for his former Club as his wife referred to Roma as their home. After singing his name for many years now, Roma’s objective would have to be maintaining him and preventing him from finding the back of the net. This would not be so easy as Inter Milan was ruthless; they wasted no time occupying a big lead in the first half. Hakan calhanoglu opened up the scoring coming directly from the corner as Inter Milan; took a 1-0 lead. Before not too long the dreaded moment arrived following fantastic fluid football from Inter it teed up Dzeko as the Bosnian scored on his return but showed Roma the respect with no celebration as Inter Milan took a 2-0 lead Dumfries would make it 3 as Roma was already dead after the first half. In the second half things didn’t necessarily get any better, but Inter Milan let the foot off the gas as the points were already assured. Roma did absolutely nothing in the game and saw their Champions League Ambitions potentially die while Inter Milan played like Champions; it is very plausible another scudetto could be loading. Edin Dzeko scores on his return to the capital as Inter Milan swallows Roma with a 3-0 victory.

After preparations and predictions, the match was about to get underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on a Saturday evening as edin Dzeko returns with Inter. Going into this game, it was pretty clear Roma was going to have such a problem having to deal with an Inter Milan team that is in incredible form; meanwhile, Roma is recovering from a loss suffered on a Thursday night and is missing four separate starters ahead of this game. The momentum was all with Inter Milan; the Roma fans were loud and passionate, but on the pitch, they were struggling exponentially. Roma had barely any of the ball as Inter Milan was complete and utter control. In the opening minute, Nicolo zaniolo tried something interesting, attempting to hook the ball inside to shomurodov. Still, the Uzbekistan attacker got his head on the end of it wildly misfiring. Outside of that early chance, it was all Inter Milan Roma really struggled to get the ball out of their own half, and it was only going to be a matter of time before they broke through. In the 15th minute, Calhanoglu, on a corner kick, stepped up the Turkish International scores directly from corner Rui Patricio making a mistake in poor positioning as the ball bounces in between his legs Inter Milan takes a 1-0 lead like it was nothing. An Incredibly disheartening starts at the game but not an unexpected one. Inter Milan followed it up with edin Dzeko misfiring from Deep, ultimately not reaching the target but having the right idea. Then before not too long, Inter Milan broke through again, this time coming from a familiar face. In the 24th minute, following incredible ball movement, calhanoglu pushed the ball forward before sending a ball into the box; who would get on the end of it? It would be a Roma Legend as edin Dzeko followed through, sending a strike into the back of the net to give Inter Milan a 2-0 lead. In the conclusion of the goal, edin Dzeko did not react as he just walked away from the Roma goal as his teammates surrounded him; having respect for the club celebrating was never an option for him considering his admiration and love he has for Roma. After 24 minutes, the game was already over. Roma had a minimal chance of doing something considering their situation and how poorly they were playing; it was all but over. Not long after, edin Dzeko would have yet another pair of chances, a shot from close range that was dealt with by rui Patricio and a header firing a bit wide. It was clear there was a sense of pressure being pushed on the Roma defense; well, not having a legitimate attacking threat it put Roma in a very uncomfortable position. Just a few minutes past the half-hour mark Nicolo zaniolo got himself a rare Roma chance to see connected through the air coming from a cross Samir handanovic making the save. About 6 minutes later, Inter Milan would add a third. In the 39th minute, Alexandro Bastoni sent a beautiful cross into the box as Denzel Dumfries flew through the air to score as Roma had to take the ball out of their own net, yet again it was the first goal he scored with the club since arriving from PSV Eindhoven. The first half ended as Roma already in a 3-0 hole.

It was a terrible first-half from Roma. The only positive that could possibly taken from it was Roma’s, and still, even though Roma was never in this game. Roma may have been in a losing situation, but we would have hoped that they would have been able to put up a bigger fight, but yet again, they were playing an Italian giant. Inter Milan, to a certain extent, slowed down the play; they weren’t as aggressive, and they didn’t feel the need to add more gas to the fire as they took their foot off the gas slightly. I believe that Inter Milan decided not to run up the score because of the respect for Jose Mourinho having delivered the Champions League to Inter Milan in 2010. Under other circumstances, Inter Milan probably would have been more aggressive and tried to score even more, but who knows. Rodger Ibanez came close coming from a corner as the center-back, but his header hooked to the left. Moments later, Inter Milan and Roma got into it with one another. Nicolo Barella was about to lose it, as it highlights why he should never be inter captain; he can’t keep a level head, and he explodes far too quickly. Inzaghi noticed this taking him out immediately after the situation. Roma would go to their bench to bring on Edgardo Bove for Max Kumbulla. There wasn’t much action whatsoever in the second half as Inter Milan was playing possession football while Roma was struggling to get anything whatsoever. Roma ended this game with only 33% possession; they barely had any chances in this game at all. With less than 20 minutes to go, mkhitaryan blasted a strike from close range coming from a headed pass but misfired. With eight minutes to g,o it looked like Nicolo zaniolo had scored his first League goal since 2019, a ripping shot beating his man off the dribble before sending a rocket into the top corner, at least that is what we thought. Even the commentators were confused on the live time; it looked like Roma had scored, but the replay showed that Nicolo zaniolo hit the side-netting. In stoppage-time Roma youngster Cristian volpato made his professional debut the match played out the last couple of minutes of as the referee blew its whistle as Inter Milan handled Roma at the Stadio Olimpico on edin Dzeko’s return earning a 3-0 Victory and closing the gap at the top of the table while more misery is endured on a wounded Roma.

Inter Milan was in cruise control from the very first minute of the game and deservingly handled themselves against Roma quite simply. The prospect of getting annihilated was always on the cards considering before absentees from the Roma side. Roma is not particularly admirable, as things will only get more difficult as the season continues. The Champions League Ambitions that they had at the beginning of the season may have fallen through the cracks already. It’s hard to imagine how Roma misplaced Atalanta Napoli Inter Milan for AC Milan in the Champions League. In fact, outside of those four, we’ve come to a point now when no one else is getting in there. Roma’s adjusted Ambitions should be for a top-five finish. Rui Patricio makes an incredibly rare mistake. Inter Milan can capitalize on the situation, and the rest is history killing off the game in the first half-hour. Roma came into the game, an Incredibly difficult situation not only because of their injuries but having to prepare for Inter Milan on only three days rest; it was disheartening to see the performance, and maybe perhaps they should have handled their situation much better, but the situation was in chaos from the very beginning. They could not handle an Inter Milan team that does seem like one of the teams likely to win the title this year. Edin Dzeko made his return and scored but was respectful as the Bosnian has a lot of love for the city, not only him but his family as well, considering his wife’s pre-match comments regarding what was to come this evening. Edin Dzeko is probably in a situation where he felt he needed to leave to benefit his career; he’s near the end and wants to win something, and that was just not capable or not possible at the Stadio Olimpico. You never know what you have until it’s gone. Tammy Abraham, we’ll get going, and we’ll become a vital part of this Roma with Team; you can sense where he’s heading, and once he gets comfortable, he will be a threat in Italy there’s no doubt about that whatsoever he will be a walking 20-goal scorer. However, he still needs time to get comfortable and to become that. Replacing edin dzeko was always going to be an impossible task. Considering he wasn’t coming off a great season as long with some of the issues that went on last season, the easy thing is to let him go. Still, unfortunately, it’s not that simple edin Dzeko has 11 goals this season already in all competitions; the system that he plays and allows him to be much more Dynamic and successful, but it’s never so easy replacing a guy who scored 119 goals in six years he deserves respect. I feel like we didn’t love him enough. I certainly did, but he should have been more appreciated. There’s very little positivity that can be taken from the opposite side. Roma’s incredible fan support singing all game long, even in a game that ended in 25 minutes, may not be smiles. Still, Francesco Totti in the stadium and the fan support felt throughout is just a reminder of how particular this club is as far as the performance; it was a losable situation, and Mourinho did what he could, but there’s obviously much work to be done. This is precisely why he has a three-year contract; there are those in the media who will criticize him, but the problems are the same the coaching is not the issue Mourinho will turn this club around. Still, it’s going to take time; it feels as if Champions League Ambitions are already over now; it has to be about improving on last season and trying to take this stretch and turn it into positive momentum.

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