Inter vs Roma Talking Points #1344

Roma Never were a Champions League Team

Roma fell on their sword against one of the best teams in Italy. Roma was shorthanded with four starters unavailable for the match. Even though Roma were horrific throughout the 90 minutes considering their position, it was understandable why they were getting ripped apart so precisely. The reflection of this Roma team following their defeat paints a very different picture. Jose Mourinho arrived at the club in the summer, and everyone got overly excited about what the special one could bring the studio Olimpico. Some of the things that were talked about with the winning mentality and fighting spirit that Roma have shown even in their lowest moments this season. Jose Mourinho was also a winner, and many of us romanticize the prospect of Roma getting back into the Champions League. However, the Ambitions for this season weren’t as realistic; maybe it was just the pure excitement but this idea that Roma was going to go from a seventh-place team to be playing in the Champions League in one year was just foolish. Jose Mourinho is a top manager, one of the best of all time, and I truly believe he will bring a trophy to Roma, but Jose can’t change the club this quickly; there was a reason he was given a three-year contract even though there was early optimism of maybe Champions League being achievable it was a reality check and has been the last couple of weeks. After Saturday’s match, it’s pretty clear now. Even though the ambition for this team was to finish fifth-place get back into the Europa League, that is what it should have been from the majority of the fans; this is what I expected, and this was my expectation I didn’t have Champions League Dreams in regards to the season because Roma had a lot of work to do. However, the Champions League idea is over now Roma is not making the Champions League. AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Atalanta are almost a certainty for Champions League next season. Napoli is the wildcard, the only one of the four that could potentially drop out with Juventus not that far behind anymore. If Roma were to finish in 5th place, it would be an incredible improvement now that the Champions League ambition is more or less dead now Roma can now start identifying what needs to change in the coming months to get this team to a point where they can compete and throw themselves in Champions LEAGUE Waters. The defeat did not change anything, but I think to a certain extent the Champions League dream died, but as long as Roma make an improvement on last season and start to progress slowly, then they’re still on the right track no reason to call for Mourinho when the ambition when the expectation never was Champions League football.

Dzeko’s Departure We Didn’t Love him enough

Edin Dzeko is one of Roma’s best players in club history; he scored 119 times a beautiful 6-year stretch for the Romans. The only thing he could do was lift the trophy, which is the most heartbreaking part of his legacy in the capital. He made his return to the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday wearing The Inter Milan colors. The predictable became a reality as edin Dzeko followed through on strike inside the box to find the back of the net in Inter Milan’s second goal. Edin Dzeko didn’t react to scoring the goal as he shows respect to his former club that he still keeps dear to his heart. Anna Dzeko, the wife of edin Dzeko, described Roma as their home. She had done numerous foundations partnering with the club for certain issues like domestic violence. In a statement that she came out with prior to the match on Saturday, she expressed how much edin Dzeko loved playing for Roma; she also said that just because her husband now plays for Inter Milan does not mean the relationship between Roma will not continue. Edin Dzeko has 11 goals this season for Inter Milan; all of last season, he only had 12 in all competitions. The decision to purchase Tammy Abraham was an excellent move by the club. However, perhaps letting go of edin Dzeko was a mistake? Even though the Bosnian 35 years old he still has been incredibly productive this season, the team that is around him allows him to score in high numbers; he probably would not be scoring at the same rate in Roma, but he still could have given them something, but they don’t have right now. Replacing edin Dzeko was never going to be an easy thing; a lot of the fans felt that Roma could do better, and it was time to move on. I always struggled with that as far as edin Dzeko leaving Roma for Inter Milan, I totally respect it because the Bosnian wants to win now that he’s in the Twilight of his career. From Rome has perspective, though, this probably will work out for everyone; there’s always a significant risk when you let a club Legend leave. My feeling after the game was we did not appreciate him enough. Edin Dzeko scored 119 times and is Roma’s all-time leading European goal scorer; he was essential for the champions league and Europa League runs that they went on. You have high hopes for Tammy Abraham, but Letting edin Dzeko Go may have been a mistake. I would rather have been in this scenario where edin Dzeko and Tammy Abraham could play together. In the long run, this will probably work out for both sides edin Dzeko will probably win a title with Inter Milan. Within a couple of Seasons, Tammy Abraham will become one of the best strikers in the league but seeing edin Dzeko leave was especially heart-wrenching replacing someone like this that was so great for Roma was always going to be a challenge, and even though Tammy Abraham was not on the pitch on Saturday. We all have high hopes that he’s going to become something special in Italy, and I am certain that he will edin Dzeko’s departure was always going to be a tough one to swallow.

Inter Milan are a 50/50 Shot to win the league

Inter Milan dominated the match on Saturday night. Even though Roma was wounded Inter Milan and made it look so easy, they killed the game off incredibly quickly; they even could have made it worse on Roma in the second half they could of scored more, but the respect for Jose Mourinho and what he did for Inter Milan in 2010 winning the Champions League I believe Inter Milan decided not to run up the score, but they very well could have. Inter Milan 50% chance to win the title. I’ve been saying this all season it is truly between two teams Inter Milan or AC Milan; someone in Milan is lifting the scudetto, which color is the only question. As much as I would love Atalanta to win the league, it is really a two-horse race even though it will be close until the very end. Inter Milan went through so many different types of changes, and they still look as dangerous as last season. Simone Inzaghi is not the coach that Antonio Conte is not even close. Yet with the team that he has assembled this season looks like one that very well could win the title again. Romelu Lukaku left Antonio Conte Hakimi left. However, none of that seems to matter Martinez is having an incredible season beyond the goal scoring in the statistical way he is impacting this Inter Milan Squad is tremendous with Lukaku has gone Inter Milan and now have Edin Dzeko Correa Hakan and so many other weapons that were already in place before Inzaghi arrived you have an incredibly deep Squad capable of fighting on all fronts Inter Milan are about to make the round of 16 in the Champions League for the first time since 2010 Inzaghi has Inter Milan playing their best football this season they are unbeaten in their last 11 games and looks like a title to a real winner. One Superstar does not lead this team, but the way they’re playing together and getting results is really telling a coup could be lifting the trophy at the end of the season.

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