Patrick Bamford’s goal Rescues Leeds United in Thriller at Elland Road #1342

On this Premier League Sunday, we would see one of the most exciting and fascinating matchups of the weekend in English football. Leeds United was hosting Brentford at elland Road. Both teams are in desperate need of points at Leeds United, trying to dig themselves out of the danger zone, while Brentford looks to get back on track to try to recapture the momentum they had at the beginning of the season. The matchup itself didn’t have too much excitement about it going into it but it turned out to be one of the most exciting matches of the Premier League this weekend. It was a more or less end-to-end match, each team having their significant moments. Leeds United initiated the first blow as Rafinha hit a beautiful ball into the box to find Tyler Roberts to give Leeds United a 1-0 lead as they were grabbing some momentum at the end of the first half. The game flipped on its head during the second as Brentford looked like the much more aggressive side and was on the verge of breaking through regularly. In a 7-minute stretch, the bees score twice as a Baptiste get them the equalizer before Sergi Canos extinguishes the blow as he celebrates in front of the Leeds fans to give Brentford a 2-1 lead. Brentford seemed like the much more direct team in the second half; it looks like they’re going to escape with three points; however, in stoppage time on the last kick of the ball, substitute Patrick Bamford makes a connection off the corner as the ball hits off his knee into the top of the net to draw level for Leeds United with just seconds remaining. In what turned out to be an absolute Thriller at Ellen Road, Brentford and Leeds United split the points following Patrick Bamford’s stoppage-time equalizer.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway on a premier league Sunday afternoon at Elkton Road in Leeds. A Leeds United team was trying to climb out the bottom of the table while Brentford was trying to inadvertently put the performance against Spurs behind them as they looked to try to recapture the form they displayed at the beginning of the season. It was an incredibly evenly-matched contest for much of the first half. Even though Leeds United has the advantage in possession as the ball was at their disposal constantly. Just minutes into the first half Bryan Mbeumo tries to silence the Leeds United crowd with a well-taken strike from inside the box. Still, the Leeds United defense got in the way of the shot right as he was zeroing in. 2 minutes later, Leeds United went and did the same as Tyler Roberts got into a dangerous position before making a connection inside the box but much like on the previous sequence his strike was deflected and blocked by the Brentford defense. He was in the right place just as he followed through. Just a fair few moments later, we saw the first attempt of the game, Sergi canos retrieving the ball inside the box, trying to break through for the visitors, but Mesiler managed to gather himself and make the save. It was complicated to find a superior side between the two exchanged sequences, and there was no indication of a superior side. Brentford, still getting after it, found another moment that could have been a very crucial Bryan unable to find the back of the net Range following a cross coming from Ethan Pinnock testing the keeper but unable to put together the final resolve. Brentford, it seemed that they were gathering momentum, but at the same time, Leeds United had most of the ball. It was only going to take a matter of time before they got an opportunity at home in front of their home fans to break through and set the game’s pace and how it would be played. In the 27th minute, that moment arrived for Leeds United. Leeds United playmaker Rafinha showed his Incredible quality and why numerous of premier league teams are after the Brazilian Talent. Makes it a powerful strike into the box that could have been intended to be a cross; it was deflected by the defense coming right back out to Rafinha he controls before sending another cross into the box at the right time Tyler Roberts followed through, sticking his foot on Rafinha delivery tucking the ball into the back of the net as Leeds United took a 1-0 lead. It would be the first goal of the season for Tyler Roberts as the home side grabbed the advantage. Thomas Frank’s side started the game so well. Now find themselves a goal behind but still plenty of reasons to be optimistic. It wasn’t as if Leeds United was dominating the run to play; they just found a moment orchestrated by one of the League’s best Playmakers. However, the lead did energize Marco Bielsa at Leeds United. Five minutes after the goal, Dan James set up Tyler Roberts as the attacker ripped a strike from outside the box, but Fernandez saved it. Leeds United was pushing near the conclusion of the first half. Tyler Roberts again struck from a complicated angle, not quite having enough missing the target. Then at the end of the first half, with seconds remaining, Kalvin Phillips tested himself with a gripping strike from Deep but was unable to find the accuracy on it; it was a well-hit ball just a little high or less, signifying the end of the first half. Leeds United grabbed a 1-0 lead thanks to Tyler Roberts and Rafinha but still remains a very open game for the next 45 minutes.

It was a fascinating first half with both teams having their moments. Leeds United gets the Breakthrough near the half-hour mark, starting to push at the end of the first half. The first half coming to a close took the energy out of Leeds United; at least it came across that way. Brentford came out firing after the break, and it was only going to be so long before Leeds United paid for it. Leeds United was given an early chance with Rafinha nearly scoring looking for the top corner, but Alvaro Fernandez quick reaction denies a scoring opportunity. Following that save, Brentford looked dangerous in the 53rd minute they got their breakthrough. Brentford was pushing the ball down the wing; the attacker powered through the defenders while keeping the ball in bounds before threading a pass to a wide-open Sergi canos as he supplied a ball to find Baptiste a one-touch finish beat the keeper as of Brentford finally got their equalizer. However, it seemed like Brentford was warming up as they looked exceptionally dangerous in the early part of the second half. Just minutes after the goal, Brentford had a penalty claim. Coming from the side, Baptiste was taken down in the Box by force. Sergi canos followed up on the rebound, but his strike was deflected. They fired back again at 2 minutes later as of Brentford pushed across into the box to find Sergi canos in a golden opportunity; his header misfired as he indeed should have scored. However, a minute later, he would make up for his botched chance. In the 60th minute, Baptiste shows ball movement supplying a pass as Sergi canos makes a run and then retrieves another pass into the box; it was a swift finish has Brentford, in a matter of seven minutes, scored two goals to take a 2-1 lead.

Leeds United attempted to break through as time continued to go. Dan James ran into the box, trying to get his head on the end of a cross; however, Alvaro Hernandez lays out punching the ball away as Dan James and Fernandez collide. A few minutes later, Rafinha tried to give Leeds United some form of inspiration, hitting a gripping shot from a distance. Still, the goalkeeper was able to manage the situation just catching the ball in his hands without difficulty. Alvaro Fernandez was called into action again as Leeds United showed some incredible ball movement before Dallas followed through on a beautiful strike; however, Alvaro Fernandez was there once again to make the save. Leave United trying to get that inspiration to get themselves back into the game. With less than 10 minutes to go, Tyler Roberts shows his range, but Alvaro Fernandez again dealing with the situation. Fast forward to the last moment of the game, Alvaro Fernandez makes a brilliant save, setting up a corner. Then in the 93rd at Elland Road substitute, Patrick Branford rescues Leeds United a corner kick coming across the goalkeeper pushing up to join the attack the ball comes in the striker leans in Hitting off his knee into the top corner has Leeds United on the last kick of the game steal a point in what was a theatrical finish ripping off his shirt as he ran towards the Leeds supporters in what was a fantastic finish to an exhilarating 90 minutes of football.

Leeds United and Brentford came into this game needing points even though ultimately neither side was able to capture maximum points. Leeds United can climb a little bit, and Brentford can rebound with a very positive performance after getting beaten by Spurs last weekend. As far as the Premier League game goes, this was probably one of the season’s best matches. From a neutral perspective, I was utterly enthralled with what turned out to be a very dramatic and intense 2-2 draw. I thought it was quite shocking actually because this is relatively uncommon in the Premier League in my experience. The Premier League arguably has the best top teams out of any of the top leagues in Europe. There’s no doubt about that in my mind when you think of Chelsea Manchester City Liverpool all at the peak of their powers with the capabilities a pushing the absolute limit. However, when you start going to low the top couple teams, the quality of football, from my personal perspective, can be rather dull. Of course, it’s an odd game where is exciting, but from what I’m used to watching Serie A and the Bundesliga, sometimes the standard in the middle of the table is just relatively poor. The truth is that the mid-table teams in Italy and Germany are significantly Superior then some of the mid-table teams in England. For example, West Ham United, what they’ve been able to do over the last couple of years has been fantastic. I genuinely hope they make the Champions League, but even with saying that they don’t sniff the Champions League in Italy or Germany, that’s just the truth of the matter. The Premier League top is Extreme high quality, but the lower you go down, the quality of play and quality of football dips, wherein in some other leagues, you still have high quality even though the teams aren’t as good as the ones fighting at the top. However, considering the situation considering the game for what it was to me, it’s a rarity to find a match in the Premier League between a couple of mid-table sides to have this much excitement and intrigue. It was absolutely fantastic a game from end-to-end sometimes. You didn’t have a sense of which was the better team. I found it very difficult trying to distinguish that throughout the 90 minutes. Brentford would have a couple of moments, and then so would Leeds United, the best individual player played for Leeds United. I thought maybe that would go into it. Rafinha is absolutely superb, but then you look on the other side, and Brentford seems to have a very well-rounded team. I think they’ve done an outstanding job this season. Goals were high quality the play was high quality the matchups were intriguing and of course you have a late winner game like this in the Premier League is not something I see all that often so it was really a breath of fresh air two teams fighting for just staying in the league battle like they did it was something special to watch the point probably helps both of them equally but in all honesty it probably doesn’t do all that much Brentford seem to be in a better position than Leeds United so for Branford despite how it ended the point is not a bad result considering they rebounded from their lost last week while for Leeds United even though they’re able to rescue something taking one point doesn’t do them as good as 3 could have they’re not having a good season and they need especially to pick up maximum points in game-like these they still at Point late but collectively throughout their performance I think we’ll be a little disappointed how Brentford will be disappointed not to be held on in the end.

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