The Trendsetter: Why New Juventus Signing Juila Grosso is doing this right #1343

It’s been roughly five months since Julia Grosso scored the winning penalty in the gold medal match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. An incredible moment for Canadian soccer as her spot-kick has become an iconic moment allowing Canada to win the gold medal for the first time ever over the favored Swedes. The 21-year old playmaker has become a national hero. Julia Grosso continues to develop her skills with the desire to become one of the best players in the world. She’s not there yet and has a long way to go, but she’s well on her way, the young midfielder has all the tools and the right mentality to get to the very top of the mountain. Her story since her penalty has gathered even more intrigued as Julia Grosso Journey takes a vital turn and the potential to be a trendsetter for American and Canadian soccer players for the years to come. Julia Grosso is wrapped up her college career at the University of Texas; she had six goals, and four assists in 18 starts this past season, including 37 goal involvement during her time at the University of Texas. She came into this upcoming season with a lot of expectations placed on her shoulders following her penalty and the gold medal Triumph with Canada. She didn’t disappoint as she became one of the best midfielders in college soccer, only continuing to expand and grow on both Regional and National stages. This week the old lady came calling as Italian Giants Juventus expressed an interest in signing the Canadian midfielder. Julia Grosso, in the last couple days, reached an agreement on a one-year deal as she is set to join Juventus and will be available December 22nd in the super cup against sassuolo. She will join an already loaded Juventus team with a lot of quality in the Midfield. She adds a certain amount of depth into a Juventus team that will be firing on all fronts hoping to retain their fifth straight league title as a start of the season with 10 straight wins and becoming a factor in the Champions League. Julia Grosso will have an incredible Adventure in Italy, the penitential not only to make an impact but grew as a player playing with and against the absolute best. However, more importantly, Julia Grosso not only makes the best decision for her career but also sends a message and sets an example while many of her adversaries will be taking a shot at thriving NWSL the Olympic champion and former Texas Longhorn is doing this right she has all the credentials at college level and International level he has collected a numerous of individual Awards, but this week she made the best decision of her career there is a lack of quality in the nwsl the road to Europe always will be the right decision as Julia Grosso is doing this right.

University of Texas and an Olympic Hero

Julia Grosso is an incredibly exceptional Talent; not everyone can do what she has done already at 21 years of age. She is an Olympic champion score of the vital penalty and her nation achieving gold earning five caps during Canada’s historic run against Great Britain, Chile, Brazil the United States and Sweden she has been called upon her country on 29 different occasions and during the summer of 2019 Julia Grosso was selected as a member of the Canadian national team travel to the 2019 World Cup. Even though she could not see the field, being picked to represent her country at a big tournament at such a young age is incredibly uncommon. She was also called to the squad at just 17 years of age, making her debut with the national side at 18 in an International Friendly against France. Not many young players can aspire to do with Julia Grosso; she has done she is just cut a bit different she worked extremely hard but still has a component of natural ability. I am very involved in women’s soccer as I had collaborated with both Maya Hansen and Kayla Anderson, covering them in high school before they went to South Dakota State. There’s not many in college soccer that is capable of not only performing on a high level at their University but also playing for the national team; she’s a scarce type of player, which is why you have the potential to be a trendsetter for the next route after college soccer. As a freshman at the University of Texas, she won Big 12 freshman of the year, was also named all-big 12-second team, and spent time on the national team during the season; she missed some game time because of this still managed to be a very effective player for the University of Texas. Her sophomore season, she had 16 goal contributions with eight goals and eight assists was also very influential in the University of Texas, advancing it to the second round of the NCAA tournament against Texas A&M. She continued to play for Canada and gather individual awards at Texas including Big 12 Conference first-team United coaches first-team Midwest region truly was slowly becoming one of the best players in the nation. In her Junior season, in just 12 matches, the dynamic midfielder scored five goals while supplying four assists. She continued to be very influential to the University of Texas Midfield as the awards piled up. She had six goals and four assists this past season as the Longhorns made the NCAA tournament despite falling short in the first round. She has had an incredibly productive and incredible college career, and what she has done with the national team, she’s still yet to score her first goal for Canada, but her penalty against Sweden in the gold-medal match final has made her into Canadian royalty. This move to Juventus will only enhance her as one of the best up-and-coming Stars in North America. This moving itself could provide inspiration and an example for the route after college.

Juile Grosso Could Set Example to Follow: Europe vs NWSL

Julia Grosso is without question one of the best midfielders in college soccer. While Julia is doing this right, so many high-quality players in college soccer are doing this wrong and potentially sabotaging the capabilities of some of the individual Talent we have seen. Going to Europe is always the best option this used to be the case just purely for the men’s you cannot compare Serie A, the Bundesliga, the Premier League, La Liga to the MLS; there’s no comparison the Gap a quality so massive essentially only the players that are not good enough to compete in European football will go down to the MLS. The same goes for the NWSL on the women’s side. Are there some fantastic players in that League? Sure, but not many. Suppose you are a woman’s football coming out of college, the place to be in Europe. La Liga, the Premier League, the French League, and Italian football are at an extremely high level it is very difficult to compete in these leagues; you need to be at your very best because the attention the pressure is pressed against you all the time. The nwsl is just not good in comparison. Even though they’re trying to make the League more popular, they are attempting to make it more accessible add more exciting, but it is a flawed concept. The reason it is flawed is even if you changed the mentality of the League and its identity, the best players still don’t play there. This is the problem with any American soccer league; it’s not going to thrive at the same level because they don’t have things like the Champions League, don’t have relegation, and don’t have things that make football pure. Forgoing your senior season to enter the nwsl draft it isn’t very smart. They are adding the draft into the League’s algorithm, hoping to bring the attention, but the only attention is likely to bring American viewers. Soccer is not an American sport; they need to stop treating it this way. If the nwsl wants to compete with the big European leagues in women’s soccer, they have to have relegation; even if you don’t have that many teams minimize the League so relegation can work. Even though the majority of the US Women’s National Team plays in this League, most of them have tried in Europe and haven’t been able to handle it like Alex Morgan and so many others. Tobin Heath plays for Arsenal; she’s probably the best player on the national team and Sam Mewis players for Manchester City; the fact that she’s deciding to play in Europe should tell you something. The majority of the best players play in Europe in the Ballon d’Or this year; only one player from the NWSL was nominated. Five from La Liga, eight from the Premier League, 7 from France, and one from Sweden. Blackstenius she’s one of the best players in the world playing in Sweden; if she came to America, she would come into that League as the best player.

The Alternative Diana Ordonez is Top Class She needs to be In Europe Not NWSL

I do not doubt there are qualities in the NWSL, but as a whole, it is not even sniffing the capabilities of European football; every college player should be leaving college and striving for Europe. Diana Ordonez is probably one of the most exciting players in college soccer playing at the University of Virginia; she’s a player just good enough to play in Europe right now. She’s leaving school early to enter the draft; when there are five to ten European teams that could sign her, it is just a poor lapse in judgment. Having the draft does not make any of this any better if you’re a player that doesn’t have the ambition of reaching the top of the game and is not considered a tier 1 star, then by all means, live out your dream and play America but this simply doesn’t apply to Diana Ordonez she got so much promise to reach the top. If you’re a player that wants to achieve something in football and reach the top play for your national team, you should stay clear WSL. Julia Grosso is an Olympic gold medalist; she has made 29 appearances for the Canadian national team. She has an opportunity here to be a trendsetter to inspire her adversaries to push for a move to Europe rather than staying home. Julia Grosso could become one of the best players in the world soon; she’s only 21 years old, she’s regular for her National, and she’s achieved individual and team accolades at every level. A player like Julia Grosso coming from Canada and America area four goals the NWSL not even giving it a look going to Juventus one of the best female sides in Europe it should tell you something. The NWSL is a league to be avoided when it comes to players of this quality. Diana Ordonez is an example; she can play for the national team and be a top-class player. World football, I would take her to Roma in a minute; her linking up with Serturini, Glionna, Prione, and Alves would be masterful. However, she’s going to a league what she will not be challenged to a large degree, and she will be playing with other players better in her skill range; meanwhile, Julia Grosso will be going up against some of the best players in the world week in and week out going to the NWSL easy way out the best way to progress your career and to progress and develop into a world-class footballer you need to be in Europe. Only one of the 20 nominees for the Ballon d’Or only one came from the NWSL. Julia Grosso is sending a message show me an example of a player of her level is going to Europe she’s a gold medalist her mentality is to be the best, so that’s why she’s going to Europe that should be the attitude of every top player leaving college and embarking on professional careers shared her mentality and her vision Europe is the place to be and her making this move shows players from Canada and the United States that this is the way to go. If you want to reach the top, go to Europe if you don’t have that mentality Nwsl is it fine the plan. I did not mean to use Diana Ordonez as an example, but I rate her so highly that a player playing in America instead of Europe is heartbreaking. I hope she doesn’t stay long and makes a move to Europe. If Julia Grosso succeeds at Juventus, and I imagine she will, she will change the conversation and potentially be a revolutionizing figure in Americans and Canadians aiming for Europe; she’s doing this right; hopefully, others will follow.

Juile Grosso the Complete Playmaker Joining Loaded Juve Midfield

Julia Grosso, he’s the complete package; she’s a different breed; the kid is special; she will be able to help Juve and have the mentality from the jump. Whenever she’s called upon, she has the resources, attitude, and psyche to deliver. She’s as versatile as they come from incredibly high ceiling, a player that can reach incredible heights in just a few years. She’s only 21 years old within the next three years; she could be a Ballon d’Or candidate; that’s how special she is. Right here, there’s not a player on the US Women’s National Team that is better than her. Not only was she one of the best college players, but a player that can take over the game can Infuse her dominance in multiple ways, not to mention the versatility that she has a high level of intelligence with an incredible ride happening at a rapid pace. He will adapt to European football like a fish to water; she already plays a level just slightly above anyone else that she’s around. He carries the last name that means an awful lot in European football. There’s no relation between herself and Fabio Grosso, but Fabio Grosso scored the winning penalty of the 2006 World Cup. Julia Grosso scored the winning penalty in the 2020 Olympics coincidence? I think not she has the ability to take over games and become an immediate difference-maker. She’s only playing on a one-year contract, but I’m sure her contract will be extended by the end of this. Juventus want to go on a Deep Run in the Champions League. Julia Grosso provides versatility, of not many players have her age. On a talent basis, she’s on another level in comparison. She is a midfielder who can operate incredibly precisely in terms of execution and how she sees the field. An incredibly rare trait of adaptability. She is a box-to-box midfielder; we already know what she can do on the attacking side, pushing the ball up the field getting through Defenders either facilitating a chance or finding a back of the net herself; she has all that in her bag, and this has been known for many years you don’t make the world cup at 18 years old without me sort of tricks. However, what she does on the defensive side of things is truly spectacular; we saw that during the Olympics with the way she could essentially take attackers out of the Rhythm as we’ve seen her pocket a lot of high-quality players, not to mention incredible quick feet able to poke the ball out in crucial situation but also having the ability to operate on the other side in the attacking sense. Unbelievable ball control and dribbling what you find the gap they can execute it even if Defenders are swarmed around her spectacular vision can put into a cross into the box, but her playmaking is the best of all she’s able to see the game at very particular and finds ways to be very impactful. He’s one of the best young players in the world; going to Juventus is precisely what she needs with a very capable Midfield They just added a considerable weapon. Julia Grosso can play in the back as a Defender; she can play all three Midfield positions defensive Midfield Central; Central attacking midfielder; she’s capable of playing all those positions at a high rate, and she also knows how to play Striker if it is needed. You’re not going to find many players at this age coming from this region that is this good. She runs circles around everyone she plays again and just has a specific energy and attitude that comes through when you watch her play. She plays like her hair is on fire; she has the swag, mentality, and incredible ability; all of this, and she has rare maturity in a player so young. Her going to Europe should send a message. This move to Juventus could potentially change and start a trend of players from North America opting for Europe. Ruthlessness on the counter, her power, and her touch on how incredible she is, Juventus has landed himself the complete player, which will only make the team as a whole more Unstoppable. The quality of some of the midfielder Firepower they have with Valentina Cernoia, Martina Rosucci, a young Adriana Caruso Julia Grosso will be in the right circumstances to thrive on this Juventus Adventure; we’ll just take her to another level she’s already on the verge of becoming World status by the end of the season she might already be there. All of this would be wasted playing in America; a player of her quality needs to be on the biggest stage; the impact she can have on Juventus transcends the future of North American players in Europe. Julia Grosso he’s doing this right.

Julia Grosso (@GrossoJulia) / Twitter
@juliagrosso7/ Instagram

Photos: Google; Juve Women Twitter; Texas Longhorns girls soccer Website

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