Roma Sign Norwegian Ice Princess Emilie Haavi: The women to throw the Dagger Though Juventus #1354

On the back of winning the Coppa Italia last season, the Roma women have been off to the races this campaign. Spugna took over in the summer, and it has been a completely different campaign. They made the appropriate upgrades to their team, bringing in some essential pieces that have turned the tide for the Roma ladies. Champions League football next season has been is the ambition of this squad ever since he took over in the summer. There is something remarkably different about this Roma squad, and we saw how they have battled against some of the top teams in Italian football and thriving. However, after a historic victory on Sunday afternoon against Lazio. A match that was an absolute classic with a deep free-kick by Bernadetta Glionna settling the first Derby of Rome as she Justified what is already known, and that is that Rome is red. From top to bottom, Roma is one of the deepest squads in Italian football; in a certain sense, the success they’ve had this season should not be a surprise to anyone and even though Juventus are eight points clear at the top of the table so far Roma are heating up at precisely the right time and in addition to this Roma is the team that has given Juventus the most trouble over the last two seasons if anyone is going to knock them off it is this Roma side that has the capabilities taking the League within the next couple seasons and being a threat in the Champions League a competition that they are thriving to qualify for this season Roma have five consecutive victories that is the biggest winning streak they have ever had, and there’s no real sense that they are slowing down. They currently hold the second-best attack in the League and the second-best defense; there is no ands or buts about this Roma is the team that will take the crown off Juventus whether it’s this season or next season we’ll have to wait and see, but they are the team that is the most equipped to do so. They have an unlimited amount of resources, especially in the attack this is what has made them so explosive this season. Following the victory on Sunday, Roma’s attack has just added another weapon a dangerous and versatile player can take Roma over the top. In fact, I will push this even further Julie Grosso, Olympic champion and for Canada, recently signed a deal with Juventus it has been highly considered one of the deals of this season she is one of the best young players in World football and has the potential to take that next step in the black and white. However, even though it is incredibly expansive, signing Roma might have upstage them with the amazing coup agreeing on terms with Emilie Haavi on a two-year deal. The Norwegian Ice Princess is a proven winner with 17 trophies to her name, including nine League titles. She very well may be the most prolific player ever to play in the Norwegian League. An absolute animal with 156 goals in 306 games she is one of the most versatile players in Europe, and the 29-year-old has also been one of the stars of the Norwegian national team, having represented her Nation at the World Cup and the European championships she happens to be one of the most versatile and explosive players in Europe as she is coming off a season in which she won the league title and led the League in scoring. She joins a star-studded Roman attack with multiple options upfront and the capabilities to play outside and shifts to Midfield going forward for next season. Roma has just signed a Kryptonite to end the Run of Terror with Juventus. Julia Grosso was a fantastic signing by Juventus; she’s an extraordinary young talent, but she’s not proven not yet anyway Emilie Haavi complete player that is versatile with experience of winning and operating on the highest level; the Roma attack just loaded up with one of the best attackers in World football make no mistake Roma have you changed the Outlook of this season and the next with this deal the Norwegian Ice Princess arrives to tear apart Italian football with an already loaded Roma.

Norwegian Ice Princess: illustrious Winner and Goal Scorer

The Norwegian Ice Princess brings certain qualities that certainly are expected to bode well with a Roma team that is coming off a Coppa Italia Victory but has the team now to go for the league this season will be difficult. Still, next season they have all the pieces in place to win a trophy again this season. She can bring a level of experience to a very young squad with some experience but not to the level that Emilie Haavi has dealt with over the last 13 seasons. Emilie Haavi has worn the armband she has performed at the top level from a very young age. She has done it extremely well; her goal-scoring record in Norway is nothing to sneeze at; she brings in an entirely different perspective. Roma has veterans on this team with Elisabetta Bartoli, Valeria Pirone, and Vanessa Bernauer. They have been accommodating and influential to a very young team; the three key veterans spent most of their careers in Italy; because of this, Emilie Haavi brings in a fascinating perspective, having done this at a high level for so many years overseas. She comes into Italian football with expectations but something she can certainly handle. Her experiences that she has had in Norway and the United States briefly will only enhance her place in the Roma dressing-room given all the things she has accomplished and the experiences that she has had so far in her career. It brings a totally different perspective which will only enhance Roma’s chances by that alone, not to mention her ability and all the other things that come with it. Emilie Haavi has been playing professionally in the Norwegian League since she was 16 years old she played for Roa before moving to l Skkvinner where she has played nine seasons wearing the captain’s armband during her last two seasons in Norway. She also briefly spent a year in America playing for the Boston Breakers; she only appeared in seven games and returned to Norway was she dominated again. This might be a little off-topic, but her background shows why top players need to be playing in Europe; the circumstances are better, the coaching is significantly better, and the environments that they are in are more helpful for the development of young people players. She turned out to be one of the most prolific players in the history of That League. 156 goals in 308 games to reach double figures in goals eight of those years is an astronomical goal-scoring record. She conquered Norway nine times with six Norwegian cups; she has won everything there is to win in Norway, and she has been one of the most important and dangerous players a Norwegian football over the last 13 years, really showing all the qualities that she possesses and why her signing on the dotted line for this Roma team is going to be such a big deal for what the club can accomplish in the next couple of years. Not to mention what she is done with the national team she has scored 16 times, making 90 appearances for the Norwegian national team received a silver medal in the 2013 euros being on a Norway team that fell short against Germany she’s also appeared in the Olympics and the World Cup for her Nation. She’s widely considered one of the best players in Norway and Scandinavia as a whole. When you think about her background, the experiences that she has dealt with, the trophies that she has won the leadership abilities that she possesses, this is a scary signing for the league if you look at what Roma already has in place. Now they’re adding a monster that is a veteran at 29 years old has the experience and the maturity. She knows what it takes to win; she has 17 trophies; when you put a proven winner in a situation with a club that is only 1 trophy in their history, it just makes them a bigger threat, and it makes her so important on and off the pitch.

Roma Depth: Haavi can take Roma over the top

Arguably Roma has the most compiled selection of attacking options out of any team in Italian football. This move-in particular makes them just that much more dangerous. There is no doubt that Juventus have the best team in the league as they are one of the best in Europe. AC Milan and sassuolo have great teams put together, not to mention a young Inter Milan team has done this season has also been wildly impressive. However, Roma has a variety when it comes to attacking options, and the signing of the Norwegian Ice Princess makes Roma that much more deadly. Roma from Back to Front is a very deep Squad with a lot of players capable of making a difference in big games. That was highlighted and shown any Copa Italia last season when they beat Juventus in the semi-final over two legs and, in addition to that, beat AC Milan in the final in a famous penalty shootout as Roma left with the trophy. Roma did lose some pieces from that team, most notably Lindsay Thomas, who went to AC Milan and Agnes Bonfantini; however, that one, in particular, worked out well for Roma as they were able to grab Bernadetta Glionna in a swap deal with Juventus it is worked out for both teams so far. Still, the deal itself favors Roma as they got the better player. A complete Squad, one of the best goalkeepers in the League in Camelia Caesar as of the Romanian, has extraordinary instincts and was very influential in the penalty shootout in the Coppa Italia final last year, coming away as the hero. The defensive structure they have is very well put together, featuring the likes of Alison Swaby, Elena Linari, who arrived from Bordeaux last January, Lucia Di Guglielmo arriving from Empoli in the summer, not to mention we’ve seen the incredible progression of Angelica Sofia one of the best defenders in the league at only 21 years old along with Tecla Pettenuzza, another young Defender that has shown her Stripes this season and quite obviously the captain Elisabetta Bartoli. They have the number 2 defense in the league this season; they rarely make mistakes can handle even the toughest attackers. The Midfield is solid, but some work is to be done there. Vanessa Bernauer is excellent, Greggi keep progressing but still trying to come back from her ACL injury truly it’s solid; it’s not amazing, and it doesn’t need Improvement, and my guess is in the summer they will go about doing that however it stands tall because they have one of the best Playmakers in the League Manuela Giugliano, but that has run her center-mid position exceptionally well they even if the surrounding midfielders aren’t up to her standard her quality just takes the entire Midfield up a level with her being there in itself. Then, the attack was by Anna Serturini, one of the league’s best players on one side, Glionna, a young superstar in the making, Andressa Alves, with a striker rotation with Pamela Lazaro and veteran Valeria Pirone. Emilie Haavi can come into an already powerful team and take them to another level; she takes them over the top because of a multitude of reasons. Her leadership, her experience, her versatility, not to mention her goal-scoring record and ability but also the ability to facilitate to her teammates she can play anywhere in this team and be extremely dynamic she can drop down to the Midfield to help out with Manuela Giugliano he can play upfront can be deadly as ever. If needed, she can go outside; she can even play a false nine if the formation changes. She is absolutely everything this Roma with team needs because she does so many things at such a high level very versatile we can move her anywhere in this team, and she will be a problem for the opposition. She is prolific with and without the ball with incredible goal-scoring instincts; most importantly, she can be a surgeon with both her feet. She prefers her right, but her left is equally as deadly. When you take that into account, you can highlight where you can use the player in this team, and she will not try to push the ball to her more substantial she can score with either her skill set is immaculate her accomplishments speak for themselves she’s been there and done that on an international level and a club level she is one everything there is to win in Norway this is a challenge that she will Embrace and very quickly she will become one of the best players in the league. She walked into this league in that conversation already. Roma gets much more explosive and dynamic with her addition, and let’s not forget they were dynamic and volatile before she joined; it will not happen this year, but this signing can put the dagger through Juventus.

Betty Bavagnoli: Finessing Moves

This season, the woman who made all this possible is doing absolute Madness behind the scenes. Betty was the manager of this team over the last couple of seasons, winning the Coppa Italia at the end of last season he left the club as manager. However, she didn’t leave the club; she ventured upstairs as the club’s sporting director in charge of making all the decisions as far as the structure and building this Roma into a champion. I have been a Roma fan for 23 years; that’s how much I have invested in this club. I’ve been following the woman’s game very closely ever since we were given a team; the reason I’m mentioning this is that there’s a sense of frustration with the men’s squad; one of the negative aspects of Roma is the lack of investment and high-quality players that Roma can I bring in from the outside. Jose Mourinho is doing a fantastic job this season; he is dealing with a team that finished seventh in Serie A last season; it is going to take some time, but by the time his contract ends, Roma will have one something, but he’s going to have to do some extraordinary things to make that happen always going to be a struggle because of the particular environment that they’re dealing with it is the polar opposite of what were seeing from the ladies. The Roman team will find its way under Mourinho, I do not doubt that, but the way the ladies team is operated is that a such a higher cliff as far as recruitment the Roma women are top quality. There is a very aggressive approach being taken place in building the squad. It’s probably partly because the way women’s football and men’s football run very differently structure of bringing players in it’s completely different as well however if you look at what Betty has done not only as a coach of the team but the players that she’s brought in over the years and the players that she brought in the summer it has been such a sense of direction. There is a clear picture of where this team is going. When she was the club manager, she brought in a collection of great finds. I’m not going to run through all of them, but I will mention a couple. Manuela Giugliano, Andressa Alves, and Lindsay Thomas were three players that thrived in the last World Cup. Giuliano and Caesar, were playing for AC Milan, a much better team than Roma at the time Betty went aggressive managed to capture both of them. Andressa Alves was playing at Barcelona, and a key part of the Brazil National Team Barcelona is a much better Squad; Betty got her and got Lindsay Thomas from PSG even though she has since Departed those two years, she was vital. Last season, she brought Pamela Lazaro from Fiorentina, who had a tremendous campaign. Then this season, you look what she’s brought in with Lucia, Valerie Pirone, negotiating the swap deal with Juventus regarding Glionna, and so many other sneaky moves like getting Elena Linari from Bordeaux midseason, who ended up being crucial to Roma defensive Improvement. You see, all the moves that she has made over the last couple of years have been significant. However, getting the Norwegian Ice Princess might be the best moves ever pulled off. Look at the capabilities, the skill set, and the specific characteristics that she possesses; it is out of this world she is tailor-made to put a dagger through Juventus; she’s one of the best attackers in the world; she’s a prolific goalscorer and all the things that she can bring to this Roma team finessing this deal was a stroke of Genius. The league title for this season might be gone already. Still, next season Juventus will have a Roma team that will be breathing down their neck with an attacker that can go toe-to-toe with their best, not to mention all the other depth that they have in the attack with one of the best midfielders in the league with a strong defense and a great goalkeeper if the season started today Roma could take the Crown off their head. That Crown will have to wait, but Roma could potentially steal a league title from the black and white next season. Betty was an outstanding coach, but this deal that she’s just pulled off will be the reason Roma will make the Champions League this season and why they have a great chance of taking the Crown next season. She also handpicked her successor, and in a blink of an eye, Roma has the best squad they have ever had since existence.

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