European Players of the Week #1346

Patrik Schick vs Furth

It was a truly historic day for Patrik Schick in his ridiculous performance in the Bundesliga this weekend. Ever since he moved from Roma for 27 million two years, he has clicked in German Football. He spent a season with RB Leipzig on loan, scoring seven times on their way to a Champions League semi-final. He made the move to Bayern Leverkusen scored 15 goals in all competitions during his first season at the Bay Arena. Patrik Schick came into the season coming off a fantastic European championship as he led the Czech Republic to the quarter-final scoring the goal of the tournament was one of the best players in the competition, including outperforming names such as romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo. There was a certain sense that he would go into the season with extreme confidence that we would see him explode during this Bundesliga season. This happened right on cue; however, what he did this weekend was truly remarkable and even borderline magical. He scored his first Bundesliga hat-trick in a span of seven minutes scored four goals in 27 minutes, a performance no one could challenge this weekend. He started his evening with an assist to their third goal, and then he was all warmed up and just exploded. Just minutes into the second half Patrik Schick made a beautiful run down the right side on the counter-attack, retrieved the ball from Moussa Diaby, and stuck it into the back of the net for his first goal this happened in the 48th minute. In the 68th minute, he almost repeated the sequence to his first goal. Moussa Diaby pushing the ball forward Patrik Schick makes a running behind, collecting the ball and scores again, providing a silky finish. Moussa Diaby created the madness; a shot was attempted from the other side that hit off the bar Patrik Schick was right there in what was a finesse finish; this was the 72nd minute. In the 75th minute, he put a slam-dunk on his historic evening a through ball from Florian Wirtz inside to Patrik Schick as the goalkeeper started to come out the Czech Republic International buried his fourth strike of the night, all the wrapping up a night in which Patrik Schick had five-goal contributions including four goals in a matter of 27 minutes. Patrik Schick has been on an absolute Terror this season. He has already passed his Bundesliga Tally from last season with 12 Bundesliga goals; this season, we are not even in January, yet the Euro 2020 star continues to rip it up for Leverkusen this campaign currently in the top three in goals this season and has undoubtedly been one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga the scary thing is he’s just warming up he has scored in crucial games this season. Still, this performance was just next level scoring his first Bundesliga hat-trick in what was a performance that he wouldn’t forget anytime soon starting to see the promise that the young Czech star once had he is delivering on it; that performance is showing you exactly how good he is there’s certainly more to come from one of Europe’s Most in-form Strikers this season.

Kylian Mbappé vs Club Brugge

Kylian Mbappé is one of the best youngsters we have ever seen in football history. From the moment he came on the scene with Monaco, he arrived, helping them to a Champions League semi-final and a league title. He was inspirational during that season, exactly what he did in The Knockout rounds of the Champions League, just an exceptional Talent. Ever since he’s been with PSG, he’s been an absolute monster 122 goals in five seasons in Paris. He has been the real deal the one criticism that existed until quite recently was his inability to deliver in The Knockout rounds without Neymar the hat trick against Barcelona last season and his two-goal output against Bayern Munich settled the criticism and has only gone to another level ever since this campaign he has genuinely been one of the best players in the world at only 22 years old he’s operating at such a level that is even hard to comprehend similarly to what we have seen from erling haaland. I’m not going to compare the two because we will do this over the next decade, but there is something special about these youngsters. Kylian Mbappé shows this on the big stage on Champions League nights. He was absolutely superb against Club Brugge, earning his brace in a two-goal output. Getting things going for Paris flying off the handle into the box off a deflection, rifling it into the bottom corner. Not to mention his second goal, which was spectacularly picking the ball out of the air and into the back of the net true explosion from the 22-year-old. Some felt for a number of years that Kylian Mbappé is somehow overhyped or overrated is beyond ridiculous. The numbers and the performances he has put together in the French league and in the Champions League is football history. Kylian Mbappé has 174 goals in his career; he’s only 22 years old in the Champions League alone; he has 31 goals and 22 assists 51 games that is 53 goal contribution he has been world-class ever since he burst onto the scene he has rebounded so well from the horror he had against Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. He is the most prized asset in World football performance against Club Brugge; show you exactly why. Lionel Messi needed confidence coming into this game, and when PSG was given a penalty, Kylian Mbappé handed him the ball. Keeping him in Paris may be challenging; the World Cup winner continues to grow and get better with each season 11 goals and 14 assists this campaign and were only in the first week of December the Ballon d’Or is fraudulent. Still, Kylian Mbappé continues to build a strong case truly one of the world’s best players, and what makes it even more impressive is how dominant he has been; the youngster has the world at his feet with another world-class performance, something that we have come to expect from one of the world’s greatest players. This week he was incredibly exceptional PSG needed to come through in a big way following two consecutive draws. Kylian Mbappé was there to handle it with a very memorable display on a champions league night of History as he becomes the youngest player to surpass 25 Champions League goals surpassing one Lionel Messi when you break a record that was held by the goat you just got that special sauce.

Ciro Immobile vs Sampdoria

Ciro immobile is quietly having one of the best campaigns in Italy this season. He’s a very interesting player because he has world-class capabilities but seems to have somewhat difficulty putting world-class seasons in back-to-back years. For some strange reason, he will have a 40-goal season, and then the following year, his goal total will be in the 20s; it is probably one of the most frustrating things about his performances as a player, but this season he is in hot form and is on Pace for a monster season. 13 goals in Serie A along with three goals in the Europa League he has been the model of consistency for a Lazio team but frankly isn’t that good. Lazio, in all likelihood, will not make it to the Champions League, and there’s at least a possibility they will miss out on Europa League football as well. However, this just reiterates the value and importance of Ciro immobile without him; it is tough to tell if Lazio would still be in this position. While they’re not having a great season, they still remain in the top seven at the moment without his contributions; they very well could be outside of the top 10. Lazio has a lot of other great pieces, but to be able to coexist without their Star Striker best team would be struggling significantly. Maurizio sarri hasn’t exactly got this team in the position they want to be in. This puts so much pressure on Ciro immobile to deliver on the big stage. However, he’s handling it and could be on for a huge season; he is my current pick for the Golden Boot this season as he continues to perform awe-inspiring performances. Against Sampdoria, this was no different. It was a game that Lazio felt they needed to win, coming off a couple of disappointing results, including a game that they should have one but choked away at the end of to earn a draw. When they needed inspiration, they looked for a certain Ciro immobile. The Lazio captain came through to give them the lead; it was a moment of extreme concentration. Pedro was taken down in the Box, and the rest of the Lazio team tried complaining to the referee in the instance; however, the Lazio captain was not interested in crying about he stayed focused, got the ball, and completed a finely-tuned finish because of his concentration, he was ultimately able to pull it off. A little while later, he completed his brace with a strike from a very difficult having to hit it with his right foot into the bottom corner, almost having to hit it perfectly as it wasn’t a straightedge strike. Still, the captain secured the brace as Lazio secured a 3–1 victory. They currently sit in seventh in the table, leveling on points with Jose Mourinho Roma. It will continue to be a difficult season for them, but one constant thing that they have is Ciro immobile is delivering at a very regular rate. He had become a very different player than last season when he went over 700 minutes without a goal this season; he has been scoring pretty much every other game and honestly could rival duvan Zapata and Lorenzo Pellegrini four player of the season; there’s a long way to go, but after another great performance he is undoubtedly building his case as one of Italy’s Elites.

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