Roma vs Sampdoria Talking Points #1360 Late

Roma Miss Opportunity but lets not be Reactionary

Roma has a particularly difficult start to 2022 following the break. On January 6th they play AC Milan at the San Siro, and then on January 9th they host Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. First of all, it is utterly ridiculous to formulate a schedule like this to start the new year. The reason matches in Italy are so vital is because of the drama expectations and exciting opportunities to see the teams at their best that’s what makes it so fascinating. Neither of these teams will be at their best playing two huge matches in three days. I’m not going to cry about the schedule, but these teams should have the luxury of having a week to prepare for games like this, however, before I get off track. The difficulties of the start of the new year are why last night’s results for the demoralizing for this Roma team that seemed like it was getting back on the right track. It turned out to be indeed a brutal result. Roma was coming off a very emotional victory away at Atalanta, a place they had not picked up three points since 2017; in addition to that, going into that game, they had not suffered defeat since October. They were massive underdogs in a huge Victory, and Roma throttled them. The thought was they were going to go into this game with the appropriate mentality, confidence, and attitude to get the results in the end. It was not a mentality problem; they did show they fought, but for me and the end, the match came down to the missed opportunities in the first half. Roma scored in the 74th minute last night for the game’s first goal; however, they could not hold it. Sampdoria was playing with a backup goalkeeper Emil Audero has been a player there always seems to perform extremely well against Roma. His not being involved gave them the platform the handle this game without much difficulty. However, it turned out to be a real challenge. It was a strange game in which it looks like neither team wanted to score; it was poorly executed from both sides but especially from Roma being the favorites at home at the Stadio Olimpico, especially with the early chances that they had. They could not find the target for much of the results, and both goals that occurred in this game could have very well not found the back of the net. However, the thing that resonates the most is the opportunity that they missed getting an extra three points going into two huge games after the break would have put them in the right mind frame to attack AC Milan and Juventus there is a world in which Roma could win one of those games. Still, they have made this difficult on themselves. Roma did not play well, but the reactionary responses continue to be ridiculous. They keep changing the narrative based on individual results ignoring all the facts. Roma was seventh in the league last season; they have only strengthened in minimal areas, and their best player has been out for a month. For some reason, when Roma wins, everyone seems to believe they’re on the verge of Champions League football and that Mourinho is creating magic in the capital. When Roma loses a game or has a bad performance, somehow they change the story completely; now Roma is total crap, and Jose won’t make it out of season. What is up with this consistency? The entire outline of Roma does not change based on one or two results by the end of the season; whatever happens, you can judge it accordingly, but you completely flip the story every time things go right or wrong for Roma is out of order the reactionary responses are this inaccurate and are painting a false picture. Roma missed an opportunity here but let’s not change the story just because they had a poor performance.

Tammy Abraham Injury not Severe

Tammy Abraham had been in sizzling form this season, particularly since Thanksgiving. He has scored six League goals in Serie A while having 12 goals in all competitions; it really does seem like Roma is getting exactly what they paid for one day purchased Tammy Abraham for 36 million from Chelsea. It seemed like a lot of the time. Still, it’s been well worth it not only that by the end of the season, it will look like a bargain as Tammy Abraham has what it takes to have an incredible impact in Italian football, becoming one of the best strikers in the league while also making his own history in the capital. The trajectory of what he can accomplish in Rome is massive, especially with Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo zaniolo around him. However, all that being said, there was a legitimate scare last night when he had to be removed from the game just three minutes into the second half. There wasn’t absolute clarity on the severity of the injury or whether or not the English striker wouldn’t miss any time. There has still been total confirmation for precisely what occurred and whether he will miss game time. However, according to Jose Mourinho, the striker is unlikely to miss significant game time; it was a minor injury and more like a knock; it should not keep him out against AC Milan and Juventus as Tammy has said his ankle is fine. This is lovely news considering without Tammy Abraham; it would have put Roma in a situation having to deal with adversity that I don’t think they would have been able to overcome, especially against two good sides like AC Milan and Juventus going into that without a striker would have been significantly problematic. Tammy Abraham should be ready for battle when the time comes. In addition to that, Lorenzo Pellegrini, arguably the best midfielder in the league this season before he got hurt, is likely to return against AC Milan. The Roma captain has missed every massive match they have played this season. He wasn’t available against Juventus, Lazio, Atalanta, and Inter Milan; getting him back is exactly what this team needs right now, but all in all, it’s a sense of relief that Tammy Abraham will not miss time as all of this was a bit unclear when he came off in the second half last night.

Inaccurate Misconceptions: Any can beat any one In Italy

Last night’s results are another perfect example of the inaccurate misconceptions attached to Italian football. Outsiders started building the perception that Italian football was a farmer’s league for many years. One of the most egregious claims that have been made against Italian football. Juventus is and has been a super team; they have consistently taken the best players from their rivals. When things like this happen, they’re going to dominate domestically; that’s just how it is. Juventus and Bayern Munich have done so well because they have a perfect business model that has strengthened them while weakening others. Almost destroying any sense of a threat to the league title. However, leagues are not defined by whether or not they have a similar champion. The Champions League and Europa League races are always highly competitive, and the relegation battles are fascinating. Another thing it’s always been said as it is a defensive League. Defensive football is vital in Italy; it is something that they learned from a young age; it is the pragmatic Strategic part of Italian football; there’s no denying that. However, Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli, Gianpaolo Gasparini Atalanta, Luciano Spalletti Roma’s were goal-scoring machines. Juventus has always been a high-voltage scoring team, even if they played defensive football. For several years, Italian football was the highest scoring league in Europe, yet people continue to paint a picture that just has no basis behind it. But the point I want to make mainly about this is this notion that Premier League has this reputation this narrative that anyone can beat anyone. At one point, they indeed were an accurate assessment; however, that is just not the case anymore. The premier league has the best top teams in Europe; they are tremendous, and occasionally they can drop points, but this idea that anyone can beat anyone in English football simply is not valid anymore. Most of the time, the teams that are favored win. We rarely see a team near the bottom of the table beat a team from the top or give them difficulty. The Premier League is excellent; there’s no doubt about that but what they describe is what happens in Italy. On the weekend, Roma went to Atalanta, a team known for attacking football and had not lost a game since October Roma was leading that game 53 seconds in and ended up scoring 4 against arguably the best-attacking side in Italy. Napoli may be inconsistent at times, but one of the top teams in the league took on Spezia, a team near the bottom of the table which is fighting for relegation this season and will have to flirt with the drop zone until the final matchday. Spezia beat Napoli in midweek Roma split points and had an uninspiring performance against Sampdoria in the space of days Roma and Napoli looked utterly different. Italy is the league anyone can beat anyone; there are so many examples this season and prior seasons that back up this claim. That’s why every game in Italy is so enticing because you just never know what could occur. Logically we can figure out what should happen, but it’s never that simple in Italy, where it’s more straightforward and some of the other leagues. I’m making a different point than intended. Still, I just want to remind everyone just because you have a team that dominates your league does not mean the league is lousy top to bottom in terms of teams Italy and Germany are far superior; they don’t have the types of teams that English football has at the very top but if you look at Italian football top to bottom their much quality there. I think that’s something that people seem to miss even though it’s right in front of our faces. English football Italian football German Football Spanish football all deserve the respect we should not have fans from each of these least trying to discredit a particular team or player or try to tear them down those who call Italian football in German Football a dead League does not have the intellect and intelligence even to have a conversation about the sport. Look at the rest of the picture before making judgments, and I think this weekend, in particular, showed you the unpredictability of Italian football; this is just the way it is. Sampdoria getting a result against Roma is just further proof considering what occurred on Saturday and Wednesday; it was a different picture.

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