Johnathan Tah rescues Leverkusen as they lose their way in Draw with Union Berlin #1367

The Bundesliga returned as we saw a mouth-watering matchup at the Bay Arena. Leverkusen didn’t finish 2021 with any positive run of form, having not picked up a victory in their last three matches, although they looked like the better team and much of the games. They would host Union Berlin, a hugely anticipated matchup for the Champions League Chase. Both teams are not that far off of the Champions League in the second half of the season will determine an awful lot as it is an open race by Leverkusen and Union Berlin; both had the possibility of breaking into that if they continue to play to their best. Union Berlin is after the Europa League; their Ambitions may not be as high, not making it may not cause them to lose their player’s wear; that very well could be the case for Leverkusen; you need to start the new year with a bang. Bayer Leverkusen continues to rely on Patrik Schick, who has been a revelation this season at the Bay Arena. Union Berlin struggled during much of the first half, really failing to put anything together while Bayer Leverkusen it for a dominating force continuing to put incredible pressure on the backline of Union Berlin. They got into those dangerous areas looks very effective, and eventually broke through at the end of the first half as Patrik Schick scored his 17th goal of the season, hitting a rocket into the top corner as Bayern Leverkusen took a 1–0 lead. At the very end of the first half Union Berlin who had not gotten into a dangerous area and had issues moving the ball, took advantage Lukáš Hrádecký made two back-to-back saves before Union Berlin equalized at the very end of the first half despite not playing very well, they found themselves a lifeline. Five minutes into the second half, a beautifully put-together play saw Union Berlin take a 2–1 lead. Union Berlin was a much more efficient and control team in the second half and was handling the lack of possession got into the dangerous areas they needed to capitalize on their opportunities. Bayer Leverkusen struggled in the final 45 minutes, although chances were not in short supply as the goalkeeper of Union Berlin had a heroic performance. It looks like Union Berlin would steal in what would be a historic victory, having never picked up maximum points at the Bay Arena. However, Bayer Leverkusen managed to hit back after a lot of pressure coming close very frequently; they found enough space as substitute Bellarabi supplied a perfect cross for Jonathan Tah, who headed in The Equalizer. Then it looked like they got it back as they were incredible going forward looked like they were going to break through. Then all of a sudden, the tide turned a couple of Counterattacks again by Union Berlin nearly breakthrough men in the last few minutes of the game Union Berlin put together two incredible chances with Union Berlin hitting the post in the final moment nothing to split between the two teams as Union Berlin leave the Bay Arena with a point leaving Bayer Leverkusen demoralized Patrik Schick scoring again was not enough as Union in had a great game plan the second half and managed to take a point as by Leverkusen now have without a victory in their last four as they start to the new year was precisely not what they needed in a four-goal Bundesliga Thriller to start the new year.

Following preparations and predictions, the match would get underway at Bay Arena as Leverkusen continue to build their Champions League ambitions against a union Berlin that is not that far behind them in the table. Just minutes into the game, Leverkusen makes their presence felt. Florian Wirtz threads of all inside the box trying to find the red hot Patrik Schick the Czech Republic International find some himself in a good space but the center-back close down on him forcing a strike to go out of bounds. Still, Leverkusen is putting pressure on Union Berlin immediately. Leverkusen dominated possession looked much sharper with their passing fluidity and, by doing so, got themselves in dangerous positions constantly; the union Berlin defense looked overwhelmed for much of the first half. After Union Berlin got a shot blocked from inside the box, Patrick Schick looked dangerous once again. A brilliant cross from Moussa Diaby what’s that into the box to find Patrik Schick his header from point-blank range was dealt with by the goalkeeper, but Bayer Leverkusen certainly we’re chipping away at a potential breakthrough. A minute later, Florian Wirtz ripped a strike from well outside the box distance he scored from before, but Union Berlin was able to Corral the save on this occasion. Jonathan Tah can close by firing a header from a Demirbay delivery from the corner. It seems to me that Leverkusen was continuing to thrust themselves forward to get into the dense areas while Union Berlin had a bit of a headache on their hands, really finding it challenging to transition from the Midfield to the attack; the passing was inaccurate and didn’t pose as a serious threat these teams are very close to each other in the table you would have thought especially in the first half that Union Berlin would have shown a little bit more. Bayer Leverkusen just continued to put themselves in dangerous positions and get after it; it took some time, but eventually, they got their breakthrough in the 38th minute Moussa Diaby did a well-hit strike at the goalkeeper he was able to make the save but not corral it on the rebound it was no other than Patrik Schick sending a missile into the top corner to give a Bayer Leverkusen 1–0 lead.

It would be the 17th goal of the season for Patrik Schick, who has only built on his performance in the European championships to already having a career in the Bundesliga. According to x g the Bundesliga’s most efficient striker shows a swift finish to put Leverkusen deservingly in front. In the closing moments of the first half Union Berlin in the 45th minute got themselves a rare chance that fell for them as fortunate as it may have been. Christopher Trimmel struck from outside the box denied by Lukáš Hrádecký on the follow-up Kevin Behrens tries to connect on a header is saved again before Promel sticks it in the back of the net for Union Berlin as a equalized a harsh and to the first half especially considering Lukáš Hrádecký makes two back-to-back saves before they level it after 45 minutes there’s nothing to split with a 1–1 draw taken place despite Bayer Leverkusen dominance.

Bayer Leverkusen looked like a much stronger team in the opening 45 minutes. Union Berlin really found it quite difficult to get the ball into the attacking areas; ball movement and transitioning seem to be a real problem. However, at the end of the first half, they did manage to get a goal that perhaps could reinstall belief into the team during the second half. On the other side of things, considering how much in control Leverkusen had been up to that point, you could even argue they probably should have scored another one. It was going to come back and haunt them. In the second half, Union Berlin was energized took advantage of their momentum immediately. Just five minutes into the second half, in the 50th minute, Promel played the offside trap beautifully, coming off a set-piece facilitated by Max Kruse as all of a sudden Union Berlin took a 2–1 lead.

They had significant issues in the first half, and all they needed was a bit of luck and the tides turned, and now Leverkusen how to play from behind and what is surely to be a complicated situation for the rest of the game because now all of a sudden Union Berlin have the confidence and momentum driving them. Leverkusen, all of a sudden we’re losing confidence in the game, and it was showing as it continued to build for Union Berlin even away from home. Union Berlin continues to push and look for another goal. Marvin Frederich attempts to put away a Trimmel cross, but he mishandled the shot despite continuing to add pressure on the Leverkusen backline. Leverkusen needed a sense of inspiration as they looked to Patrik Schick; he attempted to catch Union Berlin off-guard with a shot from deep, but the goalkeeper managed to make the save. Moments later, Hincapie tried to put his header into the back of the net coming from across. All of a sudden look like Leverkusen had some life left in them. Union Berlin was still playing brilliant football and keeping them at arm’s length, but it did kind of feel that the talent and was going to overpower the efficient play of Union Berlin. Couple of minutes late, Paulinho nearly scores ripping a strike from outside the Box, but the goalkeeper was able to make the save and get his hands on it. Before Union, Berlin forced a corner. On the corner, Paulinho got his head on the end of it. Leverkusen was withdrawing the kitchen sink forward it seemed like it was only inevitable that they were going to get their equalizer. However, the problem with their approach was every once in a while, Union Berlin would get on a counter-attack almost by themselves. Leverkusen were able to deal with these situations, but when you play this attacking style trying to get back in the game, this will happen occasionally and you need to be prepared for it. Time was running out, but Leverkusen continued to push Florian Wirtz to try connecting with Hincapie another header but was wide. Then all of a sudden, Max Kruse nearly gets the Breakthrough as his well-hit strike from inside the Box hits off the bar, followed by a Moussa Diaby being denied from close range. Then finally, in the 84th minute, a well-organized attack by Leverkusen hovering outside the Box finding spaces as the ball is released through to bellarabi Patrik Schick goes the other way to evade confusion just as the ball was headed for out of bounds bellarabi it’s a beautiful cross into the Box to find Jonathan Tah converting on the header into the back of the net getting a much-needed equalizer with only seven minutes remaining. Late on, Union Berlin came out aggressively Voglsammer was denied from close range Union Berlin came through again with Kevin mohwald trying from outside the Box denied by The Keeper again they continue to push and push and push than in the 93rd minute on a well-put-together attack Ozipka it’s the right post As Time expires in what turned out to be a thrilling finish at Bay Arena as Bayern Leverkusen once again letting themselves down with their performance as Union Berlin manage to take a point against one of the best sides in Germany.

Bayer Leverkusen has one of the most balanced two squads in German Football. Patrik Schick has 17 goals this season and is the most efficient striker in the Bundesliga. Moussa Diaby has been one of the best and most creative players in the league for a long time. To go with that, you have a Florian Wirtz; he is the best youngster in the world football; there’s so much quality in this squad or back to front they aren’t as deep as Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund, but they have the quality from top to bottom. This is a Champions League team; they have too much quality not to be in the competition. They cannot keep suffering like this. This is the fourth game in a row in which they have failed to collect maximum points to go with that Union Berlin had never picked up maximum points at Bay Arena. They were under control during the first 45 minutes. Union Berlin hardly got the ball into a dangerous area. Patrik Schick, and Moussa Diaby were firing; they were significant like the better team, and then he just evaporated. They get an unlucky break at the end of the first half. Union Berlin is back in the game and for the majority of the second half, but they were the ones dictating they score five minutes into it, and all of a sudden Bayern Leverkusen have to play from behind not the way back they were caught sleeping far too many times and probably should have won the game. Leverkusen made a critical substitution that ended up getting them their equalizer; Union Berlin could have scored at the end of the game; they really could have got max points away from home, but considering the talent that Bayer Leverkusen have they let themselves down if they don’t get it together they will lose their players they have at least three players that will be featured in the team of the season they need to be playing Champions League football. At the rate, their going they’re going throwing it away.

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