Roma vs Milan Match Day 20 Preview #1362

Lorenzo Pellegrini could make his Return

Roma will have a tough start to the second half of the season as the beginning of 2022 presents its set of challenges AC Milan away tomorrow, then Juventus at home on Sunday. It is concerning because it’s been a little inconsistent for this Roma team this season they’ve had some really brilliant moments to end 2021 and some complicated ones. Roma was able to run wild against Atalanta at the Bergamo without Lorenzo Pellegrini, but for large parts, they have missed the Roma Captain, especially when it comes to the attack, even though Tammy Abraham has been on fire, the attack as a whole has had some significant issues. In all the big games that Romo has played this season, Lorenzo Pellegrini has only played away against Juventus. They have struggled without his influence in the team when it comes to leadership and his influence in the attacking area, especially in creativity and service to the rest of the Rome attack. The wait is finally over Lorenzo Pellegrini will make his return on Thursday afternoon at the San Siro. Before his injury concerns, he has missed the last month; he was the best player in the league before his time out. He has provided things in his own doing, scoring a large number of goals already this season and facilitation, especially his ever-growing relationship with Tammy Abraham. It certainly did look like a situation in which Roma at the time could push for Champions League football mainly due to the fact that Lorenzo Pellegrini was taking them up a level. Without him, they struggled, and the momentum that was riding with them somewhat evaporated primarily because the attacking success of the team flatlined without him. Champions League football might not be achievable this season. However, they’re certainly still an opportunity for Jose Mourinho and Roma to make up some ground, and that will start against AC Milan. Lorenzo Pellegrini is completely healthy now and has had an extra week to recover; following the Christmas break, he will be ready and motivated to battle in Milan it what is a hugely important game for Roma if Lorenzo Pellegrini can come out firing and play the way he has them so far this season we could see an upset on the cards even in Milan.

A.C Milan needs to start turning things around

After returning to the Champions League this season, AC Milan looked like a Serious Contender for the scudetto. They had a rapid start to the season, shelving an incredible form, certainly looking like one of the teams to beat in Italy this season. This idea that the title race was going to be decided between AC Milan and Inter Milan no one believed Napoli was a part of this apart from their own fans. They got bounced from the Champions League, finishing at the bottom of their group; granted it was an incredibly challenging group, to begin with, Liverpool Atletico Madrid in Porto, but it is very disappointing. The thought was without the distraction of Champions League football that it would benefit AC Milan instead, it has gone the other way. It now looks like an inconsistent mess even though Ibrahimovic has shown his ability to operate despite being 41 years old and AC Milan having some quality players in the side; they are an aging Squad that needs Youth and Young Players to give them another dimension. They’re just not the same team they were at the beginning of the season and have struggled since. During the season, there was a time when it felt like AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Atalanta were guarantees for Champions League football next season; now it looks like only Inter Milan and Atalanta seem to be almost a certainty. As AC Milan has crumbled, their Rivals Inter Milan has zeroed in, as now they look like the heavy favorites for the league title; there is a world in which Napoli and AC Milan could fall out most importantly though it creates a path for Juventus to make the Champions League this season. Despite having a manager who doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing, he is starting to pick up results and momentum. I believe Inter Milan will win the title, and Juventus will come in second AC Milan’s Champions League starting has somewhat drizzled out. This is why a performance against Roma is so essential especially considering if AC Milan has to drop out and Napoli crumbles Juventus and Roma will be waiting to take advantage of it, and now that Roma has their best player back, they could go on quite a run during the second half of the season. AC Milan are at home, and they should be able to get something from the game at least, but this is not the same AC Milan team they humiliated Roma in rum in the reverse fixture there’s so much importance on AC Milan to get back to what they were at the beginning of the season because they lost to Roma will demoralize confidence. We could see them collapse even; further, it’s going to be tough AC Milan simultaneously, though they have a tremendous opportunity to pick up maximum points. In all honesty, even speaking as a Roma fan, they definitely should pick up maximum points at home at the San Siro; that’s why it’s so important that if they fail to pick up points, it could kill their season.

The Result Could Dictate the Second Half of the Season

Thursday night’s match could be particularly defining for the Champions League picture. There’s a lot of things that can happen from now until the end of the season; nothing has genuinely been decided. However, now that the Champions League race is more open, it will come down to games like this. We look at two teams that more or less are fighting for similar things. AC Milan is desperately trying to stay in the Champions League Fixture while Roma is looking for an opportunity to climb the ladder if one of the teams drops out. Napoli and AC Milan are in the Champions League places right now, but neither are secured. Napoli will have problems, especially if Lorenzo insigne absurd moved to Toronto FC get completed in January rather than in the summer; in addition to that, Mertens could find his way back on PSV. Napoli is undoubtedly a team with the possibility of falling out of the Champions League altogether. As I mentioned, AC Milan is in that bracket as well, as they’ve been inconsistent and are quite old. This is why a game like this for both of these teams becomes so essential. It is obviously a big game already, but it could have lasting effects on the rest of the season. Suppose Roma wins at the San Siro on Thursday. In that case, that will go into the game against Juventus in great confidence, potentially the possibility of taking something from that game as well if those things go according to plan, Roma will position themselves for the possibility of one or two teams in the Champions League to drop out. On the other hand, did AC Milan get the victory to get their confidence back and start playing as they did at the beginning of the season? If AC Milan loses, they will be demoralized, and their form will continue to dip same goes for Roma; if Roma dropped this game, they would probably miss out on the slim chance of Champions League football. Neither one of these teams will threaten Inter Milan for the title quite obviously, but depending on the results, it could dictate the rest of the season.

Prediction: 2–2

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