Roma vs Inter Preview: Edin Dzeko’s Return #1339

Edin Dzeko is Roma Legend Now Roma MUST Stop him

Edin Dzeko will make his return to the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday evening. It is a place he called home for the last six years; he is set to perform against the fans that cheered his name throughout his 119 goals for the club. Roma’s greatest striker of the last decade and one of the greatest players to ever put on the shirt. There are so many positive memories attached to the Bosnian that incredible Champions League run overturning Barcelona and making the semi-finals a Champions League campaign that the stunning volley against Chelsea in one of Roma’s most exhilarating Champions League matches and that Thriller at Stamford Bridge. Winning the Golden Boot and being part of a historic Roma team that ended up with 87 points most in club history led by his 39 goals. Someone that once wore the armband, not to mention the goals that he scored against Lazio in the derby, these moments will never be forgotten. Still, tomorrow edin Dzeko will arrive in the away locker room, putting on a different Jersey as Roma becomes his opposition tomorrow night in what will be a very emotional and somewhat intimidating environment. Edin Dzeko has spoken about his admiration for the club and the true Joy he had in the capital over the last six years. However, not all stories have happy endings. His move to Juventus last season collapsed him ultimately getting the armband stripped from him despite having a very productive Europa League campaign and becoming Roma’s all-time European goal scorer; it may not have ended in a trophy, but edin Dzeko has been vital to Roma he is a club Legend no doubt about it even if he was unable to deliver a trophy to the capital. However, the perception of edin Dzeko and his time at the Stadio Olimpico is not the same for everyone. Some have many joyous memories of edin Dzeko wearing the number nine in scoring 119 times for the club. Others are a bit unappreciative of the Legacy left. The Bosnian will be cheered by some and booed by others. I certainly will cheer him when he takes the pitch tomorrow. I think it’s effortless to forget what he has done and to believe that Roma as a club is capable of something better, but that narrative is easier said than done. Tammy Abraham has four League goals this season and eight goals in all competitions; he is a player who will create a legacy of his own with time. However, replacing edin Dzeko would never be so simple as edin Dzeko individually. Certain seasons allow drama to have a much better season than they would have otherwise. Edin Dzeko has scored 12 times for Inter Milan this season in all competitions he returns to the Stadio Olimpico tomorrow as a competitor and an opponent edin Dzeko is having a fantastic season with Inter Milan different sets of Roma fans have debated the reason. I believe that the system that is in place with Inter Milan highlights all the things that he does well, While others believe that at Inter Milan, he cares and gives effort, there’s going to be a mix of emotions with sets of fans receiving him as two completely different things. It will be quite emotional for those who have appreciated and had a love for edin Dzeko; he exemplified being a Roma captain; even though things went sour at the end, we should all appreciate what edin Dzeko has done for the club and give him the respect he deserves. If he happens to find the back of the net tomorrow, the Bosnian will raise his hands and refuse to celebrate; it is probably going to be a very awkward experience for him. It’s the Return of edin Dzeko as the club Legend returns to a place he called home for 260 games and 119 goals; we sang his name tomorrow night; our responsibility will be to contain him.

A Chance for Bryan Reynolds to Prove Himself

Four starters are out against Inter. Rick karsdorp is Roma’s most explosive player is not easily replaceable; the options they have are minimal. It does seem like American youngster Bryan Reynolds will be the one to get the call from Jose Mourinho. Last January, the American right-back arrived from FC Dallas for 7.5 million; he has played less than 10 games since making his move and has failed to impress this far. The kid looks like a lost puppy and has been quite Dreadful. There’s not a lot of faith in him right now, and he’s not quite ready for Italian football. There’s a consensus that he’s not good enough, and there’s significant doubt whether or not he will be good enough; he has the potential to turn it around; he hasn’t proven anything significant he hasn’t even shown flashes. However, considering the situation, Jose Mourinho’s hands are tied, and he ultimately will have to call upon the unproven American right back. Bryan Reynolds is heavily expected to be sent on loan in January, most likely to a lower team in Serie A, so the kid can get proper game time and have an opportunity to show Roma his qualities even though when January comes, he will most likely be spending the rest of the season on a different Club in Italy There’s an opportunity for the young American this week against Inter Milan. Roma’s injuries could force Bryan Reynolds into the starting lineup. Roma team will find things complicated on Saturday, I imagine. Could Bryan Reynolds show some flashes on Saturday? That is what we will be looking for from him. This is one of the most exciting aspects of his game because every time he has played, he has left us underwhelming has doubts have been repeatedly expressed. Saturday will be a platform for the young American to show that he’s got something by in large the expectations for him to fill in for one of the best right-backs in world football is a daunting task for any young player, especially someone whose future is in the balance at the moment Bryan can at least show something so Roma will see what they have. Whether or not he’s capable of handling what will be in front of him on Saturday night

Rui Patrico’s Importance to Unlikely Roma points

Inter Milan is flying at the moment and seemed like certainly one of the favorites to win the title. The performances that we have seen from Inter Milan have been awe-inspiring. They have handled the pressure of defending Champions and being The Hunted; they are still some work to do in climbing the table, but they have a complete Squad and are firing on all fronts. Roma team that is missing for key components, not to mention inexperienced that will line up against Inter Milan. They should be heavy favorites. It would be quite shocking if Inter Milan doesn’t handle Roma without too much difficulty. The approach could be significant; trying to attack this Inter team could be a dangerous game to play. Roma a to be practical and especially take advantage of The limited opportunities they’re likely to have in this game. Parking the bus and playing extremely defensive football might be the only way of escaping. If they’re going to manage to pull something off, keep themselves in the game, it will be on the back of Rui Patricio. The Portuguese, a shot-stopper, has been enlisted untouchable by Roma is arguably the best keeper. All the issues and concerns they have had in goal were fixed this summer with his arrival from wolves. His reflexes are communication and intelligence; he is at an all-time high this season. He has been nothing short of world-class in the Roma goal. He is near the top of the league in saves and clean sheets; he is a difference-maker in close games. If Roma has any chance of salvaging even a point in this Rui Patricio will have to play out of his gourd. He will need to be at his very best, considering what an Inter Milan will throw at Roma tomorrow. His brilliance may not be enough, but if he goes that extra inch and plays an incredibly Unstoppable there might be a chance, a slim chance but a chance nonetheless for Roma to escape with a point rui Patricio is the most vital part of tomorrow’s game if he’s at his best. He frustrates Inter Milan; there may be a way to pull off an upset his hands will be the difference between a routine Inter Milan victory and a tough battle from wounded Roma rui Patricio needs to save the Titanic. However, it’s quite a challenge because even if he does, it still might not be enough.

Prediction: Inter 3–0

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