Brutal Wolfsburg Suffers again as Stuttgart gain importance points #1348

Score: Stuttgart 2 Wolfsburg 0FT

Wolfsburg has hit a rough patch yet again this season following their elimination from the Champions League and being upset at home against fsv Mainz; the Wolves required points as they traveled on the road to Stuttgart in hopes of being able to salvage something against a team near the bottom of the table. However, this was going to be easier said than done as it was a significant challenge. Wolfsburg continues to have an underwhelming season Stuttgart for the much more controlled and Superior side in the first half. Wolfsburg had to deal with some entries and even though they got into attacking areas, occasionally capitalizing on those moments became very difficult. The misery of the road trip began when Marvoponos hit a rocket into the top corner as the Greek Defender wasn’t going to be denied as they took a 1–0 lead. Wolfsburg behind, and they were not playing particularly well in the second half Wolfsburg started to look much stronger, but a failure to convert in front of goal which came back to haunt them frankly, not positively grasping the game as Stuttgart got a second goal taking a 2–0 lead. Wolfsburg’s underwhelming performance as they continued to struggle for points. Florian kohfeldt had such a hot start to his time with the wolves, but if things don’t start changing, Wolfsburg could look for their third manager this season things have gone from bad to worse as they slide all the way down to ninth in the Bundesliga this season as they fall on their face against Stuttgart.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway as Wolfsburg made the trip to try to get their horrid form out from underneath them. It wasn’t very promising to start a theme that was felt throughout the 90 minutes this evening. Phillip Forrester kicked things off with a deep strike coming from outside the box, trying to pull things past Konan Casteels; he missed wide, but it was a dangerous start to the match considering how easy he could find Space. During the first half, Stuttgart has the majority of the ball and owns them on possession; however, the wolves can find some moments. A few minutes after the game’s opening chance, Waldschmidt similarly cracked a strike from Deep but couldn’t find the target. Stuttgart nearly capitalized coming off a corner kick. Karazor connected on the cross before Anton followed through on the header; it was rather dangerous, but the accuracy was a bit off. Once again, Waldschmidt attempted to retaliate with a deep strike, but it was the same result as his first attempt. Need the 20-minute Mark Max Arnold main connection from outside the box but couldn’t convert, not truthfully testing the keeper whatsoever. A minute later, Wolfsburg was forced to make a change as Aster Vranckx picked up an injury as a Joshua Guilavogui came in to replace him. 4 minutes later, Stuttgart got their breakthrough a beautiful ball set up by Omar Marmoush was able to find Space through the Wolfsburg defense as Konstantinos Mavropanos ran across the top of the box following as his strike ripped through the top right corner to give Stuttgart a 1–0 lead. Near the half-hour mark, Max Arnold tries to push from a distance again, but Florian Muller manages to save. Late in the first half, Lucas Nmecha made a brilliant run with the ball at his feet, attempting to strike a goal, but his shot was blocked, and he eventually lost possession in the box. The first half ended with Stuttgart holding a 1–0 lead in front.

Stuttgart for the much more invented team in the first half as Wolfsburg seemed to struggle to get anything going; they were not playing with a whole lot of confidence, and they were demoralized by the first-half strike, really needed to start because of the lack of form that they are in. In the second half, Wolfsburg tried to retain more possession using possession football as a tactic, but it didn’t work all that well. Three minutes into the second half, the Wolves picked up another injury has Paulo Octavio had to leave Jerome Roussillon replaced him. The game opened up slightly as Waldschmidt was initially blocked in a strike from outside the box that led to a corner where the midfielder followed through again but did not have the necessary touch. About 7 minutes later, Stuttgart killed them dead with a goal that more or less settled the points. Beautifully put-together attack in ball movement from inside the box ended up with Phillip Forrester tucking the ball into the back of the net in the 63rd minute as Stuttgart took a 2–0 lead.

Wolfsburg and then made three changes with riddle Baku coming in for Kevin mbabu, Felix nmecha coming in for waldschmidt and lukebakio replacing Renato Steffen. This move was made in the hope of giving Wolfsburg some inspiration, but it felt dead in the water already. Florian Muller denied Felix nmecha only for his brother Lucas Nmecha missing wide a moment later. The Wolves started to look a little better as the game proceeded, but it was just going to be too late. With under 20 minutes to go, Lucas nmecha followed through on a cross coming from Jerome Roussillon, but much like Wolfsburg, he could not reach the target for the majority of the game. In the 77th minute, Stuttgart had an opportunity to get a third as they were awarded a soft penalty. Omar Marmoush a player that is actually on loan from Wolfsburg this season. He stepped up trying to chip the keeper in a disaster; as he hits the bar, Endo attempted to put away the rebound, but it was an erratic connection much like the penalty. Florian Muller was called into action at Lucas nmecha came very close with a header coming from a cross sent in by lukebakio. 2 minutes later, he tried with the header again, this time the cross orchestrated by Max Arnold, and then he tested himself from outside the box, but his strike was blocked. In stoppage-time, wout Weghorst did what he could to get at least a goal back. A strike from the side of the box was blocked, a strike from the Centre of the box was blocked, then he tried striking from the right but misfired the target it was a poor performance from him personally as it was for the rest of the Wolfsburg team as the full-time whistle blows with Stuttgart hanging on to a 2–0 victory as wout Weghorst enraged gazes on in frustration.

It was another brutal performance from the wolves the frustration just continues to grow and build as Wolfsburg may have reached a Breaking Point. They played so well against Dortmund despite coming up short but their last two performances has been very difficult to understand. They should have used the Dortmund experience as a reason push themselves even further in their next couple games but it’s done the exact opposite of what was supposed to do. They have crumbled and are continuing crumble as the European Ambitions that they have set for themselves seems to be evaporating by the day. At the full-time whistle Wout Weghorst gazes in despair. There’s just a sense that something needs to change to turn this around. The wolves are in a very vulnerable situation as they continued to slide down the table. They really need a performance they are lacking consistency they were outplayed for all 90 minutes against Stuttgart it never really seemed like Wolfsburg what’s going to get back into the game as I have said the last several weeks Wolfsburg have a pretty strong Squad from top to bottom. Even though they don’t necessarily have a superstar they have a good collection of players that should be doing much better than what they have shown so far this season. At one point this was the best defense in Europe and now they’re leaking in goals every week the Wolves don’t have any confidence anymore and there seems to be a lack of Direction. If this continues Wolfsburg will have to make a change regarding the manager once again. They need to get this right a game next weekend against cologne has everything riding on it dropping yet another game would be detrimental not only to their Ambitions this season but to what Wolfsburg could possibly do going forward. Wout weghorst will leave Wolfsburg if they don’t start turning this around something needs to give because the level of frustration has escalated they need points and there’s a serious lack of inspiration at the moment to make matters worse they lost two players in this game and will need to adapt to it. Looking at the team that they put out the week in and week out it has a lot of quality throughout still begs the question why on Earth is the problem and how do they get themselves out of it? Your guess is as good as mine but whatever it is may need to find a quick they don’t have an identity they need to find something maybe a change formation maybe something else but they can’t keep riding this the way they have changes in order in what aspect I haven’t got a clue.

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