Roma vs Juventus Match Day 21 Preview #1365

Maitland Niles could be thrown into the fire amid Karsdorp and Mancini suspensions

The most significant concern ahead of the match against Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico is the unavailability of Roma’s defensive options. Both Rick karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini, we’ll miss the affair, potentially dashing any slight hope Roma might have had. This puts them in a very vulnerable situation considering how important points will be for this Roma side, especially in the second half of the season. The possibility of Champions League football next season is probably gone, but I returned to the Europa League would show progress from last season. The biggest dilemma right now is how Rome will adapt to the situation. Could Jose Mourinho potentially change the formation to adapt to the circumstances? What is the right move for them to handle this? If Roma is not careful and doesn’t proceed with caution, they couldn’t get railed by Juventus; they are starting to turn it on at the right time. Chris Smalling and Rodger Ibanez are still available ahead of the Clash. This potentially forces Roma’s hand, seeing them probably start Max kumbulla. Rick karsdorp acted as a wing-back against AC Milan Roma have two options; here, you drop down Stephan El Shaarawy into that position that he has played a few times this season. Or new signing in Maitland Niles comes in to make his debut against Juventus. It is problematic because Roma needs some confidence to push them the rest of the season. This will be as tricky as anything they’re going to see this season, especially with Federico Chiesa looking strong in his return. Roma’s defense may not be the best and has several concerns about it, but replacing Rick karsdorp will be extremely difficult because of how explosive he is and what he provides into the attack. Whatever they decide, there will be a risk for whoever slots in. They have to proceed with warning especially considering what they’re up against; the suspensions against AC Milan could be costly Roma will have to do with what they have and hope for the best.

Roma Can’t Put Rui Patrico in Venerable Position NO MISTAKES

Roma is hosting Juventus at their Fortress, which is undoubtedly a blessing considering Roma’s in pending suspension situation. Roma has a challenge trying to figure out the best way to handle it. However, the situation certainly put a lot more pressure on Roma to not make mistakes in this high magnitude match. Roma must prioritize a passive approach. Even though Roma had a similar situation in the game against Atlanta and went aggressive, Atalanta is entirely different, considering how they play football. Against Juventus, Roma still attacks them but be very precautious while doing it. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham will be vital; an early goal could go long. This is going to be quite a challenge at home in front of the Stadio Olimpico; it could be a Mourinho masterclass because no one is expecting them to get a result. Even a point against them would be massive. It will be increasingly more difficult if they continue to drop points, Roma, need to put together a strong performance if that is going to happen rum and not make mistakes and make things easy on Juventus. Defensively they cannot take many risks and need to be secure in their passing. Roma shouldn’t try to do too much; their entire focus should be on playing mistake-free football doesn’t make things any easier on Juventus than it already might be. Rui Patricio has arguably been the best goalkeeper in Italian football this season. Do not put him in a vulnerable situation just because he can handle it sometimes doesn’t mean Rutledge should be putting him in that situation; the defense has to do their part because Rui Patricio will do his that doesn’t mean you won’t concede, but if you don’t make mistakes at the back it gives Roma with the best chance and trying to capture something from this game even a point in a game like this could go a long way in getting their confidence back and a bit of momentum at the right time.

Cheisa vs Abrham Will determine Result

Juventus have slowly but surely been climbing the table after a horrific start to the season. There was undoubtedly a time this season when it looked like Juventus would fail to make the Champions League. I’m really not sure if that’s the case anymore. Even though Juventus will not win the league title even if you take some of the most dysfunctional teams that they have had, they always have a winning mentality and seem to get the results necessary at the right times. Much like they have a challenging schedule this week. On Thursday, Juventus took on a Napoli in what turned out to be a 1–1 draw. Now days later, they have to take on Roma at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Not the most manageable circumstances, even if Roma is going to be slightly shorthanded. Juventus always seem to do well against Roma, but it’s never a walk in the park. In fact, in their last four games, you could argue Roma has been the better team in most of them. The big difference is that Juventus always finds a moment or two in a game like this and puts themselves over the top. I expect Juventus to come out very strategically; the winning mentality will show as it always does; they understand the importance of games like this, and they have the experience to deal with it. Last time out, they had a very difficult time dealing with Tammy Abraham; he is only gotten more comfortable since then is that is Romans trump card the priority is simply finding a way to slow him down if they’re able to do that, they should feel very confident about their ability to get the result. However, there was a scary president about tomorrow night’s game. Federico Chiesa is back, and he made his return against Napoli with a goal he’s going to feel fired up and ready to battle. This is something that will give Roma a problem. Roma has their own issues to deal with, but this is another thing that will be quite challenging. If Federico Chiesa starts from the Finish, Roma will be at their back the majority of the game, and as Roma’s point, they need just to find a way true slow him down as possible. This game will be defined by two things which defense will it be able to handle the attacker. The performances of Tammy Abraham will determine this game, and Federico Chiesa, whoever is slow down and whichever defense can take the attack that will be the most determining factor on who wins the game. Considering Roma’s defensive situation, it is Advantage Juventus, especially because they have a winning mentality built-in them where Roma, I’m afraid to say, just doesn’t have it.

Prediction: Juventus 2–1

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