Discipline and Mistakes highlights a Horror show at the San Siro #1363

Score: Milan 3 Roma 1FT

Following a draw at home against Sampdoria ending 2021. Roma head out on the road to take on AC Milan at the San Siro as Rome has a challenging schedule to start the new year. In October, AC Milan came to the Stadio Olimpico and handled Roma without much difficulty in a 2–0 victory. Roma and AC Milan were undoubtedly at different points in the season. AC Milan looked like one of the favorites for the title, and Roma was just trying to figure themselves out. Roma is still trying to figure themselves out, for AC Milan has dipped in form since the first meeting. This would be a defining match for both teams as the Champions League race could be tricky to predict. AC Milan could not have started the match any better. They showed their qualities early before capitalizing. A controversial penalty decision was made in the opening 10 minutes as Tammy Abraham was called for in handball in the box. Olivier Giroud stepped up and buried the penalty has AC Milan would take a 1–0 lead. Before not too long, they would find their second after an erratic mistake from the defense, ultimately allowing Junior Messais to Sting the strike into the back of the net after AC Milan hit the post as AC Milan ran out to a 2–0 lead. Roma was ruthless in the first half but eventually got to go back to Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham hook up on the return of the Roma captain. A strike from outside the box coming from Lorenzo Pellegrini before meeting the foot of Tammy Abraham would get a goal back for Roma. There was a bust-up at the end of the first half has AC Milan held on to a 2–1 lead. In the second half, Roma certainly had their moments, but they made things difficult on themselves as well. A one-goal lead for AC Milan was enough to turn around if Roma could find that space. However, Rick karsdorp was given a second yellow card as he was sent off, then Raphael Leao killed the game for good with a superb strike to give AC Milan a 3–1 lead. Gianluca Mancini conceded a penalty as he was given a second yellow Gianluca Mancini will miss the game against Juventus. Ibrahimovic stepped up to convert a late penalty, but rui Patricio could make the save, preventing AC Milan from piling it on. In the end, AC Milan grabs a very important three points at the San Siro as they handle Roma in a 3–1 victory for AC Milan.

Following preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the San Siro in Milan in a huge class regarding the Champions League with AC Milan hosting Roma. Neither team is playing particularly well, which is why the importance of this match, in respective, could mean a great deal by the end of the season. AC Milan wasted no time getting after it on Thursday afternoon. Alexandro Florenzi was missing the mark on a set piece before AC Milan came through again, with Theo Hernandez being denied by Rui Patricio. After the situation was dealt with, the official went to video review as a controversial penalty was called. On strike from outside the box, it appears that Tammy Abraham connects with his hand. However, he does not lead with his hands; it looks like he potentially was trying to make a connection with his head or was trying to get out of the way; it is hard to tell. When you look at the replay at first glance, it seems to be a very harsh decision being made by the video booth, but when you watch it again, you can understand why the decision was made. I know why Roma was upset about it, but it may have been the right decision nonetheless. Olivier Giroud steps up in the eighth minute and converts as AC Milan takes a 1–0 lead. It was not long before Roma put themselves in a vulnerable position to be taken advantage of Florenzi was denied AC Milan were pushing. Roma attempted to slow down the pace of play but, in doing so, made an erratic decision as Rodger Ibanez’s horrific pass put Rui Patricio in an inescapable situation Olivier Giroud hit the post. Still, Junior Messias converts on the follow-through as AC Milan runs out to a 2–0 lead following their goal in the 17th minute.

Olivier Giroud ignites Milan to rapid start

Roma struggled to get anything going, and by the time they did, they were already in a huge hole. Near the half-hour mark, Nicolo zaniolo was put through by Tammy Abraham; the young Italian made a poor decision on the shot, as has Mike Maignan closed the gap at his near post as he made the save. Just like that, it seemed like Milan grabbed the momentum back after a loan change from Roma. Theo Hernandez and Junior attempted to extend the Milan lead, but neither of them could Danger Rui Patricio. With just a few remaining minutes remaining in the first half, Tammy Abraham nearly capitalized on a tremendous opportunity as Nicolo zaniolo sent a beautiful cross. The Englishmen somehow followed through with his head; Mike Maignan managed to deny him it could have been a goal for Roma. In the 40th minute on the following play, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham connect once again. The Roma captain takes a jab at a deep strike that deflects before Tammy Abraham sticks his foot out as the ball rips through the back of the net as Roma gets a goal back. It is the connection we wanted to see, even though Roma wasn’t playing particularly well at the moment. It would be the 13th goal of the season for Tammy Abraham and his seventh goal in the league. In the closing moments of the first half, there would be a bust-up between Rick karsdorp and Theo Hernandez; both received yellow cards playing a role in the scuffle that caused Rick’s mouth to bleed as both teams heavily got involved official did an excellent job of handling the situation, but it could have got ugly as tempers were flaring. After the opening 45 minutes, AC Milan held a 2–1 lead.

Pellegrini and Tammy link up on the captains return as they get one back

Although Roma got a goal back, but it was an underwhelming performance so far as AC Milan felt in control. At the start of the second half, Roma showed some fight at the beginning of the second half. However, before that, AC Milan nearly scored again as Brahim Diaz hit the post following his scorcher from outside the box. As Roma dodged a bullet from the jump, Nicolo zaniolo gives Roma a chance a little while later. Still, he shot from close-range hooks to the left. 2 minutes later, Tammy Abraham connects on a very well-hit strike from outside the box as it was zeroing in on the bottom corner, but a late save denies what could have been the equalizer. Minutes later, henrikh Mkhitaryan pulls up from Deep before Mike Maignan saves. It felt like that was the stretch that would get them back into the game as AC Milan regained their momentum. After a couple of changes made from AC Milan, Brahim Diaz follows through from the side of the box, coming close off of an Olivier Giroud cross but didn’t quite have enough on it. A minute later, Junior missed wide, followed by Hernandez not quite able to accurately place a free-kick from deep. Roma made three changes: Bryan cristante comes in for Matias Vina, Felix Afena comes in for Jordan veretout and Stephan El Shaarawy for Lorenzo Pellegrini. Milan would then misfire on another set-piece before Roma were reduced to 10 men. Rick karsdorp is sent off with a second Yellow Card. A minute later, Florenzi it’s the post from a free-kick it felt like a goal was on the horizon for AC Milan. Roma would make another change as Shomurodov enters the game for Tammy Abraham. Before not too long, AC Milan would end it had Rafael leao was put through by Ibrahimovic before rifling a strike into the top Corner as AC Milan took a 3–1 lead in the 81st minute. With five minutes remaining, Carles Perez replaces Nicolo zaniolo. In the 93rd minute, Gianluca Mancini sees red following a dangerous tackle as AC Milan wins a penalty. However, Ibrahimovic fails to capitalize has Rui Patricio prevents AC Milan from another goal. Still, it was too little too late as Roma was second-best following a 3–1 defeat at the San Siro.

A Night to forgot as Milan secure clean sweep of Roma

This had the potential to be a very defining match for Jose Mourinho and Roma. It was; it just wasn’t defined for the right reasons. Going into this game, AC Milan had not been playing at their best which allowed Roma to potentially steal something and fight their way into a Champions League race even though it seemed improbable. There is a growing belief amongst fans and supporters of Italian football that Napoli or AC Milan will drop out of the top four, leaving an opportunity for Juventus to get back in the Champions League especially. There was even an idea that maybe Napoli and AC Milan both could miss out, which would have given an opportunity for a team like Roma or Fiorentina to find a way into the Champions League next season. The season’s Ambitions for Roma should be Improvement rather than making the Champions League, but at the San Siro against AC Milan was going to be demanding; the problem is this was a chance to make up ground, and it turned out to be an avoidable situation. The penalty is a penalty; there’s no way to bounce around that it happens end of the story. However, Roma should have reacted more. Roma may not have the players necessary to indeed go for the Champions League, but Roma did this to themselves. They did not respond appropriately. Roma makes a considerable mistake defensively, allowing AC Milan to score again. Before you can even blink AC Milan’s head, it seems like a two-goal cushion. Lorenzo Pellegrini showed flashes of Brilliance in his return, obviously setting up Tammy Abraham, who in his own right is an incredible four; getting the gold back at that point of the game was very important. In the second half, things got better for Roma, and there was a stretch in which they had several opportunities in which they should have scored. Had they equalized during that, Roma could have gotten the points. However, the game itself comes down to discipline. AC Milan was the better team throughout, but there was an Avenue for Roma to get something. Rick karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini are given their marching orders, receiving red cards. Gianluca Mancini received a pair of yellow cards in the span of minutes. Gianluca Mancini is a hyper-aggressive Defender; you get the Bad and good with him; he is an integral part of this drama team, and he had a lapse in judgment. The Rick karsdorp sending off is terrible, but it doesn’t happen very often because Rick typically has a good temperament and makes good decisions. It is unfortunate how the events unfolded. I felt more frustration towards Gianluca Mancini sending off even though Rick karsdorp seeing red may have been more influential in the results. Mancini just has to make better decisions; his tackle was very dangerous, to begin with, and he gives up a penalty; luckily, Roma or able to make the save, but still, the Judgment from both of them just wasn’t good enough. Rick karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini we’ll both be unavailable against Juventus. Beating Juventus or even getting something from them was going to be very difficult, but now he puts them in even worse. Chris Smalling and Rodger Ibanez will still be there, but they’re likely going to have to go to one of their least desirable options. Maitland Niles might be a possibility, but I doubt that it the English right-back is expected to complete his move before the match against Juventus. Still, I don’t see Roma throwing him to the wolves forcing him to start but considering the lack of availability now; it’s not out of the question; their lack of discipline backed them in a corner. The performance collectively just wasn’t good enough. Meanwhile, for AC Milan, a victory like this could potentially get their season back on track.

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