Roma vs Spezia Talking Points #1352

Is Chris Smalling back? Can he Find is 2020 Form Again?

On Monday night at the Stadio Olimpico, Chris Smalling scored his first goal since his debut season in the opening minutes of Roma’s 2–0 Victory. Due to some injury concerns, Chris Smalling has been in and out of the side. It was The English Connection as Tammy Abraham set up Chris Smalling for the game’s opening goal very early in the game on Monday. It was the first time since 2012 that two English players have linked up on a goal in Serie A. Chris Smalling was a vital part of this Roma side two years ago when he was the best center back during the 2019/2020 campaign. After arriving from Manchester United, he had a fantastic debut in Italian it was a one-year loan without an option to buy; however, the interest in making it permanent by the club and Chris Smalling was evident after battling for months with an immature Manchester United they eventually got the deal done signing on a permanent deal. Last season he was injured pretty regularly, only appearing in 12 matches in the previous term. He had more injuries at the start of this season, but he is finally back, having started the last couple of games in Serie A. The goal he scored against Spezia only gives him confidence and gets him back to his best. Chris Smalling and Jose Mourinho had worked together in the past at Manchester United; it was a particularly rocky relationship; however in the Italian Capital, that has seemed to change. He has been regularly featured in Roma’s back three ever since he was medically cleared. Chris Smalling isn’t a player that is expected to score goals; however, finding the back of the net on Monday could be exactly what he needs to return to the form that he showed two years ago. Roma is not going to make the Champions League this season, that is evident, and certain things need to be changed within the squad in the next 18 months; however, all things considered going into the situation Chris Smalling getting that goal could be essential for his confidence going forward over the next couple weeks and the rest of the season. It was a very encouraging performance from Chris Smalling. Roma, defensively I’ve had some really erratic moments this season, but Chris Smalling’s individual performances defensively have been quite good. Not at the level that he showed two years ago but hopefully, with a positive performance from him individually on Monday, we could see The English Center back recapture that form that he showed two years ago. Last night was just a start for him. Roma is going to need him to continue to play at a high level the rest of the season. Roma spent 20 million to keep him in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico; they invested a lot because of what he showed during that first season. Roma has a decent collection of center-backs with Chris Smalling, Rodger Ibanez, who scored Roma’s other goal, and Gianluca Mancini. He had an exceptional bond with Gianluca Mancini during his very impressive first season in Italy. They can enhance the relationship behind the scenes, and they continued to play well as a unit; this season, Roma defensively could Shape Up and improve. Chris Smalling’s performance last night was very important considering the level of difficulty it will be over the next couple of weeks.

It wasn’t about the Performance it was about the Points

There has been a huge overreaction to what we witnessed on Monday night in Roma’s 2–0 Victory against relegation-threatened Spezia. It was not the most comfortable victory, and Roma may not have played at their best. At times, it looked sloppy, and Roma should have handled the game better. However, this idea that the sky is falling based on what happened on Monday and its all negative energy are ridiculous. Many people haven’t grasped the situation that Roma was going into on Monday night. The match against Spezia was never about dominating the game, being in total control or looking like a Champions League team. Obviously, if Roma were able to do all those things Monday, it would have been marvelous; it would have given Roma may be a sense of energy, confidence, and momentum along with it. However, when you go down to what the bottom line is about Monday night, it was never about that at all. So many people I’ve seen on social media and other places are making a huge deal out of something that should not be regarded in this way. It is clear that Roma has a lot of things to work on; this is a seventh-place team last season, so all things considered, you have to go into this game wanting to play at a high level and handle a relegation side with much more composer however that was not the point. Roma just lost back-to-back games against Bologna and Inter Milan in both of those games, Roma looked out of their depth and did not have the materials it seemed like to get results in either one. The performances, in general, need to improve; however, they had lost two League games in a row; this performance was not great, but that wasn’t the point the actual points about Monday night’s game was not to look fantastic was not to be dominated it was to get the result. This Saturday, Roma plays one of the most difficult teams in Europe away from home; at the Bergamo, they’re going to see duvan Zapata Josip ilicic Remo freuler and so many other dangerous weapons that Atlanta has through their disposal. Roma absolutely couldn’t go into that game with a third straight loss in the League under no circumstances. Everybody’s crying about Roma’s performance and about the fact that Roma on good enough, but we knew that already yesterday was about one thing and one thing, only getting the results. You obviously have some things that need to be sorted out, but the negative reaction is. Roma did not play very well; there’s no doubt that there’s nothing that can be said to change that alternative opinion, but the important thing is the thing that I’ve always missed is Roma got the results now they’re going to go into a game that they will be huge underdogs with a little bit of confidence and momentum about them I’m not expecting Roma to win this game however results should be encouraging because they simply could not go into Saturday’s game with another defeat. I think that’s the biggest point, and that’s the biggest manipulator in all of this it wasn’t about the performance it was about the points. Romo got them their confidence was dead prior to this; they needed the three points, and in the end, that was the important thing, not the fact that they didn’t dominate.

Thiago Motta is in a Fight with the Drop Zone

On Monday night in Rome, Thiago Motta suffered defeat against his mentor Jose Mourinho. However, some positives can be taken from the performance; even though they came up short, they made Roma work for it and were difficult to handle at times. In the end, it just wasn’t their night, but there were moments for them throughout the game in which it could have turned the tide; it just did not occur for them. It is understood that they will be in a relegation battle all season long. Monday night was just another challenge; imagine which certain circumstances could have changed the outcome. They had a goal wrongfully taken away that would have minimized the deficit at a very crucial time. On the other side of things, they missed far too many opportunities in front of goal, and even though rui Patricio is one of the League’s best keepers, they did make him work. They also had enough chances to get themselves back in the game; a point last night could have been so important to their bid for survival. Thiago Motta is doing a good job considering what is in front of him, but this situation will always be a challenge. It’s a shame ever he’s never got an opportunity to manage a team under different circumstances since coming to Italy; he’s had this Spezia and a poor Genoa side where he only lasted 10 games. I still believe they’ll find some way to survive, but it’s going to be extremely tough. Thiago Motta is aware of the environment that he’s in and understand that every game had huge importance last night; it just wasn’t on his side as Roma, who struggled throughout, managed to get the goals they needed while Spezia couldn’t handle the occasion has Thiago Motta has some job to do to keep these guys up.

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