Rome is Red Bernadetta Glionna deep free kick Settles Historic Derby Classic #1353

Sunday afternoon was a truly historic day in the Italian capital on the women’s side. The Roma women team has been in the top division for the last 4 years they have done reasonably well for themselves however this season is the best start to a campaign they have ever had. With spagna in charge there is a definite Vibe even though they won the Copa de Italia last season this is a very serious team with the ability to make the Champions League next season. They have won their last four games on the bounce as they are red hot coming into one of the most important matches in club history. We have watched Roma vs Lazio since 1927 it is one of the best and most significant rivalries in Italian football because of the importance of superiority in Rome. During the last four seasons the Lazio women’s team has not been in the top division this season they are. On Sunday afternoon you got to see something extraordinary special the first-ever meeting between Roma and Lazio on The Winning Side. Lazio are near the bottom of the table while Roma are near the top and in terrific form however the first-ever meeting between the two sides was one to remember despite the significant Talent Gap it’s still turned out to be a Derby Classic. Roma absolutely dominated them for 90 minutes Came Out Swinging significant chances and possession all in their favor. It seemed to sense the very beginning of the game that Romo was on the verge of breaking through. Then it all happened so fast coming off a corner kick Valeria pirone gets her head on the end of a cross into the back of the net as Roma took a 1-0 lead. 3 minutes later mutually the same scenario as Vanessa bernauer converts her header as Roma take a 2-0 lead. It seems like Roma we’re on their way to rip their heart out. However Noemi visentin found a rare moment as the Lazio attack a beautiful strike into the bottom corner to minimize the deficit. Then in the second half following an avalanche of chances for Roma Lazio won a penalty Adriana Martin converts as Lazio drew the game level only for a Roma to Win It in a very dramatic fashion late on. Bernadetta glionna scoring on a very deep free-kick actually wins the Derby for Roma in what was a very thrilling and memorable first ever Derby Della capitale with Roma grabbing the advantage. An afternoon that will be embedded in club history something that will be remembered forever as Rome is red with the Rama ladies winning the Rome Derby winning their fifth straight game as they Vault themselves into the top two following quite an occasion.

After preparations and predictions the match got underway in Rome for the first installment of the Derby Della capitale a derby that means absolutely everything. Roma and Lazio lock horns. Aroma looking to win their fifth game in a row jumping to 2nd Place meanwhile Lazio very much I would like to spoil the party and get some much-needed points. Aroma are they significantly more Dynamic team and they were able to show that pretty much from the kick-off. It was a truly dominating display as expected Romo had total control of this game with Lazio barely having any of the ball whatsoever. As the match started opening up Roma started looking much more dangerous by the minute they get into the danger area early as Valeria pirone set up Anna who puts pressure on Lazio immediately striking a close-range effort with power but a goalkeeper managed to deal with the situation. The early chance was just going to show what was to come. In the 25th minute coming off a corner kick Valeria pirone flies through the air connecting on a header ripped through the back of the net as Roma draw first blood in the derby taking a 1-0 lead with Valeria pirone scoring her fourth goal of the season. Roma were just getting warmed up 3 minutes later it happened again almost down to every specific detail. In the 28th minute on another corner Vanessa bernauer repeated the sequence of the first goal connecting on a header into the back of the Lazio net during her first goal of the Season as Lazio are in a whole has Roma run out to a 2-0 lead scoring two goals in the matter of three minutes.

Considering the quality differences it was highly expected that Romo we’re going to run riot. However in the 38th minute Lazio had a very rare chance but they were able to take advantage of it Noemi visentin hit a beautiful one-touch finish into the bottom corner beating Camellia Caesar as the Romania could not do a thing about it. Has Lazio get one back against the dominating display from Romo. There was a sense of hope maybe gave them a little confidence back even though they were being ripped apart from left to right outside of that one chance. Just on the brink of half-time nearly got themselves a third Manuela Julian dropped a perfect ball inside to Anna Sertruni who then crossed it into the bar for Valeria pirone a very close attempt gliding just over as it would end the first half of play. Lazio are actually very fortunate to be in this game as Roma we’re just running riot they looked so strong the fluidity of the passing was superb they had so much possession they were pushing the tempo and they didn’t at any point look out of control it was completely dominated. The goal that Lazio scored was very fortunate luckily for them the strike was caught so well that Nomi gave them a lifeline they probably would not have had otherwise.

Just a minute into the second half Roma nearly scored again Anna Serturini hit a deep strike from the corner of the box one of the world’s best players in that position it’s usually game over she connected so well and hit it perfectly but luck was not on her side as she claimed it off the post in what could have been one of the goals of the season. Roma continue to get after it and look like a serious Danger of running amuck on their City rivals. Less than 10 minutes later Anna Serturini supplies across to Valeria pirone a well-placed cross into the box but the sliding strike from the veteran was just a bit over in what could have been another goal. Even at this point in the game Romo could have scored about five goals they were persistent and they were dominating the opposition. However 3 minutes after that Lazio was able to get a little more lock as Roma was called for a penalty it was without question a handball in the Box however there is a potential argument that she wasn’t Inside the Box as the Roma players protested the decision. Adriana Martin converted for Lazio drawing the game level. It seemed like a criminal offense considering Lazio what played off the pot and we’re not even in the same Stratosphere as a Roma team that was ripping them apart every 5 minutes. There’s no comparison between the two I will head strike and a penalty seize them swallow a two-goal deficit. However Roma were absolutely determined to take the lead back and it was only going to be a matter of time before they found their moments. Roman nearly score coming off a free kick taken by glionna her delivery was perfect as Pamela Lazaro follow through on the header hitting the post before Allison swaby tries to get a alternative touch to push the ball over the line. 5 minutes later Roma came in again off a set piece Elena linari follows through on the header but it just wide. Time was a factor though however just two minutes later bernadetta glionna settles the derby in dramatic fashion. In the 72nd minute bernadetta glionna steps up on a free kick from about 40 m she hits it with power and poise as soon as it touches her foot you just knew finding the distance and the bounce on the drop into the bottom corner with the Lazio keeper not even having enough time to react an explosion of emotions as she runs over to spagna and the Roma players jump on one another in Celebration and what had the prospect to be a classic finished play classic Derby. Romo had a chance to increase the lead even further 6 minutes later a beautiful free-kick from the wing taken just as the ball was about to go out of bounds glionna send a cross back inside as Valeria pirone tries to follow through but fires High. Roma dominated the final 15 minutes as a referee blew his whistle at full time Romo win a historic first ever Derby Della capitale with bernadetta glionna as the hero Roma vs Lazio showing that Rome is red with a 3-2 victory. Roma win their fifth straight game the biggest winning streak ever as they jump sassuolo into the top two.

Roma pull off a historical Derby Day win against their Crosstown rivals. Lazio or at the very bottom of the league they only have three points this year and their goal difference is atrocious. To a certain extent it almost makes this particular Victory much more valuable because Lazio have a ton of work to do to even survive the season. We may not see this matchup next season so the two Derbies this campaign will be very important. We’ve seen what it means to the city and the importance of it. It turned out to be a Derby Classic with Romo winning it late. In addition to that they’re currently sitting in a Champions League place still eight points from the top of the table as Juventus does not seem like they are slowing down. However nonetheless it’s very important that they get themselves into the Champions League this is the best rum aside in club history last year they won the Copa Italia which would be a great thing for the Roman women to repeat however priority this season has to be making the champions league and they will have teams of breathing down their neck but with this historic and important victory aroma are absolutely flying with five straight wins. The scoreline truly doesn’t reflect the game we ended up having a classic in the derby but it really should have happened and it was a bit fortunate that it turned out this way. Roma absolutely swallowed them dominated rip them apart from limb to limb. The quality of play on the pic was not even close Roma were significantly the better team they had total control possession they dictated the tempo and I had so many scoring opportunities. Lazio was fortunate on two occasions and on another side of things therefore citroma didn’t score more than they did before they started getting back into the game. They completed 509 passes Lazio only completed 191 Romo had an 86 passing accuracy Lazio had a 50 Cent 28 shots for Roma six shots for Lazio in addition to Roma 72% possession am not somebody who follows the stats to 80 but you can even tell from the satistics be sizable differences between the two teams. They were very fortunate Naomi hot the ball so well on mutually their only chance of the game and they got a penalty in the second half to come back from two goals down they did not play well the entire match and throughout the 90 minutes Romo were far superior unfortunately Aroma had to fight their way back to earn their points even though they were so much better. However a deep free-kick from bernadetta glionna ended up coming at the opportune time winning the Derby for Roma. Romar absolutely flying and they’ll take this emotional high and they felt beating Lazio in the derby to be energized and kick-start their season as they are as good as anyone in the league outside of Juventus champions league is in their sights there is a lot of season to still be played but it should be well in their sights. Historic first derby settled buy a dominant display from Roma in case you were wondering Rome is red and that was proven in the first-ever Derby a match and a classic that will be remembered for a long time.

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