Shomurodov Goal Cancelled out as it’s a chance missed at the Olimpico #1359

A.S Roma 1 Sampdoria 1FT

Roma is coming off arguably their most important victory of the season, going to the Bergamo and ripping apart Atalanta. Roma returned home to the Stadio Olimpico to end out 2021 with a positive result as they would host Sampdoria. Sampdoria was without their starting goalkeeper as an opportunity was undoubtedly sitting there for the Romans, especially at home. Roma will start 2022 with AC Milan and Juventus games three days apart. Roma needed to handle their business at home against Sampdoria. However, this would be easier said than done, and Roma sabotaged their opportunity. Roma tonight just didn’t have enough emphasis in front of the goal to collect the points. It was a battle during the first half, with Roma having a few opportunities to potentially break through. Sampdoria had an aggressive nature about them, having a lot of the ball at their feet. Neither team could breakthrough in the first half. In the second half, things started going their way. Roma started improving, playing a much better deep into the second half; they got their breakthrough through Shomurodov broke through for Roma in what could have been a 1–0 victory from the hosts. However, Sampdoria hit right back, getting a late equalizer of their own as points are split at the Stadio Olimpico following a 1–1 draw to close out the season with a brutal performance as challenges that lie ahead to start the new year in what turned out to be a demoralizing Feeling surrounding the Stadio Olimpico as Roma could not cash in.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on a Wednesday night. Roma had just picked up some massive points three days earlier, looking to build on that against a Sampdoria side that is struggling this season. Tammy Abraham attempted to get Roma off to a terrific start in an opening couple of minutes. Mkhitaryan sent a through ball inside to Tammy Abraham got a good touch on it despite being pressured by the Sampdoria defense. Fired a strike, but the touch wasn’t good enough, turning out not to be a great opportunity after all in what seemed like a wasted chance. A couple of minutes later, Matias Vina stretched his range significantly, connecting with a massive strike from outside the box and what was somewhat of a selfish decision. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was in a much better position as you could sense the frustration as the Uruguayan blasted his strike well over. Sampdoria surprisingly had a slight advantage in possession and had more of the ball at their feet; however, Roma still came at them. Near the half-hour mark, Rick karsdorp connected on strike from the side of the box, coming off a set-piece situation; his strike hooked to the left as the ever-dangerous Dutchman was unable to reach the target. Sampdoria put together a pair of chances shortly after with Adrian Silva testing the waters from Deep as his strike hooked to the left, followed by Christopher Askildsen striking from deep as well but did not test Rui Patricio at all. Sampdoria was starting to gather momentum with Gabbiadini forcing a Rui Patricio into a to save but was able to corral the ball. Three minutes later, Rick Karsdorp connected with Tammy Abraham on a cross; the English striker had the right idea his header was high despite forcing the keeper to be on his toes. Nicolo zaniolo then misfired to the left before Mkhitaryan was denied in front of goal. It would signify the end of the first half, with both sides having particular moments but no goals as of yet. It was a bit of a frustrating first half; even though they got forward and had some moments, the execution wasn’t nearly good enough. It was a bit concerning based on their performance on Saturday and the performance they put together in the first half; it didn’t even look like the same team.

Things got a bit worse for Roma initially at the start of the second half Tammy Abraham who is in sizzling form, had to leave the game due to injury concern as he could not continue. Felix Afena would come in to replace him. Roma dealt with yet another scary moment as Antonio Candreva hit the post with a vicious shot in a dangerous position. Nicolo zaniolo tried to give Roma some inspiration, but it wasn’t there another strike that did not really test the goalkeeper. However, Roma was growing into the game, and there was a faint is hope that they could turn it around. Nicolo zaniolo was stopped from outside the box as a goalkeeper handled it. Then Felix Afena was denied from close range, followed by Jordan veretout missing the mark. All three Roma chances happened in the space of a minute it seemed like it was a possibility for a breakthrough for the Romans, who looked much more robust in the second half. Felix Afena I tried finding the back of the net on a header coming off a corner kick as Roma continued to apply the pressure, but the youngster could not convert as it stayed level. Jose Mourinho went to the bench bringing on Stephan El Shaarawy and Shomurodov. It was precisely what was needed in the 71st minute Shomurodov hit a strike on goal was blocked he attempted to follow up it was blocked again, but the third time was the charm finding enough space at the near post to tuck it into the back of the net and giving Roma a 1–0 lead.

It would be the third goal of the season for the attacking midfielder as Roma positions themselves with a lead. A few minutes later, Stephan El Shaarawy blasted a strike from deep, not meeting the target. However, unfortunately, Sampdoria found a way back into the game. In the 80th minute, Omar Colley hit the left post only to land in the air in the space of Gabbiadini only needed to stick his foot out as the ball thrust through the back of the net Rui Patricio could not have done anything about it as Sampdoria draw level. Late in the 90th minute, henrikh Mkhitaryan had one final moment at the Stadio Olimpico just outside the box. The Armenian made the excellent connection a perfect look and touch, but the strike just coasted over by inches; the full-time whistle blew with a dejected Roma feeling the frustration of an opportunity missed against Sampdoria; they’re unable to build off Saturday’s performance as they split points with Sampdoria in Rome.

Following an incredible performance on Saturday, Roma are unable to build on it and get a result that was sitting there for them on Wednesday night against Sampdoria frustration doesn’t quite say it as Roma will have a tough start to the new year with a match against AC Milan and Juventus with very little rest time in between that is why there was so much pressure on Roma to get results at home against Sampdoria. Considering that Sampdoria was without their number one keeper, it should have given Roma enough belief in the Breakthrough and settled it. However, by the time the final whistle blew, it was a certain emotional roller coaster of concern and frustration. Roma did not put their best foot forward in this game, and it showed. The belief and the determination are always there with this Roma team, and as great as those qualities may be, it’s not the qualities that matter tonight. Roma had numerous chances in the first half and in a second in which they could have broken through. Roma eventually got their goal, but they could have found the back of the net much earlier. They missed an opportunity, and I think we all realize this. The frustration is clear and in plain sight; meanwhile, maybe there is a level of concern as well with Tammy Abraham having to leave just three minutes into the second half. Since Lorenzo Pellegrini has gone out, Tammy Abraham has been Roma’s most consistent performer for the most part and has 12 goals in all competitions this season. Since Thanksgiving, he has been in terrific form; it is unclear how severe the injury is, but fortunately, Roma does not have another game until January 6th. If he needs time to recover, he will have time to recover. However, it is a dangerous scenario, especially considering they have to go to the San Siro at the beginning of the next month. Lorenzo Pellegrini should be back by then, hoping to get Roma some belief, but the diagnosis on Tammy Abraham is something we should all be concerned with. Nicolo zaniolo is a huge talent, and I don’t want to pick on him again I don’t, but this was an opportunity for him to assert himself in this team. Even though he has the ability, it’s just not quite there yet, so going into a big game at the beginning of next year without Tammy Abraham is a very frightening concept. Top to bottom, it just wasn’t a very inspiring performance even though they had chances to put this game away. Credit to Sampdoria, though they played exceptionally well and a regularly frustrated Roma on both sides. It wouldn’t be the first time Roma will have a challenging road to start 2022. Still, the good thing is the transfer window is open, and run will have an opportunity to strengthen at least in some aspects overall, just a very disappointing outing for the Romans.

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